Are Caribbean People Right When They Say That Americans Are Lazy?

  • Published on Oct 21, 2012
  • The Boldest Man On The 'Net LanceScurv takes to the streets of Orlando Florida to ask a question that has been long circulating as a statement in the Black community between those who are of Caribbean descent and of American lineage. Are Caribbean People Right When they say Americans are LAZY?
    Many who have migrated to the shores of the United States of America have shared these same thoughts when striving to improve the quality of their life through hard work.
    While many who were born and raised in America will never know how much of a fight it can be sometimes to even make it through the grueling immigration process to finally get here, the general feeling is that most do not understand how many opportunities are here and take for granted the things here that are so freely given away.
    So when
    you have a naturalized individual who arrives here to America with all of the enthusiasm to achieve a new life with absolutely no limits, you also may have an individual who appears to them to not have enough fire in their belly and is content to sit back and take the easy route for the most part. The worst of which will settle for doing nothing with their lives as they settle for what they can get from a small welfare check.
    So now with the difference in mentalities diametrically opposed to one another, the friction between them will erupt on jobs, churches and many places where there is a regular contact which will place a wedge between them as the American born person will feel that this foreigner is trying to make all of the money and take all of the jobs while that so called "foreigner" will think the least of them for not taking their lives into their own hands as they complain their day away.
    This for many years specifically has been an issue between those Blacks who have migrated from the various islands of the Caribbean and those who classify themselves as African American. Now, if the truth be told, if you were to survey many people who broadly fall into these two categories you will probably receive many different responses because you also have those African Americans like myself who have parents or a parent of Caribbean descent but were born here yet understand both mindsets and mentalities.
    Granted, being born in the Caribbean does not mean that one possesses an overwhelming zeal to succeed because the fact of the matter is that many ambitious immigrants from the islands will tell you of the multitudes of lazy people that they left behind "back home."
    When you see the first people in a family who has crossed the shores to claim America as their home, you are viewing the most ambitious of their clan because it takes so much fire in the belly to make such a drastic change and go through the culture shock that be crippling to say the least. After that first wave of enthused immigrants arrive it is then that the riff raff will follow after a way has been made initially by those who were more disciplined and responsible.
    So when you see the ever growing Caribbean communities thrive shortly after the first have come, shortly afterward you will see the crime there grow to nuisance proportions because of that no good lazy drunk Uncle or that fast club hopping irresponsible Sister who got a free pass to come here because of the hard work and sweat of her sibling.
    On the other hand you have hard working ambitious African Americans who would sincerely be insulted at the hint of their being classified as a lazy person. Yes, we have challenges here in the African American community when it comes to crime, unemployment, drugs, incarceration and climbing illiteracy rates, but we still have an overwhelming amount of law abiding, deceit, ambitious stellar pillars of society and fine examples of what a model citizen should be.
    So I've said ALL of this to ask you one thing, how much credibility or validity does the show topic's title have?
    Is there any truth to it?
    Should we be asking it in the first place?
    Is focusing on it really a distraction to divide us ultimately?
    Or should we dialogue on these perceptions and do away with these negative stigmas right away so that they don't linger on and cause major problems down the road for a unified community that will suffer together under racism as we are all one nation in the human family?
    Tune in no matter WHO you are and let us bring these perceptions to a head and deal with the raw truth!
    Click Here ( to attend this program!
    Please watch: "Jennifer Holliday: Is She Wrong To Perform At Donald Trump's Inauguration? - The LanceScurv Show"

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  • katashi222
    katashi222 Month ago

    Yeh, it's just foolish general stereotyping....all Americans???

  • Leonice Williamson
    Leonice Williamson Month ago

    Absolutely not! That is plain silly!!

  • Elle lejay
    Elle lejay Month ago

    I'm too busy fighting white people to fight with my brothers and sisters. Sorry I'm not jumping in. As long as theirs respect I have nothing for love for my people (Black in general). Black people have been categorized as Lazy since we stop work for free. ✊✊✊✊Stop with the colonizer mentality.

  • LaSha
    LaSha Month ago

    They are brain washed by white people, F them!!!! There are more white women on welfare then black women, idiots!!!

  • Mel S
    Mel S 2 months ago

    G Nite Dude..Sleep tight..From the “Lazy” Black American...😂🤣😆☺️. 🥴🥴🥴😉

  • Horatio Bennett
    Horatio Bennett 2 months ago

    Who is this jackass butt of a Jamaican lady? This is why the gap between the people of the Caribbean and the African-Americans is so wide. IGNORANCE! This do-do butt, I can assure you, is living in American today, and her negative remarks will resonate for decades to come. First, that is a very stupid and leading question. The people of the Caribbean do NOT say African-Americans are lazy. It is just dog poopers like these who are catering to 'conditioned sentiments; helping 'others' to put the wedge between the two powerful cultural entities. I'm a Jamaican, living in the US for over 50 years and respects and admires African-Americans. They brought civil rights to the forefront in North America and the Caribbean. It was Dr. King who sacrificed his life so, not only for blacks and whites to co-exist, but that black pride can override cultures and ethnicity.

  • darkeagle
    darkeagle 2 months ago

    Mexicans and latinos says the same thing about black people. They are lazzy

  • whoo else
    whoo else 2 months ago

    Black americans have worked over 400 years. Yeah, thats lazy as hell aint it?

  • The youtuber That exists

    U ar mean

  • druzeman1969uk
    druzeman1969uk 2 months ago

    People lie but numbers do not. The numbers tell you everything you need to know. The median family income in the USA is around $58k a year. You can Google this if you do not believe me. Nigerian families are around $73k.They actually outperform white American families. British West Indian/ Caribbean families, in the USA, come in at $60k. Haitians come in at $47k. Meanwhile for African Americans its 35k. Does this mean that African Americans are all lazy? No, it does not. However, what I think is worrying is that a lot of African Americans are trapped in a poverty cycle which they cannot break out of. Welfare I believe is the biggest disaster that ever happened to the African American family. Again the numbers are terrible 75 of AA kids are born to single mothers, 60% of AA mothers have kids for 2 or more men. How can you ever have stable and functional families with stats like these? I believe alot of AA women do this because they know they will get a check and somewhere to live rather than work.

  • brwnish eyes
    brwnish eyes 2 months ago

    Apparently the first woman is too LAZY to treat and at least cover up that stubble all around and under her chin from shaving her beard. Half man b!*ch!.
    If jamaicans weren't so LAZY they would have stayed in jamaica and fixed that hole up instead of running to other countries only to be deported because of their unruly behaviors.
    They are soooo jealous that most of them have to work 3, 4 jobs to make ends meet and send money back home to their.......... LAZY, SIT ON THEIR BUTTS ALL DAY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO DEPEND ON THEIR INCOME FOR THEIR LIVELIHOOD) when a lot of americans only have to work one in order to make ends meet. So they look at us as lazy cause by average, we are up by 6am home by 6pm. I have NEVER heard an AMERICAN brag about or taunt anyone about working several jobs to make ends meet.We are pretty humble about that several job thing. I did it for about 6 years some time ago. Full &part time totalling 15 hrs per day and 4 hrs every other Saturday. Then worked 7 days per week for a time. Around 200 hrs monthly. So I know how it feels but I wanted it!

  • The End Begins
    The End Begins 2 months ago +2

    The ENTIRE world hates the Black American. Funny thing is we don't think about y'all at all. Don't think your good or bad, we don't think about you at all. Your nothing to us, and we are everything to the world.

  • kelonwashington96
    kelonwashington96 2 months ago

    I work with a Caribbean guy at my job at a carwash and I try to be nothing but nice to him. But every time I speak or even look at him, he gives me an super Luigi glare like I did something wrong. Jesus Christ man I wish he lossen up

  • Tiffany Royale
    Tiffany Royale 4 months ago

    So no one in New York get welfare? Y'all even get it twice a month and there are a lot of carribean people in New york.....lets not go there. This is the era to attack AA and we are on to these mothafuckas. Foreign black people be the first to wonder why we don't fight for immigration anymore because it's a stab in the back for us, that's why.

  • Sosa Ruhinda
    Sosa Ruhinda 4 months ago +1

    this video is stupid... 1azy comes in a11 shapes and forms and co1ors! this is jus p1ain stupid

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 4 months ago

    Black panther has africans now helping black americans to stop being lazy. Carribeans work hard while blacks just bitch.

  • Catina Hawkins
    Catina Hawkins 5 months ago +2

    You know when I heard the First Lady come on and say what she said about the American black people I got offended because I am an American and I’m not Lazy but as I thought about it. All I have to say is wwwwoooooeee

  • Cedric Palmer
    Cedric Palmer 5 months ago

    Ignorant mother fuckers talking about all the opportunities we AA have living in this country but don't realize immigrants have more opportunities than us when they get here

  • Anisia Morton
    Anisia Morton 5 months ago +4

    Its ironic to me that Caribbean ppl would dare to open their mouth to say we are lazy, when the only reason they were allowed to come here; is because of the work my ancestors put in.
    Furthermore you are being chosen for cheap labor not skilled labor; and are given our opportunities, over us. You are just a tool of white supremacy. Not harder working, not smarter. Just a tool being used to keep Uppity American Negroes in their place.
    I thank you for sharing what you deem to be true, however. I just hope you can take my honest historically based truth as well. Shalam

    • Mel S
      Mel S 12 days ago

      @dark...You need to shut up...with your warlords and such...Africa is Jacked up these days..!!!

    • darkeagle
      darkeagle Month ago

      You have nothing linking you to america, just slavery. You have no american dna, like your white counterpart.

    • darkeagle
      darkeagle Month ago

      You so full of shit, you should go back to africa and stop fucking things around for others

  • lucian Burke Robertson
    lucian Burke Robertson 5 months ago

    Fucking stupid topic! Always hinging out dirty laundry in someone else's backyard!😏 you ppl who make these types of videos about your own self are nasty disgusting evil coons !

  • sandy monrose
    sandy monrose 5 months ago


  • Urban Classics
    Urban Classics 5 months ago

    Then y don't yallstay in y'all country and build y'all own country up and make opportunities for yall self cause the most ain nun but janitors waitress or some other menial job

  • Henry Thompson
    Henry Thompson 5 months ago +1

    A lot of Caribbeans are lazy I'm Bahamian and I see it the person not where you from. 🤔👁

  • Happey67
    Happey67 5 months ago

    White Americans are very lazy. In the old days the rode horses and drink lemonade. Today, they will like about
    credentials just to sit at a desk and let the people of color who do the manual work.

  • Happey67
    Happey67 5 months ago

    Caribbean men mostly stick with children when it comes to raising. Caribbean people will work two three jobs. I have
    Three employers right now and this American man wanted me to buy for his children instead off working and purchasing things for his teenaged son and young adult son.

  • Benedict Brooklyn Jallah

    Hmmm... WHY ALL THESE NEGATIVE VIBES between BLACKS. How will y’all conquer the world again when there’s NO UNIFICATION.

    • whoo else
      whoo else 2 months ago

      Exactly. A lot of black immigrants get brainwashed immediately when they get over here. But shoutout to the ones who do get down with black americans.

  • Tiffany Royale
    Tiffany Royale 6 months ago

    People actually think you can live off the government. You can get assistance but it's rare that the government is going to take full car of you and I've seen foreigners get government assistance as well

  • Tiffany Royale
    Tiffany Royale 6 months ago

    I think some of y'all are lazy cuz all black people that's not AS do is compare themselves to AA.

  • Dayshawn Alexander
    Dayshawn Alexander 6 months ago

    Something to consider: there are classes in the Caribbean as well. The West Indians that immigrated here are the ones that have some resources and education. There vast majority of black people in the states are not impoverished. You are comparing the educated Caribbeans with resources to the lower classes of African Americans.
    Just something to consider.

  • Kevin Ramsey
    Kevin Ramsey 6 months ago +1

    Caribbean ppl don't realize whst America is,really all about they don't know who or what is controlling things here they come kiss d white man ass to get ahead for a piece of d pie while d white man sit on a pedestal n tap them on their heads n say good boy good girl 😁

  • Kevin Ramsey
    Kevin Ramsey 6 months ago

    There s lazy ppl everywhere

  • Kevin Ramsey
    Kevin Ramsey 6 months ago

    Carribben ppl just not accustom to house n cars so they come here just to work hard to achieve these material things they couldn't get back where there from what they need to work hard on is there mentality 😁

  • gerald6919
    gerald6919 7 months ago +2

    Chinese took over Jamaica.

  • Peterson Timothee
    Peterson Timothee 7 months ago +5

    B.S. I m from carribean and think these captives of Africa or Native Americans deserve the right to be lazy after being used for so long...

    KING MAYA BZE 7 months ago +1

    Shes not lying,lol yankees

  • Tyrone Brown
    Tyrone Brown 7 months ago

    Don't forget America is for all natians.and others make up for this country too coming from an African American

  • Tyrone Brown
    Tyrone Brown 7 months ago

    All these ladies are right

  • Lee Green
    Lee Green 7 months ago +5

    You black come over here because these lazy people made safe you to over instead of showing appreciation just take your asses home peace.

  • Derrick Robinson
    Derrick Robinson 7 months ago +1

    Gtfoh yall mothafuckas have some nerve, black americans built this country were nowhere near lazy plus if yall so much better why yall coming here to get rich in order to make your lives better gtfoh

    BRIAN PELZER 8 months ago +4


  • SimplyAdiva
    SimplyAdiva 8 months ago +4

    I'm Caribbean and that's all I heard growing up when I came to America. Then I learned about the systematic oppression African Americans had to face and the psychological effects that linger on today. I had to check myself because I felt that way. My husband is American and works harder than me so I'm glad I learned from my mistake. Laziness is a worldwide issue so we need to stop the stereotypes.

    • Black King
      Black King 2 months ago

      +brwnish eyes FEELINGS HURT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • brwnish eyes
      brwnish eyes 2 months ago


    • Black King
      Black King 5 months ago


    • Nyelle Jeangilles
      Nyelle Jeangilles 7 months ago +2

      SimplyAdiva preach my Queen

  • Kisha
    Kisha 8 months ago +5

    They have it ruff back home because they wicked God cursed them along time ago with the British blood line where ever they go they run it down and everything perish that’s why they work hard and they never prosper they may have a house under an American name but trust these ppl are miserable

    • Black King
      Black King 6 months ago


    • Kisha
      Kisha 6 months ago +1

      Black King I will throw a coconut 🥥 at your hut

    • Black King
      Black King 6 months ago


    • Kisha
      Kisha 6 months ago

      Black King You a ole mad coconut go home British boy 🤣

    • Black King
      Black King 6 months ago

      Derrick Robinson CRY ME A RIVER YANKEE BOY😎

  • takeyaparsons
    takeyaparsons 9 months ago +3

    This is our country lol...YALL are the lazy ones that want to run to OUR country and take advantages of what we have fought so hard for. If you are so hardworking, why dont you work as hard as we did and still do.... so that y'all can have some of the liberties we have here

    • Greg Glass
      Greg Glass 4 months ago

      takeyaparsons we

    • lapark
      lapark 5 months ago +1

      Caribbean niggas are fucking up countries like Brazil, Mexico and Chile at least we black Americans never messed with someones land.

    • Nyelle Jeangilles
      Nyelle Jeangilles 7 months ago

      KING MAYA OF BELIZE no you don't dominate your own country .y'all weak asses leech off the benefits my people fought for. pick up a book dummy. stupid ass house nigga

      KING MAYA BZE 7 months ago

      Yawl are lazy,an we Caribbeans dominate you

  • dmac8671
    dmac8671 9 months ago +1

    I feel like it's a coward title to this video.. be real about who you are referring to don't say American which encompasses a multitude of different race including whites. If you want to say Black Americans just say it. I come from a family of hard working people, who worked and had government assistance to supplement what they were missing from their income

  • Blacka Đøn
    Blacka Đøn 9 months ago +1

    You get lazy people in every race not just black people weather your Caribbean or North American black. This video just keeps black North Americans and Caribbean blacks divided because I bet there are some black Americans in the comment section that are buying into this bullshit and i bet they be saying these Caribbean people are jealous of us these Caribbean people wish they were like us black Americans it's all a bunch of bullshit. This is why black people can't get anywhere Good we too busy fighting each other stabbing each other in the backs and that's nothing but pure Negative Toxic Bullshit.

  • True Hebrew King
    True Hebrew King 9 months ago +4

    No more working hard but smart

  • cortezforever
    cortezforever 10 months ago

    Native black Americans built the land of the so-called free for free and have never been compensated, they have also been sabotaged every step of the way. Black America is traumatised by abuse, they are not lazy. Black Jamaicans and black Americans have the same DNA haplogroup, we are lost due to lack of knowledge.

    • Daniel Parks
      Daniel Parks 3 months ago

      True true
      you took the words right out of my mouth

      KING MAYA BZE 7 months ago

      Native American is not a race, u did not build shit,Africans did

  • viperdriver82
    viperdriver82 10 months ago

    It is there country. .........

  • Carl Mucker
    Carl Mucker 11 months ago

    Man I to see us arguing across the waters now, this is ridiculously getting out of hand ! Black people need not to air out their dirty laundry in the internet , and definitely not on air! I am an a so called American black man , and I have nothing but love for carabiean people and African decedent's abroad! I love you island people you got soul !

  • cujoe Mblakka
    cujoe Mblakka 11 months ago +6

    Look, you live in America, situations, will grind some people to powder, wear down their very spirits. How many of you were here struggling for civil rights, during the struggle? They say, " puss and dog don't have the same luck ", meaning some whites dislike the local blacks so much, they won't give them a chance. Yes, and careless statements like this make black Americans fight against you, for things like this. I have encountered a lot of hate from them in the employment process, no doubt it's things like this that create that level of animosity. So now they start calling for your asses to be deported, and you say you have bad luck. When you go to people's country, it behoove you to show some bloody respect. Some people have issues more than you can ever thought of dealing with. These people being beaten down for so long until, they're thrown into chaos. Give you brother and sister encouragement and a hand up, and not beat them down. There are times certain individuals come and try to put a bug in your ears, so you could have a bloated ego, and fight among ourselves, and be distracted from our primary objectives. The wellbeing of the black commonwealth is our primary objective, starting with ourselves, our families and neighbours. So people, check yourselves, bury that pomposity and that arrogance in the ground where it belong. There are some people who want other people to love work, only for the purpose of making them rich, not to benefit the worker at all, this discourage people, when they can't pay their bills. Wasn't that what they tell the slaves, when they refuse to work.
    Stop beating up on your people, do you, if you don't have a good word to say, keep your bloody mouth / trap shut.

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam 11 months ago

    This why black people get no fucking where 🤦‍♀️

  • vinny bermudez
    vinny bermudez 11 months ago

    World War 1 World War 2 Vietnam young people in fight nothing for that we fought for our freedom and we built this country you motherfukers and Bill s***

  • vinny bermudez
    vinny bermudez 11 months ago

    50 million die for you stupid as Caribbean's y'all will be alive if it wasn't for us yeah one one one one more go back to your to your f****** garbage ass Caribbean

  • Gloria Lewis
    Gloria Lewis 11 months ago

    Why are we the only nation that put are one another down? What we need to do is put together to help each other. Negative words brings negativity each one teach one. How come you never see the Chinese man or the Indian man never putting down their own? Still in mental slavery.🙏🏾❤❤❤

  • alley cat
    alley cat 11 months ago +2

    am from Jamaica been here a while Americans just expect better from their government to provide a standard a living like high wages. carribean illegals lower the wages for them.the problem I see with Americans they don't save and are reluctant to open business. more whites per capita and in general are on welfare

    • Nyelle Jeangilles
      Nyelle Jeangilles 7 months ago

      Alleycat boi have the same energy you speak in on your own country . what you saying ain't even true .

  • loufromthe90s
    loufromthe90s 11 months ago +2

    As an African American I respect all black people from around the world but it don’t seem like we get the same respect from other black people

  • briantravelman
    briantravelman 11 months ago +2

    Lol. And Caribbean people are hard workers.

  • Jay Bakari
    Jay Bakari 11 months ago +8

    I get that black Americans have alot of flaws but It's funny how blacks from other countries crititique so much yet they emulate us to a t

    • Black King
      Black King 2 months ago

      +brwnish eyes FEELINGS HURT THAT'S OKAY😂😂😂

    • brwnish eyes
      brwnish eyes 2 months ago

      +Black King you third worlders always have an excuse...always blaming America, Canada, Europe....when your easy leaders could have said NO! But I guess if the thirst was never quenched by a drop; toilet water would seem like the ultimate answer!

    • Black King
      Black King 5 months ago


    • Derrick Robinson
      Derrick Robinson 7 months ago +2

      Exactly I was thinking the same thing

  • the red baron
    the red baron Year ago

    funny video....i worked as a security guard in the dept. of social services in nassau county new york and alot of black women that lined up and complained to the clerks about not recieving their benefits etc..etc.. had carribean african and american accents ...and it wasnt just a handfull so that first lady was a jackass making broad statements like that... my cousin's deadbeat ex boyfriend is from Jamaica and his deadbeat ass quit his job and moved to Canada just so he wouldn't have to pay child support but do I think that all Jamaicans or west indians are like that? no i dont ...i know some hard working ones and some real lazy fuckers too and to paint all because of some is ignorant..

  • Bandit4true Love
    Bandit4true Love Year ago

    American people are lazy. please Caribbean people look in the mirror. if it wasn't for American who took the licks for you all was you all would have been able to be here on USclip talking shit. look at a lot of Caribbean countries that are nasty and filthy. and I am from the Caribbean

  • Dj Money
    Dj Money Year ago


  • Dj Money
    Dj Money Year ago

    all you agents are coons this land is our land my ancestors were murdered and raped u say we want shit for free bitch im so tired of the games why must u work to live why must u be governed we still take shit from our captures we are slaves the problem is the evil ones who inter mixed with our blood have every fuckin race against us slaves in our own land ...we must fight stop being scared of the govenment we must rise and die for freedom like our ancestors we love this wicked system only we can liberate our selves

  • obaolori
    obaolori Year ago

    im white and not from the usa at all but i would think this type of stereotyping hurts and creates more tension theres so much more parallells in history woudnt it be better to mutually try to understand where each other come from

  • Tisha Tee
    Tisha Tee Year ago +3

    This bs because it's a lot them come to America 🇺🇸 and receive the same benefits such as food stamps and welfare etc..and some of them are lazy..

  • Peter Sugar
    Peter Sugar Year ago

    I think the reason why people from the carribeans say Americans are because Americans have more opportunities than islanders..but laziness is in every country ...look at Britain and most of the young people don't want to work and on benefits

  • E C
    E C Year ago +2

    I am Caribbean too and I think that the European Americans who enslave black people are lazy because they have to enslave other people to be capable to build their wealth rather than working by themselves. And people have to understand that African American were classified as lazy when they refuse to work for free for other races.

    • Americanqueen 28
      Americanqueen 28 5 months ago

      E C I am a European American and I work every single day of my life I have never enslaved anybody before and if you’re talking about my ancestry am that’s happened almost 200 years ago get over it

  • Beryl Morgan
    Beryl Morgan Year ago +3

    Not all Americans are lazy...but many Carribeans perception of Americans is that they are lazy..

  • victoriakapshaw
    victoriakapshaw Year ago +1

    Why are all thise women missing teeth on the side, that's a more intresting

  • Jah Domination
    Jah Domination Year ago +1

    Define lazy.

  • AJ Sam
    AJ Sam Year ago +5

    I think Willie Lynch, would be so proud of himself ... to see how is plan succeed ! wow we as a people are really messed up.

    • Mel S
      Mel S 12 days ago

      AJ Sam well if you was go hang around some other cultures you’d soon realize it’s a Human thing not ONLY a “Black People” thing..remember that...!!!

  • Wave's World
    Wave's World Year ago +2

    lol what the hell. waste of filming lol

  • Joseph Long
    Joseph Long Year ago

    Im hard working american haha

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith Year ago

    This is stupid im half black american and half belizian but I have heard belizian's say this about blacks there are also lazy Caribbean

  • Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don Year ago

    Why is everyone grovelling to the yanks?
    This is lighthearted bullshit.
    Everyone knows Americans are no more, or less, lazy than anyone else.
    It's STUPID, they run away with. They ARE Mcnupid fother muckers. Forget lazy.

  • Malcolm Wells
    Malcolm Wells Year ago +6

    Crazy thing is that blacks around the world come and benefit from our fights!!!!!!!!! SMH

    • cujoe Mblakka
      cujoe Mblakka 10 months ago

      Malcolm Wells
      Man, it's not just blacks, whites women, Indians, chinese, just to name a few, but when do you see any of these really challenge the status quo ?

  • KingParisBuckingham

    Ok we have dispelled the rumours..not all black americans are lazy

  • KingParisBuckingham

    That first jamaican girl who spoke is fucking ugly.her face and voice is nasty....

  • KingParisBuckingham

    Am from the caribbean and agree most americans are laxy but there are a few that serious bout working hard and achieving...also they were born here and if caribbean people were born in america most would be on same lazy shit

  • eastcoastbrotha-ONE OF JUDAH

    I'am aa and for the aa who are lazy,Which are very few,U built this country for 400 yrs without pay so fuck what these ignorant island pple say.

  • Live Life
    Live Life Year ago +1

    Black Americans are way to sensitive over nothing basically, it’s just friendly banter. It’s like you think everybody’s supposed to think and act exactly like you. Of course there are differences, every black culture has its differences, it’s no big deal. Jamaican’s get stereotyped by everybody in the Caribbean too, you don’t see us crying about it. Search Nigerians vs Jamaican’s and you’ll see how black nations talk shit about each other all the time, it’s just banter man, get over yourselves.

    • De
      De Year ago

      Live Life then tell that to all the W.I's or continental Africans complaining about being called African booty scratched or coconut. It can't be playful banter when convenient.

  • J. Smith
    J. Smith Year ago

    What a divisive video,. I could state the obvious and give a history lesson, but that would require you to have a much need education. Instead I’ll say, you’re gonna need African Americans when/if Trump decide to end your stay in America.

    FIRE SIGN Year ago

    Tell the TRUTH...there are LAZY people in every group of people...White black asian..jewish...ECT ECT ECT....TRUTH.

    FIRE SIGN Year ago +1

    This is why....WHITE AMERICANS...DON'T want US HERE....but in the end AMERICANS BORN HERE...Will have the last laugh on! 😢😩😢😩

    FIRE SIGN Year ago +5


    FIRE SIGN Year ago

    Why we come here...because some of us LAZY...back home you know... and that's why so many are POOR back home...because...when HOME on the islands...we !!!..LAZY.

    FIRE SIGN Year ago

    That's why TRUMP ! Wanna send us alllllll BACK!!!! He watch how we talk...DOWN!...

  • Samy Kwonke
    Samy Kwonke Year ago +2

    The whole world see Americans as lazy gluttons. This is nothing new

    • Mariah Santiago
      Mariah Santiago Year ago

      And the whole world sees Africa as a shit whole!!!

  • CARMESia Wright
    CARMESia Wright Year ago +25

    Damn all I hear is African American. Dang we know we popping when we have haters. These people are jealous of African Americans.

    • Black King
      Black King 6 months ago


    • Nyelle Jeangilles
      Nyelle Jeangilles 7 months ago

      TopShota05 y'all created a culuture because y'all ancestors were slaves n y'all don't speak from ur native tongues only from y'all ancestors slave master . we have culture to once y'all come her y'all adapt to it .

    • Nyelle Jeangilles
      Nyelle Jeangilles 7 months ago

      eastcoastbrotha-ONE OF JUDAH preach it

    • eastcoastbrotha-ONE OF JUDAH
      eastcoastbrotha-ONE OF JUDAH 8 months ago +5

      And what is ur culture?Grugs,sex tourism,Gov't corrupton,white man worship,Yes ur jealous that's why u run here to the land we built,What have u gave the world except a vacation spot?Let's see what we black americans have given,no space travel without our black American women to solve the math equation,inventions...traffic lite,plasma,cell phone,washing machine,refrigerator,elevator,escalator,air conditioner,mayo,peanut butter,first open hart surgeon,rench,under water missle ,best athletes in the world,richest blacks in the world,if we were a country we'd be the 17th wealthiest in the worldWe're not running to the carribean begging and using ur resources...……..I suggest u stay in ur lane.

    • Blacka Đøn
      Blacka Đøn 9 months ago +1

      CARMESia Wright do you know these type of videos are designed to keep are people divided are you that stupid to sort of full for it come on use your brain they're trying to keep our people divided think outside the box next time it's the talking bullshit not all of us Caribbean people think that way about you black Americans but dumbasses like you will always fall for the okie doke

  • Kindle Faith
    Kindle Faith Year ago

    Is it just me or does black people hate being black and are just jealous of white people because so many do not get out in the sun until the sun goes down and all the black guys shave their heads mostly today and the blsck women straighten their hair or just buy wigs!

  • Mel S
    Mel S Year ago +9

    This always cracks me up people from the Caribbean are ALWAYS talking crap about Black Americans...Meanwhile in their country they was at the bottom they dwell on Materialized things...and yet they still want to come here and leave their So called beautiful country..they Hate us cause they ain't us....!!!

    • Mel S
      Mel S Month ago

      Black King warned warned..we been telling y’all all these years when I got to the islands I see how either Britain or the French have your countries all up in a headlock I look at the money and see either “The Queen” or some older white dudes..And you political outlook is some white dude with an accent... as your PM or whatever he’s called these days. You telling me that America has problems is like me telling you people go to the Caribbean on Vacation for the Beaches and such. Beautiful countries all around...but how can you really enjoy while get your Knees and back blown out working here in America..listen I’m all one bettering themselves and their family..this is why when you say’re trying to better yourself...dude you think you’re the ONLY one trying to do that...this just in we’re all trying to do that..Brah...!!

    • Black King
      Black King Month ago

      +Mel S OKAY HOMIE😎

    • Black King
      Black King Month ago


    • Mel S
      Mel S Month ago +1

      Black King 😂😆...You so funny...a really Big Joke to me Son...and Mad..?? Who’s the one STUCK in Cap Locks trying to get their Pathetic points across...?? You here busting your ass send barrel after barrel to some home you will never truly get to enjoy. Son, unlike YOU...I’m enjoying my Life right now and not later when America bust me all on the other hand will be spent by the time America is done with you and your “family” will Place you on how do you guys say The Veranda...😂😆🤣.

    • Leonice Williamson
      Leonice Williamson Month ago

      +Black King Did I say Africans in the Caribbean dont work hard? However the fact is that too many feel that African Americans are lazy and beneath them, I also have that from upfront and personal experience!
      European Propaganda has done a great job of keeping our people here and there with gross misconceptions about All of Us! It's time it stopped, on both sides. It's time for AC and AA to learn and understand each other....meantime racism is alive and well. and we, All of Us must end it for All our sakes.


    Damn..this is our country..take yo ads back where you from..we made it cool for all blacks to come here..this shit disrespectful..DONT COME HERE IF YOU GONE TALK. MATTER OF FACT DON'T COME HERE..

  • Eugene Miles
    Eugene Miles Year ago +1

    I don't understand shit they saying. I know alot of Caribbean people that section A, EBT cards, use the systems just like anyone else. one of the reason why I don't fuck with coconuts and Africans. African Americans contribute more towards the world then both of you fucks. US Military make up 75% African Americans, HBCU make up 98% African Americans so fuck y'all go back to the Caribbean

  • Best Piece Of Art
    Best Piece Of Art Year ago +1

    As a black woman in America let me jt say this i was bless to have two great parents that pushed me to always want better for myself...... That being said i have a BA in business, I have always worked for what I wanted..... I am hard working, I push myself everyday for my family so what is being said on here is all bs.... You may speak ill of some blacks in American but not the majority.... My family and friends are all educated and are making families, or taking care of their families.... Ya'll are jt foreign haters, who does absolutely nothing knows nothing.... Black Americans don't take offense to any of this shit because they are just foreign haters, if you are not being talked about you ain't doing enough.... Bt clearly for us to be talked about and them not knowing exactly what they're talking about to all my Black Americans especially the women keep doing what you do..... We don't sweat for nobody, they are irrelevant and need attention..... Keep being beautiful, successful, classy, with just a little sass.... Keep setting trends.
    Keep giving them a reason to keep us motivated

  • Charless Smallman
    Charless Smallman Year ago +8

    Im from caribbean an it got lazy people everywhere

  • NY 347
    NY 347 Year ago

    I admire Caribbean people but watching this and reading these comments made me feel some type of way... Just know that this Black American man loves y'all

  • JDOUG757
    JDOUG757 Year ago +2

    this is a dumb topic.

  • LanceScurv
    LanceScurv  Year ago

    Skin Bleaching: Mental Illness & Self Hate! - The LanceScurv Show

  • audley mclean
    audley mclean Year ago +6

    i'm Jamaican and the idea that black Americans are lazy is just a stereo type, simply because they only focus on the types who believe in entitlement thus lazy, but I KNOW A LOT OF BlACK AMERCANS WHO ARE NOT LAZY and just like America you have people in Jamaica who are lazy too.
    but check out this bit of psychology, if someone strive to come to the USA they are doing so for a better life, so that alone is a great incentive.
    Apart form the historical indentured laborer you have other Chinese people who have been coming to Jamaica not just now,but ever since I can remember ''Hong Kong was a British territory, so they could come to Countries in the Caribbean freely, but likewise they were all coming to JAMAICA for new opportunities,AN INCENTIVE TO AND GOT WEALTHY VERY QUICKLY INTHE EARLIER DYS.
    Ps Jamaicans learned a lot from Afro Americans about music, you never heard anyone sayin this but it's true.

  • Leo Logic
    Leo Logic Year ago

    bro I been really kicking it with African people and over seas black people and I am really starting not to like these people at all like I tell you mf your not form here you don't know shit about this bitch.and riddle me thus if you work so hard why the fuck you here

  • Sweetneesee
    Sweetneesee Year ago

    Black people globally need to stop putting each other down!! Newsflash : NO ONE IS WINNING LIKE WE COULD!!! STOP HAVING A PISSING CONTEST ABOUT WHO HAS IT THE WORSE!!!!