3 a.m. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] (Study/Sleep/Relax music)

  • Published on Oct 14, 2017
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    ►Hey guys it is Feardog here and welcome to another mix! This one is a little longer because I wanted to thank you all for the continuous support :). This mix consists of a lot of lofi hip hop, jazzhop and some vapowave! I compiled songs from chilledcow, axian and anything I could find on soundcloud really :). Lofi/lo-fi hiphop, jazzhop and vaporwave are very good for studying and relaxing to be honest haha! This is a very chill mix with relaxing beats which will help you study and concentrate on your work. I hope you guys liked this mix, if you did be sure to like the video and subscribe to me because it really helps my channel a lot :) I hope you guys have a fantastic day/night. :)
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    0:00 H.1 - Pray
    3:02 Mingu5 - Out for a walk
    5:40 Tomppabeats - You're Cute
    11:29 nymano - ill never know _ green tea
    15:20 The Deli - 5-32PM
    17:37 Mingu5 - Return
    19:44 Sweetbn _ - Row Flip
    20:54 elijah who - im not as lonely anymore
    23:29 Matt Quentin - Waves
    26:51 H.1 - Stay
    28:59 harren - midnight in asakusa
    31:36 peatu - its still raining ( i dont mind )
    35:09 luv.ly - in luv
    37:00 Joey Pecoraro - Tired Boy
    41:14 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place
    45:14 Joakim Karud - Dreams
    H.1: soundcloud.com/111h111
    Mingu5 : soundcloud.com/user-412641036
    tomppabeats: soundcloud.com/tomppabeats
    nymano: soundcloud.com/nymano
    The Deli: soundcloud.com/the-deli
    sweetbn _: soundcloud.com/sweetbunmusic
    harren: soundcloud.com/harren-yip
    elijah who: soundcloud.com/elijahwho
    Matt Quentin: soundcloud.com/matthewsteinlauf
    peatu: soundcloud.com/peatu
    luv.ly: soundcloud.com/lv-ly
    Joey Pecoraro: soundcloud.com/joeypecoraro
    Joakim Karud: soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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    ☯Discord Server: discord.gg/N3f5Nwc
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    ►3 A.M. [lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music
    ►3 A.M. [lo fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music
    ►3 A.M. [lofi hiphop / jazzhop / chillhop mix] Study/Sleep/Relax Music
    ►ARTWORK: www.deviantart.com/art/Night-Room-550309563
    #Feardog #lofi #aesthetic
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  • Feardog
    Feardog  4 months ago +307

    Sequel to this mix (3:30 a.m.) is out, a year after this one on the same date! I suggest all of you to check it out


    lofi hip hop is always so relaxing to listen to.
    its good for me because I need to take a break from depressing songs.

    MC BYGONE Day ago

    if you like this you'll enjoy my youtube channel 😎 🤙
    on god i gots that dope hip hop day in day out... i genuinely don't know any thing different!

  • EtherealBlader X

    I thought the beginning was earthbound:D lol

  • Sasha
    Sasha 2 days ago

    thank you so much for this. I listen to this whenever I write.

  • Zareen
    Zareen 2 days ago

    Why is life so hard...you never get wht you want.........when will my dreams come true..?

  • Depressed. Kiddo.
    Depressed. Kiddo. 2 days ago

    Is 1 AM close enough for ya??

  • Muhammad Faiz
    Muhammad Faiz 3 days ago

    need someone to talk with while listening to this

  • Thanh Tình
    Thanh Tình 3 days ago

    What is the picture's link in video?

  • Honcho
    Honcho 3 days ago +1


    GHETTOROMANTIC 4 days ago


  • George Pantzikis
    George Pantzikis 4 days ago

    There's a poem by Bukowski called "The bluebird". Idk why but this reminds me of it. Such a beautiful work.

  • S zheng
    S zheng 4 days ago


  • Miguel cabrera castro

    just a tip,the voices on an audio distract the mind and are worst for a study sesión,i saw that a lot of videos like this have the same error.

  • Vương Linh
    Vương Linh 4 days ago

    9:17 I was like almost asleep and it started singing and giggle??? That kinda creepy...

  • Swathy MK
    Swathy MK 5 days ago

    Is the dialogue at 19:50 from friends with benefits?

  • 煙.
    煙. 5 days ago

    I love this music

  • Havok
    Havok 5 days ago

    I wished my room looked like this in the middle of the night

  • Cassandra Neff
    Cassandra Neff 6 days ago

    I t h i n k I b r o k e t h e r e p l a y b u t t o n 😂

  • Slime Queen
    Slime Queen 7 days ago +1

    I am homeschooled. You might be thinking bein home schooled you have the HOLE time in the world to do anything; Well not when it comes to me. I'm a pretty lazy person. All I do is draw, Read and listen to BTS. As you can tell I probably don't turn In my essay's or homework early, Also just because I'm homeschooled doesn't mean my mother won't most likely lecture or kill me if I don't turn it in. I have about 1 hour to finish 2 long essay's. I'm really stressed and not in the mood for getting yelled at. But I also turn on these kind of music videos to calm me down and get goin on work. I hope these music videos do you some good in the future...Have an awesome day. =)

    • keep streaming til jimin gets jams
      keep streaming til jimin gets jams 5 days ago

      Armyyyy I also am a huge fan of bts myself they are so passionate in their music but also are fun and happy but remember to know you are not the only one having a hard time bts is too the get death threats,work too much, and at one point hospitalized but guess what after all of that heart breaking stuff they made it I'm so happy for them because they kept going and didn't give up on us or each other,so what I'm basically saying is keep going it will get better and at the end you'll realize that you didn't do it for nothing you did it for yourself💜

  • Swim Fast
    Swim Fast 7 days ago +1

    Yo someone tell the kid his clock his broken

  • Gratified Wizard
    Gratified Wizard 7 days ago

    its 2:20

  • Sang Danh
    Sang Danh 7 days ago

    Đông lại tới gió ùa về nhanh hơn từ hạ sang thu
    Anh lật những trang giấy cũ lạnh lẽo cô đơn xen lẫn thích thú
    Những bài hát cùng cuốn nhật kí mà anh vẫn thường viết ra
    100 tờ ở trong số đó chứa những kỷ niệm mình anh thiết tha
    Nói thiệt là: mỗi lần như vậy đôi mắt của anh trở nên nóng hổi
    Nước mắt nặng hạt trượt xuống khi đôi mi này không còn sức chống chọi
    Những cảm xúc ta dành cho em đặc biệt... không thể diễn tả
    Đặc biệt nhất khi em ra đi ta như "cá tình" rời biển cả
    Ta đã hứa chuyện này sẽ mãi mãi trở nên lâu dài
    Ta đã hứa sẽ tắt nắng đi cho màu tình hồng đừng mau phai
    Ta đã hứa sẽ nắm tay nhau ân cần và chở che nhau mãi
    Ta thất hứa khi em bỏ lại một con "cá tình" đằng sau ai
    Và ngày sau nếu có gặp lại xin cho trò truyện bên em một lúc
    Nghe những lời bình thường từ em khiến tim ta buồn bã muốn ngã gục
    Hỏi thăm em những lời gần gũi: "Cuộc sống dạo này có đủ đầy?
    Và buổi đêm em thường hay khóc hay là vẫn luôn ngủ say?"

  • 최재혁
    최재혁 8 days ago


  • ZulSembangKencangBikers

    where to find these background? i need it as reffference for my bedroom

  • Lani Mendoza
    Lani Mendoza 8 days ago

    honestly where cani get a big clock like that?

  • Mc8a
    Mc8a 9 days ago

    at this rate its gonna take him years to finish that book

  • Sippin'Chlorine
    Sippin'Chlorine 9 days ago


  • Some randomer That no one loves

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day I’m as single as ever. Still thinking about you,,,, wishing we could’ve at least worked out all thanks to some people we don’t even talk anymore I miss you . I miss everything about y o u. Yeah you still go to the same school I do but It just doesn’t feel the same anymore I can’t help but miss talking to you. Every day and every night. I just wish people weren’t so awful and wouldn’t of done what they did we would’ve still talked at least. Maybe it’s for the best?¿ I know you have a crush on one of my “friends” she probably likes you back but she never would’ve liked you as much as I ever will. You deserve the whole world I guess. I see the way you look at them other girls and then I go depressed thinking of how it could’ve been us. This Valentine’s Day you probably aren’t single. But I am. Just so you know I will never stop loving you:( love you ❤️💔

  • Fangirl Something
    Fangirl Something 9 days ago

    i love these late night compilations and how everyone shares their thoughts, ideas and worries and it's a mood

  • SherVan Vlogs
    SherVan Vlogs 9 days ago

    I subbed you pls sub me thankyou

  • Tan Wee Siong
    Tan Wee Siong 10 days ago

    It's 3.33 right now. I have work 2 hour later. Malaysia.

  • Abhinash Shrestha
    Abhinash Shrestha 10 days ago

    That room looks so comfy❤️

  • useless guy
    useless guy 11 days ago

    27:58 was kinda scary

  • DanZ
    DanZ 11 days ago

    Me right now. It's 03.11 AM here in Indonesia

  • Quasar
    Quasar 11 days ago

    The ad fkin woke me up

  • Yooshy boy
    Yooshy boy 11 days ago

    ☔️ “Big things often have small beginnings.” 🌸 can i have a little push from you guys? my vibes 💕🙏:usclip.net/video/n_ts2rngawy/video.html&

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 11 days ago

    Listening to this at 3 am

  • Erick  Zavaleta Buitron

    Perfecta para la ocasión

  • Maisie William
    Maisie William 12 days ago

    it’s 3 am rn and it’s my birthday and i’m having a bliss while listening to this while everyone is asleep and everything is quiet:’)

  • 일프로
    일프로 12 days ago

    노래 좋네요^^ 구독 했어요

  • Tim Durett
    Tim Durett 12 days ago

    Its 3am.... I just wrapped up a session of working on this art piece for my dad. Now i'm sitting back in my chair while having an incense burn the aroma is filling my room. In this dark room the only light is from my computer screen, and im gently sipping my water and smoking my e-cig the smoke illuminated by the glow of the computer screen is incredible. I have an overwhelming feeling of calmness and tranquility. I just wanted to say to anyone that reads my comment I hope you have a wonderful day/night and good things are on the horizon for all of us:) I love all of my lofi people:)

  • Kwesi Oluwafemi
    Kwesi Oluwafemi 13 days ago

    I turned this on when it hit 3am lol helped me sleep

  • GodBowark
    GodBowark 13 days ago

    Damn.. Only 2 AM here, can't listen.. wait, i am listening, this means i just breaked the time

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 13 days ago

    48 mins and this kid hasn’t changed the page, this dude is me when my mom use to tell me to study

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 13 days ago

    I miss back when I was a kid, windows open recently rained in the gray skies and green soil of Australia and the fresh cool air breezes through the room, nothing to worry about no one to worry about, just me my video games and my friends

  • Robyn Knowles xo
    Robyn Knowles xo 13 days ago

    Listening at 5am oOpS

  • Lucy Scarlet
    Lucy Scarlet 13 days ago

    Thanks to this video, I got the grades that I wanted :)

  • Tea time
    Tea time 14 days ago

    Where did you get the picture from tho

  • Kris Marie
    Kris Marie 14 days ago

    Indeed it is 3am

  • Sally ZM
    Sally ZM 14 days ago

    Just love finding these chill tunes!

  • Name Surname
    Name Surname 15 days ago

    Одни уебки нерусские в комментах! :(

  • VaultBoi13
    VaultBoi13 15 days ago

    4:24 and I’m almost passing out from this 😂💚

  • Sariana Angel
    Sariana Angel 16 days ago

    Loving doing hw to this mix

  • theo boladao
    theo boladao 16 days ago

    is 3:01 a.m. in my house !

  • Randy M
    Randy M 16 days ago

    Its 3:29 am snow everywhere and nobody to bother me life is ok

  • N. E.
    N. E. 16 days ago

    It's 3am

  • King Sosa
    King Sosa 17 days ago

    Listening @ 3:00am 😙💨💨💨

  • cam the weeb
    cam the weeb 17 days ago

    What am I doing. I have school in 4 hours.

  • Jhon Parra
    Jhon Parra 17 days ago

    Son las 3 a.m no consigo el sueño, entro a USclip y veo esto...
    Excelente :)

  • sIsTeR sQuAd
    sIsTeR sQuAd 17 days ago

    I’m rlly stressed for school tmwr bc I missed school on Friday and I already had a bunch to do and now plus what I missed. I’m only in 8th grade but I overthink everything which makes everything harder. This was just what I needed.

  • Peach In a can
    Peach In a can 17 days ago +4

    I'm doing last minute religion homework because I'm not religious at 11:00 and this is what I needed. Whoever is reading, have a good day for me

  • Etienne Marais
    Etienne Marais 18 days ago

    Sad but relaxing and really nice !!

  • Jesús Bustos
    Jesús Bustos 18 days ago

    Please, song of the minute 17:36

  • David
    David 18 days ago

    Dude trip out I found this on 2/3/19 at exactly 3:15am. It was raining earlier, as I was walking to go see a friend. Now initially I wasn’t even gonna go visit them because it was raining and I told myself “I wish it wasn’t raining” . But I went, we chatted for a while and as I leave I realize it stopped raining. I looked to they sky, nothing but clouds except for the area in which I’m walking in. In that area above me I could see nothing more but a single star. Idk if that’s supposed to mean anything but my mom passed away a few months ago back in Sept, so I just took it as “yeah, I’ll always be here to look after you”. Now this story isn’t meant to make you feel sad, pity, or emotional, I just want whomever is reading this know that you are going to be ok. Life’s not easy, but I want to reassure you, you got this. Your smart,courageous, and kind. You’ve made it this far kid, don’t quit now. That test has questions and you got a brain ready to answer them. Good Luck!

  • Ramon Alvarez
    Ramon Alvarez 18 days ago


  • Quide
    Quide 18 days ago

    Vibe maravilhosa

  • Hana Army
    Hana Army 19 days ago

    it’s 2:20am rn.
    and i cant sleep........

  • Agustina Montenegro
    Agustina Montenegro 19 days ago

    Y de pronto......un comentario en español

  • Dr krishna
    Dr krishna 20 days ago

    This is so relaxing.

    JJOOOSZ 21 day ago

    The best lo-fi hip hop mix on USclip, easily *-*

  • Kevin Tiago
    Kevin Tiago 22 days ago

    Everyday is 420 with these chillaxing beats

  • Edwin Saant
    Edwin Saant 22 days ago


  • peachy lemon
    peachy lemon 23 days ago

    .-. 3 : 40

  • Adriana Morales
    Adriana Morales 23 days ago

    Waitttt whos the youtuber that uses spng on 45:15 as intro? I dont remember and is so annoyingg

  • Sawarak Pengudom
    Sawarak Pengudom 23 days ago

    I'm listening at 3.21 am.

  • Mutale Mulenga
    Mutale Mulenga 23 days ago

    My favourite mix so far ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • shivam kamaansing
    shivam kamaansing 23 days ago

    Tuesday 29 January 2019 2:00 AM

  • Naba
    Naba 24 days ago

    But its 5am

  • TheAngelic Emerald
    TheAngelic Emerald 24 days ago

    It's literally 3 am

  • loner wolf
    loner wolf 24 days ago

    i think its still best chill mix lofi sleep

  • Viviann Hong
    Viviann Hong 24 days ago

    So sad,

  • Captain stark
    Captain stark 25 days ago

    Wow I got this recommended to me at 3am

  • Nur Syafikah
    Nur Syafikah 25 days ago

    Malaysia. 28 Jan 2019. 3.02 am.

  • Lord Kaiser The Elder
    Lord Kaiser The Elder 26 days ago

    23:30 thank me later

  • TeeCori
    TeeCori 26 days ago

    I love that cozy room on the picture! 😍

  • anita verma
    anita verma 26 days ago

    I cant doqnload thos video so sad tired boy

  • TaehyungggIsLife 1995
    TaehyungggIsLife 1995 26 days ago

    you need a ton more subscribers cuz you're music is the best man💘

  • bean
    bean 27 days ago

    helped me through a mental break down. thank you!

  • hahaha hahaha
    hahaha hahaha 27 days ago

    0223 I love you ♥

  • Abhishek Maheshwari
    Abhishek Maheshwari 27 days ago

    The people commenting here are so genuine. No hate no criticism. Pure love and good vibes 😩. I wish i could have a room like that. Peace peace peace☮️✌️🏳️🕊️

  • Mr. FuttBuck
    Mr. FuttBuck 28 days ago

    One of the best mixes, so glad I found this! Very inspirational!

  • 최주영
    최주영 28 days ago

    I wanted the same music 🎶

  • MoonShine
    MoonShine 28 days ago

    Can’t sleep.

  • Da Winkwit
    Da Winkwit Month ago

    I hate that I miss a girl who will literally never talk to me again. It's been a little less than a year since I talked to her last. Shit I almost miss getting yelled at by her lmfao. I got issues lol

  • BlurryFace
    BlurryFace Month ago +4

    2019? anyone? just me? ok....

  • Gsus McKenzie
    Gsus McKenzie Month ago

    3:08 AM

  • voguehadid
    voguehadid Month ago

    I'm really listening to this at 3 AM

  • Heart1ee5
    Heart1ee5 Month ago

    Its 9:39pm right now 😂🖤