We Wore Pregnancy Bellies • Ladylike

  • Published on Sep 2, 2017
  • "You're literally like a capital B"
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  • Simply Samiyah
    Simply Samiyah Day ago +1

    Im 144 months 27 days and 3.5843738 seconds old :))

  • Gaby Champion
    Gaby Champion 2 days ago

    They should’ve slept in their bellies. I mean, that’s one of the things that pregnant women find harder to do, right?

  • Katy Breakie
    Katy Breakie 3 days ago

    7:57 LMAO!!!

  • rdarlington
    rdarlington 3 days ago

    Guys women don’t say my son is 1 year old, they say it in months, they only start to say years after 20 months have passed

  • Lexie Haupt
    Lexie Haupt 3 days ago

    "I guess I would have had to seen cars 3" -Kristin
    Lol I can't stop laughing

  • Amoiree Kelly
    Amoiree Kelly 3 days ago

    Omg just say a year

  • Jocelyn Banda
    Jocelyn Banda 5 days ago +1

    No offender but when Kristen put on the Belly she didn’t look different

    • Betsa Be
      Betsa Be 4 days ago

      yeah she looked the same

  • The Littson Twins
    The Littson Twins 5 days ago

    I hate how mums always say months! I DONT GET ITTTTTTTT!!!!!

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 6 days ago

    I feel like chantel experienced the more pleasant side, cause people are worried about injuring the fetus

  • annie begotka
    annie begotka 6 days ago

    You are beautiful with AND without a pregnancy belly Kristin.

  • Madeline Borski
    Madeline Borski 7 days ago +1

    "Probably would've had to see Cars 3" 🤣

  • Sanai Armstead
    Sanai Armstead 7 days ago

    Chantel's looks the realist

  • Chloe Roberts
    Chloe Roberts 7 days ago

    Im 137 months old

  • SnowWhite21
    SnowWhite21 7 days ago

    Kristin looks pregnant already

  • Laci Tanner
    Laci Tanner 7 days ago

    6:33 DEMONETIZED!!!! Nip exposure!

  • Twenty One Panicked Pilots At The Disco

    Person: Aww u have a beautiful baby! How old is she?!
    Most Moms: She's 83 and a half months old.

  • Zoey Morrison
    Zoey Morrison 8 days ago

    Chantel looks like my friends mom with the dark hair and so pretty

  • Michele Buckanaga
    Michele Buckanaga 8 days ago

    I kinda dad wanna wear one of those

  • Jasper Trip
    Jasper Trip 9 days ago

    What’s the problem with saying the babies age in months? They grow a lot really fast at that stage, so talking in years isn’t adequate.

  • Sasha Nathan
    Sasha Nathan 9 days ago

    What if they were on their period while wearing the bellies!!!

  • hugs_for_drugs 420
    hugs_for_drugs 420 9 days ago

    hi i am a mother of one daughter she is 164 months old

  • Lana lps
    Lana lps 10 days ago

    I hate being pregnant but I only have one month left

  • Janneke :P
    Janneke :P 10 days ago

    "She's 18 months". Boys and girls, shes 1.5 years old.

  • Miaplayz gotcha Studios

    If this counts I have seven brothers and sisters

  • Vinilabee
    Vinilabee 10 days ago

    8:57 I feel like she would be a good mom.

  • Sophia Wurth
    Sophia Wurth 11 days ago

    I am 135 month olds😂🤗

  • Campbell
    Campbell 11 days ago

    Juno did it first

  • Jess Mils
    Jess Mils 11 days ago

    As someone who's 27 weeks pregnant I will say i thankfully haven't really had a lot of weird interactions with strangers 😂

  • ItsJustWednesday -
    ItsJustWednesday - 12 days ago

    “Probably would have had to seen Cars 3......”

  • Zoe McKenzie
    Zoe McKenzie 12 days ago

    How is Kristin soo funny 😂

  • Aloha Abijah
    Aloha Abijah 12 days ago

    Shantell looks like the most teen mom she will look so beautiful when she is pregnant

  • gio neyli
    gio neyli 12 days ago

    Chantele looks so cute pregnant!!! OMGOFMGM❤❤❤❤❤

  • Alexis althea Parame
    Alexis althea Parame 12 days ago

    When ur preggo the seat belt have ti be under the belly

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 12 days ago

    They didn’t have to sleep with them on?! 😒😅

  • Pay Travis
    Pay Travis 13 days ago

    My step sis just had her baby

  • Maddison McCue
    Maddison McCue 13 days ago

    I get it people were nicer because they thought you had a baby but I feel like they should treat you like that even if your not

  • Maira Hernandez
    Maira Hernandez 13 days ago

    You have to put the seatbelt under the belly

  • Natasha Kinolovinc
    Natasha Kinolovinc 13 days ago +1

    Moral of the story... Go to the club with a fake belly bump 🤗

  • Cat with a bow tie
    Cat with a bow tie 14 days ago +1

    6:33 oof I see a nip

  • rylei huntelman
    rylei huntelman 14 days ago

    You guys should do this for a week with bigger bellies

  • Emma Is My Name
    Emma Is My Name 14 days ago

    3:57 me when I forget which classroom I have to go to😂

  • Annabella Savchenko
    Annabella Savchenko 14 days ago

    When Devin was jogging across camera, she reminded me of the grinch😂😂

  • R/bone apple Tea
    R/bone apple Tea 15 days ago +1

    this video is one second to short

  • 23_CottonCandy _23
    23_CottonCandy _23 16 days ago

    So when you see Kristen in the seat belt hint. You put the seat belt under the bump

  • julie morton
    julie morton 16 days ago


  • Charm Lopez
    Charm Lopez 16 days ago

    A third boob!!!😂

  • Cutie Kawai kids
    Cutie Kawai kids 17 days ago


  • Teeyana Rose
    Teeyana Rose 17 days ago

    Kristan already look pregnant tho

  • Megan G
    Megan G 18 days ago

    That's how it happens just *boop* XD

  • Mrs Disneylover
    Mrs Disneylover 18 days ago +1

    You guys should do a day riding on hover boards like if you would like to see that I think it would be so funny

  • Magmoed van Wyk
    Magmoed van Wyk 18 days ago

    The chubby one is too much for me

  • angela fields
    angela fields 18 days ago

    I had so many old ladies ( who were strangers) think it was ok to just put their hand on my belly, if would get so upset. I actually slapped a lady in the face and scolded her for it!!

  • RM CoolKid
    RM CoolKid 20 days ago

    Yes I am 134 months old 😂

  • Dancingawesome
    Dancingawesome 20 days ago

    Kristen you’re not supposed to wear the seat belt like that when you’re pregnant

  • vannah. p0ppin
    vannah. p0ppin 20 days ago

    5:19-5:35 theyre soooo cuteee

  • Kiera Sullivan
    Kiera Sullivan 22 days ago +1

    How is this a year old I remember watching it when it came out😩

  • Makayla Mccann
    Makayla Mccann 22 days ago

    When I was watching this video, I just involuntarily put my hand on my belly out of instinct or something. Like whaa??🤨😂😂

  • Lexa Sanders
    Lexa Sanders 23 days ago

    I think her name is Kristen I don't know her name for sure but she is in every vid while the others are in only a little bit of vids

  • Mikaela Miller
    Mikaela Miller 23 days ago

    Pregnant women are so cute

  • hungry hungry hippo nyli

    kristen's outfit in the beginning. yes.

  • Adriana Flips
    Adriana Flips 27 days ago

    lol well now jens pregnant

  • _dancer_brooke_
    _dancer_brooke_ 27 days ago

    The reason some of you may have gotten weird looks is because you look _young_ and people may find it odd.

  • Monica Elizabeth Pelled

    My mom is adopting two baby girls, so she only had to go through that process four times instead of six! Over a span of ten years!

  • Judith N
    Judith N 28 days ago

    You shouldn't wear your sit belt like that, you must wear it in the bones of your hip. If you had an accident the way you are wearing it, it could damage the baby. And not just that, without been pregnant, you shouldn't wear it that way either, cause it can cause damages on your abdomen.
    Trust me, I just studied it. And I had a perfect score in the theory driving licence's exam.

  • Jaxx The cresci
    Jaxx The cresci 28 days ago +1

    Lol the cars three thing wonder what that man to said Kristen

  • Lea Dingman
    Lea Dingman 29 days ago

    Tiny...those are so tiny...not even close to real for my personal experience.
    Also, Devin, some guy's are very sexually attracted to pregnant women. It's a thing...Google it...I dare ya! Hahahaha!

  • Srivani Gopu
    Srivani Gopu Month ago

    They look so cuteeeeeeeee 🤗😀😁

  • cartlidge06
    cartlidge06 Month ago

    I want to say first off that I love you ladies!

  • RavingNightmares
    RavingNightmares Month ago

    Where did they even find a baby belly bump cuz it be fun to prank to my brother when I go to vist him with my boyfriend since we're living together he'll flip ;D

  • Trevor Monnig
    Trevor Monnig Month ago

    Anyone wonder if on day one Chantel and Devin had the sane shirt

  • Alex Woodard
    Alex Woodard Month ago

    “Probably would have had to see cars 3”
    😂😂😂 lmao Kristin you are so funny, with so little effort I feel.

  • Haydn Fillion
    Haydn Fillion Month ago

    When I was pregnant I was treated like any other person

  • Lifewith Sade
    Lifewith Sade Month ago

    Im a young mom so older people just look at me and give me that smile and to myself im like “boo!!” Others say congrats or what am I having. It gets annoying being touched 24/7 especially if your still in school like me . You just gotta know how to handle people. In the beginning its like omg people!! Then you get used to it when u go out

  • Temisan Nanna
    Temisan Nanna Month ago

    I remember this video this was the first time I watched ladylike

  • Lacey Gow
    Lacey Gow Month ago

    Is there just creepy men there stalking pregnant women or something???

  • Christine Klein
    Christine Klein Month ago

    Kristin is such a cute mom!!!!!

  • Animal Videos
    Animal Videos Month ago

    3:32 I have a 3rd boob

  • cheer sister
    cheer sister Month ago +1

    8:01 😂😂😂😂

  • Tess Magnuson
    Tess Magnuson Month ago +2

    I’m going to be horrible about talking about being pregnant because I hate the word “belly”

  • PsychoPhoenix123
    PsychoPhoenix123 Month ago

    did they purposly find only people with girls and not boys? no hate. just wandering

  • sisterseverus
    sisterseverus Month ago +17

    Unless she's smoking or drinking alcohol, I have honestly never given a pregnant woman a second look. Like, who cares if someone is pregnant? Then again, I worked at a women's hospital for years, so I saw a lot of pregnant women (and a shocking number of them were lighting up cigarettes on the sidewalk outside, those "ladies" I did glare at)

  • Cross
    Cross Month ago

    Pregnant women are just hotter...they glow and I'm pretty sure in a animalistic sense they emit some kind of pheromones to guys...like that's why guys seem to be more protective and cautious around pregnant women. Also seeing a young woman pregnant means she seems healthy and can make babies essentially. It all comes down to the whole can this other person make me the best offspring possible giving your children good looks, great physical shape etc.... That or maybe the dude has a preggo fetish

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones Month ago +2

    They say 21 months and I'm over here like I'm 156 months.

  • Cliodhna Collins
    Cliodhna Collins Month ago

    Kristen already looks pregnant without the belly

  • Jillian Loben
    Jillian Loben Month ago

    I had to deal with all of this.....when I had foot surgerey. ._.

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin Month ago

    ugh i hate trader joe’s

  • Moonlight Midnight
    Moonlight Midnight Month ago +4

    Karen, they do my mom was pregnant with my little brother and people touching her belly like crazy plus when they are a new born and the parents take them somewhere people like to touch their hands and feet, my mom didn’t let anyone touch her precious baby

  • Fresh Peppers
    Fresh Peppers Month ago

    ‘Oh look, a mobile therapist’. My favourite quote.

  • Καʀʍα ισ հεʀε

    i am 144 months old

  • Dr. Burn The Skywing

    in avatar, people touched each other randomly. That’s on Pandora.

    this is earth...

  • Emma Ferguson
    Emma Ferguson Month ago

    omg does anyone remember kate from the video where they tested the coverage of foundations 😂 she's back lmao

  • Star Shaw
    Star Shaw Month ago


  • lizette gonzalez
    lizette gonzalez Month ago

    Watched this when it first came out on USclip, now I'm almost 6 months pregnant and watching it again, and NOW I can relate 😂

  • LadyNoir Country
    LadyNoir Country Month ago

    Moral of the story: Wear a fake pregnancy belly to get all the benefits without having to really be pregnant.

    • Vi Vi
      Vi Vi Month ago

      Main aint no benefits being pregnant let alone being unpregnant

  • GR8 Gracie
    GR8 Gracie Month ago +179

    Yes my baby is 452 months old.

  • Paula Crane
    Paula Crane Month ago +1

    What "safety reasons"? Because pregnant women can't just detach the baby at night.

  • Dejanae Westbrook
    Dejanae Westbrook Month ago +1

    I literally just wore one for a play I was in 😂

  • Anna Roe
    Anna Roe Month ago +4

    Kristen looks so good in that black and white dress!

  • Desire Love
    Desire Love Month ago

    Yes the gory stories is crazy, I like to share mine I didn't have any contractions until I was 7 CM and and than the pain was like period cramps. I pushed for about 10 mins and he was born. My water broke about 9:46 and he was born at 2:45. He was 9lbs. So there you go no gory details.

  • its goadie/karen
    its goadie/karen Month ago

    Lol 😂 I got a free shoutout because of Jen my Name is Karen so yasssssss #Hype