The Footage Michael Jordan Wants Us To Forget About

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • "What y'all think I had this camp just so y'all can beat me?"
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Comments • 11 370

  • TPA Cliff
    TPA Cliff 22 minutes ago

    27 > 23

  • Yica Dar
    Yica Dar 2 hours ago

    This proves Jordan is not the GOAT

  • Ryan Colberg
    Ryan Colberg 3 hours ago

    Aye John had his day. I can't believe people in the comments saying Jordan's not trying.
    Bruh, put yourself in John's shoes. How would you tell the story? You gonna include some wack made up percentage of effort Jordan gave? Nahh. That's on Mike.

  • Marvis Riches
    Marvis Riches 5 hours ago

    No one is invisible

  • Taylor Nguyen
    Taylor Nguyen 13 hours ago

    Maybe he went easy that’s why lol

  • velardejl
    velardejl 13 hours ago

    Uhm... did any of that look like MJ was really trying? Did you ever watch him play ball before?? Luck and gifts from MJ doesn’t begin to cover it ...

  • MrJayt22
    MrJayt22 14 hours ago

    First OF all John walked twice, Second if you feel like it wasn't that serious, then dont ARGUE.

  • Tony nembhard
    Tony nembhard 16 hours ago

    This instrumental is blazing bro!

  • Mark
    Mark 23 hours ago

    This is dumb, Jordan wasn't trying on defence. Come on now!

  • Diestro Terrero
    Diestro Terrero Day ago

    I see Jordan didn’t want to tap him in the second one please brother MJ wasn’t playing for real come on lol 😂 how much did paid to MJ FOR THIS 😂😂

  • Kaipoi Jamile
    Kaipoi Jamile Day ago

    Bruh Jordan went easy on this guy. You can see it

  • oguzhan birinci
    oguzhan birinci Day ago

    Gustavo fring???

  • niarlatotepbasset
    niarlatotepbasset 2 days ago

    ...well, the guy who can only hoop have nothing to do with some serious guy...MJ never invented something spectacular, he only played ball and is/was athletic which doesn't stay long...he put him in his place, reminded him that he is nothing more than basketball player who thinks that he can decide world peace/war with his dunks...

  • YoGirlChe
    YoGirlChe 2 days ago


  • da best dribbler
    da best dribbler 3 days ago

    I'm mean look at Jordan he's not trying you can't say that was even 50 percent

  • goku360100
    goku360100 3 days ago

    Everybody loses even the best.

  • Rob77048
    Rob77048 3 days ago

    At 8:26, it was at that moment Jordan knew he f####d up!

  • Juan Daniel
    Juan Daniel 3 days ago

    John “ talk to me nice “ rogers 😂

  • bar drama
    bar drama 3 days ago

    A game to 3 of one on one is not really beating him in a game of one on one..

  • bar drama
    bar drama 3 days ago

    Game to 3? Really? You call that beating Michael? He probably just wanted investment so he can buy the hornets.

  • Doitchin
    Doitchin 4 days ago

    I am crying tears of laughter while reading the comments! Jordan 6'6", 220 athletic guy can not drive to the basket and dunk the ball against a 6 foot and 170 old man so he has to shoot three pointers! The video is the GOAT of joke videos!

  • Doitchin
    Doitchin 4 days ago +7

    Are you kidding MJ is giving may be 10% of his energy!

    A.J HYPEBEAST 4 days ago +3

    MJ loses one game of basketball and this dud go crazy

  • Christian Wilson
    Christian Wilson 4 days ago

    great video!!!!!

  • Hiho Wego
    Hiho Wego 4 days ago

    Lol.MJ got beat by Mr.Rogers.!😄

  • Coolguy05 Mcclain
    Coolguy05 Mcclain 6 days ago


  • DubbRHS
    DubbRHS 6 days ago +1

    John " talk to me nice" Rodgers 🤣🤣🤣

  • MajorDistraction
    MajorDistraction 7 days ago

    beautiful musky voice, check! meticulous narrative, check! perfect suspenseful music, check! Jxmy ya da real GOAT!

  • Fushigidane143
    Fushigidane143 7 days ago +1

    Michael Jordan throws a game away to a fan.. that makes it something he wants the internet to erase lol...

  • Kyle Hatch
    Kyle Hatch 7 days ago

    What's the song at the beginning

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Just imagine if this man went to the league...

  • bluemermaid207
    bluemermaid207 8 days ago

    I know John!

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner 9 days ago

    This is some of your best work. Much different than your usual content and it shows your diverse storytelling skill set.

    For the ones being serious in the comments...SMMFHWLMAOAYA

  • Marc Amerine
    Marc Amerine 9 days ago +1

    Bro. Great commentary, U Made me feel Like I Was there.! Costa & Madden Don’t Have S**T On U..

  • Le'Reatha Burrell
    Le'Reatha Burrell 10 days ago

    bro come on now mj is the most goated nba player ever he was going at least 30% on JR yea congrats to john but think mj was in the league as the best nba player ever he wasnt trying to win my piont is if anybody could have a chance to beat mj he either let u win or u gotta be prime drose or prime lebron or jordan himself and if u aint one of those u would be in the NBA or ur just trash and is gonna get bodied but i like jxmy your chanell is out code but this video no

  • Le'Reatha Burrell
    Le'Reatha Burrell 10 days ago

    jordan shot 3 3 pointers ad going by ones thats game thats 3 to 2 jordan won sooo huh

  • Rythmortis
    Rythmortis 10 days ago

    So when is his pair of Jordan's coming out.

    17,450,493 views 10 days ago

    If jordan was serious well.....

  • scoot3r johnson
    scoot3r johnson 10 days ago

    wherez the master p. video...

  • Apolo Romero
    Apolo Romero 10 days ago

    Mj not even triying

  • Lalo Hernandez
    Lalo Hernandez 11 days ago

    Jordan letting him win was part of his business plan.

  • stronghellkerbecs
    stronghellkerbecs 11 days ago

    Michael though he could hide the vid, but Jimmy said psych lemme show it to millions

  • preciousstone02
    preciousstone02 11 days ago

    Never say Never, good game, MJ still the G.O.A.T

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 11 days ago

    LeBron Calling him now😂😂😂

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 11 days ago +1

    I dont really thinks MJ is playing serious here ...Come on😂😂

  • PickleJar 3131
    PickleJar 3131 11 days ago

    When jordan doesnt drive

  • Danny Rosillo
    Danny Rosillo 12 days ago

    Jordan looks like he isn't even taking this seriously at all, he seems like he was like "I'm retired imma go slow"

  • Lil Feez
    Lil Feez 13 days ago +1

    Jordan hit 2 threes .john scored 3 layups.jordan still won!!fuck outta here

  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark 13 days ago

    Bruh this narration is so overly dramatic. I love it lol.

  • ISAAC Tribe
    ISAAC Tribe 13 days ago

    He was taking easy on him

  • slaviboy
    slaviboy 13 days ago

    Bro, WTF are you talking about :D

  • Marvunike
    Marvunike 13 days ago

    yea, good story but it's good one. nothing special about it.

  • Charlie Bultman
    Charlie Bultman 13 days ago


  • MISTA 808
    MISTA 808 13 days ago

    8:44 AND ONE!
    I know Jordan won't like the call but he definitely made contact on the fake and dude still scored the dub!

  • Jay Alexander
    Jay Alexander 15 days ago +1

    You are so fucking dumb that due to this video I must unsubscribe. With most of your videos, I admit you speak truth, but if you think Jordan was 💯 in defending probably a near billionaire Tycoon at the dudes own audience, you have now been confirmed to take on smoking that CRACK. This video and your crack smoking ass commentary has taken the top spot of being a fucking idiot for life. I’d probably find grand papas gun out his mattress and pull that trigger for being the dumbest person alive for falling for that BS. SMDH

  • Elijah Jones
    Elijah Jones 15 days ago

    I think we can all agree lebron’s the goat now.

  • Zee Man
    Zee Man 16 days ago

    Someone please tell me the song in the beginning. Can't find it from the description 😢

  • JustmeJoy7
    JustmeJoy7 16 days ago

    I like how you narrate. Do you have a video on how you got interested in doing these videos on youtube?

  • Hendrixx
    Hendrixx 17 days ago


  • David Smith
    David Smith 17 days ago

    How many MJ hating videos have u made just admit it he is the goat

  • Dr.DillPickle
    Dr.DillPickle 18 days ago

    8:07 I’m not sure if Jimmy is trolling or he is being legit saying this line.

  • Donald Young
    Donald Young 18 days ago

    Until you play micheal 94 haven't played micheal.

  • T W
    T W 19 days ago

    Even the janitor wanted some

  • utube ser
    utube ser 21 day ago

    Wow I'm so impressed by the fact that u make this old boring video into such an interesting one...keep it up👏👏

  • Abdulrafay Khan
    Abdulrafay Khan 21 day ago

    Was a captain on a d1 college tema

  • Abdulrafay Khan
    Abdulrafay Khan 21 day ago

    Regular guy

  • Mason Medeiros
    Mason Medeiros 21 day ago

    Mike could've won but he wasn't really trying

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 21 day ago

    Mike wasn’t trying on defense on the first 2 possessions from john

  • Stephen
    Stephen 21 day ago

    Jeeeez MJ doesnt even move that much...

  • Official dr.dorito 1
    Official dr.dorito 1 21 day ago +1

    "OH NO"

  • Chenxun Jiang
    Chenxun Jiang 22 days ago

    How do you make 20s video to 10 mins

  • PS Vlogs
    PS Vlogs 22 days ago +3

    are we sure that’s not Lavar Ball?

  • David Panov
    David Panov 23 days ago

    This is y’all goat 😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • Stamatis Stamatiadis
    Stamatis Stamatiadis 25 days ago

    i just want to forget the stupidity of you.

  • Desiiop
    Desiiop 25 days ago

    Michael Jordan would've won a long time, but Michael Jordan just got too cocky.