i don't think i can take this anymore...

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • I'm really losin' it, I think...
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  • L E
    L E Day ago

    12:37 you just see Zach and Ned from the try guys 😂😂

  • Jorge Graham
    Jorge Graham 2 days ago

    You need to go to the time 15:32 girl it sounds like a dog dieing or some thing just got extremely heart

  • Grace K
    Grace K 3 days ago

    (rewatching this video so that’s why this comment is so late lol) but anyway buying not ONE, but TWO BRAND NEW IPHONES is the type of financial stability I ASPIRE to have. just thought i’d put that out there lol

  • Lana Osman
    Lana Osman 3 days ago

    Omg I love Porto’s I had it when I went to California this summer

  • Reba Grammer
    Reba Grammer 6 days ago

    I live in Ohio, right by new castle and I was out here wondering why there is pizza joe’s in LA because I forgot you were from PA 😂😂

  • Makenzie Roseweed
    Makenzie Roseweed 7 days ago

    synchronicities will always show themselves for a reason my love

  • Nenex
    Nenex 9 days ago

    Idk about anyone else, but stuff like this happens to me frequently too. I think Gabbie just pays a lot more attention to these synchronicities than most people do

  • wishii
    wishii 12 days ago

    okay so did anyone notice how at 11:00 she talks about how she has the iPhone 7 then at 11:09 she turns her phone on and it’s 7 :00

  • Miss Miri
    Miss Miri 13 days ago

    HELP 🙏me pls Gabbie what can I do for this to stop

  • Miss Miri
    Miss Miri 13 days ago

    Why did I watch this now weird thing happens to me things like this HELP 🙏

  • Miss Miri
    Miss Miri 13 days ago

    After this really weird thing like this starts to happen help Gabbie 😥😥🙏🙏

  • Slump Got Next
    Slump Got Next 14 days ago

    my head is absolutely insane

  • Amina Wijntje
    Amina Wijntje 15 days ago


  • Amina Wijntje
    Amina Wijntje 15 days ago

    Are you psychotic?...maybe
    Get some sleep, Girl*

  • nerdy nona
    nerdy nona 15 days ago

    Ok I don't know if anyone saw that but when she said seven she flipped her phone around to show us the screen and it said seven o'clock I don't know if that means anything but ...

  • Lava_ Lamp1
    Lava_ Lamp1 16 days ago

    So is it a coincidence that all these coincidences happened or, is it a coincidence that all these coincidences happened and it’s a coincidence I coincidentally clicked on this video?

  • The Mighty Quinn Golling
    The Mighty Quinn Golling 17 days ago +2

    I think all the coincidences being a confirmation you're on the right path is pretty right on... a good friend of mine feels the same way and i think God works that way

  • screaming.smile
    screaming.smile 17 days ago

    idk if gabbie has literally sucked me into this, (hopefully she didnt) but, as she was talking about her glue thing, im like doing this art thing, and i dont have markers, so i keep all my art supplies in one box, i had white out, and it all spilled, i cleaned it a long time ago, and i havent used it in a long time, so i dont have markers, and im using crayons, AND THE WHITE OUT MADE TWO CRAYON *STICK* TOGETHER.

  • Isabel Shearer
    Isabel Shearer 17 days ago +1

    That actually happend to me for 20 times in a row yeah then it sundely stop

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 19 days ago +1

    Gabbie your phones listening and watching every single thing you do....and behaves accordingly :| scary ish yo

  • DJ R
    DJ R 20 days ago


  • Kassidy Emerson
    Kassidy Emerson 21 day ago

    As you started talking about Joeygraceffa I got a notification for his new video 😶😭

  • Ellie May
    Ellie May 21 day ago +1

    As soon as you said dogs I was greeting my dogs saying “hello dogs” at the fucking same time

  • Mark McClay
    Mark McClay 22 days ago +1

    Gabbie says its an iPhone7... her phone says 7:00

  • The Pied Piper ASMR
    The Pied Piper ASMR 23 days ago

    GIRL! Think ubout MONEY

  • Carolyn Martens
    Carolyn Martens 24 days ago

    Ok as soon as she mentioned Elvis Presley my mf brother started listening to his music and I could hear it all across the house.

  • Caelyn Makenzie
    Caelyn Makenzie 24 days ago

    Anyone else notice how she was talking about how she had the iPhone 7 and it was exactly 7 o’clock or no😂

  • Bitch I’m Fabulous
    Bitch I’m Fabulous 24 days ago

    Hey Gabby I just want to let you know that the same thing happens to me all the timenew it happens exactly how you're explaining it

  • Amelia Lippincott
    Amelia Lippincott 25 days ago

    "are you following me?"
    ...Not really...

  • Sabrina Self
    Sabrina Self 27 days ago

    Ok, I'm not sure but am I the only one who knows that instragram/facebook listens to you and then prompts stuff that you say. The opening Instagram thing happens to me all the time. It is just a theory especially after the facebook scandal

  • Ladybugs LuckyCharm
    Ladybugs LuckyCharm 27 days ago

    I think I was brought into this. I JUST ate pizza for dinner! 😱😂

  • Drew The Crystal Gazer

    Girl is the song with the lyric “glue” out yet???

  • Colorful Daisy
    Colorful Daisy 28 days ago +1

    im not hating i love gab but i like that she can get a brand new phone and realize she doesnt like the color so she went to get a new one when she probably is getting a case that will cover it.

  • Meg Oswald Blunck
    Meg Oswald Blunck 29 days ago

    holy crap am I the only one that realize when she said I have the 7 turned on right after and said seven oh my God

  • Isabella Mayse
    Isabella Mayse 29 days ago +1

    What if you just affected all of us?

  • Caleb Gadow
    Caleb Gadow 29 days ago

    This shit happens to me all the time, has since I was a teenager, and I lose my shit every time.

  • juali222
    juali222 Month ago +2

    I think you're overreacting a bit... Like it's a fun coincidence that you walk by a store of a brand you just posted a picture of. But isn't it totally normal that after you post it some people see it and text to their friend about it?

  • juali222
    juali222 Month ago +8

    It's a psychological thing that you never notice certain things unless you want to. Like the Elvis story. In your life you've probably ran by so many Elvis pictures /merch but don't notice it because it isn't relevant for your life. But once you talk about it you become more aware of other Elvis things. So you start thinking that suddenly there's a lot of Elvis out there even tho it's always been that way and you just notice it now.

  • Deku Midoriya
    Deku Midoriya Month ago


  • dkm dancer
    dkm dancer Month ago

    Literally this is me (but turned up a couple notches)

  • A_random _user :3
    A_random _user :3 Month ago +1

    If you lose you mind then go find it

  • Queen of The world
    Queen of The world Month ago +1

    I’ve seen this before but it didn’t have the little line I’m confusion

  • Emma Lopez
    Emma Lopez Month ago

    Love how this video is half an hour of gabbie having a mental breakdown,yet we watch all of it...

  • Cody Loc
    Cody Loc Month ago

    I purposely made life choices to avoid becoming famous so that me and Gabbie could date and that way she could finally have her bf/fiance hopefully at some point?/future husband in her videos and her blogs. I was also a musician and was the lead singer of a local metal core band out of AZ(I wore makeup and a women's dress or skirt on stage with blood and different Manson-esque shit, 10 points if you ever saw my band on tour, or saw me perform! Ty if you ever did!) We say the same weird things , same weird beliefs, both rock the therapy what whatttt where my disorder people's at!? We both have a strong connection to the paranormal(I was a Demonologist for a large paranormal group for years) The universe is totes mcgrobes gonna have us meet somehow? No? Dammit.

  • April Flames
    April Flames Month ago +1

    This Happens To Me All The Time

    I Thought It Was Normal

  • Jordan Montoya
    Jordan Montoya Month ago

    I feel like everyone is somewhat mildly psychic in some way. One time when I was in, like 7th grade I had this really weird dream that I was in a classroom (one of the ones at my school, they all look pretty much the same) of a teacher who I will call Mrs. T. Anyway, in this dream I was working on a project with, like 5 people, and I only recognized 2 of them. Then next year, 8th grade, my English teacher has the same name as the teacher in my dream, the classroom I am in is decorated the same way as the classroom in my dream, and some of the people in this group in my dream that I had never met before where in this class too along with the people that I had met from said group. Lo and behold, towards the end of the year, pretty much a full year after I have had this dream, I am in Mrs. T's class, working on a project with the same five people that I was in this dream (And I know it seems weird that I remembered this dream for a full year, but at that point in my life I NEVER, NEVER dreamed) (I dream more now). And now that I'm older shit like that happens all the time, I have a dream and some time later the dream happens in real life exactly how I remembered it happening or I just get this overwhelming feeling of deja vu, but I can only vaugely remember the dream that I saw it happen in. So yeah, weird shit happens.

  • Madison Falk
    Madison Falk Month ago

    did anyone else relise when she said she said i phone 7 the exact time was 7:00 spooky

  • Alicia Cabrera
    Alicia Cabrera Month ago

    i dont think I can do this anymore i looked up your birthday for clarification. Your birthday is the DAY BEFORE MINE and also MY COUSINS BIRTHDAY.

  • Frederique Raats
    Frederique Raats Month ago

    When you did the showstopper of the week ur phone said that the time was 12:26 AND I LOOKED AT MY PHONE AND ITS 12:26 GABBIEEEEE (first time watching this video btw) GET ME OUTTA THISSSSS

  • Kaelin Marie
    Kaelin Marie Month ago

    yo Gabbie... I started my period yesterday and have been watching/rewatching a lot of your these past couple days, and I keep getting pamprin ads... and I just started having cramps right as that damn ad popped up in the middle of your video... talk about crazy sh*t happening

  • A Mystery Girk
    A Mystery Girk Month ago

    Having a mental breskdown? Eh, there's a first for everything. This is my 37th.

  • ɑӀɑղղɑ Տհɑղղօղ

    Gabbie: Is anyone following me?
    Me: uhhhhhhhh

  • Karen Boston
    Karen Boston Month ago

    ... Does she not know that your phones hear the things that you say. Mainly for giving you ads that you want. And now apparently for scaring Gabbie.

  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright Month ago

    Is tit the house that you just bought?

  • Sky Parnell
    Sky Parnell Month ago

    This is rubbing off on me now... I'm watching this and then you tweeted... I don't want this 🤣😩

  • AnnaBananaLovesPuppies 123

    When your mental breakdown is sponsored *insert "you guys are getting paid?" meme here*

    CAnADiANgAMeR Month ago

    Legit same shit happens to me but with ads of stuff I have thought of but never looked at to buy. Always kinda freaked me out nice to know I am not the only one with these weird ass things happening.

  • Emily IRL
    Emily IRL Month ago

    Me, watching this video
    Gabbie, talking about the guy on the roof: I came out to smoke a blunt
    Ad, immediately after: Smoking. The real cost

  • Spideaires
    Spideaires Month ago

    Can someone postmate me Mac and cheese please

  • Azriela Iorizzo
    Azriela Iorizzo Month ago

    i have a question. what exactly is your ethnicity. i think i now whats going on.