UKF Dubstep 2017 (Album Mix)

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
  • Presenting UKF Dubstep 2017, a 22-track love letter to the classic dubstep sound we know and love. Available now on CD, Digital and Limited Edition white Vinyl.
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    Album tracklist:
    01. KillSonik - Never Dream Of Dying *
    02. Noisia - Tommy's Theme (Noisia's 'Outer Edges' Remix)
    03. Tchami feat. Stacey Barthe - After Life (Oliverse Remix)
    04. Myro & BAR9 - Take Me Up
    05. Dodge & Fuski - Comeback
    06. Gentlemens Club - Hydra *
    07. The Others - Stranger Things
    08. Ivory feat. Virus Syndicate - 93 Style
    09. Axel Boy - Days Gone *
    10. Noisia - Get Deaded (Moody Good Remix)
    11. Borgore - Big Bad
    12. KillaGraham - Arisen
    13. Virtual Riot - Throwback
    14. Koven - Lasting, Part II
    15. Delta Heavy - Kaleidoscope (Ray Volpe Remix)
    16. Siskiyou - When The Tide Comes *
    17. Sorrow - Want U Back
    18. Mark The Beast - Silence *
    19. Seven Lions feat. KARRA - Silent Skies
    20. Dubloadz feat. Anuka - Life Goes On
    21. Dion Timmer feat. Tima Dee - Till I Make It
    22. Flux Pavilion feat. Cammie Robinson - Pull The Trigger
    * Exclusive to UKF Dubstep 2017.
    Vinyl tracklist:
    1A. KillSonik - Never Dream Of Dying
    1B. KillaGraham - Arisen
    2A. Axel Boy - Days Gone
    2B. Gentlemens Club - Hydra
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Comments • 355

  • UKF Dubstep
    UKF Dubstep  Year ago +190

    Introducing our 7th annual dubstep celebration, featuring some of my favourite artists of the year as well as a welcome return from others (KillSonik, anyone?) with an extra special thanks to Tchami for allowing us to officially release Oliverse's flawless remix of After Life across all platforms so you can listen to it on your favourite streaming service!
    Thanks to the popularity of last year's vinyl, I'm really happy to be able to able to press a few of the tracks on vinyl this year as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed compiling it! - Luke

  • Cool Badass
    Cool Badass 5 months ago +1

    Wowww!!! This sick album turned 1 year old today!!

  • Browtek
    Browtek 6 months ago

    I listen to these songs, and it seems that all mine are rubbish ... but it's important for me to improve, always growing ukf !!!

  • Editors Munich Mock Kcom

    Te manda a otro planeta este mix

  • Yako Vladdydaddy
    Yako Vladdydaddy 7 months ago

    Almost another August 2011 mix ...mmmm almos

  • Gold Member
    Gold Member 8 months ago

    Yes !

  • Oliver Haywood
    Oliver Haywood 9 months ago

    Hydra deserved a better mix than that 🙄 how can you not mix the intro of Hydra but you let the intro of Stranger Things play? That might be my least favorite on the album.. sorry The Others.

  • Günter OfFuture
    Günter OfFuture 10 months ago

    these animations look so awesome!

  • The Aware Wolf
    The Aware Wolf Year ago

    Motherfucking Tricksta!

  • Moose
    Moose Year ago


  • Syprine Abiero
    Syprine Abiero Year ago


  • its raining tacos

    Noisia is just so wierd and good...

  • nick e *
    nick e * Year ago

    Although dubstep is pretty dead I thoroughly enjoyed this mix.

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago

    Damn, the dubstep is getting better

  • Gaming Forever
    Gaming Forever Year ago

    Cool music

  • Oliver Ardiles
    Oliver Ardiles Year ago

    Este album mix me puso el pene bien duro.
    Sin duda esto es dubstep yeeyee

  • Fanos Hatzidimitriou

    Only 30minutes of joy!

  • Christopher Mant
    Christopher Mant Year ago

    Not listened to anything that is remotely Dubstep related for about 4 years but this might be the game changer, cheers UKF :D

  • kostasmpyras
    kostasmpyras Year ago

    T'was a good year for dubstep

  • Joey Boi
    Joey Boi Year ago

    Nah, I prefer DNB

  • repayablebook x
    repayablebook x Year ago dubstep

  • Andrew Moran
    Andrew Moran Year ago

    4 minutes in and I'm already in love

  • Fozzy Cx
    Fozzy Cx Year ago

    Stopped listening to dubstep in 2012, but this just popped up on recommended and tbh it's pure 🔥🔥🔥

  • Boss chitombi
    Boss chitombi Year ago

    Dubstep will never die, Mark my words. 2018

  • Classickid21
    Classickid21 Year ago

    thumbs up good cd thumbs down long adverts

  • Higor B.C. Silva
    Higor B.C. Silva Year ago


  • Nicolas Vallejos
    Nicolas Vallejos Year ago

    What a bad year for Dubstep...

  • I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S

    awesome year

  • Agnius Grim
    Agnius Grim Year ago

    Okay, now I'm curious about what y'all think. What are your guys' top 10 favorite producers of 2017? They can cover multiple genres if you so wish.
    For me, my list looks something like this:
    1. Noisia
    2. Killsonik/Chasing Shadows
    3. Gentlemen's Club
    4. Spor/Feed Me
    5. The Others
    6. LAXX
    7. Oolacile
    8. 16bit/Moody Good
    9. Code: Pandorum
    10. Truth


    Yearly Ritual to listen to UKF Album

  • rslowley17
    rslowley17 Year ago

    That Arisen tune could kill Chuck Norris! Let alone Graham ffs?!?!

  • Dirty Dubstep
    Dirty Dubstep Year ago

    it's DOPE!

  • Marsha Natama P
    Marsha Natama P Year ago

    White vinyl?! Aaahhhh...! 😆
    It's quite rare in this time...!


    Para que usar drogas se você tem Dubstep

  • thomas witty CSR2

    Just ordered the album off Amazon surprisingly cheap
    Banging tunes tho

  • Aryan Supaul
    Aryan Supaul Year ago +1


  • Dimitri Rasti
    Dimitri Rasti Year ago

    Great song selection, I wish UKF would mix in key more often tho. Some of these transitions are dissonant and not in a good way.

  • pinkfluffybunnies5
    pinkfluffybunnies5 Year ago +1

    I miss 2010-2013 Dubstep

  • Carlos Peter
    Carlos Peter Year ago


  • RED Speaker
    RED Speaker Year ago +1

    UKF never fails to disappoint. Some of the finest tracks of this year compiled into one, although (in my opinion) the general quality of dubstep has changed for the worse compared to the legendary 2009 mix, UKF's annual mix is always something to look forward to. Another amazing mix with some great tunes. I will always continue to support this channel, as the one which introduced me to dubstep and made it my favourite genre with their killer uploads.

  • Kim Bo Kastekniv
    Kim Bo Kastekniv Year ago

    Best for last.

  • Play Alonso!
    Play Alonso! Year ago

    i love dubstep

  • Dana Wlson
    Dana Wlson Year ago

    Everyone dislike this comment

  • anonymous dunno
    anonymous dunno Year ago

    Doesn't even compare to 2011 ukf

  • Rad Roach
    Rad Roach Year ago

    Amazing track picks!

  • AdrenAlin Studio
    AdrenAlin Studio Year ago +2

    No Never Say Die music in the album, I'm sad right now :/

  • UHIS
    UHIS Year ago +1

    big year for dubstep and drum&bass

  • Fabio Wrobel
    Fabio Wrobel Year ago

    Found my old Dubstep Playlist back from 2012 and then I saw this Video. Man that's some good Dubstep

  • No No
    No No Year ago

    This goes for flux and koven mainly but once you've heard one of their songs you've heard them all :(

  • Abawys99
    Abawys99 Year ago

    I like it a lot, I prefer the ones that only last like 15 minutes :(

  • AntiRedShift
    AntiRedShift Year ago

    2018 is going to be next 2012?

  • T00n Visi0n
    T00n Visi0n Year ago

    Really disappointed a lot of my favorite track didn't end up here. However I still think this is one awesome album! I was really hoping for Cold Hearted, 6000, Playtime, Lions, War, or Higher to be on here. But I guess its ok. This is defiantly different from 2015 and 2016. I am happy that Take Me Up, Never Dream of Dying, Stranger Things, Till I make it and the Afterlife remix made :)

  • Hide and Tweak
    Hide and Tweak Year ago

    at first i tought the sound was not so good. Then i realized i forgot to switch back the stereo playback of my sound card.

  • Claudio -
    Claudio - Year ago

    am I the only one who bought the CD and doesnt get the Email to download it? :/

  • TwinTails
    TwinTails Year ago

    fuck this is goodd

  • hybridSupernova
    hybridSupernova Year ago +1

    3 songs in and i'm getting those old school vibes. I rarely listen to dubstep anymore but I still come here every year to check out these compilations and I can already tell this was a good year. And killsonik are back holy shit!!!!!

  • Chulbster
    Chulbster Year ago +2

    Its really amazing, i wonder how will be UKF dubstep 2018

    BΣΣЯΔМV Year ago

    almost cried in the part of Koven :(

    BΣΣЯΔМV Year ago +1

    I think Oliverse's remix of Techami was the best upload of a year not so good for Dubstep

    BΣΣЯΔМV Year ago

    Not a good beginning :(

  • DubstepIsLife V
    DubstepIsLife V Year ago

    Realease axel boy days gone pleeeeeease

    • Maahir Momtaz
      Maahir Momtaz Year ago +1

      Riddert They'll upload it

    • Riddert
      Riddert Year ago +1

      thought the same its such a banger

  • Gerardo Lopez
    Gerardo Lopez Year ago

    koven lasting part ll ♥.♥

  • luclarkno9
    luclarkno9 Year ago +7

    Completely dissapointed that Truth was not included in this year's mix, after their successful winning at Vodafone Awards for 'Best Electronic Artists', while celebrating 10 years of their DDD Record Label. Besides that, nice year!
    0:00 KillSonic - Never Dream of Dying
    2:12 Noisia - Tommy's Theme [Noisia's "Outer Edges" Remix]
    3:15 Tchami feat. Stacey Barthe - After Life [Oliverse Remix]
    4:37 Myro & BAR9 - Take Me Up
    5:45 Dodge & Fuski - Comeback
    7:33 Gentlemen's Club - Hydra
    8:27 The Others - Stranger Things
    9:07 Ivory feat. Virus Syndicate - 93 Style
    10:27 Axel Boy - Days Gone
    12:00 Noisia - Get Deaded [Moody Good Remix]
    12:51 Borgore - Big Bad
    15:12 Killagraham - Arisen
    16:30 Virtual Riot - Throwback
    17:21 Koven - Lasting, Part II (Katie's a siren

    • luclarkno9
      luclarkno9 Year ago

      Exactly! My bad. I meant 10 years of Truth as a whole

    • Maahir Momtaz
      Maahir Momtaz Year ago +1

      luclarkno9 DDD was formed in 2014. You mean 10 years of their career as a whole

  • Sergy Ivanov
    Sergy Ivanov Year ago


  • Nano bot331
    Nano bot331 Year ago +2

    ALOT better than the UKF Drum and Bass mix

  • Ayomane
    Ayomane Year ago

    I miss those vibes, This 2017 UKF Dubstep mix is sick af! reminds me the 2013 and 2014 ones

  • Ayomane
    Ayomane Year ago

    I miss those vibes, This 2017 UKF Dubstep mix is sick af! reminds me the 2013 and 2014 ones

  • Pat Daliki
    Pat Daliki Year ago

    This year feels like a nice throwback to 2010's Album Mix

  • Saizo
    Saizo Year ago

    Actually...This is perfect!

  • Haaafiz
    Haaafiz Year ago

    I've never clicked on a video so fast.. Rising lethally since 2009 #ukf

  • MiByte
    MiByte Year ago

    RIP good old Eptic and Zomboy times :'(

  • SuperEDMboom
    SuperEDMboom Year ago

    The best of these last month's, we nope more!!!

  • mono.prism
    mono.prism Year ago +1

    Always be waiting for the Megamix since 2013.Love all of em

  • The boi
    The boi Year ago

    Good mix of all styles imo. Not the biggest fan of dubstep but this mix is way better than the dnb one this year

  • Cédric Bagein
    Cédric Bagein Year ago +1

    Siskiyou - When The Tide Comes

  • Andrew Graves
    Andrew Graves Year ago

    This mix is absolutely disgusting and I love it.

  • Empty Empty
    Empty Empty Year ago +1

    im hearing more and more good peps are coming to ukf godanm im gona work on my music skills to come here one day.

  • nopls b
    nopls b Year ago +2

    N U T

    FAULT LINE Year ago +2

    Arisen is one of my favorites off this album, but why did KillaGraham take 5 years to release it again?

  • Charlie Bartlett
    Charlie Bartlett Year ago

    When is days gone dropping?

  • Corranhorn122
    Corranhorn122 Year ago

    Thanks for posting this. For whatever reason, even though I pre-ordered, I still can't download it from itunes.

  • OMGxGunner
    OMGxGunner Year ago +1

    0:53 gives me chills

  • a aa
    a aa Year ago


  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen Year ago

    after all this year, from 2009, UKF still at it.*shed manly tears*

    KAMIKAZE Year ago

    Moody Good melted my ears O_O

  • aLi imeKssar
    aLi imeKssar Year ago

    Yay KillSonik end it :)

    KAMIKAZE Year ago

    2017 brought dubstep back on track for me :) Can't wait for 2018.

    KAMIKAZE Year ago

    Killsonik sounds soooooo good. Brings back memories :) Chasing Shadows

  • Eropsy
    Eropsy Year ago

    i am having a flashback to the disappointment i felt in 2013. sorrow had the best track by far

  • chipsnever957
    chipsnever957 Year ago

    My eyes see 2017, but my ears hear differently 😏😏 So many classic vibes in this one.

  • Munira Omar
    Munira Omar Year ago

    .......Is mental

  • Munira Omar
    Munira Omar Year ago

    Riddim tracks like Oliverse’s after life remix The others Stranger things Axel boy days gone & 93 fist style

  • Architect
    Architect Year ago

    30 minutes !!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEES

  • Architect
    Architect Year ago

  • dankmemesrus
    dankmemesrus Year ago

    IT'S HEREEE!!!!

  • H E A V Y
    H E A V Y Year ago +3

    To the person who made the visuals for the video, 3D objects, etc.. YOU ROCK DUDE!
    I mean you DUBSTEP ofc

  • gtabro1337
    gtabro1337 Year ago +3

    Still can't believe there's no Getter on UKF...

    • Sampo Kaskia
      Sampo Kaskia Year ago +1

      The only two ukf uploads this year from Getter - aka Throwing Elbows Remix and the GTA remix - the labels said no to. Trust, there would be Getter if UKF could.

    • Nohsdyve
      Nohsdyve Year ago +1

      gtabro1337 he hasnt released very many tracks, the only one i saw on UKF was GTA- Get It All (Getter and Ray Volpe Remix)

  • 2 0 0 7
    2 0 0 7 Year ago

    Truly lovely album!

  • Sherifica
    Sherifica Year ago +1

    This album would have been complete with some sort of new Gemini remix. Hope he returns to dubstep soon.

  • user 14555
    user 14555 Year ago

    The vizualiser are so amazing, these electronic objects exploding are so dope, who made these I need to tell him how amazing he is