Sen. Warren to Wells Fargo CEO: "You should be fired." (C-SPAN)

  • Published on Oct 3, 2017
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren to Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan: "At best you were incompetent, at worst you were complicit and either way you should be fired." Watch the full hearing here:

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  • A Sleepy Dude
    A Sleepy Dude 3 hours ago

    Sen Warren is smart with money but not for the American people
    O k a y

  • mike u
    mike u 10 hours ago

    I can't stand her. She's a liar and a piece of garbage. I'm not a fan of Wells Fargo or defending him, but she has some nerve to talk about people lying when that's what she did for years.

  • Rosee
    Rosee Day ago

    OMG does she think she is talking to a 5year old.💀💀💀😂😂.

  • PrettyTiaF
    PrettyTiaF Day ago

    Wells Fargo is soooooo dangerous! Im glad i left that horrible bank!

  • Chuck Grosche
    Chuck Grosche Day ago

    Lieawatha could knock Obozo out of the top spot for worst President ever.....well if that moron could get elected.

  • Jim Hanratty
    Jim Hanratty Day ago

    Please any banker, any smart ass republican should really have your shit together when it comes to banking . She knows banking, just giving you a heads up!!

  • Lye Zaard
    Lye Zaard Day ago +1

    Im not saying this guy isn't crooked or two faced but is Elizabeth Warren the best candidate to throw these morally ethic jabs? Didnt she lie about all kinds of shit? A lot of finger pointing and zero self reflection speaks volumes on someones character.

  • K12EduConsulting

    Harris for president Warren for VP!

  • Annie Hooker
    Annie Hooker Day ago

    Warren is corrupt to the core. She created some type of government oversight and her employees made 3 or 4 times the regular salaries. Warren also received monetary gain. She is toast.

  • Cultura Pasion
    Cultura Pasion 2 days ago

    That chap is just another bag of VOMIT in that cesspit he lives in.

  • theironninja314
    theironninja314 2 days ago

    Sure people hate creditcard companies but i think she was extremely unprofessional for letting her emotions get in the way. How is he being shamed for doing his job and pushing credit cards out? If you have ever been to a shop you would notice that they do the exact same thing?? They have sales and discounts to boost sales! Him having a 2 mil investment in the business he works in should only be motivation to do a good job and its his right to take that risk. I think she was a bitch and that she should have been shut up if not fired for letting her emotions get in the way

  • Christina Gomez
    Christina Gomez 3 days ago

    Her mouth works well when it's convenient to her. So is the ability to hijack peoples platform and make it your own even after participating in burying them, but mostly she buried us under Trump when she failed to run her mouth in support of Berni3.

  • benjianubis
    benjianubis 3 days ago

    I wish she would stop interrupting him and let him answer

  • Mary Bee
    Mary Bee 3 days ago

    My ears start bleeding whenever Timothy Sloan's mouth opens.

  • Jewels inSD
    Jewels inSD 3 days ago


  • jds hempfarm
    jds hempfarm 3 days ago

    You want to change all this? Freedom of Information Warren is wasting our time. This banking system cares not for patriotism, they care only for the control of our money. Control the horse control the horsepower. Just ask Lincoln, JFK, and I am sure there are others. This is just a show. We are one of a number of customers of the banking system this parasite represents. Pay attention to President Trump, he talks about these parasites all the time.

  • david large
    david large 3 days ago

    Warren you are an ass .

  • Rich Yung
    Rich Yung 3 days ago

    She a beast 😂😂😂😂

  • Omid Sadjadi
    Omid Sadjadi 3 days ago

    Love wells fargo. Great bank and never done me wrong. I work all week, deposit my money and it is always there when I need it. The man was up selling and increasing clientele as well as business for the company that signs his pay check. Some people make more money for their master and their pay reflects upon that. But hell, when your a female senator , who the he'll gives a shit!

  • Renegade Infidel
    Renegade Infidel 4 days ago

    Pocahontas looking like the moron she is. 😹

  • Liliana Olivarae
    Liliana Olivarae 4 days ago

    Hey, she stole Trump's line.

  • Richard Growth
    Richard Growth 4 days ago

    Hahaha says the liar who wanted more money for apparently being native American. Clearly Warren doesn't understand banking let alone retail banking. You all need to learn what capitalism actually is. And a fraud like Warren calling for others to be fired for how they act, what a bloody hypocrite. Warren literally spat in the face of native Americans and you dumbasses support her for 'standing up for the little guy'. Pfft, give me a break you morons. Pull your head out of your asses


    Stupid commie cunt.

  • Kat Wallingfordton
    Kat Wallingfordton 4 days ago

    POCHAHONTAS......Once a LIAR......ALWAYS A LIAR!!!

  • jerry metcalf
    jerry metcalf 5 days ago

    And now Warren is trying to destroy oil companies, like most of her kind she thinks oil companies should give it away

  • Nobody J
    Nobody J 6 days ago

    Theres nothing better when you got em dead to rights, they know it and there's nothing they can do about it but take the ass kicking! Let's talk about that time..... (under his breath) damn it!

  • Hayden Pack
    Hayden Pack 6 days ago

    Wow if she would just ease up on the weird and get off tech's back she'd be my top candidate tbh

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 6 days ago +3

    Warren you are the next president

    • Richard Growth
      Richard Growth 4 days ago

      Wonder if she will claim to be the first native American president....oh wait...

  • Steve Evans
    Steve Evans 6 days ago

    Lying scum bag! Every member on the board has profited by millions! Hasn’t give anything back! Haven’t compensated the people they scammed! Should be in jail for mass fraud! All of them!

    • William G
      William G 2 days ago

      Tell that to these MAGAts. They only care about the Indian bullshit.

  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry 7 days ago

    A haunting in Washington DC.

  • droogsurgeon1440
    droogsurgeon1440 7 days ago +1

    I love her sooooo much ❤️

  • ricky mason
    ricky mason 7 days ago

    Pocahontas back from the dead to give us her wisdom 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    GEN GASPER 9 days ago +1

    Look at the disgruntled, condescending grimace on his face tho after she says he ought to be fired. Typical elitist reaction to being caught red-handed and questioned = annoyance at wasting his time. Hope he goes.!

  • B T
    B T 9 days ago

    This is Warren at her best. Too bad about her support for illegal immigration and open borders and the whole 'one drop' scandal. She could have been a great president.

  • overlex
    overlex 9 days ago

    SPOILER ALERT: That binder was the Book of the Living used in both Mummy movies

    Which explains why it slayed that decaying, ugly and damned mummified corpse... and Imhotep too.

  • Blue Finally Gets A Clue

    Sorry but WellsFargo is the only bank that hasn't tried to " Fu** me over! What Chase did with paying the bills that came in and up to two weeks later reoganizing my debits to rip me off with turning 1 OD fee into 7 or 9 is the real threat. I could give two shits if they opened some fake accts when they have always taken care of the little people like myself. Sorry Warren isnt for the little people, she concerned for some big money folks that may have lost a few pennies betting against Wells Fargo or dumping their stock too soon. Like really? Come on now. Chase screwed me so bad that I could never recover. After I went to Wells, I never had that issue again. So to me she is for the banks just not this one and wants to get rid of competition so that everyone has to deal with the banks that want to further their monopoly by taking away OPTIONS in banking. Hang in there Wells!

  • cardinalis
    cardinalis 9 days ago +1

    lmfao dude got wrecked!
    7:38 damn girl!!!! QUEEN!!!! 👑

  • clare312
    clare312 9 days ago

    What happens to these people after the hearing? Like what will this do for us? will people like him get consequences for their action.

  • Marilyn Ines Rodriguez

    Love Warren.

  • Adam Cooper
    Adam Cooper 9 days ago

    Ouch...I was not expecting this video to hurt my feelings as well 😂

  • Brain G
    Brain G 10 days ago

    Look at him squirm like a bug under a rock

  • Jim .Zuzukiz
    Jim .Zuzukiz 10 days ago

    What a fool

  • househeadericmd Househead

    This smug Wells Fargo cunt acts so righteous and above the law when he should be embarrassed beyond belief. Btw I am a white male but this male white privilege makes me sick. These fuckers think they can do anything they want and he is making millions on his criminal activity. God forbid a minority such as a person of color or immigrant took say $20 from a petty cash fund with a promise to pay it back he or she would probably go to jail. The crooked and corrupt banking in this country needs to stop and people need to serve time in prison. Get um Dems.

  • Weathers95
    Weathers95 10 days ago

    "At best you were incompetent, and at worst you were complicit, and either way you should be fired."
    Holy fucking shit

  • james fiaco
    james fiaco 10 days ago

    -Your not making any progress since the fundamental problems stem from corruption which you are not acknowledging. Make America great to the lowest standards of quality white power. What a honest Mickey Mouse answer for me CEO

  • Linda Dimira
    Linda Dimira 11 days ago

    Warren you should be shot for being a communist traitor to America.

  • Jim Bronson
    Jim Bronson 11 days ago +1

    Iceland put the bankers in jail when they pulled that crap.

    • Bre Chaben
      Bre Chaben 10 days ago

      Jim Bronson Iceland was also one of the few countries that was fine after the recession in '08. They must be doing something right.

  • James Berryhill
    James Berryhill 11 days ago

    She’s a badass for sure

  • Elizabeth Dove
    Elizabeth Dove 11 days ago

    She needs to understand that people are going to defend their bank regardless because that is where their money currently is.

  • Joseph Nydle
    Joseph Nydle 11 days ago

    Omg she brought receipts!
    Also, did Sherrod fall asleep? He hasn’t moved in a while.

  • info145
    info145 12 days ago

    Go get 'em! They think they can make things right? Can't. Too late. Can Monsanto make things right? Can Amazon make things right? Can Comcast make things right? Damage has been done. It's irreversible!

  • Chris costa
    Chris costa 12 days ago

    Was he fired did the bank pay all the money they owned to the customers and after the scandal did anything change with huge banks on the US?

  • Divleen Shannon
    Divleen Shannon 12 days ago

    Even the guy behind Fargo had to get botox and injections to control his disgust for him

  • Starman BuckRogers
    Starman BuckRogers 12 days ago


  • Starman BuckRogers
    Starman BuckRogers 12 days ago

    Everyone knows BANKS STEAL!!! I guess billions in FINES IS NO BIG DEAL!! This guy SHOULD BE JAILED!!!

  • 700Arawn
    700Arawn 12 days ago

    @ 0:55 all I heard was Dave Chappell’s voice............GOTCHA BITCH!!!

  • julia kuberski
    julia kuberski 12 days ago

    Get ready for a twenty percent increase in you Federal taxes when a Democrat gets elected. They will be charging you and me for the freebies they are giving to illegal aliens. When it hits your paycheck you will then understand. Twenty percent increase is what Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are saying they will raise Federal taxes. That means twenty dollars more taken out on top of what you are already being taxed on every 100 dollar another words for every 100 dollars you earn they will take 28 dollars out for Federal Taxes in addition to what your State takes out for taxes. I do payroll I know what I am talking about..

  • Jane Holmes
    Jane Holmes 12 days ago


  • M14 SMK
    M14 SMK 12 days ago

    And she wants to orate the word FAKE!!!Your closet will always bring out your FAKENESS Comanche or Apache w/high cheek bones!!!

  • M14 SMK
    M14 SMK 12 days ago

    Does she REALLY think she’ll be president?She’s an idiot.
    Imagine her w/N.Korea,Iran,China.
    She’d crawl under her desk.
    She doesn’t have a clue.
    She thinks she’s still a Native American!Did she get any favors enrolling in any College or University because of her FALSE Heritage,.....& she wants to question people on their validity!!!

  • M14 SMK
    M14 SMK 12 days ago

    Damn, Pocahontas can actually read someone else’s verbiage!

  • Hilmon Stigler
    Hilmon Stigler 13 days ago

    May God bless Elizabeth Warren

  • Cory Snyder
    Cory Snyder 13 days ago

    This woman should be president.

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 13 days ago

    Elizabeth Squanto warren is a fake cunt

  • FIN T
    FIN T 13 days ago +1

    Don’t mess around with lawyers 😬

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker 13 days ago +2

    7:25 "Wells Fargo needs to start over and that won't happen until the bank rids itself of people like you who led it into this crisis. Thank you, mister chair." *MIC DROP!*

  • Da Di
    Da Di 13 days ago +2

    "I want an equal amount of time," - Hell yeah!!!

  • Danielle Middleton
    Danielle Middleton 13 days ago

    We have her signature claiming indian ancestory on a bar exam. She is a fake a phony a fraud and a liar like all the phony demonrats. She claimed to be indian to get a job. She should be publicly tarred and feathered and then told your FIRED GOOFY LIZZIE BORDEN. LOL

  • R Yeckley
    R Yeckley 14 days ago

    Why is Warren so believable here but so unbelievable whah she speaks of Donald Trump?

  • Itsyaboyyang
    Itsyaboyyang 14 days ago +1

    She’s tough! I like her!