10 Things You CAN'T RESIST Doing in Single Player Games

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Single-player games are some of the most immersive experiences a gamer can have. And they're filled pretty well up with things to do. Some of them are pretty addictive - but not in a bad way. Let's go over a few of those we can't resist...
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  • gameranx
    gameranx  27 days ago +414

    Did we miss anything? Let us know if you have any strange examples of things you can't help but do for no reason in games

    • H20-Nelos
      H20-Nelos 9 days ago

      gameranx Trying to Shot an NPC who is relevant to the story so he can’t die ( Like in the Hub or so )

    • Lazy Otaku
      Lazy Otaku 10 days ago +2

      In almost every single player game i play i always over level myself in an area i just completed to the point im almost one shoting everything in the next area and what im thinking while over leveling myself is "what if there is a boss, or a new kind of really powerful enemy, or mabye its just faster to level up here"

    • Shreck103 I’m a rat
      Shreck103 I’m a rat 11 days ago +2

      Blowing up stuff

    • DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon
      DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon 13 days ago

      @GhostSaber tell that to a bazooka.

    • DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon
      DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon 13 days ago

      Going the opposite way that the game wants you to go, exploring for 2 hours, coming back to the quest marker then later down the path realizing you already explored this area while ignoring the predetermined path.

  • The Wise Wolf
    The Wise Wolf 17 hours ago

    I hate puzzle maps, in re2 i never picked the right path until 3rd time

  • Scott Dally
    Scott Dally Day ago

    You missed 2

    Compulsive Reload Disorder - I'm sadly a sufferer, where you just can't help but to reload after every firefight

    and, for us later night gamers

    Constantly checking the time "oh, 10 PM, couple more hours, shit it's 2 AM" (that is why I pretty much trained myself to stop gaming after 10, cause that kept happening)

  • Tsubaki13
    Tsubaki13 Day ago

    The map issue.. This is why i love that dark souls doesn't have a map

  • Laura Bratton
    Laura Bratton 2 days ago

    Stopping what I’m doing anytime I hear the nirnroot charm in Skyrim, and looking around until I find it to harvest.

  • RU Riot
    RU Riot 2 days ago

    The one at the beginning is too relatable lol XD

    RMG ELITE 2 days ago

    Moving your whole body or controller side to side while flying a jet or helicopter.

  • StarInTheStorm
    StarInTheStorm 2 days ago

    I can´t resist throwing my self off the highest point of the map.

  • Daniel Dalbey
    Daniel Dalbey 2 days ago +1

    jumping off things to test fall damage

  • Korok The LeafWing
    Korok The LeafWing 3 days ago

    Pretending to talk to npcs

  • Og Dragon Slayer YT
    Og Dragon Slayer YT 3 days ago

    When playing singleplayer games, I always end up stopping the main story and just killing random shit If it's free roam or open world, I take the time to murder basically

  • dom7thebomb likes minecraft

    just quit and restart when i take the rong step or direction in skyrim

  • Joe Jenkins
    Joe Jenkins 3 days ago

    As a 29 year old construction worker who occasionally is a gamer, but still an avid USclip user, i prefer falcons’s narratives over the other on this channel, just sayin

  • astras18 95
    astras18 95 3 days ago

    The save thing is sooooo true

  • Stephen Cowell
    Stephen Cowell 3 days ago

    I blow up any barrel painted red.....because they go boom a lot

  • Daven Chrik
    Daven Chrik 3 days ago +1

    You forgot one

    Reloading when u only shot one bullet

  • Raging Falcon
    Raging Falcon 3 days ago

    Looking for a way to glitch

  • Artist Joseph
    Artist Joseph 3 days ago

    In assassins creed I always hit random gaurds

  • LunaNova5555
    LunaNova5555 3 days ago

    hol up, did I save this save file to my save folder on my seventh saved game for the seventh time?

  • JJ Perez
    JJ Perez 4 days ago

    Trying to climb stuff that people say I cant. Cough cough skyrim mountains cough cough

  • Bailey Irving
    Bailey Irving 4 days ago

    Killing every npc I can Skyrim especially

  • M Patel
    M Patel 4 days ago


  • Shelly Thunder
    Shelly Thunder 4 days ago

    Open world game- going to the edge of a cliff, seeing if you can fall off -or- in a new shooter , seeing if you can blow yourself/teammate up! Yeah I’m that teammate 😋

  • FlowZeFlo
    FlowZeFlo 4 days ago

    I can’t not add mods or cheats

  • Falney
    Falney 4 days ago

    There is no such thing as excessive saving thank you very much.

  • İrem Tanrıgöz
    İrem Tanrıgöz 4 days ago


  • John Bayani
    John Bayani 4 days ago

    Driving off road in open world games

  • Vemödalen XV
    Vemödalen XV 4 days ago

    Clocking buttons even when they do nothing

  • dutchrabbit 42
    dutchrabbit 42 4 days ago

    For me it’s having Teammates in CoD Campaigns

    It’s hard to resist the urge to shoot them

    OBSCENE MATERIAL 5 days ago

    Idk why but sometimes I will get bored, save my game, and just go on a blood bath of a rampage of killing NPCs

  • 1904 18
    1904 18 5 days ago

    Breaking all the pots in bloodborne knowing that you get nothing. Still fun. Breaking them with rolls not to damage the weapon

  • Fawaz Lawal
    Fawaz Lawal 5 days ago

    I can't stop finding the way to explode myself with barrels

  • עילם בסיל
    עילם בסיל 5 days ago

    I will horde every single unique item in the game and if I have limited space I will make more space(if possible in game and if not I will just mod more space).
    Rule number 1:
    Never go the right way, if there are more then one right way you need to backtrack and go the other ways too.
    I can't leave this zone until I will finish exploring it and get 100% exploration.
    There may be something outside the map, lets get there.
    After I finish the game on max difficulty I need to mess around with edited files and try everything.

  • SenseiSK
    SenseiSK 5 days ago

    Checking if there's fall damage. Also if there's a bonfire or any firesource I'll stand in it to see if it damages me

  • Cesar Burgos
    Cesar Burgos 5 days ago

    Very accurate

  • blue carrot
    blue carrot 5 days ago +1

    Omg you its all 100% true!!!!!

  • Eric Wells
    Eric Wells 6 days ago

    I must be better at exploring because I only check the map when I have no idea where I am or where I am going

  • aceichner
    aceichner 6 days ago

    Along with the bonus, keeping anything you don't know what is, as it may someday be useful.

  • VotedHaunter
    VotedHaunter 6 days ago

    I do some of these in destiny, yet it’s a multiplayer game.

  • Patryk Fordon
    Patryk Fordon 6 days ago

    Replaying levels because 'i can complete it faster' or 'i can do it more efficiently'

  • Wise Cracker
    Wise Cracker 6 days ago

    so true

  • Wise Cracker
    Wise Cracker 6 days ago


  • ꧁apricot꧂ • 7 years ago

    Something tells me this guy likes the Witcher 3

  • DamienDrake2389
    DamienDrake2389 6 days ago

    10 minutes of talking about repetition whilst repeating the same joke for every point over and over again.. this is actually like 2 minutes of points and 8 minutes of repeating a joke over and over and over again...

  • Etronic 777
    Etronic 777 7 days ago

    Shooting a barrel just because its red

  • Echorim TV
    Echorim TV 7 days ago

    freecam to a female npc

  • Born2 Play
    Born2 Play 7 days ago

    Did i watched this video? I gotta save

  • sL1M3e
    sL1M3e 7 days ago

    I bhop in terraria

  • God
    God 7 days ago

    I’m gonna do something that’s called a pro-gamer move

  • Cory Perez
    Cory Perez 7 days ago

    Something I've learned In video games and literally always do, always go the wrong way first, or you'll miss something lol
    And I love trying to get out of bounds on games, a lot of them i was successful, especially in the halo days haha and i constantly jump while on fortnite to make it harder to get ahot so it has its perks lol

  • NINJA101Plays
    NINJA101Plays 7 days ago

    I can’t resist...

    Playing the game

  • Matko 123 Badzo1234
    Matko 123 Badzo1234 7 days ago

    Shooting 1 bullet
    Then reload

  • STORMI Abc
    STORMI Abc 8 days ago

    Searching for glitches in games

  • xBiGGYBGx
    xBiGGYBGx 8 days ago

    The Map thing was awesome, couldnt relate more. XD

  • Just some Wendigo with internet access

    I tend to try to angle my camera into the main characters brain to see if it’s hollow

  • i Sseven
    i Sseven 8 days ago

    pokemon games: checking every trash bin

  • TheLastWord 720
    TheLastWord 720 8 days ago

    When I started playing video games, my first cod was cod 4 and I wouldn’t finish a mission or section without popping every car tire in the mission.

  • TheLastWord 720
    TheLastWord 720 8 days ago

    Sometimes on ps3 when I would play GTA V the load screen would take 30 minutes. So I would tap all the buttons repeatedly because I felt it would load it faster than that

  • Christopher Mayer
    Christopher Mayer 8 days ago

    do u have better content to offer ? it feels like u r taking the easy way :3

  • Sabbatize xd
    Sabbatize xd 8 days ago

    Cant relate i do have an addiction to reload tho