The Park 2 - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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    #comedy #cyanide&happiness #thepark2
    You're crazy Doc! There's no way we'll go back there!
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    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Mike Salcedo
    Screenplay By: Mike Salcedo
    Story By: Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker, Connor Murphy, Joel Watson
    Voice Actors:
    Dr. Ham - Geoff Galt
    Paleontologist #1 - Dave McElfatrick
    Paleontologist #2 - Chance Kubesh
    Screaming Guy - Mike Salcedo
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Animation: Kris Behr, Matt Thurman
    Character Design: Jerald Lewis, Chance Kubesh, Mike Salcedo
    Background Art: Elizabeth Del Rosario
    Animatic: Elizabeth Del Rosario
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Sound Editor/Mixer: Ben Governale
    Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle
    Music: Steve Lehmann
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 601

  • xXSideouz
    xXSideouz Day ago +1

    Make a part 3 and call it "Regular Ass Park Park!", and just make it a normal park with people doing normal park things.

  • Ryan Gravelle
    Ryan Gravelle 3 days ago

    Way to double-down

  • Parker Dixon-Word
    Parker Dixon-Word 4 days ago

    Disappointed dinosaurs did not shoot out tongue to eat giant mosquito at the end.

  • Liam da Lemon!
    Liam da Lemon! 5 days ago

    those do not look like regular ass dinosaurs

  • ozlemashi Miamoto
    ozlemashi Miamoto 5 days ago

    ok ok hear me out i got an idea: in the next part, they found some human jizzems in the ember... then filled up some holes, and boom! jeff goldbloom-ass park!

  • FreddyFTW 115
    FreddyFTW 115 5 days ago


  • Brensen B
    Brensen B 6 days ago

    Why is Alan Grant always the first victim of these monstrosities?

  • foxy 3776
    foxy 3776 7 days ago

    I'm soooo confused

  • JimXInfinity13
    JimXInfinity13 9 days ago

    This man should get his genetics license removed

  • The Cereal Guy
    The Cereal Guy 9 days ago


  • Muhammad Saleh
    Muhammad Saleh 11 days ago

    Okay this way better than Jurassic World

  • NewbKiller 1966
    NewbKiller 1966 11 days ago

    So when's this becoming a trilogy?

  • Triple-D26
    Triple-D26 11 days ago

    Looks like a creature from monster hunter world

  • Espinoth
    Espinoth 11 days ago

    When part 3

  • General Cyanide
    General Cyanide 11 days ago +2

    The one dinosaur cartoon that actually gave dinosaurs feathers

  • Dinamicguywarhp
    Dinamicguywarhp 12 days ago


    6THIS GUY PLAYING9 12 days ago

    ok imma wait for the park 3 now

  • Wellington Costa
    Wellington Costa 12 days ago

    O que??

  • The Final Wolf
    The Final Wolf 14 days ago

    I was suspecting a frog to eat the mosquito at the end and the dude to fall to his death

  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi 14 days ago

    The best hybrid of all time

  • Rundy Ftw
    Rundy Ftw 14 days ago

    I was expecting one of the dinosaurs to eat the mosquito he was flying on

  • Serius Sim
    Serius Sim 17 days ago +1

    Trey the explainer would be happy with this T-Rex.

  • timemadscientist Greatscot!

    Up next: tinyass blue whale aquarium.

  • SebietheGreat
    SebietheGreat 18 days ago +2

    That Dino was actually really well made, finally a T-Rex with its feathers

  • Drax TDS
    Drax TDS 18 days ago

    Ok den

  • Otaku 4 Lyfe
    Otaku 4 Lyfe 20 days ago

    Hold up how did i get from tokyo ghoul to THIS??

  • NowYouPeepMe
    NowYouPeepMe 20 days ago +2

    I f***ing lost my mind

  • Farah Aliouali
    Farah Aliouali 21 day ago

    Cette chaine est orble😖👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Mary Mattingly
    Mary Mattingly 21 day ago

    A little too much frog...

  • Atomic Spark
    Atomic Spark 21 day ago +1

    *This one was actually funny XD*

  • densch123
    densch123 21 day ago

    Big ass moskito park was better -.-

  • Carl Freericks
    Carl Freericks 21 day ago

    I was expecting a mosquito with a frog head and dinosaur legs

  • Buddy Ol' Pal
    Buddy Ol' Pal 22 days ago

    why is there a frog in amber

  • Skyan Bow
    Skyan Bow 22 days ago

    I love how to dinosaur eats the guy and then lays eggs in the car

  • Khiobi
    Khiobi 22 days ago

    Imagine seeing a preview for this in a movie theater. "Coming this summer, Regular Ass Dinosaur Park."

  • dior diallo
    dior diallo 23 days ago +1

    The park 3

  • fire ant plays
    fire ant plays 23 days ago +1

    ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  • shadow the retard
    shadow the retard 24 days ago +1

    Feathers on a dinosaur? On a none scientific video? BLASPHEMY!

  • Veva Barrientos
    Veva Barrientos 24 days ago


  • Laverne Fields
    Laverne Fields 24 days ago

    I didn't know diferent material was available

  • Patronanator Soarin'
    Patronanator Soarin' 24 days ago

    The Dinofrog looks pretty badass. Imagine riding it into the sunset 🌅

  • Channel Surfer
    Channel Surfer 25 days ago

    exactly what he sead what the hell

  • Dark Spark
    Dark Spark 26 days ago


  • The Epic splash
    The Epic splash 26 days ago

    I love the frog

  • nO MoRe PaStA
    nO MoRe PaStA 26 days ago

    Back to the lab ag-

  • Branden Drew
    Branden Drew 26 days ago

    omg love it

  • Samuel Marriott
    Samuel Marriott 26 days ago

    it always ends the same way

  • Samuel Marriott
    Samuel Marriott 26 days ago

    so who's driving?

  • yeethos
    yeethos 26 days ago +1


  • Captain trash can S
    Captain trash can S 27 days ago +1

    I liked big ass mosquito park more

  • N.J Gaming
    N.J Gaming 27 days ago

    Dude I tapped to watch this and I got a ad with the actor from the Jurassic park movie the one with glasses😂🤣 and in Jurassic world he said”welcome to Jurassic world”

  • DJ Jaxxon
    DJ Jaxxon 27 days ago

    @0:34 ... I rewatched the opening a few times and noticed at this point... the animation of the background depicts them as driving backwards?? But the other times before it when it looked at the 2 passengers, the animation of the background seemed correct in direction. Debate?

  • vilerrify
    vilerrify 27 days ago

    This one was very good xD

  • A friend Boi
    A friend Boi 27 days ago +1

    you’re not awesome fortnite pro

  • Alex Unger
    Alex Unger 28 days ago

    Okay...okay...if we don't get Gigasquito vs Mega Raptoad, I quit!

  • YourInnerWolfe
    YourInnerWolfe 28 days ago

    God creates dinosaurs
    God destroys dinosaurs
    God creates man
    Man destroys God
    Man creates regular ass dinosaurs

  • YourInnerWolfe
    YourInnerWolfe 28 days ago

    Your regular ass dinosaurs were so preoccupied eating everyone only thinking whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

  • Samuel Fulkerson
    Samuel Fulkerson 28 days ago

    I thought they they were just going to be regular huge ass frogs

  • LostBoi
    LostBoi 28 days ago

    I wonder how many of their videos are demonized now for blood and violence... I need a new platform.

  • Ian Kittle
    Ian Kittle 28 days ago

    My God it's loose! There's only one thing we can do.....Shine a light in a cloud.

  • rygar777 rygar7777
    rygar777 rygar7777 29 days ago

    Its a animal thing

  • AntiScribe
    AntiScribe 29 days ago +1

    I was so hoping that the mosquito would get eaten by a frogosaur

  • IgorD
    IgorD Month ago

    0:20 Would I have loved if the car just suddenly crashed into a tree at this moment

  • Hiro de best
    Hiro de best Month ago

    That was a good movie

  • Bigweld of Grunk
    Bigweld of Grunk Month ago

    In the frog we found traces of fuckin pangolin blood so for the third park it’s gonna be pangolins

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson Month ago +7

    The gate says "Regular-Ass Dinosaur Park" XD

  • Philigays TOBHEY Redd

    Killed fly
    911 arrest

  • MoFi
    MoFi Month ago

    0:53 I don't like this part...

  • Captain Lucifer
    Captain Lucifer Month ago +1

    RIP John Hammond

  • lusov
    lusov Month ago

    It was difficult for me to change my view on the featherless tyrannosaurus based on the latest studies. I liked the idea of this dinosaur having feathers, but it seems like maybe just the juveniles had some. So Jurassic Park is pretty accurate with T-Rex. Not as much with the raptors (dromeosaurs). They had pretty much whole body covered in feathers.

  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi Month ago

    This is the best hybrid ever

  • stesen
    stesen Month ago

    btw anyone know where to get ending theme song on apple music ?i mean what to search,i searched i like your hat its different song..

  • Merwe Scholtz
    Merwe Scholtz Month ago

    Is it wrong that I want an actual Jurassic park movie with frog dinosaurs.

  • BenBen
    BenBen Month ago

    Can't wait for the one with a swing set and slide

  • future animator
    future animator Month ago

    Ugh that was horrifing with the mosquito

  • the mask knight
    the mask knight Month ago

    your a bit late, rex is scaly again

  • Lynette Lamb
    Lynette Lamb Month ago

    Jurassic park

  • むめるさなEuhan

    On 3, the woman paleontologist will die.

  • Mccann One
    Mccann One Month ago

    1 ot of 10

  • Bee Beesley
    Bee Beesley Month ago

    YASS😂❤ lmao

  • I Hate Anime
    I Hate Anime Month ago

    They have feathers

    KRANOZ Month ago

    Regular ass dinosaur park must be a movie

  • That1guy
    That1guy Month ago

    Missed a chance to have an extra scene where the frog dino comes out of nowhere eats the mosquito and professor, lays eggs again and then jumps into the sunset with the same ending music

  • Arthureq
    Arthureq Month ago

    Look forward to part 3

  • Glossy Bizzy
    Glossy Bizzy Month ago

    Welcome to BIG ASS just BIG ASS park

  • Byron Proctor
    Byron Proctor Month ago

    More like big ass bugs Park 🤔🤔🤔

  • Joanna
    Joanna Month ago

    make the park 3

  • Nitro Raptor 53
    Nitro Raptor 53 Month ago


  • wingsclippedwolf
    wingsclippedwolf Month ago

    move the hyphen in the park name: Regular Ass-Dinosaur Park

  • Vinko Mateljan
    Vinko Mateljan Month ago


  • Johnny Tsunami
    Johnny Tsunami Month ago

    Think of a video of the dad showing his ladder collection and then his son losing himself in his collection through like portals or some shit 👍👍👍👍

  • Zephyr the Robot
    Zephyr the Robot Month ago +4

    Normal people: Normal Ass Dinosaur park
    Furries: Vore park OwO eat me daddy UwU

  • Karol Urbaniak
    Karol Urbaniak Month ago

    Realy?! Not real JURASICC WORLD?!🐉🐊🐊🐊

  • Mad Techpriest
    Mad Techpriest Month ago

    Genius! The Frog-Beasts can hunt the giant mosquitos!

  • Need you now
    Need you now Month ago

    Love it

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz Month ago

    Please make park 3

  • A.R.K. Network
    A.R.K. Network Month ago

    Honestly I was expecting bigger mosquitoes

  • Scooty Puff Jr.
    Scooty Puff Jr. Month ago

    Lol I love the way The mosquito just takes off with him into the sunset