Claire Makes Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


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  • T Chare
    T Chare 8 hours ago

    Hi, I would love to work in that kitchen. I love to cook and experiment with different flavors and foods. No, I don't have any professional experience and I don't live in your state but I would definitely relocate to work there. It seems so much fun. Hire me, please. Thank you.

  • Mae
    Mae 2 days ago

    I love the look of the perfectly cut rectangular sandwiches, but I'm lazy. I think I'm going to make the cookies, but cut out big circles and make ice cream sandwiches by plopping a scoop of ice cream in between them and smushing them together. Then I might consider letting them sit in the freezer to soak in the moisture as Claire has instructed, but there's a very good chance they'll never make it to that promised land.

  • Lori Makar
    Lori Makar 2 days ago

    Love the kitchen aid is that periwinkle

  • Sarah Kate Yeoman
    Sarah Kate Yeoman 2 days ago

    Thank you for clearing up the whole stick vs cup butter thing.

  • nukedkaltak
    nukedkaltak 3 days ago

    It's simple, Claire made me care (about cooking)

  • imposter
    imposter 5 days ago

    good video. i love u

  • Shea Kelley
    Shea Kelley 7 days ago


  • DaRealHBIC
    DaRealHBIC 7 days ago +1

    I love claire!

  • Lockslie
    Lockslie 8 days ago

    I prefer the ones where she is figuring out how to make them, not just explaining it. That being saidm I would watch her make instant ramen...
    Oh wait, i have!!

  • Sarah Lussier
    Sarah Lussier 8 days ago

    Claire, you need to make frosted animal cookies! The pink and white ones like "Mother's" brand.

  • James Gleyo
    James Gleyo 9 days ago

    11:21 @Gaby

  • metallicak5
    metallicak5 9 days ago +1

    Oh hey, chef Rogue from X-men is back!

  • Locane256
    Locane256 9 days ago

    How does Brad steal EVERY show he's in!??! LOL

  • Big Rock
    Big Rock 9 days ago

    We dont get rid of scraps round here Claire..

  • Joe Cockerline
    Joe Cockerline 10 days ago

    I’ve only ever seen Claire getting stressed while recreating snickers and skittles! Cool to see her getting into it and talking baking!
    Few comments here that she left BA, does anyone know where she’s at now? She’s great!

  • Nadine K
    Nadine K 10 days ago

    Has anyone actually ever tried to make her recipes? I just watch them for fun

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh 10 days ago

    Vinny was missed...

  • Vally123
    Vally123 10 days ago

    Now I want to know how I can get some anko in there as well…maybe you could freeze it into small little marbles and mix thosse in with the vanilla ice cream?

  • Blade Oweetaluktuk
    Blade Oweetaluktuk 10 days ago

    I don't like how she runs

  • VarBlade
    VarBlade 11 days ago

    This woman..... this woman right here..... yup

  • May Lopez
    May Lopez 11 days ago

    i really want to see Claire remake pop tarts

  • Andrea oliveros
    Andrea oliveros 12 days ago

    I love her hair

  • Kaleigh Spetta
    Kaleigh Spetta 12 days ago

    no music??

  • Htp Kaey
    Htp Kaey 12 days ago

    Anyone else agree she should recreate Chester’s hot fries ?

  • Thot BOT
    Thot BOT 12 days ago

    Claire is Best Girl fight me if you this disagree

  • Leif
    Leif 12 days ago

    My inner self: Stop talking, Claire. The ice cream slabs are melting!!!

  • Ulm Wurttemberg
    Ulm Wurttemberg 13 days ago

    that's the system talking, man. I prefer 2-1/2 cups of no-purpose flower. no stress, no expectations. everybody just being really free and open with each other, man. everybody loving each other without hang-ups. peace and love, man.

  • David Robbins
    David Robbins 16 days ago

    You need a lot of self control to do this. I would probably only do this once as a summer activity with my kids. Might be nice to teach the self control something that I think I don’t have too much of.

  • thokim84
    thokim84 16 days ago

    Green tea? No thanks.

  • where's augist
    where's augist 16 days ago

    Does anyone know if the white\gray streak in her har is a birthmark or just dye or something

  • where's augist
    where's augist 16 days ago

    At first I thought that they were cleaning sponges

  • AM Edits
    AM Edits 16 days ago

    Brad is my favorite

  • Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo 17 days ago

    11:27 I love how she triggered my ocd when she mixed the colors

  • Malaya Jones
    Malaya Jones 17 days ago

    You should make gourmet sour patch🤗!

  • Nasa
    Nasa 17 days ago

    why isn't this part of the junk food vs gourmet series

  • Maria Kinner
    Maria Kinner 17 days ago +1

    I love her so much, but I have to say that sandwich is pronounced sandwich not samwich. (my Misophonia at work)

  • ZeGypsy
    ZeGypsy 17 days ago

    green tea ice cream ? disgusting

  • eyepoo
    eyepoo 18 days ago

    This is so bizarre, I've never seen such confidence in a Claire video. It's almost like she's made these before and isn't trying to reverse-engineer a mass produced snack from a huge specialized factory.

  • CloudyDaze007
    CloudyDaze007 18 days ago

    i like how she talks right onto the food. Everyone gets to taste claires secret ingredient spit 😂😂😂

  • Anna Sade
    Anna Sade 18 days ago

    these are such a fantastic idea for a kids birthday party, because you can make them ahead of time and they'll be ready when the party starts. Thanks for the recipe Bon Appétit and Claire :)

  • Kate Durkee
    Kate Durkee 19 days ago

    Love watching you make food

  • The Wizard
    The Wizard 19 days ago +1

    Love this channel

  • David Stanley
    David Stanley 19 days ago

    claire you're cool

  • Khouloud Bel
    Khouloud Bel 20 days ago

    I wanna be her friend

  • Always Falling Short

    I'm mad at my hypothetical kids for not appreciating all the work I didn't put into making these, and feel like I should have just bought them at the store with a bottle of wine instead.

  • The Nat
    The Nat 21 day ago

    I love Claire but the style changed which I really enjoyed where there was trial and error if everything is prepped then? Where’s the excitement of making it and coming out with a good outcome?

  • kerwin1125
    kerwin1125 23 days ago

    @12:28 homie looks so annoyed just because the spanish girl spoke. Like damn she just wanted everyone to take a bite at the same time.

  • Vinu Singh
    Vinu Singh 23 days ago

    I want to see Gaby do some recipes for us. She is so cute.

  • Camilish pilish
    Camilish pilish 23 days ago

    OMG did they finally just put Claire in the title.

  • Charley Henderson
    Charley Henderson 24 days ago

    Claire is a queen I love her😊❤️

  • Ankita Sehgal
    Ankita Sehgal 24 days ago

    Brad acting like a teenager and cracking up at 13:38 is adorable!

  • poptofu
    poptofu 24 days ago

    I want some but lazy to make some

  • Victoria Bryer
    Victoria Bryer 25 days ago

    i would love to work in this kitchen

  • Sobe Sao
    Sobe Sao 25 days ago

    ill be honest she kinda sucks at replicating stuff, wastes so much resources

  • Royflurbosllc
    Royflurbosllc 26 days ago +1

    She’s like a real life rogue from x men

  • Paulo Castro
    Paulo Castro 26 days ago

    Ice cream sandwich don't melt btw; the objective judgement is gone, they just wanna eat those sandwich

  • Lucy Clark
    Lucy Clark 26 days ago

    This makes me sooo hungry

  • Sketchy Comment
    Sketchy Comment 26 days ago

    My favorite kind of women, beautiful with some meat on bone, can cook, shorty oooh she is adorable

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear 28 days ago

    I prefer the trial and error videos, this is just the finished recipe.

  • AlabasterClay
    AlabasterClay 28 days ago

    I love the accent stripe in your hair. Especially when you swept it up into a bun. The green and white ice cream makes a wonderful contrast on the dark cookie.

  • niggette
    niggette 29 days ago

    I *need* her to make some strawberry and creme creme savers 😫😩👏🏽

  • Simone Nazareth
    Simone Nazareth Month ago

    Make gourmet ferreo rocher

  • multifariousgemini
    multifariousgemini Month ago

    I really appreciate these videos!! Its the most positive on USclip!! Thank you!

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards Month ago +1

    "It was a lake community".....I'm dying hehehehaaahaha

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards Month ago +2

    I was having a bad morning .....THEN Claire's beautiful face!!! Woot woot

  • Irie2286
    Irie2286 Month ago

    Rogue was always one of my favourite X-Man. And now she cooks!

  • Chesty McStudmuffin

    Compared to the other things she's had to make, this was too dang easy.
    BTW, still fapping over her.

  • Aiden Molyneux
    Aiden Molyneux Month ago

    I love and adore how she explains every set and the reasoning behind each step. It really helps us LEARN how to cook/bake rather than how to make one dish! Love you Claire 💖

  • The Loving Teddy
    The Loving Teddy Month ago

    Its cute having Claire advise you in the nicest way to not eat the ice cream

  • Unpopable Bubble
    Unpopable Bubble Month ago

    Gaby is so precious: ~gasp~ SPRIIINNNKLLEESS!!

  • Luke The Wolf
    Luke The Wolf Month ago

    Why does this seem so rushed?

  • KrazeeCain
    KrazeeCain Month ago

    *sees green and white ice cream*
    "Oh that's a good idea, mint would taste great in an ice cream sa-"
    .... wtf.

  • marisa miedema
    marisa miedema Month ago

    Hahaha sometimes Clair looks like she just hates her job. Love her though.

  • thebadness
    thebadness Month ago

    didn't make your own icecream? I am disappoint.

  • lauren laxton-mogul

    I want claire on great british bake off

  • Anderson Twins
    Anderson Twins Month ago +11

    I love it that Claire gets the most views on this channel.

  • Dennis Dicicco
    Dennis Dicicco Month ago

    rouge from the xmen is getting all technical

  • skinny jason
    skinny jason Month ago

    my fav kind of sammich

  • tadas vadas
    tadas vadas Month ago

    this video is stupid its just store bought ice cream with cookies

  • swiftie swift
    swiftie swift Month ago

    my dream is to work here

  • xthexcolorxredx
    xthexcolorxredx Month ago

    What did the teenagers do in the shed Brad?

  • Gideon PE /\ KE
    Gideon PE /\ KE Month ago

    Gabby legend.

  • Mel Shark
    Mel Shark Month ago

    Claire, I LOVE your hair 🖤✅

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan Month ago


  • Maricela Sevilla
    Maricela Sevilla Month ago

    make a pizza cone

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby Month ago

    Claire and Emmy redeem USclip, if not the whole internet.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson Month ago

    I'm really bothered by the choice to not only use store bought ice cream, but to than use green tea flavored.

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Month ago

    It’s sorbaaay not sorbit sorbaaay ...

  • Pickled JellyBean
    Pickled JellyBean Month ago

    What is a Good Humor Bar?

  • Nicolette Hayes
    Nicolette Hayes Month ago


  • CHHXY Song
    CHHXY Song Month ago

    ""twooo s...dtick of butter""

  • Ryan Connaughan
    Ryan Connaughan Month ago +1

    Claire is 100% best cook girl

  • Odin
    Odin Month ago

    3:29 my favorite part

  • Alucard Vigilate Dismas

    *Watches during Canadian winter*

  • gothic lemons
    gothic lemons Month ago

    Chris is definitely the type of person to like mint chip ice cream

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly Month ago

    I love that blue mixer! I own a pastel pink one lol

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper Month ago

    Anyone else thinks shes super cute?

  • Schoobydoo
    Schoobydoo Month ago

    Lol at brad's awkward childhood lake clubhouse story

  • Jaime Navarro
    Jaime Navarro Month ago

    I’m obsessed with Claire!!!

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    Delicious! I would eat them all