Donald Glover on This is America Music Video

  • Published on May 11, 2018
  • Donald talks about his huge new video for This is America, and reveals how he feels about the reaction online.
    People Apologize to Their Teachers

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    Donald Glover on This is America Music Video
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Comments • 3 643

  • crazyleprechaun7 gaming

    Im going to dis him so he checks out my instagram

  • Lalo Ortiz
    Lalo Ortiz 7 hours ago

    The keyboard cat died RIP😿😿

  • kevina warner
    kevina warner 9 hours ago

    Lol.I like him hes funny

  • Bonkers Bilal
    Bonkers Bilal 9 hours ago

    Wasn't he on spiderman homecoming

  • Chandima Gayan
    Chandima Gayan 11 hours ago

    "You were in this video"
    >Jimmy Kimmel - "Donald Glover on This is America Music Video"

  • Firedazzer Intern
    Firedazzer Intern 11 hours ago

    This guy is amazing!

  • byehunny
    byehunny 11 hours ago

    He's great omg

  • joeyy17
    joeyy17 13 hours ago

    This is SIMBA!!!!

  • Tom Cologner
    Tom Cologner 17 hours ago

    Tricky way to get viewers 👎👎👎

  • D-JazzMan
    D-JazzMan 18 hours ago

    He crushed the keyboard cat.

  • Leo Lawson
    Leo Lawson 18 hours ago

    row bit street lose frustration core proof squeeze.

  • KW77
    KW77 19 hours ago

    So hes clearly a black man who has done very well for himself. But makes a video supposedly showing how racist america is? Hmm that doesnt quite add up.

  • dominionofme
    dominionofme 22 hours ago

    Lol this video shows how much of an intellectual coward, and dishonest person Donald Glover is. This dumbass thinks that video was "art"...
    America isnt anything like that video... More guns save peoples live each year in America than they do take lives, thats not an opinion... thats a fact. Stop believing the WashingtonPost people, ignore CNN, ignore FoxNews....
    The two party tyrants would have you believe that this is America... but its not... Not most of America.

    GMB REACTS 23 hours ago


  • Tyler Gray 94
    Tyler Gray 94 Day ago

    OK, but what foundation does he use. Inquiring minds wanna know.

  • serenity parker
    serenity parker Day ago

    Gambino ***

  • serenity parker
    serenity parker Day ago

    Are him and childish bambino the same person ?

  • DonMingo
    DonMingo Day ago

    Made a Dope Remix of This

  • Mookiie Relentless

    I peeped the second time he said " On Fire" I feel Sorry For The Industry 💔

  • Noam Weizmann
    Noam Weizmann Day ago

    Is there anyone more perfect than him???? No.

  • peridot vegas
    peridot vegas Day ago

    this guy is a melt.

  • Aisley Wallace
    Aisley Wallace Day ago

    Love him. Appreciate him. So much.

  • People Kind
    People Kind Day ago +1


  • Randall Bowman
    Randall Bowman Day ago

    Path consensus potentially hope green officially press western population

  • Joe Nelson
    Joe Nelson Day ago

    wtf? i find the 104k likes highly suspicious

  • Rose-Colored Glasses

    "that baby not even that cute" lolllll im dead

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Did anyone else see keyboard cat after jimmy kimmel said it it’s popular

  • 312eastwest
    312eastwest Day ago

    The dumber you are, the more popular you get, 'this is America'

  • Luis Fedalizo
    Luis Fedalizo Day ago

    People are overanalyzing this song like it's the mystery of how Jesus turned water into wine.

  • TheGravitizor
    TheGravitizor Day ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel Donald Glover looks like a black Ezra miller?

  • futbolita89742
    futbolita89742 Day ago

    Go bald, you'd look nice.

  • Mcmuffin
    Mcmuffin Day ago

    Didn't even talk about it

  • wisdom seeker
    wisdom seeker Day ago

    Down to earth. He is a talented young man and I feel he's one to watch. If he had the right movie actors part...he would be great on the big screen.

  • Anthony Tn
    Anthony Tn Day ago

    This man doesn't deserve to be hated. He is a genius showing truth about what's going on. People should thank him for showing how stupid people are nowadays letting themselves distracted from all of bad things.

  • anon amous
    anon amous Day ago

    Basically whiteys fault

  • jay hugg
    jay hugg Day ago

    Don't wanna be in the mix about a video you made calling America racist and violent but yet you want to get mad when someone tries to criticize you ???

  • O O
    O O Day ago

    Luckily he didnt killed anyone

  • Pube83
    Pube83 Day ago

    Jews be propping this niggas up

  • biro csongor
    biro csongor Day ago +1


  • Khalid Holmes
    Khalid Holmes Day ago

    Where can I watch season 2 of Atlanta? Hulu only has the first season

  • Tiana Leguillow
    Tiana Leguillow Day ago

    I love how he laughs with Jimmy when he says that his video has more views than the cat video. You can see all on his face he like "yeah it went over his head too"

  • Rocko's Tacos
    Rocko's Tacos Day ago

    I like how this has nothing to do with the vid but views

  • Aidan Delruss
    Aidan Delruss Day ago

    Y'all who disliked are both Trump supporters and racist. The words are literally synonymous

  • ppPRINCEpp
    ppPRINCEpp 2 days ago +1


  • GreatMow
    GreatMow 2 days ago

    How dare you speak of the keyboard cat in such ill light

  • BrotherHuffnPuff SonofahoeCracker

    Crap bait.

  • Makeup G
    Makeup G 2 days ago

    I love him so much

  • Keshia Claude
    Keshia Claude 2 days ago


  • Jen Lucille
    Jen Lucille 2 days ago

    Get off USclip Jimmy Kimmel

  • K Ali
    K Ali 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does he act kinda weird at the start of the interview. Like he says “on fire” twice the first really excited but then super depressed and he also repeats what Jimmy says and the way he sits seems really awkward. Idk just putting it out there no hate on him tho

  • Akira Ahu Maipi
    Akira Ahu Maipi 2 days ago +2

    Black prick annoys me lmao

  • tfranc347
    tfranc347 2 days ago

    lol you can tell he's just like "can we cut the charade"

  • Hazyj peepme
    Hazyj peepme 2 days ago

    Is this donald glovers son? I wouldn't be shocked thats the only people who get famous their own dam family.

  • JeyMichael
    JeyMichael 2 days ago

    Title doesnt really fit whats in the video...

  • Vanessa Ndema
    Vanessa Ndema 2 days ago

    I like his level of petty 😂😂

  • atol sporsho
    atol sporsho 2 days ago

    in my opinion gambino shouldnt come in this type of show. no depth only mockery if everything.

  • digiswitch
    digiswitch 2 days ago

    Jimmy is a retarded monkey...

  • A lin
    A lin 2 days ago

    Abed was right. Troy is famous now.

  • Iseewhat Youdid
    Iseewhat Youdid 2 days ago +1

    Surprised Jimmy wasn't wearing lipstick for this interview.

  • ANNA İnci
    ANNA İnci 2 days ago +1

    Just in case anyone wanted confirmation, his video has indeed surpassed the keyboard cat video. Yes i checked.

  • ANNA İnci
    ANNA İnci 2 days ago +1

    Click bait

  • ANNA İnci
    ANNA İnci 2 days ago +1

    I have never seen clickbait on a talk show until this moment. SUBSCRİBE MEEEE

  • ANNA İnci
    ANNA İnci 2 days ago +1

    I'm kind of relieved to see his comedic side pop out again. Love him either way SUBSCRİBE MNEEEEEEE

    • tpl
      tpl 2 days ago

      Blow me and I SUBSCRIIIBE YOU

  • EDP’s 20 dollar stealin’ scallywag

    Obviously he’s interested about the analysis of that video if he made it that detailed...

  • Nathan Siva
    Nathan Siva 2 days ago

    Kimmel scared

  • John Terrino
    John Terrino 2 days ago

    talk shows sure have gone downhill over the years.

  • Olga Pea
    Olga Pea 2 days ago

    Anyone here remember him YEARS ago from Derrick Comedy? Can’t believe he’s famous now!

  • Mad Orange
    Mad Orange 2 days ago

    when he was gone from community it wasn't the same ;; u ;; i love him and abed convo so much.. i didn't finished the season 6 of community.

  • Professor_SnuteSPlaysMinecraft

    The keyboard cat is dead

    no. literally. it is deceased

  • Red Ricky
    Red Ricky 3 days ago

    wow he didnt say anything about the video. pretty sure this is clickbait

  • maia !!!!
    maia !!!! 3 days ago

    He does the voice of marshall lee

  • GKSULLY Vlogs and more
    GKSULLY Vlogs and more 3 days ago +1

    Who remembers when he was in community?!

  • Angry Brother
    Angry Brother 3 days ago

    “U not so great” 😂

  • Annunaki _AncientMesoporamian


  • HEALTHY MINDS Healthy minds

    He's handsome tho.

  • Thanh Duong
    Thanh Duong 3 days ago

    where's the black on asian crime reference?

  • SnowTiger03
    SnowTiger03 3 days ago

    That's my nigga

  • Sunflower X
    Sunflower X 3 days ago +1

    *Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us and Black or White are the original This Is America*

  • depressed memes
    depressed memes 3 days ago

    Guessing that Jimmy had no ideas left but still needed them views

  • Armandina white
    Armandina white 3 days ago

    Why not get to bottom line and interview video producer/ director about motivation/vision. Unless they're purposely encouraging speculation for whatever reasons ie publicity, conversation about race, etc

  • Zoe
    Zoe 3 days ago

    It was trash.

  • Boldly Go
    Boldly Go 3 days ago

    I struggle with what to say when people show me pictures of their ugly babies. "Oh, bless him!" Keeps me honest.

  • Nayden
    Nayden 3 days ago

    He says nothing about the video. Clickbait BS.

  • time is now
    time is now 3 days ago

    Puppet . Smh ... where's the evidence. You just say stuff and think it's true

  • Malice Mage
    Malice Mage 3 days ago

    ... where did he talk about the music video? Wish I could give this two thumbs down. One will have to do.

  • Lee Richardson
    Lee Richardson 3 days ago

    *It's about black on black crime*

  • Morten Høeberg
    Morten Høeberg 3 days ago

    Just made my directorial debut - a music video for an upcoming Danish band. Anyone who'd want to check it out is more than welcome

  • BennyHD
    BennyHD 3 days ago +9

    Ohh so the the meaning is to get clickbaited?

  • Azka Nadiya
    Azka Nadiya 3 days ago

    0:18-0:19 his expression changes alot

  • David
    David 3 days ago


    LASSE 3 days ago

    Donald Glover is gei

    LIONESS AOTEAROA 3 days ago

    0:32 Pure Gold

  • Gert Eckhart
    Gert Eckhart 3 days ago

    Gum smile. eurgh

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 3 days ago

    Kimmel is truly a moron. It is sad that people are still so brainwashed. Eventually the effects of repetition and suppression of people who know the TRUTH will wear off. Kimmel is a total flunky. He didn't even finish college. He couldn't. Wasn't smart enough.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 days ago

    Lol, he's so funny, i love him

  • eab211
    eab211 3 days ago +1

    Its Nothing but propaganda BS and hes making money off of it! sad

  • Ivanna Mach
    Ivanna Mach 4 days ago +1

    Yall notice how he had a gold necklace but wore it underneath his tshirt like a modest person unlike rappers and basketball players👏👏

  • El Smurfo
    El Smurfo 4 days ago

    Upon seeing all the dislikes of this video, I immediately thought that it was because of all the whiny people saying that the video was racist and all that. Nope, it's because of the click bait title. You're better than this, Kimmel.

  • Robert Barbosa
    Robert Barbosa 4 days ago

    Rip keyboard cat...

  • Edward Boutwell
    Edward Boutwell 4 days ago

    Yo Donald Glover looks like he doesn’t want to be there