Logic Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • LemonMouse Entertainment
    LemonMouse Entertainment 46 minutes ago

    I thought this was sneaker shopping with Jarrod Foggle. I was dissapointed

  • Supreme logo
    Supreme logo 4 hours ago

    6:51 when a thug asks you do you wanna smoke

  • Marine Entertainment


  • Gregory Bishop
    Gregory Bishop Day ago

    So corny who likes this clown 🤡

  • roccodastick
    roccodastick 2 days ago

    josh dun on this show. tyler too but he’s not really into the shoes like that. josh is more punk.

  • Tariq Taylor
    Tariq Taylor 4 days ago

    Where the hell are they shopping at where you get wolf grey 5’s for 150??🧐

  • Teshaun Lawhorn
    Teshaun Lawhorn 4 days ago

    Foams are not ugly

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez 6 days ago

    Do NF

  • Litty John`
    Litty John` 9 days ago

    Have yeezy busta

  • Doge Whisperer
    Doge Whisperer 9 days ago

    Yeezys wow

  • Sebastian Hamm
    Sebastian Hamm 9 days ago

    Dude got some bricks

  • Josef Velasquez
    Josef Velasquez 9 days ago

    Anyone knows the name of the cashier?

  • Ari Servin
    Ari Servin 10 days ago

    Bro me and logic have the same exact taste in shoes and mind about it like if it got the nike sighn bitch i am buying it

  • Lachlan Oriti
    Lachlan Oriti 10 days ago

    Logic says his black but I’m pretty sure he’s white

  • rmiran
    rmiran 10 days ago

    logic: I don't really buy shoes,but walks out with almost 2000 dollars worth.

  • Austin Cao
    Austin Cao 11 days ago

    this man uses logic

  • Tristan Rajbally
    Tristan Rajbally 11 days ago

    watch scotts video after this and you see how down to earth logic is

  • Heady Helmet
    Heady Helmet 12 days ago

    He should’ve got cactus jacks

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke 12 days ago

    Logics music is aright but he one of the realest mf going

  • LSD Plays
    LSD Plays 12 days ago

    Yo complex please can you hit us up with a Travis Scott episode would be much appreciated

  • Marshall Gabriel
    Marshall Gabriel 12 days ago

    I watch this show so I know what shoes I can't buy cuz I'm broke

    XxBEASTXZZ 12 days ago

    We need more people in the world like logic

  • Cndn Taylor Fam
    Cndn Taylor Fam 13 days ago

    Why does no body get NMDs or Ultra Boosts or Pharrels or Yeezys

  • Raul Gabriel
    Raul Gabriel 13 days ago

    Logic and Joyner Lucas are like the new Eminem, same music, same idol

  • Dawn Bennett
    Dawn Bennett 13 days ago +1

    yeah that'll be $1742
    oh ok nice

  • celis281
    celis281 13 days ago

    What store is this

  • Ali Abdel Mooti
    Ali Abdel Mooti 13 days ago


  • Paul Frankovich
    Paul Frankovich 14 days ago

    Bro.logic is biracial?

  • The_0wen214
    The_0wen214 15 days ago

    The poises are ugly

  • traimer jeff
    traimer jeff 16 days ago +1

    I want 6ix9ine on next one


  • Gingerbread Man
    Gingerbread Man 16 days ago

    Hot diggity dog

  • ALbeRT EsqUIVeL
    ALbeRT EsqUIVeL 17 days ago

    I love Logic because he’s super humble

  • Yadiel Torres
    Yadiel Torres 17 days ago

    Logic turns this into a self acceptance video

  • emily
    emily 17 days ago

    He’s so nice

  • Saifuddin Kamaruddin
    Saifuddin Kamaruddin 18 days ago

    He’s obsessed with Jordan 🔥

  • Jaquari Dillard Student

    Go shoe shopping with mashmellow or drake

  • Xman123 Boss
    Xman123 Boss 18 days ago +1


  • Jace Adkinson
    Jace Adkinson 19 days ago

    “I think my wife will like these..” little does he know

  • Daniel Lavan
    Daniel Lavan 20 days ago

    Those supremes said $190 when he was looking at them. And then $550 when it was rung up

    • MrDumbArseFTW
      MrDumbArseFTW 4 days ago

      Daniel Lavan retail is 190 resell is 550 know your shit before you start trying to expose somebody

  • Francis Nutt
    Francis Nutt 20 days ago

    I love y'all videos and shoes I wish I could buy a pair from you guys

  • MasterPine
    MasterPine 20 days ago

    is tredicipietro look like logic or logic look like tredicipietro? HMMMMMMMMMMM

  • matteo ciaramella
    matteo ciaramella 21 day ago

    He looks like such a nice guy

  • Z-fighter
    Z-fighter 21 day ago


  • Elijah Patterson
    Elijah Patterson 21 day ago

    i go to gaithersburg high

  • Street Paint
    Street Paint 22 days ago

    Put lilwayne on the show please

  • quit
    quit 22 days ago

    I’m Biracial

  • Andre Hyatt
    Andre Hyatt 22 days ago

    This dude jus called yeezys a running shoe🤨

    • MrDumbArseFTW
      MrDumbArseFTW 4 days ago

      Andre Hyatt they are running shoes you dumbass

  • Bryan Murillo
    Bryan Murillo 22 days ago

    I Would buy the Eminem 4's but im Biracial

  • Freddy Pablo
    Freddy Pablo 23 days ago

    Go sneaker shopping with Boonk gang

  • AMS_Cult _
    AMS_Cult _ 23 days ago

    Bruh does this dude have makeup on ?

  • Jessica Glover
    Jessica Glover 24 days ago

    Doesn't go to school for 3 years calls himself logic

  • Kimora’ Ashley
    Kimora’ Ashley 24 days ago

    I love logic and all, but when he said the Foams was ugly...I LOST IT

  • Mdog 769475
    Mdog 769475 24 days ago

    hes biracial

  • Lymar Arisme
    Lymar Arisme 24 days ago

    Logic comes in and says time to do some logic 🤓

  • RedScare #2
    RedScare #2 25 days ago

    My man looks like harry potter

  • xd freshasianjr
    xd freshasianjr 26 days ago

    Drake next

  • Mike Merfeld
    Mike Merfeld 26 days ago

    Logic: I even had chains back then
    Lil pump: At least I have chains at 18 and there iced out
    Logic: But I bought them at the mall for $100
    Lil pump: Well, that means you are a loser

  • FaZe Korczyk
    FaZe Korczyk 26 days ago

    I want Kyrie Irving to come

    OOFER GANG 26 days ago

    Go sneaker shopping with Kendrick Lamar

  • Isaac G
    Isaac G 27 days ago

    I can recite this entire video by heart

  • iTs James
    iTs James 27 days ago

    I’m Mixed

  • Soul Snatcher
    Soul Snatcher 27 days ago

    Definitely the realest dude out there

    ANDREW SILVERTHORN 28 days ago

    Logic b looking like Sid the sloth 😂😂

  • Rahman Shaik
    Rahman Shaik 28 days ago

    Whats the logic behind this?

  • Zakwan Azani
    Zakwan Azani 28 days ago +1

    I think he's biracial

  • ズノレレ乇尺丂ノレ乇刀イ

    I like foams

  • Ariawati Hani
    Ariawati Hani 28 days ago

    2019 ??

  • DeadEyeYT
    DeadEyeYT 28 days ago

    Get Travis Scott or lil Wayne on the show

  • Snowball
    Snowball 28 days ago

    im watching this when im cleaning my dc's

  • 爱 Ares x̶o̶x̶o̶
    爱 Ares x̶o̶x̶o̶ 29 days ago


  • Young Connor
    Young Connor Month ago

    Anyone: says anything.
    Logic: I’m actually biracial!

  • Lava warewolf 786
    Lava warewolf 786 Month ago

    at the end he says"if you aint first your last ricky bobby" i was dying in laughter. LOL

  • Kon Bak
    Kon Bak Month ago

    can.someone pls tell me which shoes logic is wearing?0.39

  • jonah ramos
    jonah ramos Month ago

    Damn this video really made me respect him even more. Strait love man strait love

  • Stephen Castro
    Stephen Castro Month ago

    Host: Logic what were ur first Jordan’s
    Logic: I’m biracial so my first pair is the most biracial color ever gray, perfect combination of white and black

  • victor holguin
    victor holguin Month ago

    "No I think there ugly" 😂💀

  • Nathan Hawkings
    Nathan Hawkings Month ago

    You should have Benjamin kicks on the show
    Like if you agree

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo Month ago

    Bro he is just so fuc*ing real

  • manolis gko
    manolis gko Month ago


    DAVID Month ago

    Homies a goofball😂

    PRAVASH GURUNG Month ago

    Logic looks like a guy who takes a shower once a month.

  • Johnny Van Jr
    Johnny Van Jr Month ago +1

    If I'm rich I'll buy all the shoes

  • rudy
    rudy Month ago

    do amine and travis scott

  • Ben Zink
    Ben Zink Month ago

    Do one with lil dicky

  • Vector Rector
    Vector Rector Month ago

    That's a shame foamposits are like my third favorite sneaker

  • Alan Alban
    Alan Alban Month ago

    2:10 only time i’ll agree with Logic.

  • Henry Nguyen
    Henry Nguyen Month ago

    I’m too poor i can only afford Kmart Shoes :)

  • lihg lavon
    lihg lavon Month ago

    Just found out that logic was an Adventist but no problem at that

  • Just savages
    Just savages Month ago

    Do mj

  • Ts PrOductions
    Ts PrOductions Month ago

    What a wholesome dude he picks up supreme kicks he goes “can I get these if possible? Are these in stock?” Like bro

  • Oliver Greeen
    Oliver Greeen Month ago

    NF or JID

  • Arturo Malpica
    Arturo Malpica Month ago

    I say you guys should invite trump

  • Kaden Campos
    Kaden Campos Month ago

    Bobby Boucher

  • OTE Milli 3⃣!!
    OTE Milli 3⃣!! Month ago +1

    Sob x rbe

  • Jackson Shoe
    Jackson Shoe Month ago +5


  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan Month ago +2

    Bring Kobe Bryant

  • Tajon Stewart
    Tajon Stewart Month ago

    This nigga said posites ugly! LML

  • —BigpuppaSmurf —
    —BigpuppaSmurf — Month ago +2

    IDK why but logic looks like Austin Evans

    • Melvin B.B
      Melvin B.B 14 days ago +1

      Lmao Austin Evans likes the music of logic

  • Gerardo Portillo
    Gerardo Portillo Month ago

    This man is an enemy of the DMV

  • Raymond Wen
    Raymond Wen Month ago +2

    logic sounds like a super chill dude