Logic Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Rey Ramos
    Rey Ramos 16 hours ago

    One of the best Rapper life

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White Day ago

    Sneaker shop bill gates

  • Mousetrap
    Mousetrap Day ago

    I got the supreme x Nike air more uptempo

  • LOST Gaming
    LOST Gaming Day ago


  • S Johnson
    S Johnson Day ago

    F*** you too logic

  • Default Skin
    Default Skin 2 days ago

    If it were me it’d be like. I can’t afford this shit, so nothing

  • Default Skin
    Default Skin 2 days ago

    His hairline is almost as high as snoop dogg

  • summit
    summit 2 days ago

    how can he say foamposites are ugly as he puts the supremes on the counter? those are 10x more ugly.

  • Go Daehan
    Go Daehan 2 days ago

    Would you wear them, mess up with the yeezys
    Logic:No I think theyre ugly...BUT

  • It's Unknown_JG
    It's Unknown_JG 4 days ago

    Logic can turn any video into telling his story

  • Ericka Morales
    Ericka Morales 4 days ago

    Do snecker shoping with ozuma

    DRGIZMO29 4 days ago

    So I'm not the only one who thinks that yeezy is ugly af. I still look at them if someone wears it, but only because those are expensive shoes

  • Enrique   Lara
    Enrique Lara 5 days ago

    Xd but the girls love it

  • gex
    gex 5 days ago

    Lmao Georgetown

  • Corde ツ
    Corde ツ 5 days ago

    "I ThiNK My wIfe WiLL LikE TheEsE" headass

  • flyin dino nuggets
    flyin dino nuggets 6 days ago

    Logic is really dope

  • Maren Westin
    Maren Westin 7 days ago

    Dude I have 7 brothers and sisters I was home schooled to

  • wockstar
    wockstar 7 days ago

    Logic is the type of dude schools bring to teach kids not to do drugs cuz they think he's cool 😂

  • nothing but NBA
    nothing but NBA 8 days ago

    I'm glad they made this episode!!!

  • Kevin Adheen
    Kevin Adheen 9 days ago

    u stole joyner lucas shit bitch u lame u ain't popping nun

  • Yu Evan
    Yu Evan 9 days ago

    go sneaker shopping with higher brothers

    TOXIC WASTE 9 days ago +2

    can you do lil pump or lil uzi vert

  • Grant_
    Grant_ 9 days ago

    iM BiRaCiaL

  • FAFFI doing big tings
    FAFFI doing big tings 11 days ago

    Logic thanks cashier 4x.cashier says nothing

    • Alkaiser
      Alkaiser 5 days ago

      Bitch has no manners

  • ILikeHDG
    ILikeHDG 11 days ago

    Has Kanye ever went sneaker shopping on this show?

  • Mike Borisoff
    Mike Borisoff 11 days ago

    Juice WRLD

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    He looks like a Gucci version of Pete Davidson. 💀❤

  • Erica Crone
    Erica Crone 13 days ago

    logic is such a good guy

  • dazyx
    dazyx 13 days ago

    Thats biracial

  • Fear Viper
    Fear Viper 14 days ago

    Get obj

  • Spaceman J
    Spaceman J 15 days ago +1

    *logic starts shopping*
    Hot chick waits for him to pick...
    Logic- “so do you guys have...?”

  • Reese Bosse
    Reese Bosse 16 days ago +1

    Logic be that guy to start talkin bout ur identity at sneaker shopping

  • Goku *_*
    Goku *_* 17 days ago

    Invite Russ!

  • NoahInYourScreen
    NoahInYourScreen 17 days ago

    Yoo those are the 6s in his YSIV freestyle

  • Noah Gonzales
    Noah Gonzales 19 days ago

    Lilpump goes sneaker shopping

  • SBG YT
    SBG YT 19 days ago +1

    Passed 8th Grade by only knowing how to do Multiplication and Kick Flips. ALL HAIL LOGIC

  • UltimateGamer865
    UltimateGamer865 21 day ago +3

    Those supreme x Nike airs look so nice

  • Bradley Nyamwihura
    Bradley Nyamwihura 22 days ago

    Joey badass

  • urosaurus
    urosaurus 22 days ago

    biracial btw

  • Loouis
    Loouis 23 days ago

    Man said colourwave😂😂

  • J Garcia
    J Garcia 23 days ago +1

    Logic is the best rapper today

  • jdonkey39
    jdonkey39 23 days ago


  • RandomisedGaming
    RandomisedGaming 23 days ago +4

    Bruh you make famous people come to your store/show just so they can get filmed but they still pay for the shoes they get... ehh wtf how is this a thing x'D

  • RandomisedGaming
    RandomisedGaming 23 days ago +3

    I like the Jordan 1's

  • Mason Wilde
    Mason Wilde 23 days ago

    Do NF

  • CORD the1st
    CORD the1st 24 days ago

    I don't like his music so much but he's a good boi

  • Solo 4o6
    Solo 4o6 24 days ago

    This is the first time i have ever seen logic.. I swear I heard he say that he was half black. There is no fucking way!!!

  • nycbk23
    nycbk23 24 days ago

    7:32 Logic was tryna spit game

  • Wasp Killas
    Wasp Killas 25 days ago +1

    Logic looks like he is down syndrome and won the lottery

  • Anantbir Ahuja
    Anantbir Ahuja 25 days ago +1

    6:40 bruh

  • Faze Bolt
    Faze Bolt 25 days ago

    he bought infareds and this was in 2017
    In his recent hard knock interview he talked about starting ys4 3 years ago

  • EJ Okie
    EJ Okie 25 days ago

    Yo anyone know what them blue, lime green Superman shoes are behind logic 4:06

  • Andreas Chitu
    Andreas Chitu 25 days ago

    This nigga talk too much

  • Kamlesh Patel
    Kamlesh Patel 25 days ago


  • Amy Hays
    Amy Hays 25 days ago


    VXiDTRVSH 25 days ago +1

    So lets go see if he's gonna buy some *biracial sneakers*

  • Jeremiah Glover
    Jeremiah Glover 26 days ago +1

    He didn't get the cherry blossoms

  • Wacamac100
    Wacamac100 26 days ago

    When I get new shoes, I take my fatass over to dicks sporting goods, the damn clearance section and buy the cheapest best shit

  • A9X
    A9X 26 days ago

    Logan paul

  • Tyler Morgan
    Tyler Morgan 27 days ago

    Such a lad

  • Hollister Miller
    Hollister Miller 27 days ago

    did anyone else see that ass slap by joe

  • Stauros Liskentai
    Stauros Liskentai 27 days ago

    What is the number 65$ Nike three bear ?

  • Jesse Leiva
    Jesse Leiva 28 days ago

    “Hi I’m logic and I’m biracial”

  • Toxic Rhino2129
    Toxic Rhino2129 28 days ago

    Logic and I have the same taste in sneakers. I would kill to have a good pair of sneakers.

  • Matthew Spanner
    Matthew Spanner 28 days ago

    travis scott

  • TheBigThicc
    TheBigThicc 28 days ago

    Please do Michael Jordan

  • Sebastian Knauer
    Sebastian Knauer 29 days ago

    Back when he wasn't into material things...now flexin with his rolex n shit

  • Amrik Gola
    Amrik Gola 29 days ago

    Why does it say that the supreme x Nike air more untempo are 160 dollars but at the end he paid 550 for them?

  • J. appleseed
    J. appleseed 29 days ago


  • -ErbiDura-
    -ErbiDura- 29 days ago

    I just live logic man ;)

  • Ahsan Mahi
    Ahsan Mahi Month ago

    Do with NF

  • Atomsk
    Atomsk Month ago

    6:59 lil mama is a firecracker

  • islands are gay
    islands are gay Month ago

    Logic is very irrelevant now

  • Miyagi _Power
    Miyagi _Power Month ago

    He looks like a cloned version of idubbzz
    But a very improved one

  • Joh n
    Joh n Month ago

    1:41 i wouldve say "SHUT THE FUCK UP" instead of "right" because i had enough

  • carlos cruz
    carlos cruz Month ago

    Do they have biracial sneakers?

  • Orio Hemingway
    Orio Hemingway Month ago

    Say to Logic he should use Crep Protect

  • Julian Ochoa
    Julian Ochoa Month ago

    I think the man called it a colour wave. (4:20)

  • LACodKing
    LACodKing Month ago +1

    Hey my first pair was the 5’s

  • Mark Alvarez
    Mark Alvarez Month ago

    7:25 “I think my wife will like these” I guess she didn’t like them 😂😂

  • KiriEwkin
    KiriEwkin Month ago

    Nike dunk sb mid "three bears' for 65 bucks?? hook me up:)

  • Robbie Dowd
    Robbie Dowd Month ago

    He wore those Infrareds in the YSIV freestyle

  • Mathew Gonzalez
    Mathew Gonzalez Month ago

    Logic: tells a back story
    Mumble rapper: "yeah"

  • Emanuel Hernande
    Emanuel Hernande Month ago

    Lil skies pls

  • DMC
    DMC Month ago

    Laidies and gentelmens we got him.. A nerd rapper

  • William Allison
    William Allison Month ago

    YO... I want the shoes he showed up in more than anything! Anyone know what the shoes Logic is wearing are??

  • Dank Man
    Dank Man Month ago


  • Frankieg 500r
    Frankieg 500r Month ago

    I think my wife will like these.
    Guess she didnt like them...

  • ツHauntzd
    ツHauntzd Month ago

    If I was on this show, I would buy every Low Retro 11. Every one of them are sick. People be sleeping on them like crazy but its w.e. you buy what you wanna buy.

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez Month ago


  • Kiara Gotay
    Kiara Gotay Month ago

    logic i dont fuk with nobody

  • Benni Bertlin
    Benni Bertlin Month ago

    who is that girl????

  • Lucid Mix_young dagger_

    My guy they have everything in stock

  • Giselle G
    Giselle G Month ago

    Ronaldos still the goat spending 25 grand like it was nothin!!

  • Craig
    Craig Month ago +2

    Logic is a douche, he is monetizing a positive message. It's just too much, it comes across as preachy.

  • Michelle Irwin
    Michelle Irwin Month ago

    Get king lil g

  • Ngaboyire Chris
    Ngaboyire Chris Month ago

    It Would cool seeing a sneaker shoping with russ video☺☺☺😆

  • clickbait
    clickbait Month ago

    go eid ricegum

  • Russell Goldmeer
    Russell Goldmeer Month ago

    Was any of them into sneakers what the fuck is grammar nowadays anyway

  • Tracey Claver
    Tracey Claver Month ago

    Sometimes Logic sounds like Adam Sandler's random character in Hot Chick, the guy who plays the bongos and smokes a lot of weed.