WHY I HAD TO MOVE! Life Update & Story Time

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019

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    My channel is a fun place for people to enjoy the world of beauty! If you leave mean negative comments or resort to name calling, I will delete your comment & block you. My channel is not the place. This world is so ugly & negative & we desperately need to make a change. I cant control the world, but I can control my channel. Constructive criticism is always welcome! "you're a lying bitch" is NOT constructive ! Don't feel like you need to kiss my ass. Feel free to speak your mind but please respect each other! XOXO
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  • Kels D
    Kels D Hour ago

    you seriously need to listen to what you just uploaded. you look like a fool

  • Holly Guski
    Holly Guski 3 hours ago

    WOW!!! I have to make a second comment because I just can’t sit back and let what I just saw and felt in my heart go by without saying something. After I commented I scrolled down and I shit you not the first 10 comments were down right hurtful!!! (I couldn’t scroll any further because I felt sick because 99% of them are so mean).
    Why do you people think it’s ok to be so mean to someone when your sitting behind a screen! Just because you have the ability to type doesn’t give you the right to type something so mean and hurtful. My heart hurts and I have anxiety just reading these comments. PUT YOURSELF IN JACLYN’S shoes for a damn second. I don’t care who you are, how much money or fame you have, where you live, what family you came from or what you do for a living. WORDS HURT!!! They hurt everyone and they are damaging.....!!!!! The world is never going to start getting any better unless one person stands of for what is right and others follow!!! So I am standing up for Jaclyn because in my heart I know that that is what’s right. And I would do the same thing for the next person with 2 followers who’s name no one knows. Why because it’s right. If you don’t like Jaclyn then just unfollow or don’t watch and scroll by. Leave her alone and quit trying to get your 2 seconds of affirmation from others liking your hurtful comment because you think your cool. You’re not cool, your mean and honestly insecure in who you are and what you do if you think for a second tearing down someone else is ever ok!

  • Casey H
    Casey H 3 hours ago

    If you can’t be kind....be silent. Do you boo! You look great, you’ve been through so much, of course you’d change. This too shall pass.

  • M M
    M M Day ago

    That's f up!!!! Your gorgeous no joke, don't let mean people get you. Doing it because you are kind and beautiful. They don't see it in them self's. Just sad and I pray as humans we get better. Anywho your kick ass

  • Musettube
    Musettube 2 days ago

    You was so nice when your hair was short and natural.
    Take off those ridiculous extension go out without assistant and begin to live a real life.
    Maybe you will return to say something that people want to hear.

  • Allen Medina
    Allen Medina 2 days ago

    I love you Jaclyn! You are such a beautiful person. Don’t worry about all the negative people. keep being yourself because you inspire so many of us. LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

  • SuckADick
    SuckADick 3 days ago +1

    Good God, you are hard to watch for 1 minute little lone 26:08 minutes.. Like literally nobody cares about all your anxiety that was brought on by ripping people off so STFU!

  • Shayla Wiseman
    Shayla Wiseman 3 days ago

    Love you boo!!! You're always fucking beautiful!!

  • Claire Beasley
    Claire Beasley 4 days ago

    Hey Jaclyn, I’m coming to LA December 30th through January 5th and it would mean everything to me if there was any way possible if I could see you and just take a picture with you or something!!! I’ve been a fan for so long and I love you so much and I would just love to meet you! 😭❤️

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 4 days ago

    Biiiiiiitch, who cares what anyone thinks??? Be you & be FABULOUS! You only have ONE life boo so you make the best of it. You are not responsible for anyone else's happiness. Only yours! ❤ I just turned 38 & my "give a damn" BUSTED! LOL. I love astrology. I'm not a Cancer but I know my signs well..... chin up girl, you're doing amazing 😊

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 4 days ago

    I love your decor!!! I always have 😍😍😘❤

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 4 days ago


  • Melodie Palm
    Melodie Palm 4 days ago

    If you're only here to do makeup then start doing just makeup tutorials we don't want to hear about your life!!!

  • RebecaV
    RebecaV 4 days ago

    She saya "just accept people", yeah, accept them and their moldy lipstick 😂

  • Joyce Haner
    Joyce Haner 5 days ago +1

    All of you... you need help, seriously... like, tell me... did you become a better person by writting all this crap?? Did you try to lift her up by writting all this crap?? You dont fucking like her anymore?? Then get the fuck out of here and stop following her and watching her videos, period. This shows the kind of person you all are... Wasting your time, time that does not come back, watching someone in a video and then bashing her, destroying her, criticizing her... and not constructive criticism... so dont come at me with that phrase... because non of that shit you all wrote is constructive criticism. Is destructive shit. And just so you know, I dont follow her... I just watch one or another video of her, and when I see the comments is always destructive shit. How sad is that you waste your time doing that to another human being?? Go find love and positivity and stop destroying people.

  • brianna mallory
    brianna mallory 5 days ago +1

    People who make those comments are just miserable with themselves. I think you look beautiful just the way you are ♥️♥️

  • Patricia Louther
    Patricia Louther 5 days ago

    OMG your life is soooo hard!

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 5 days ago

    Just keep doing you. Don't worry about the people who have their opinions. I wouldn't say u have failed. It kind of breaks my heart that u think that about yourself. I haven't followed whats going on but let it go. Let it goooooooooo .. Screw the haters .thats their job. And yes people loved u before, but i think u shouldn't change yourself for other peoples comfort, which i feel like u do sometimes. Just be genuine. Thats all❤ much love

  • David Gaudet
    David Gaudet 5 days ago

    You are Wonderful the way you are,,Hugs to you,, wish I had you here in the Country,,so peaceful

  • Moose Johnson
    Moose Johnson 6 days ago

    She won't get any revenue from this video if you have adblocker installed (chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-%E2%80%94-best-ad-blocker/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom) and that's also why she's making this or any video rather than from her cosmetics business

  • Heather Congden
    Heather Congden 6 days ago

    I LOVE YOU!! =) and you're fabulous, you look amazing and that is all xoxo

  • MissCarolineKay
    MissCarolineKay 7 days ago +1

    Why everyone is complaining? She basically said to be nice and companionate with each other and stop the hate, if she is healthy and content with her weight why everyone is trying to put her down? Y’all need to chill and let her be it’s her body and it’s her life let her be happy and stop the hate

  • Rache Fdez
    Rache Fdez 7 days ago

    Damn watching this video and listen the police at same time y did pause the video to see 😂cuz it 2 am here and yes 😆

  • london von
    london von 8 days ago +2


  • london von
    london von 8 days ago +1

    jeez..what happened to her?

  • london von
    london von 8 days ago +2

    Man...i remember when these youtuber first started. Humble, real, and down to earth. Now theres this need to be a kardashian wannabe. Not even mario D act like this. HE has the fame and money but still so down to earth, humble and kind.

  • Yonna Bay
    Yonna Bay 8 days ago +1

    Aka maids ... why do wyte women freak about about saying they have maids.. 😂 like we KNOW

  • Audi Boaz
    Audi Boaz 8 days ago

    Your beautiful ❤️ stretch marks n all!! People that try to belittle everyone else, are miserable with themselves!!

  • Salty Sag
    Salty Sag 9 days ago +1

    How does she manage to make her current super privileged situation a tragedy? She’s so unaware of her privilege it’s almost a parody. She got a hole in her ceiling in her mansion that she can afford to repair and where she has two maids but it doesn’t matter anyway because she’s able to be in an LA mansion meanwhile. The kind of things that “make her anxiety go through the roof” are laughable. Go visit a damn third world country or kids at the border. Or I guess for you to understand it would be to go back to being a struggling influencer with 100 followers and no money or events to attend or sponsorships.

  • A Girl In a Sweater
    A Girl In a Sweater 9 days ago +2

    As she wears a givenchy sweater 🤷‍♀️ lmao 😂

  • Alesan81
    Alesan81 9 days ago +1

    5.8 of subscribers... for this?! Stop the planet 😳😱😢 yeah your life is hard I see ...: wth. What she is even talking about... I couldn’t understand any she was trying to say.. blah blah blah bla

  • chellya2004
    chellya2004 9 days ago +1

    So she already moved to LA when ceiling collapsed or not?

  • bgbb2001
    bgbb2001 9 days ago +1

    U r so ghetto. All the $ in the world will not buy u class. Stop bragging while complaining.

  • Ssjoe
    Ssjoe 10 days ago +1


  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie 10 days ago

    Jaclyn, yes, you put your life on the internet and “signed up for this life”, however, YOU ARE STILL HUMAN!! I get that you feel like you have to justify your feelings for your following, but us who know you for you, love you and we understand! Life changes, people change! Who cares if you gain a few pounds, you’re beautiful no matter what you weigh! You are an amazing person and I hope you never ever forget it!

  • ijg snk trhxnkdabuewzh hfexvjydsajkorsqcjkb

    They are EMERGENCY SIRENS Jaclyn. WTF is wrong with you these days?! 😕

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 11 days ago +1

    You look awesome Jaclyn! Keep your crown straight your doing great

  • Gregorio Ornelas
    Gregorio Ornelas 11 days ago +7

    So sad... she doesn’t even realize how narcissist and manipulative she’s being to her viewers. And it’s embarrassing watch her cause we can all see right through it. She’s in such denial that she’s continuing to act that way. How embarrassing!! 😩

  • Crystal Ray
    Crystal Ray 11 days ago

    I’ll always love you Jaclyn 😍😊♥️♥️

  • Gabija Rackauskaite
    Gabija Rackauskaite 12 days ago +1

    You guys are bully’s if you have nothing nice to say say nothing

  • julianne Rose
    julianne Rose 12 days ago +1

    You got enough money why don’t you pack it up and live private. You are a mess and your body is telling you that. Find yourself again get rid of your team and get back to your roots!!! Literally!

  • Iris
    Iris 12 days ago +1

    Only thing growing is your body & cheeks not you as a person

  • Iris
    Iris 12 days ago +1

    Her showing her ass 🥴

  • Iris
    Iris 12 days ago +1

    Ramble complain random shit nonsense .... who cares stop whining

  • King Zex [The Belle Adventures]

    Your worst nightmare is what the Kardashians go through? Are you kidding me? You seriously need someone in your life to give you some tough love and pull you back to the ground, because what you are saying in the world we all live in, with all the HORRIBLE and TERRIBLE things going on, is absolutely ridiculous. I can't watch this and not be offended.

  • Ellz Jackson
    Ellz Jackson 12 days ago


  • Jen Arthur
    Jen Arthur 12 days ago

    Praying for you J 🙏🙏🥰

  • Nallely Perez
    Nallely Perez 13 days ago +2

    Why does every USclipr always complain about noise outside like omg we don't careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • MsWhatzmyname
    MsWhatzmyname 13 days ago +1

    Zero humility.

  • Nicole Marcin
    Nicole Marcin 13 days ago +1

    Yo, what is wrong with ppl. She’s a human being and everyone of us are different..geeze leave her alone...I actually think she’s funny as hell!

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller 13 days ago +1

    You’re such a fucking joke. You’re in a tough place bc you put your ass there by ripping your loyal customers. USclip makes the dumbest people rich and famous...

  • Elena Santiago
    Elena Santiago 13 days ago +27

    There are people dying coz they can’t afford their insulin, Jaclyn.

  • A
    A 13 days ago +1

    Can we all quit whining about our made up anxiety to get aaway with shit already? Every youtuber has anxiety and depression somehow and use it to get what they want 🙄

  • Leslie Hoagland
    Leslie Hoagland 14 days ago +1

    I’ve tried to come back to you but..... damn, cannot relate anymore. Eat a slice of humble pie dude. I can’t believe I wasted time out of my night to watch you complain about your privileged life. THERE ARE BIGGER PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD.

  • Bobbie Vaughn
    Bobbie Vaughn 14 days ago

    Can we get a pale skin series? Glad that you are in good spirits about this. “Only through darkness, can light be found.”

  • Sonny S
    Sonny S 14 days ago +1

    I’m pretty sure people were more concerned about being refunded and you holding yourself accountable without gaslighting customers about your lipsticks than they were about why you had to move.

  • Amanda Hawkins
    Amanda Hawkins 15 days ago

    Can I just come over for wine night and talk? Lol seriously... you’re awesome! Love you!

  • Kexin Yang
    Kexin Yang 15 days ago +1

    the highlighter and blush on your cheekbone make you look like the doll from SAW

  • Andrea Conner
    Andrea Conner 15 days ago

    Screw the haters jaclyn. You do you girl! You look fabulous!

  • Patricia Sumner
    Patricia Sumner 15 days ago

    I think you are so beautiful. Keep up the good work ok.