We Built the CHEAPEST PC on Amazon!

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
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    Gamers on a budget can usually save money by finding good deals on Amazon - but what if you built the CHEAPEST PC you could find?
    PARTS LIST (we're not recommending this...):
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/3w8hY
    Cooler: Rosewill 80mm Low Profile
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/39t5N
    Motherboard: Acer Veriton M275 G41 mATX
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/5poCwB
    RAM: Samsung 2GB DDR3 1333MHz (DID NOT WORK)
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/cL9qNAm
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 5450 (mislabeled)
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/Ujdh
    Storage: WD 160GB Caviar Blue
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/U8cBaC
    Power Supply: Insignia 520W
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/PcckfR
    Case: Rosewill SCM-01
    Buy on Amazon: geni.us/hbZXB
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    Intro Screen Music Credit:
    Title: Laszlo - Supernova
    Video Link: usclip.net/video/PKfxmFU3lWY/video.html
    iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
    Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
    Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High usclip.net/user/approachingnirvana
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Comments • 4 013

  • erroneum
    erroneum 9 hours ago

    "You will loose any unsaved information"? Did you mean lose? And why press CTRL+ALT+DEL again? Shouldn't an exception message not need any input to appear?

  • madscientist
    madscientist 12 hours ago

    And how would you know what "being on drugs" feels like?

  • 707 HP
    707 HP 14 hours ago

    Damn, I’m better at this than you guys :p
    I built my dad a pc like this, but with stuff I found in the trash instead of on amazon without problems

  • Alan May
    Alan May 16 hours ago

    Proprietary RAM sucks... I get compatibility issues. Totally cool with that. I try to avoid heavily proprietary #$%+ if I can.
    Lol. Once I bought ecc ram for a customer's non ecc mobo and set us back a couple of days. Customer was cool though.

  • Lukas Davis
    Lukas Davis 17 hours ago

    Tech knowledge requirement for LTT: 5

  • xX-S3'\/IXx
    xX-S3'\/IXx 17 hours ago

    My Gaming Setup
    GTX 750TI 2Gb
    8Gb DDR3 1333Mhz Ram
    I5 3.Gen 3.2 Ghz 4cors
    Fujitsu Eco Motherboard
    And i play: ARK, Cs:Go, PUBG, Apex Legends and GTA V all stable over 40FPS and NOT on lowest Settings.

  • Mavil
    Mavil 18 hours ago

    So much nostalgia with that cpu..

  • Luka0157
    Luka0157 18 hours ago

    My PC was 400$ and it cant even run solitaire

  • Mellowtonin
    Mellowtonin 19 hours ago

    6:33 UwU~UwU~UwU~ OwO

    LORD ODIN 19 hours ago

    Why dont you hire someone that knows how to apply a color profile to your footage lol

  • Kingkar Das
    Kingkar Das 19 hours ago

    Whatsup with these gay ass thumbnail

  • Christopher McGhee
    Christopher McGhee 20 hours ago

    There's definitely a vibe of favouritism here.
    Linus' favourite employee, 2019. Keep it up Riley nothing wrong with spending lots of time on your knees I don't judge. 👀

  • Elite Dangerous Club
    Elite Dangerous Club 21 hour ago

    How did you build this ON Amazon? Please sack your dialect manager... FROM AMAZON! BELL END!!!

  • Dr3w Gazmik
    Dr3w Gazmik 21 hour ago

    LOL starts off with the cheapest parts
    Ends up with parts from around the shop :P

  • Harawanagangsta
    Harawanagangsta 21 hour ago

    Antlion mics are hot fucking garbage. fair warning.

  • Rick Prokosch
    Rick Prokosch 21 hour ago

    Fun video to watch.

  • Garnet Campbell
    Garnet Campbell 21 hour ago

    I live in the NWT and if I bought the parts for $150 it would cost me $250 to $350 to ship it from Amazon. I don't shop Amazon just for that reason. They quoted me $35 to ship a $10 DVD.

  • Neko Nyu
    Neko Nyu 22 hours ago

    Deja vu.

  • Renato Medeiros
    Renato Medeiros 22 hours ago

    then Harry Potter grew up and became a technology nerd and now makes videos on youtube

  • Southern Hemisphere
    Southern Hemisphere 22 hours ago

    What's up with the coloring on the video? It's really irritating my eyes.

  • TUmaDO
    TUmaDO 22 hours ago

    i found a pc in the garbage it was one year old, the problem was the the psu was dead, so i bought a new one 450 w (40 euro)and a used strix gtx960 for (80 euro) because it had no gpu and voi la! my niece got a fast pc, ho yea it had a standard wd green ssd !i spent in total 100 euro ! and it runs like a charm!

  • Sidney Horne
    Sidney Horne 23 hours ago

    Ooo nice color grading

  • Tracy Rudman
    Tracy Rudman 23 hours ago

    I liked this video a lot. Need moar Riley, awaiting cheapest PC on Amazon #2!!!

  • My Experimental Life
    My Experimental Life 23 hours ago

    This is my favorite video in a while. Your other stuff is still good, but this one made me laugh way more.

  • Luca MKWii
    Luca MKWii 23 hours ago +1

    Can't afford

  • atx gaming
    atx gaming 23 hours ago

    I could have built a cheaper computer on amazon with 2008 and up parts

  • Vincent Anthony
    Vincent Anthony 23 hours ago

    This is so funny, you could just get tinyurl.com/y4rzohtq and a ddr4 ram, thats about it!

  • darknessviking
    darknessviking 23 hours ago

    can you stop drinking soy drinks so you dont make soy smiles on the thumbnails?? be men for gods sake

    DAKTERPI3 23 hours ago

    You guys have no idea what you do ...

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller 23 hours ago

    Is this the episode where Linus fires everyone for a week and then realises he needs them?

  • Fop
    Fop Day ago

    How did u guys fuck up the audio sync

  • Joe O Sullivan
    Joe O Sullivan Day ago

    Kind of pointless buying old hardware like this and building a system, when you could just pull an old computer from the scrapheap, down the road, with a core duo in it. There should have at least been one restriction on the build, like DDR4 for example.

  • scroat emm
    scroat emm Day ago

    LOL wait till Liel (bitwits bro)sees this

  • scroat emm
    scroat emm Day ago

    Are you guys trying to one up the verge on how NOT to build a computer

  • AussieAlex
    AussieAlex Day ago

    and we bought the cheapest computer parts compatible.. hmm.. of what generation? pretty sure you can buy a 286 or 386 for $50. you should bench those beasts. THX attack chopper!

  • Muttley Games
    Muttley Games Day ago

    Me and my friend renovated an old pc with a pentium4 and gave it a sweet paint job...used the metal mesh from an old PSU and slapped a fan and a button to turn it on and off...in the place of the CD drives....10/10 would do it again!It barely runs 144p youtube.

  • Palaash Atri
    Palaash Atri Day ago

    Where is Luke? He isn't making videos anymore?

  • t3g3lst3n
    t3g3lst3n Day ago

    A 4 year old cellphone are faster, drop the os and install something it is made for. Like xp or 2k
    I installed w2k on a p90, took 5 minutes to boot, was slot faster on stock w3.51

  • Michael McAleer
    Michael McAleer Day ago +3

    Coffee shop rang, they want their hipster uni-gear bicycle filter back

  • Durk van Kalsbeek

    Call this system CHEAPER BEEPER.

  • Vasile Pintilie
    Vasile Pintilie Day ago

    What's with the Romanian flag at 14:40 ?

  • Paul A C
    Paul A C Day ago

    Bloomberg use those ports, it's to split two VGA sockets usually.

  • VGP_JoshKiller 13

    hears my shortcut
    step1-buy a gaming laptop
    step2-get or buy a HDMI cabli
    step3-get a COMPUTER SCREEN

  • Dex
    Dex Day ago

    High end PCs
    High NPC's

  • gregbert2
    gregbert2 Day ago

    Was your paleness intentional to blend into the background of white cabinets? Some kind of Nerdcamo? 👀😊 Just kidding

  • Eweasy
    Eweasy Day ago

    i want the ltt as a friend on steam.

  • LimpingMonkey
    LimpingMonkey Day ago

    Imagine your employees couldn't google something before purchasing...

  • salvador fonseca


  • Debajyoti Sengupta

    Riley tries his best.

  • George Dicu
    George Dicu Day ago

    Awesome video, funny and 4real. More imp. than perfectly scripted robotic video.

  • Wesley Smeltzer
    Wesley Smeltzer Day ago

    Riley's job security seems awfully fleeting as the video goes on :P

  • Kludd
    Kludd Day ago

    Offlane tb Pog

  • Vertrag k
    Vertrag k Day ago

    I actually ran that graphics card to play 8th gen games

    LALOMAN Day ago

    This dumb ass millennial kid don't know shit about computer before his stupid time!

  • R.J.W.
    R.J.W. Day ago

    I want the LUT at the beginning so bad :(((

  • C:\ DOS
    C:\ DOS Day ago

    I am not joking, I literally just brought that hard drive the WD1600AAJS 160GB on Thursday last week and it came in Monday!

  • Andrew Karahalis

    Wait, these shows are scripted?

  • HolyDr1ver
    HolyDr1ver Day ago +2

    We need 60fps footage so we can see how bad the 30fps actually is. Thank you!

  • Coping with the constant struggle of life

    30 fps in rocket league?! I'd be lucky to get 10 with my crappy laptop 😂

  • HolyDr1ver
    HolyDr1ver Day ago +1

    6:30 LinusSexTips strikes again

  • Elijah Vivio
    Elijah Vivio Day ago

    I would love to see modern cheapest video. Been needing a cheap tower to do coding with and thats all.

  • How to Everything

    when your actual pc is worst than the pc on the video, and without GPU, welcome to Brazil.

  • real names not given

    I hope you can recoup the cost

  • Dominic Lallande

    So glad you guys nabbed Riley

  • wolf man
    wolf man Day ago

    I'm an HP certified technician and have used non-OEM RAM to repair some of their machines.

  • Shane Simpson
    Shane Simpson Day ago

    Riley videos have been my favorite of recent memory

  • rumahhafidzah bekasi

    3:07 wait a minute. That my old hard drive!

  • WakelessBee052 Silicon

    8xxx core2 duo are pretty good CPU. I have a 8500 oc to 3.7GHz without touching the vcore.

  • QuadroNVS
    QuadroNVS Day ago

    2m:12s into the video and I already see the oversight of which has been made. Noooooooob! mistake for sure.

  • Jesse Cannon
    Jesse Cannon Day ago

    ok they didnt say how they got their operating system onto the pc did they use the hdd from the $60 gaming pc to get the system to boot?

  • The Wonderland Show

    11:54 "Instaling windows" Is it that stale that you can't spell installing right? :-)

  • Dalton RJ
    Dalton RJ Day ago

    cool episode ... thanks

  • Stephen Gibson
    Stephen Gibson Day ago

    On the video card thats a dms 59 plug i used to have a card with it but it also had an s-video plug
    edit: i didn't realize they figured out what it was

  • solarwolf 414
    solarwolf 414 Day ago

    my pc has a radeon 6450, it's kinda shit

  • Maximus
    Maximus Day ago

    For people who make a living building PCs you guys really suck at it. Why in the hell would you buy a server board? Especially one from Dell or HP? Never seen so much incompetence together.

  • Jugal Bilimoria
    Jugal Bilimoria Day ago

    Those fps on that computer are actually better than my laptop. :(

  • VeryzonGames
    VeryzonGames Day ago

    Making fun of poor people
    Sarcasticly, its the same thing to throw a MCD hamburger at a Homeless person.

  • Laniel _
    Laniel _ Day ago

    I'm pretty sure something with an integrated GPU on either the CPU or motherboard could have been cheaper... And it's one less item to check compatibility for

  • gsilva220
    gsilva220 Day ago

    My advice is: You gotta study what parts will give you the best bang for your buck. When you buy a pre-built PC, unless you get something bespoke, like origin or alienware, everything in it will be the cheapest possible, forcing you to change stuff like power supply and RAM right away, rather than just adding parts to it.
    Get The motherboard, processor, RAM, disks and power supply from the internet, then go local for things like case, monitors, keyboard and mouse. These things are the most subjective ones, which you get a feel everyday.
    Got my brother a Zalman 400-LE, an Asrock A320M-HD, a Ryzen 3 2200g, 8GB of Kingston Hyperx DDR4 and a western digital 480GB green M.2 SSD. Wasn't that cheap, but at least it made sense. Went local for case, keyboard and mouse, and found something good and cheap just by getting a feel on everything.

  • James Lloyd
    James Lloyd Day ago +1

    you shoulda just gone on partpicker.co.uk and sorted cheapest and then it makes sure everything is compatible and is actually real brands.

  • Nick Perry
    Nick Perry Day ago

    you can bios mod those LGA 775 boards by adding micro code that will allow for unsupported cpu's as well as mod the socket for fitting a 771 socket cpu and they made those ones all the way up to 4 core 4 thread if you are looking to do that dont even bother with a dell or hp board get a board that has an AMI Bios not a Phoenix Bios, and make sure the board uses regular DDR3 ram and the motherboard should support hyper threading

  • Cryptlord123
    Cryptlord123 Day ago

    Finally some one benchmark on dota 2!!!

  • cujoedaman
    cujoedaman Day ago

    Quite literally when he said "Rosewill", I cringed... as if millions of tech voices suddenly cried out in terror... and then kept crying out in terror. I feel Linus has made something terrible happen.

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Day ago

    Buy a cheap pre built pc, then as money comes along, upgrade it....

  • Le Moob Man
    Le Moob Man Day ago

    "Oh, cool"

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Day ago

    to much white lighting

  • SaintInix
    SaintInix Day ago

    I've messed with that old server hardware, dual monitor port DMS-59, with the splitter, DVI or VGA versions. Those old school IDE/Floppy clips are a blast from the past.
    Hated that cooler mount system by the way.

  • Terracraft
    Terracraft Day ago +1

    Nice and early

  • spoofer44 OK
    spoofer44 OK Day ago

    Craigslist would be even cheaper!!

  • AskBeforePlaying

    You guys should start recording 60fps footage, because at 30fps we really can't see how bad 30fps really is for gaming.

    Confusing, I know, but you probably get it.

  • Manny Montero
    Manny Montero Day ago

    150$ would have been much better on ebey.

  • Manny Montero
    Manny Montero Day ago

    Ram single long beep standard on dell oem board.

  • AphexTwin
    AphexTwin Day ago

    I've never seen so many computer tech guys have no clue what is compatible. Furthermore, no mental ability to check compatibility before purchase.

  • Itamar Blomont
    Itamar Blomont Day ago +1

    My computer has the same specs without the graphics card yes i dont have A graphics card

  • skaluv
    skaluv Day ago

    Hard to believe we are at the 10 year mark since core duo was the current generation. I know i-7s existed back then but they were a different beast. I had my 2009 first gen i-5 as a ancillary machine up until last year. It did a pretty good job, only reason I got rid of it was I built a i-7 8th and moved my i-7 4th into its place.

  • Josiah Giles
    Josiah Giles Day ago

    I am pretty sure that this PC is better than my computer(though mine is a laptop)

  • Christin Finny
    Christin Finny Day ago

    Still better than my PC lol

  • Mandrake Fernflower

    Carbon nanotubes?

  • Thawackie
    Thawackie Day ago

    my school uses that graphics card for the engineering computers, it works for what we use it for but theres more to be desired, and yeah we use dual monitors

  • knop3se
    knop3se 2 days ago

    What a moron!