3 a.m. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] (Study/Sleep/Relax music)

  • Published on Oct 14, 2017
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    ►Hey guys it is Feardog here and welcome to another mix! This one is a little longer because I wanted to thank you all for the continuous support :). This mix consists of a lot of lofi hip hop, jazzhop and some vapowave! I compiled songs from chilledcow, axian and anything I could find on soundcloud really :). Lofi/lo-fi hiphop, jazzhop and vaporwave are very good for studying and relaxing to be honest haha! This is a very chill mix with relaxing beats which will help you study and concentrate on your work. I hope you guys liked this mix, if you did be sure to like the video and subscribe to me because it really helps my channel a lot :) I hope you guys have a fantastic day/night. :)
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    0:00 H.1 - Pray
    3:02 Mingu5 - Out for a walk
    5:40 Tomppabeats - You're Cute
    11:29 nymano - ill never know _ green tea
    15:20 The Deli - 5-32PM
    17:37 Mingu5 - Return
    19:44 Sweetbn _ - Row Flip
    20:54 elijah who - im not as lonely anymore
    23:29 Matt Quentin - Waves
    26:51 H.1 - Stay
    28:59 harren - midnight in asakusa
    31:36 peatu - its still raining ( i dont mind )
    35:09 luv.ly - in luv
    37:00 Joey Pecoraro - Tired Boy
    41:14 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place
    45:14 Joakim Karud - Dreams
    H.1: soundcloud.com/111h111
    Mingu5 : soundcloud.com/user-412641036
    tomppabeats: soundcloud.com/tomppabeats
    nymano: soundcloud.com/nymano
    The Deli: soundcloud.com/the-deli
    sweetbn _: soundcloud.com/sweetbunmusic
    harren: soundcloud.com/harren-yip
    elijah who: soundcloud.com/elijahwho
    Matt Quentin: soundcloud.com/matthewsteinlauf
    peatu: soundcloud.com/peatu
    luv.ly: soundcloud.com/lv-ly
    Joey Pecoraro: soundcloud.com/joeypecoraro
    Joakim Karud: soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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    ☯Discord Server: discord.gg/N3f5Nwc
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    ►3 A.M. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music
    ►3 A.M. [lo fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music
    ►3 A.M. [lofi hiphop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music
    ►ARTWORK: www.deviantart.com/art/Night-Room-550309563
    #Feardog #lofi #aesthetic
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  • Feardog
    Feardog  6 months ago +427

    Sequel to this mix (3:30 a.m.) is out, a year after this one on the same date! I suggest all of you to check it out

  • ǝlǝ
    ǝlǝ 2 hours ago

    am i the only one here because i wanted an aesthetic af haircut and they failed and made me look like the ‘can i speak to the manager’ woman?

  • Ezequiel Ortiz
    Ezequiel Ortiz 7 hours ago +1

    Se la comen putos♡♡♡♡☆☆

  • Fall
    Fall 11 hours ago

    Anyone else feel, like, really obligated to write a poem right now?

  • sun'el
    sun'el Day ago


  • Yoshi Shah
    Yoshi Shah Day ago +1

    this good. :P

  • piano boi
    piano boi 2 days ago +1

    Bro you got me on 3:35 ty USclip recommendation System

  • woahlookatmyusername
    woahlookatmyusername 2 days ago +1

    Thank you, thats all I can say :)

  • Alondra Holiwis
    Alondra Holiwis 3 days ago +2

    Looking at the night sky, listening to this and just thinking abouth life... my every day routine 🌙

  • Bella Netherton-Seitz

    Just think the comments section of lofi is pretty close to a poetry cafe except where no one knows who you are or what you look like but you can share to crushing thoughts with people who don't know you but I dedicate this small insignificant comment to you who ever you are and also Elio and Oliver I am now a counselor so drop some thoughts and just know I'm here🍑💙💙💙who ever you are you are so important, to me at least stay goodish

  • Samantha Morris
    Samantha Morris 3 days ago


  • I love furry
    I love furry 3 days ago

    What time do you wathing this guys and where?
    Me 9:22 pm Czech republic ❤

  • Rodrigo Novais
    Rodrigo Novais 4 days ago

    Adoro tudo isso ..🎶🎷🎹

  • Fletcher Bailey
    Fletcher Bailey 5 days ago

    “3am” Illuminati confirmed 😳

  • Cece Cavallo
    Cece Cavallo 5 days ago

    Wanna know the best experience that I have ever had?

    1. Put on Bluetooth headphones
    2. Put this on
    3. Grab a canvas
    4. Paint the crap out of it

  • antibean
    antibean 5 days ago

    i love lofi music but i hate the samples they put in it kinda ruins the mood

  • Emily Alberts
    Emily Alberts 5 days ago

    Hey idk if you'll see this, but I wanted to let you know I put this playlist on every night before I go to sleep, and I haven't been awake to listen to the whole thing yet. Thanks so much for putting together a playlist so so peaceful and relaxing that it beats my insomnia. ❤

  • kairakogane
    kairakogane 6 days ago

    I remember listening to this on the airplane in summer. Great memories.

  • I love Jhopes Smile
    I love Jhopes Smile 6 days ago

    nice nice nice. Baby I miss you, you should come here really soon.

  • snapy snap
    snapy snap 6 days ago +1

    I love you all ❤️

  • KameKame
    KameKame 7 days ago

    This made me cry

  • ニコル
    ニコル 8 days ago

    Using this to study for finals two years in a row!

  • xggy
    xggy 8 days ago +1


  • Sia Kim
    Sia Kim 8 days ago


  • Angelie
    Angelie 8 days ago

    I watch this only at night

  • Larry's B
    Larry's B 9 days ago


  • 12isao
    12isao 9 days ago

    I T ‘ L L B E O K

  • shorttongue
    shorttongue 9 days ago

    28:05 is not cool to wake up and hear that in your headphones at 3 AM

  • Jimin’s Promise
    Jimin’s Promise 9 days ago

    I cant dare wake up at 3:30 cuz I’ll be imagining Ghost staring or with me...
    But I’ll listen to this when im going to bed 💕💕

    ANWESHA GHOSH 11 days ago +1

    you don't know how much this video has helped me:) thank you💛

  • AestheticallyDumb
    AestheticallyDumb 11 days ago +1

    You’re walking down the street, it’s a cool summer in August. the birds are chirping, the trees are breezing, and you’re walking your dog.
    Somewhat, a handsome person walks up to you and smiles as they bend down and asks to pet your dog.
    You exchange a smile and say sure, as they pet your dog, they give you a hug. You’re arms are still as a feather, as the sun goes down, they never let go. Surely, you didn’t expect them to be the love of your life.
    Have a nice day you amazing human being. 🙏💕

  • Ten KaY. KTY
    Ten KaY. KTY 11 days ago


  • Roma Sky
    Roma Sky 11 days ago

    It is legit 3am here wtf

  • 月野いちか
    月野いちか 11 days ago


  • Satisfying _slime18
    Satisfying _slime18 12 days ago

    I’m watching this this at 3:26

  • ツAllan
    ツAllan 12 days ago +1

    3 am thinking how fucked up my life is

  • Karla Quinonez
    Karla Quinonez 12 days ago

    2.36 AM and Here I was ..Thank you

  • ghastly
    ghastly 12 days ago +1

    different people, different thoughts, same hearts.

  • patito pao
    patito pao 12 days ago


  • Dennis O
    Dennis O 12 days ago +1

    Listen to it at 0.75 or 2 times the speed depending on how you're feeling.

  • Khánh Thùy Võ Huỳnh

    this playlist is so cool!!!

  • H A
    H A 14 days ago

    It was 3am. Now it's 5am. School man, gotta make it happen.

  • the.mighty.kyuss
    the.mighty.kyuss 14 days ago

    3:20AM...I'm late. Also, the picture reminding me of the Hey Arnold! bedroom I always wanted.

  • Markus Michalk
    Markus Michalk 14 days ago

    Is that a microwave heating a pizza in 3:00 minutes?

  • jere ruth
    jere ruth 14 days ago +1

    When i think of her i cry. When i cant handle it i sleep. Its been too long since ive felt her touch, too long since I've heard her voice. I'm losing myself holding on to the love her and i had. Hoping someday she'll come back. Until than I'll love her as if she never left. It hurts to forgive but it's far too great loving someone who deserves it. 29yrs of living and shes the only one who ever deserved my love.

  • Claide Mamede
    Claide Mamede 14 days ago

    Que paz! 💜

  • Dani Gamer
    Dani Gamer 14 days ago

    es muy buena $

  • Emmbition Art
    Emmbition Art 14 days ago +1

    Right now school is difficult and not in a work way. In a people way. I am on the outside of things. none of my friends are coming to my birthday. Sitting an listening to this music makes me feel less alone. It's nice, it's nice when you feel the weightlessness you can only experience from this music. I love everyone who reads this

  • meat 170
    meat 170 15 days ago

    imma play dead cells while listening to this XD

  • Ihsaan Fardani
    Ihsaan Fardani 15 days ago

    2019 03:49

  • John Laurens
    John Laurens 15 days ago

    Is it just me or does the first song fit really well with idontwannabeyouanymore?😂

  • Charley Smith
    Charley Smith 15 days ago


  • Maddie Cawley
    Maddie Cawley 16 days ago

    6:05 lowkey kinda creepy. Its 3:29 am currently and i almost pissed myself.

  • Brooklyn Julia
    Brooklyn Julia 16 days ago

    if u have depression and ur listening to this video then just know this, to u, this world might seem like a sad place and u can’t escape, everything will be better, i promise

  • Micheal myers
    Micheal myers 16 days ago

    I love this.im always looking for misic like this.i like

  • EDM is my Life
    EDM is my Life 16 days ago +1

    My dream room, that's all I need

  • Taha HN
    Taha HN 17 days ago +2

    ✔Oh man !! This room it's lit
    I want one but without this clock 😅

  • HDxVersus
    HDxVersus 17 days ago

    It's 3 somewhere

  • Alberto Carballo
    Alberto Carballo 17 days ago +2

    I remember when I was younger in my 8 or 10 days I would wake up early on Saturday without knowing.I would roll off my bed (not really roll off though) and go to the bookshelf I had in front my bed and grabbing a Dr.Sues book (if I miss spelled it sorry).Grabbing my blanket set it in front of my bed and leave my book there too.I would go down stairs and get some what distracted from seeing the moon going down and the sun rising to light the world,Also making some hot chocolate with my mom Coffee Machine taking a sip making sure it not hot or cold then I’d go back to my room and wrap my self with my blanket and book in hand. My brain would easily ease off into a different areas.

    Seeing this picture really reminded me about my younger self and how I wish I could go back in time to those days .

    I love you guys and you should too! ♡

    Good night,afternoon or, Morning ♡

  • Đorđe Jokić
    Đorđe Jokić 17 days ago +11

    4:12 still havent slept, getting up at 5 for work. . .

    • Đorđe Jokić
      Đorđe Jokić 6 hours ago

      Sarmica Da, sad se probudio

    • Sarmica
      Sarmica Day ago

      Đorđe Jokić I jesi se naspavao? 😁

  • Escanor Pride
    Escanor Pride 17 days ago

    So this is what loneliness is huh?

  • Day The Baby
    Day The Baby 18 days ago +2

    sometimes all it takes is a good cry, it'll get better

  • Johanna Angot
    Johanna Angot 18 days ago

    Such relieving music to relieve my stress!

  • Nor Fatihah Syuhada
    Nor Fatihah Syuhada 18 days ago

    i feel sleepy...but i have lot of assignment....

  • Lunar tofu
    Lunar tofu 18 days ago


  • Hannah Dixon
    Hannah Dixon 19 days ago

    I’ve got a walking camp where we have to carry all our stuff tomorrow and I’m really stressed and can’t sleep but this is slowly relaxing me

  • abvile wisp
    abvile wisp 20 days ago +4

    Once I hear this . I travel to unknown worlds in my mind and putting it a reality.

  • Dave Ridlespriger 2
    Dave Ridlespriger 2 20 days ago +1

    I don't put myself above GOD.
    and neither should you. Silly rabbit

  • MJCN
    MJCN 20 days ago

    Yo its 3 am and I found this vid lmao

  • Graham Miller
    Graham Miller 20 days ago

    3:00 A.M
    It’s 3:00 a.m again, I stare at my alarm clock. The sound of a siren in the distance is the only noise. It's quiet. As I sit in my bed I think back to the first time I’d woken up at 3, it seems not so far away. I lay back down and my head hits the pillow. Why did I have to wake up? Going back to sleep right now seems only like a fantasy. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see two green eyes outside my window. I walk to my window and open just enough so the creature can slip into my room. After it enters I shut the window. I hear a purr behind me...it's on my bed. I turn around and smile as my cat starts grooming herself. My eyes can’t stay open so I go back to my bed. My cat Charlotte curls up beside me and I pet her. The ambience is nice. I reach over and turn on my lamp. The only sound is the slight buzz of my lamp and my cat breathing. As I sit there in silence with Charlotte I remember when my older brother and I would play at the park down the road, when I’d go to the corner store with him. It’s so nostalgic. I check my clock; 3:30 a.m. Maybe it's time for sleep. As I lay on my side I think; ‘3 o’clock isn’t so bad.’

  • Dayah 97
    Dayah 97 20 days ago

    Here,it is 2am not 3am but i feel kind of lonely🍃This playlist is just nice i like it ;)

  • Exterrii Aesthetic
    Exterrii Aesthetic 20 days ago

    Now I feel sad

  • Marzuki Zulkufly
    Marzuki Zulkufly 21 day ago

    Im a married man..hv a great wife and a son who is 2 years old now..when they are asleep at night i will listen to this kind of song in my private room and doing my things..even though i miss my single life,felt alone and thinking about my future, i feel blessed now knowing that i have a great life ahead..to all of you who think that your life will not be change, dont give up...sometimes u need to be alone and lonely in order to know what it means to have somebody to love.

  • Exterrii X
    Exterrii X 21 day ago

    You know, sometimes I just feel like step on a bus and go wherever it goes. Just sit there and go for hours. See the sky turn darker and the stars peak out. Go by small mountain roads, almost no other cars, just the bus and a pew people mumbeling in the back. Listen to lofi and just relax

  • M Griffin
    M Griffin 21 day ago

    ιт нαѕ вєєn 3αм fσr α ωнιℓє nσω.

    ALEX VEGA 21 day ago

    5:57 @prettyboyfredo

  • MotoMoto
    MotoMoto 21 day ago +1

    Anyone else just cry in peace to these songs?

  • nhật tân nguyễn
    nhật tân nguyễn 21 day ago +2

    Oh my God.
    I couldn't believe it, while I just woke up to say good morning, I heard this melody, I was so scared. T_T T_T T_T

  • Sassy Pickles
    Sassy Pickles 21 day ago

    anyone still listening in 3019?

  • Jake Sabadina
    Jake Sabadina 22 days ago


  • JoBeatz Beatbox
    JoBeatz Beatbox 22 days ago +40

    Apparently most people that listen to lofi are either suffering from depression, or just stressed.

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X 22 days ago +1

    Is it bad that I'm hearing this at 2:30 am instead of 3 am

    • Guilherme Gigeck
      Guilherme Gigeck 20 days ago

      Unacceptable. How dare you? Mother is ashamed. Family's honor has been tainted.

  • Ebony Locke
    Ebony Locke 22 days ago

    It’s currently 3 am, best thing ever.

  • Jai K
    Jai K 23 days ago +3

    With my driving test tomorrow, pharmacology test on Thursday and chemistry project due for Monday - this is exactly what I needed. Wish me luck guys.

    • Giov.
      Giov. 23 days ago +1

      good luck mate

  • Lamour Bluitt
    Lamour Bluitt 24 days ago


  • Topa 43
    Topa 43 24 days ago +1

    I realy like how everyone in this comentsection ist just telling what they are doing so I decided to write something too.
    I am lying in bed with my Boyfriend. He is asleep with his head on my stumach and I can run my fingers through his dark, curly hair. The late afternoon sun is shining through my green curtains and paints everything in my room greenish. I feel very calm and save.
    (I am sorry for my mediocre English im from Germany)

  • StoRM Clan Official
    StoRM Clan Official 24 days ago +1

    10 Hours Later...

    Clock says
    *3:01 am*

  • Ryan Oh
    Ryan Oh 25 days ago

    Jus sitting at my desk calming my mind. Having one meal per day cuz of being in secure. Thinking ab the ex i had to leave. But i came here to relax and think ab life looking at other memories thinking ab the people that actually care. Laying in bed thinking what if this one thing had not have happened. Thinking how school helped your life. But one thing i personally hate to think ab, parents. You could have a great parent that loves you, or a parent like mine that doesn't jus physically abuse you but mentally. But think how much stronger it made you. Now jus relax your mind.

  • dbz 6730
    dbz 6730 26 days ago

    dang it USclip how did u know it's 3 am

  • Spork
    Spork 27 days ago

    this showed up on my
    homepage at 3 am

  • ɑղժí ՏԵí
    ɑղժí ՏԵí 27 days ago +1

    ӀíՏԵҽղ Ӏօƒí ɑԵ 12:30 - 03:00 ɑʍ ❤

  • Candyc Connection
    Candyc Connection 27 days ago

    Muito bommmmm

  • sprawdzianik wyciągamy karteczki

    jazz is that shit ⭐️

  • adnan zhafinan
    adnan zhafinan 28 days ago

    lets sex ... hahahahaaa

  • Sunflower kiddo
    Sunflower kiddo 28 days ago

    That clock look like a microwave

  • Proxytale 101
    Proxytale 101 29 days ago

    It’s 4:13 AM when I’m listening to this.

  • Omar Hutchinson
    Omar Hutchinson 29 days ago +1

    Well everything you do makes me CRY!! Wow!!

  • Claire Huang
    Claire Huang Month ago

    I’m not listening to this at 3:00 and I still LUV it ♥️

  • Azumi
    Azumi Month ago

    Am I just being creepy or do you sometimes imagine you'd be the only person alive and you just feel relieved?

  • Nerma - _ -
    Nerma - _ - Month ago +2

    idk,how but i can only study with this type of music.like fr fr