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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  4 months ago +5587

    I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕

  • Sheba Kurien
    Sheba Kurien 23 hours ago

    I LOVE DARK chocolate

  • Cookie Bites
    Cookie Bites Day ago

    Ro is so short 😂😂😂 now i dont feel so alone....😂

  • Famfam fun 5
    Famfam fun 5 3 days ago

    The chocolate one was the best looking

  • Famfam fun 5
    Famfam fun 5 3 days ago

    Every since you started

  • Famfam fun 5
    Famfam fun 5 3 days ago

    Milk chocolate 🍫

  • Night Skies & City Lights

    XD it's because of Ro that I realized I don't trust a Baker that wouldn't occasionally eat some of their own creations
    Love you, Ro! Stay awesome!

  • Cat National Galaxy
    Cat National Galaxy 4 days ago

    "Do you like Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?" NEITHER, I like White Chocolate best" (I'm sorry but Dark Chocolate is my least favorite)

  • Erin Rae Xox
    Erin Rae Xox 4 days ago

    Make JELLO In your play-button mould Please Xx

  • Khaled Masri
    Khaled Masri 5 days ago

    you actually very short XD

  • Kyle Paez
    Kyle Paez 6 days ago

    What about white chocolate¿

  • Victor G
    Victor G 6 days ago

    8:18 minecraft sound effect when you dig no?

  • Gacha Psycho
    Gacha Psycho 6 days ago

    At 8:01 i do the same whit popsicle😅

  • Reese Dreier
    Reese Dreier 6 days ago

    Dark chocolate 🍫

  • Alexa 04
    Alexa 04 8 days ago

    I like milk chocolate

  • Rebecca Hollifield
    Rebecca Hollifield 8 days ago

    Dear ro,I subscribed and terned on notafacation

  • Amanda Fossett
    Amanda Fossett 9 days ago +1

    🥛🍫oh ya

  • Jeremy Recardo
    Jeremy Recardo 9 days ago

    I think you should make ice cream diamond play botton

  • Michelle Battersby
    Michelle Battersby 9 days ago

    You and Justin makeing a gingerbread apple shop

  • Kimmy Aurino
    Kimmy Aurino 11 days ago

    i LoVe DaRk ChOcOlAtE

  • Roya Bova
    Roya Bova 11 days ago

    I like white chocolate :P

  • Diviya R
    Diviya R 11 days ago

    Milk chocolate

  • Emily Tews
    Emily Tews 11 days ago

    Does anybody else love baking but hate using ovens

  • nab Pa
    nab Pa 12 days ago

    I like🍫 milk chocolate

  • Oliver King
    Oliver King 13 days ago +1

    Yeah I prefer white chocolate 😂

  • Zac Persson
    Zac Persson 13 days ago

    ro you are so tiny, (dont take this the wrong way as its not an insult) you look almost like a little kid in that kitchen with how big everything is

  • Virginia Lang
    Virginia Lang 13 days ago

    I like White chocolate

  • Bubble BFB
    Bubble BFB 14 days ago

    Milk chocolate is my favourite

  • Léa-Rose Paradis
    Léa-Rose Paradis 15 days ago

    Love this ❤️❤️❤️ You should have done the shave ice with a fourch, love you 💜❤️💜❤️💜

  • Classics 1234
    Classics 1234 15 days ago

    Ewwwwwwwwwww- wait what?!

  • Noreen Tilus
    Noreen Tilus 15 days ago

    I like both!!!

  • Stefani Barron
    Stefani Barron 15 days ago

    Milk choc

  • Esmeralda Aguilar
    Esmeralda Aguilar 15 days ago

    I like milk chocolate because my sister was baking a cake and I tasted the chocolate chips and it was to dark so I told her and she went and got milk chocolate she doesn't like dark chocolate either

  • E & E
    E & E 15 days ago

    Milk chocolate

  • Ezri M
    Ezri M 15 days ago +1

    I can't pick! I like both milk chocolate and dark chocolate

  • Elodie Liu
    Elodie Liu 15 days ago

    giant oven ro!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandra Simone
    Alexandra Simone 15 days ago

    You should have made a gummy play button.

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 15 days ago

    DARK CHOCOLATE!!!! ;3333

  • Elizabeth Hagerty
    Elizabeth Hagerty 15 days ago

    make a huge ice cube then plop it in your tub and get in it.

  • Wendy Unicorn
    Wendy Unicorn 16 days ago

    You can make rese's diamond play button!

  • Wendy Unicorn
    Wendy Unicorn 16 days ago

    I love nougat😛🍫

  • Addison Blonski
    Addison Blonski 16 days ago

    what about a hard candy play button?

  • Addison Blonski
    Addison Blonski 16 days ago

    u have the coolest oven!

  • Victoria Hom
    Victoria Hom 17 days ago

    I LOVE dark chocolate 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • Consuelo Avalos
    Consuelo Avalos 18 days ago

    milk chocolate

  • Dahlia_ Olazaba_;-;ME
    Dahlia_ Olazaba_;-;ME 18 days ago

    I love milk chocolate

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 18 days ago

    Milk Chocolate 🤗

  • Jyoti Jain
    Jyoti Jain 18 days ago

    Dark chocolate + Milk chocolate is my fav

  • Katrina Cleveley
    Katrina Cleveley 19 days ago

    Make a reses peanut butter with choclat play botten

  • Tashfia Nabi
    Tashfia Nabi 19 days ago

    Everybody subscribe we need to hit 11 million. Also yes I know I commented late. I love milk chocolate a little more than dark chocolate

  • Isabel Vazquez
    Isabel Vazquez 19 days ago


  • Lillian Folds
    Lillian Folds 19 days ago

    How else saw cookie and if u don’t know who cookie is ur not a true fan of her

  • EmilyDoesAG
    EmilyDoesAG 19 days ago

    I like milk chocolate 🍫

  • Gwen Komene
    Gwen Komene 19 days ago +1

    Thanks for the great vid Ro!

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy 20 days ago

    Rosanna: Oh, look at the details! You can see everything!
    Me: *sees absolutely no detail it's just a blob*

  • Creepypasta Lover
    Creepypasta Lover 20 days ago

    I thought she was gonna legit try to eat her diamond play button 😂

  • Mary Denson
    Mary Denson 20 days ago

    Markiplier's not the only one with a diamond playbutton now.

  • Aaliyah Dream
    Aaliyah Dream 20 days ago

    well your taste buds change every year

  • Benji Roskes
    Benji Roskes 20 days ago

    milk chocolate

  • Martha Stone
    Martha Stone 20 days ago

    Milk chocolate 🍫 is my favorite

  • Katie Love
    Katie Love 21 day ago

    For the people who disliked her video why because there is nothing to not like about delicious treats?

  • K T
    K T 21 day ago

    Is that your play bottin

  • Hedy Woodhouse
    Hedy Woodhouse 21 day ago

    I prefer... ALL chocolate. Although if I had to rate them, it would probably be: 3. White chocolate 2. Milk chocolate and 1. Dark chocolate (just not anything over 65%... 😀). Chocoholic FOREVER!!! 😄😍🍫❤🍫💕

  • Ardyn Jo
    Ardyn Jo 21 day ago +1

    Every 7 years your taste buds change so

  • YungDaggerX
    YungDaggerX 21 day ago +1

    I’ve been supporting since like 2012, love you❤️

  • Carolina Tijerina
    Carolina Tijerina 21 day ago


  • Erica Thompson
    Erica Thompson 21 day ago

    I love milk chocolate but I hate dark and white chocolate

  • Amazing Amazing Anthony

    I like white chocolate

  • Madd Shumaker
    Madd Shumaker 22 days ago

    I'm team milk chocolate

  • sara vennink
    sara vennink 22 days ago

    I love both milk chocolate and dark chocolate 🍫

  • sara vennink
    sara vennink 22 days ago

    You should do a draw my life video. Like if you agree

  • The awesome Jacob 1
    The awesome Jacob 1 22 days ago


  • The awesome Jacob 1
    The awesome Jacob 1 22 days ago


  • Willem Kempen
    Willem Kempen 22 days ago


  • Unicorn 360
    Unicorn 360 23 days ago

    Dark chocolate

  • Daria Molnar
    Daria Molnar 23 days ago


  • Filia Rees
    Filia Rees 23 days ago

    White chocolate is my favourite

  • a n g i e
    a n g i e 23 days ago

    Milk chocolate for sure🍫

  • Tayla Ware
    Tayla Ware 23 days ago

    i like milk chocolate.

  • Nyla Baramy
    Nyla Baramy 24 days ago

    I like dark chocolate

  • Nero Embodo
    Nero Embodo 24 days ago

    if you had do nose you eat what dog likes

  • Sara Kozaat
    Sara Kozaat 24 days ago

    Milk chocolate 🍫 ❤️❤️

  • Cher Camacho
    Cher Camacho 24 days ago

    Dark chocolate

  • xPotatoe Gaming
    xPotatoe Gaming 24 days ago

    I like milk chocolate. But my FAVORITE is white chocolate

  • Anai Andrade
    Anai Andrade 24 days ago

    I like milk chocolate

  • 20kF Fam
    20kF Fam 25 days ago

    Who else thinks she should make a giant gummy play button?

  • Pearl Tracey
    Pearl Tracey 25 days ago


  • VV VV
    VV VV 25 days ago

    dark choclate!!!

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen 25 days ago

    Dark chocolate and I am 13 years old. I all so love coffee

  • my disney loving reborns

    Milk chocolate.i love your channel.i just subscribed and now love watching your videos.

  • It's Just Mia
    It's Just Mia 25 days ago

    White chocolate

  • Izy Ranosa
    Izy Ranosa 25 days ago


  • Solangie Garcia
    Solangie Garcia 25 days ago

    Milk chocolate

  • crazy pig-lover
    crazy pig-lover 26 days ago

    DARK CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST!! 😍😍😍🍫🍫😍🍫😍🍫😍🍫😍😍🍫😍🍫😍😍🍫😍🍫😍😀😀😀😀😀

  • Fluffi Pineapple
    Fluffi Pineapple 26 days ago


  • Lola Lemonhead
    Lola Lemonhead 26 days ago

    It makes me so sad when youtubers have dogs and they eat infornt of the dog. Because I want the dog to eat food

  • Samantha Slacik
    Samantha Slacik 26 days ago


  • The minecraft Psysho
    The minecraft Psysho 26 days ago

    Ho ro I am a really old fan I started watching you when you usesd to do videos with your sister I still remember the kitchen that you used to bake in I am nine my birthday is 9 september month nine if you don’t know 2009

  • Dibash Dey
    Dibash Dey 27 days ago

    I loveeeeeeeee🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • Caitlyn De Beer
    Caitlyn De Beer 27 days ago