Doing Liza Koshy's Makeup

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! Today I got the opportunity to glam one of my favorite UScliprs, Liza Koshy using my new James Charles x Morphe palette. She has been a huge role model but also supporter of mine since day one and it was an honor to do her makeup and talk about all things Liza, her rise to fame, her show, her return to USclip, personal life, & more. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Its Just Me Giovanna!
    Its Just Me Giovanna! 12 minutes ago

    Can you please do a full video with you just speaking fluent spanish pleasee

  • Angela Papazian
    Angela Papazian 37 minutes ago

    I love Liza so much love you James ❤️

  • Jade Turner
    Jade Turner Hour ago +1

    I just noticed he has a safety pin as an earring 😂

  • Addison lynds
    Addison lynds Hour ago

    best collab ever

  • Mikaela Davies
    Mikaela Davies 3 hours ago

    Love this

  • Layla Ross
    Layla Ross 3 hours ago

    Omg how do these people meet u I want to meet you so bad

  • Jazmyn Cetnarowski
    Jazmyn Cetnarowski 4 hours ago +1

    Be you you guys are awesome I love you gouys so much more to say

  • adinda nadhia
    adinda nadhia 6 hours ago


  • Kenzie Mack
    Kenzie Mack 6 hours ago

    Even without makeup they are both beautiful ❤❤❤

  • Art With Layla
    Art With Layla 8 hours ago

    i love how chill this video is like james is doing her makeup and they are just having a conversation

  • Allison Jones
    Allison Jones 8 hours ago

    This is the greatest frickin collab EVER!!!! Sisters 4 Life!

  • Emilia Tomczyk
    Emilia Tomczyk 8 hours ago

    I love it 😘😘😍😍😁😁👍👍❤️❤️

  • Melease Smith
    Melease Smith 8 hours ago

    Hi James it’s me Melease remember on TikTok

  • BroadaBean
    BroadaBean 9 hours ago

    Yall are way to wholesome for my ass

  • Bianca Editz
    Bianca Editz 10 hours ago

    Ohhh boiiii the TWO most *BEAUTIFUL* SISTERS IN.THE *WORLD*

  • Cara Cing
    Cara Cing 11 hours ago

    Why does James have a clip in his earholes

  • asha Swinscoe
    asha Swinscoe 11 hours ago

    Your so good at makeup

  • Ellie MD
    Ellie MD 13 hours ago +1

    My two favorite UScliprs in one video , 🥰🥰😍😍😘😘

  • karen pantoja
    karen pantoja 14 hours ago

    Idk why i felt like it was too much for her style. Maybe I’m wrong either way. Awesome job!!!!!!

  • Login Soliman
    Login Soliman 14 hours ago

    Her eyes (like always with sister James) are on FLEEK

  • It's Olivia
    It's Olivia 15 hours ago +1

    Liza was gone for 9 months. Conspiracy she was pregnant for those months and now has a child!

  • Daniela Corral
    Daniela Corral 15 hours ago

    *Hola hermanas*

  • David mail
    David mail 16 hours ago +1

    Does he have a pin for a earing?

  • Selena Arriagada
    Selena Arriagada 16 hours ago

    xD has anyone watched Double Dare? If you did LIZAAA

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson 16 hours ago

    It look so good😃

  • Love myself
    Love myself 16 hours ago

    Beautiful 👍

  • bunny h
    bunny h 16 hours ago

    Did anyone know he is 13 years old

  • HazUHavACookie Today_IBeLike

    Liza is so open!

  • Micaela Boucher
    Micaela Boucher 17 hours ago

    “oop sorry morphe”

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones 17 hours ago

    Come back Lizza!!!!😭😭😭

  • Absolutely
    Absolutely 18 hours ago

    *I stan this look*

  • Absolutely
    Absolutely 18 hours ago

    Omg she's so pretty!!!!

  • Nina Symington
    Nina Symington 19 hours ago

    David is a pencil.
    Liza is a highlighter
    David writes
    Lisa makes it BRIGHTER

  • Jocelyn Gilpatrick
    Jocelyn Gilpatrick 20 hours ago

    I love your intro

  • Mykayla Martinez
    Mykayla Martinez 21 hour ago

    Omg hi sister Liza🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thandile Siyonzana
    Thandile Siyonzana 21 hour ago

    oh my gosh looooooveeeee the makeup

  • Lilly Leather
    Lilly Leather 22 hours ago

    Liza is literally orange 😂😂 she still rocks it anyways ❤️

  • Kitty Louiselle
    Kitty Louiselle 22 hours ago

    Lord, I want someone to do my makeup💜

  • Monique Woods
    Monique Woods 22 hours ago

    Y does James have a safety pin through his ear they are meant to be safe not none safe

  • lydia smith
    lydia smith 22 hours ago

    she looks soooooooo buttery omg it looks so amazing

  • Stylie Draws
    Stylie Draws 23 hours ago

    I sister ship you both!

  • Kiwichrisnorway
    Kiwichrisnorway 23 hours ago


  • Sheyanne Orr
    Sheyanne Orr Day ago

    I love you both so much!!! ❤😍

  • Acornia Gacha
    Acornia Gacha Day ago +1

    OMG so funny how she said Your also like twelve so...

  • GV Mersy
    GV Mersy Day ago

    Can we take a second to appreciate James's paper clip earring

  • Angelica Contreras

    I ment sisters

  • Angelica Contreras

    My friend has a siater sweat shirt

  • Irene Rodriguez
    Irene Rodriguez Day ago

    They both talk so fast lol we need more!!❤❤😊❤❤

  • Ash Mix
    Ash Mix Day ago

    Liza's skin looks so red in this.

  • Jo 02
    Jo 02 Day ago

    HOW is he doing first one eye and then the other - like- he’s so talented that he can plan it - I’m just doing it and hope it’ll be good somehow😂

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F Day ago


  • Andi McSwaggins
    Andi McSwaggins Day ago

    Liza is literally like USclip’s sweetheart. She’s adorable and pure and I love her 💕

  • Lilli55
    Lilli55 Day ago +3


  • Fluffy Unicorns
    Fluffy Unicorns Day ago +1

    The collab of the century

  • zena haytham
    zena haytham Day ago

    This dude is annoying.

  • Fira Mamedova
    Fira Mamedova Day ago

    OMG he speaks so fast

  • abigail soto
    abigail soto Day ago +1

    wat a cute little brown girl 😭😍

  • Lillian Simpson
    Lillian Simpson Day ago

    I bet James won't like my comment...

  • Bea Doerksen
    Bea Doerksen Day ago

    why does everyone look burnt to me?

  • gilbertone87ify
    gilbertone87ify Day ago

    Lizza=donald trump

  • Analiz Brito
    Analiz Brito Day ago

    Hi liza

  • Analiz Brito
    Analiz Brito Day ago

    Hi lizzy

  • Rick&morty mEmEs

    *"Liza shooting compliments at James for 27 minutes strait"*

  • Gigi Piggie123
    Gigi Piggie123 Day ago

    Omg I love this!! My too fav yters!! Love you guys

  • Lucy P-S
    Lucy P-S Day ago

    Omg I love Liza and James ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ocean blue
    Ocean blue Day ago

    I smiled all through the whole video💕

  • Nancy Cruz
    Nancy Cruz Day ago

    You have great content :)

  • Mayera Talbot
    Mayera Talbot Day ago

    2 queens ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    i will sister shank you

  • Wolfapina Playz
    Wolfapina Playz Day ago

    Yasss Queen

  • Kendarrius Bell
    Kendarrius Bell Day ago +1

    James: Look Forward
    Liza: Hello

  • Jasmine Morris
    Jasmine Morris Day ago

    Liza looks like a bird with this look. Like one of those majestic birds from those new worlds people just discovered. Like her species does sexy dances to mate lol😂😂 just give each other that eye👁and be like ka kaw

  • Life Of Jordieee

    she is endlessly adorable like just stop already 😩😍

  • Annie McCurdy
    Annie McCurdy Day ago +1

    james ur so talented and kind i’m so glad u guys did a collab u are my favorite youtubers

  • Taylor Dawn
    Taylor Dawn 2 days ago


  • Imansxo
    Imansxo 2 days ago +1


  • Neha Salunke
    Neha Salunke 2 days ago

    Is it he wearing a safety pin in his ear lobe???

  • kia Warner
    kia Warner 2 days ago

    I love the montage you did with liza you have MAGER talent ❤💋❤💋

  • jade 'or
    jade 'or 2 days ago

    soo i think that now I'm obsessed with these two them together like convo come so naturally so smooth

  • Guldad Khan
    Guldad Khan 2 days ago

    I love you James your the best UScliprs ever

  • Nearly headless Nick

    Haha wow this foundation is red😂

  • Chloe Neighbarger
    Chloe Neighbarger 2 days ago

    this is just, WOW i have no words. everything about this video is so pure and beautiful. i'm in love

  • Lupa - vegan Wolf -
    Lupa - vegan Wolf - 2 days ago

    Holy shit war paint welcome back

  • Sheka Love
    Sheka Love 2 days ago

    Came out beautifully 🙌🏾❤️😍😍

  • Christopher David Suryanarayan

    Liza you’re just one of the most awesome humans. Take care of yourself and be happy. #houstontexasbaby😏

  • Bosslady Estencion
    Bosslady Estencion 2 days ago

    Does anyone see that James is wearing a barbie pin in his ear like a ear ring

  • Klaire Grace
    Klaire Grace 2 days ago

    Liza's eyeshadow matches her rainbow "Sisters" sweatshirt!

  • Kimberly Scammell
    Kimberly Scammell 2 days ago

    ♡ × infinity = all of this

  • klance. nalu23
    klance. nalu23 2 days ago

    I just chugged a hot chocolate.

    My stomach feels warm.

  • Lydia B
    Lydia B 2 days ago

    “James Charlie” 😂😂😂🤣 k I can’t oml

  • When Moe
    When Moe 2 days ago

    Liza is so amazingly beautiful inside and out ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • naty4ever
    naty4ever 2 days ago


  • Jennifer Luke
    Jennifer Luke 2 days ago

    I would kill to have you do my make up I feel like a child that has no clue when I do my make up

  • Natalia Cabrera
    Natalia Cabrera 2 days ago

    I love Liza, she is so funny♥️😅

  • BlueUnicorn
    BlueUnicorn 2 days ago

    You should do more vids together

  • jasmine diaz
    jasmine diaz 2 days ago

    Okay, i have a product idea for you, but you cant use it without meeting me lol
    A setting spray called James Charles spit spray ;)

  • Garrett Hammer
    Garrett Hammer 2 days ago +2

    Can you send me makeup

  • Garrett Hammer
    Garrett Hammer 2 days ago +1

    If you do can I be on there

  • Garrett Hammer
    Garrett Hammer 2 days ago +1

    Do you pick anyone to be on your channel

  • Blessing Ngozi
    Blessing Ngozi 2 days ago

    Lizzza you look so pretty without makeup, you should go natural more.