Avengers Endgame Doctor Strange Plan Breakdown! Ancient One Scene Explained!

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Avengers Endgame's final battle with Thanos played out exactly according to Doctor Strange's plan in Infinity War -- but what exactly did Stephen Strange SEE in his vision of the one victorious future? How crucial were characters like the Hulk, Ant-Man, and the Ancient One to Doctor Strange's Plan? Erik Voss breaks down the most mysterious moments of Endgame and Infinity War for the interesting details that you might have overlooked. In what ways were all of Strange's words to Tony Stark clues for Stark's ultimate sacrifice? What subtle choices did actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton make to foreshadow the Endgame ending? What secrets were Doctor Strange and the Ancient One hiding?
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  • WookiesrPpl LOL
    WookiesrPpl LOL 6 hours ago

    Im confused. I'm only here because i dont know why he held up 1 finger during end game

  • Djuan Benjamin
    Djuan Benjamin 10 hours ago +1

    He also told Tony on ship he would sacrifice anyone for the stone. He spared Tony sooooo...

  • Ollie Smith
    Ollie Smith 10 days ago

    You clearly missed the part in Endgame, when Thanos says 'Avengers' when he is scanning Nebula's mind. He knew who they were, even if he for some reason didn't know Scarlet Witch(weird how he knew their names but not hers).

    • Jean Brandt
      Jean Brandt 8 days ago

      Because that was 2014, the Avegers had already beat the Chitauri, but Age of Ultron had not happened yet.

  • Siphesihle Mtolo
    Siphesihle Mtolo 10 days ago

    Strange couldn't have seen events in which he did not exist, so he most probably saw outcomes of his actions.

  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 11 days ago

    0:20 paused looks like shes pinching his nipple making it glow

  • Terrence Brantley
    Terrence Brantley 12 days ago

    Howard the Duck....True MVP

  • Islam Fathy
    Islam Fathy 13 days ago

    Honestly... no added value from watching this video... you said nothing that was not obvious in movie

  • Stephen Greene
    Stephen Greene 14 days ago

    my brain hurts

  • Ross Morales
    Ross Morales 14 days ago

    sp much breaking down for a sorry ending movie

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali 15 days ago +2

    Why was doctor strange doing surgery while the city was under attack

  • KnifeHand03
    KnifeHand03 15 days ago

    Strange raised one finger in Endgame not only because it was the one way they could win, but I took it as him telling Tony he had to snap Thanos and his army or else they’d lose.

  • nicketz
    nicketz 16 days ago +3

    I always wondered why Strange couldn't just do that 'rewind' trick on Titan when they almost had the gauntlet off Thanos and then StarLord goofed it up

  • Pynz Khongsit
    Pynz Khongsit 17 days ago

    I want tony back in the next MCU without him MCU is nothing

  • Zaori
    Zaori 18 days ago +1

    very good explanation, thank you

  • R Norwood
    R Norwood 18 days ago

    Ebony Maw said no one else had accomplished even possessing 2 stones at once but Loki had the mind stone in his scepter and the space stone (Tesserect) at the same time.

  • TheSaxAppeal
    TheSaxAppeal 19 days ago

    You know, the fact that Strange put together all these pieces that even the Ancient One couldn't probably makes him the smartest Avenger. He had to get the timing EXACTLY right - too early and Scott wouldn't have been in the quantum realm.
    I'd like to think that being in the quantum realm rendered Scott invulnerable to the snap, making Strange's timing that much crazier

  • Isaac Bae
    Isaac Bae 19 days ago

    Didn’t the ancient one die

  • Max Uflax
    Max Uflax 19 days ago

    Just saw the movie and i noticed somthing that noone else have touched. 'by removing the stones from one reality you will open that reality to darknes. How can we defend against evil when you are removing oure greatest weapons?' what will happen in oure timeline. all the infinitie stones are gone. removed from oure reality.

  • Peter Nuffer
    Peter Nuffer 20 days ago

    Surprised you didn't bring up a big tell - Strange stopping Thanos from killing Tony in IW -

  • Abdullah_283773
    Abdullah_283773 21 day ago

    Damm they forgot abt the rat....

  • glasgow john
    glasgow john 21 day ago

    sooo.......how did that viewing of the last episode of GOT go :D

  • Karampal KP
    Karampal KP 21 day ago

    If 2014's Thanos and his army got dusted then it means they r not dead, they can be brought back just like hulk brought back everyone

  • Rick Venables
    Rick Venables 22 days ago

    I agree with most of this but you're incorrect about when doctor strange holds up the single finger Towards the end of End game, he was telling Tony to wait until Thanos re installed the power stone into the gauntlet Giving Tony's nano suit the ability to steal all of the stones instead of 5 of them

  • Tialin
    Tialin 23 days ago

    One of your better analyses. Thanks!

  • L H
    L H 23 days ago

    He missed the part where Sony took back Spiderman...or maybe they didnt win

  • Antonio Embuldeniya
    Antonio Embuldeniya 23 days ago

    5:07 wait.. who is Howard the duck?

  • ?우정머
    ?우정머 23 days ago

    Okay. I'll study English more.

  • NYCity9YT
    NYCity9YT 24 days ago +1

    Or nebula could've held Quill back, Spidey gets the glove off, Doctor Strange sends it to the Mirror Dimension, and they beat Thanos. Maybe strange didn't see every possible outcome.

  • Flergy Burgerson
    Flergy Burgerson 24 days ago

    0:19 pinching hulk's magical nipple

  • Real Is Real
    Real Is Real 25 days ago +3

    The avengers were defeated by Thanos 14,000,604 times. The avengers were lucky in endgame

    DAVE IS GOD 25 days ago

    i love having a movie ive watched explained to me...is no one else insulted by it? just me?

    • Justin Marzan
      Justin Marzan 22 days ago

      Were you forced to watch this video? Im legitimately curious, because otherwise the title clearly states what the video is about.

  • Infinite Thunder
    Infinite Thunder 25 days ago

    Loki: " Oh yeah, about that..."

  • Flexe Felux
    Flexe Felux 25 days ago +1

    Rat in 1400: Kills half of Europe
    Rat in 2007: Becomes a chef
    Rat in 2019: Saves half of universe

  • Chuong Le
    Chuong Le 25 days ago

    Or Thor just going for the head would do it XD

  • brado jacko
    brado jacko 26 days ago

    Bad writing. 14 million plotholes. No possible way to fix em all. So, just turn off your brain.

  • Æm Sčæř
    Æm Sčæř 26 days ago

    Harold the duck 😂

  • Patrick White
    Patrick White 26 days ago +1

    Well the other reality got off easy. Thanos and all company came to the one we know. While the "other" reality would still have there tony stark.

    • Patrick White
      Patrick White 23 days ago

      @Joel 7491 speaking of which why would it be such a big deal about putting the stone back cuz it's already a completely different reality since they nose came back to this one so why were they still talk about preserving the timeline it made no sense

    • Joel 7491
      Joel 7491 25 days ago

      Patrick White breaking my heart 😥

  • degenerous animations
    degenerous animations 26 days ago

    wow you were actually right...

  • Vicky sidhu
    Vicky sidhu 27 days ago

    Reference to chess is totally stupid that not what happens chess end game at all 😂😂

  • Christopher Usewicz
    Christopher Usewicz 27 days ago

    He knew what everyone knew. The good guys will win somehow even if they had to go all the way back into time in some convoluted plot

  • Jason Hirsch
    Jason Hirsch 27 days ago

    Never watched about of these... But now I think I'd like to. Any preferred order?

  • Unlucky-Boii
    Unlucky-Boii 27 days ago

    I like you

  • Daniel Medjedovic
    Daniel Medjedovic 27 days ago

    It would be interesting if we see the other outcomes. I dont think the Avengers only have one chance to beat Thanos due to how many overpowered heroes the team has. I think in some Thanos did lose against Avengers but would bring a bigger threat to the picture like Galactus.

  • skovils
    skovils 27 days ago

    A rat saved the universe.

  • Jefferson Corpuz
    Jefferson Corpuz 27 days ago

    I know this already 😁😅😂

  • Kiran Nawaz
    Kiran Nawaz 28 days ago

    conclusion of how much movies?

  • J C
    J C 28 days ago

    How can Strange see past his death?

  • Thaco_xp Utherverse_social_center

    the real question is what do i know

  • Jacob Craft
    Jacob Craft 29 days ago

    You are obsessed with Howard the duck in this movie

  • bagofboom
    bagofboom 29 days ago

    I've watched it 5 times now & even tho I KNOW Howard The Duck is in it and I KNOW when/where he pops up, I still never catch him....
    My wife thinks I'm full of shit.
    Gotta get better with that pause button I guess.....

  • Super Sith
    Super Sith Month ago

    Holy shit I didn’t know Howard the duck was In there wtf lol I’m watching that shit right now to spot that

    LUNA DAILY Month ago

    I mean, I keep hearing how no ones had posession of two stones but Loki clearly posses both in Avengers.

  • Sebastian Martin
    Sebastian Martin Month ago +1

    Nah I always knew there was an obvious reason other than to keep Tony alive when Strange just gave away the time stone, and in endgame I got my answer, he did that in order for the ancient one to do the same, like a message of what to do.

  • alexa piers
    alexa piers Month ago +1

    the were all important but theirs is such as sad ending.. its called end game sad endings 😢

  • Brian Edell
    Brian Edell Month ago +1

    And he requested that Tony survives the first snap

  • clipside
    clipside Month ago

    question: why does it have to be tony to take the stone??
    answer: lets not forget that the gaunlet was made by tony featuring its nanotech... its only tony that could actually pull and snatch all the stones from thanos' arms...

  • Sachin Mundhe
    Sachin Mundhe Month ago +2

    Dr strange is outstanding,well played by benedict .

  • unniraja c
    unniraja c Month ago

    Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing actor 😍

  • Jsop4
    Jsop4 Month ago +1

    Strange told Stark on Maw's ship "If it comes down to you and the kid or the stone I will not hesitate to sacrifice either of you. I can't because the universe depends on it." He ended up sacrificing him. But at Stark's funeral you can see his sorrow/guilt

  • Nobin Khan
    Nobin Khan Month ago

    So that’s mean there was no way that avengers could win.....in that 14milion timelines. ... .
    Its the option just created by the brilliant dr.strange to made a sacrifice of the tony stark in the endgame......
    Right all my fellow.....???