The Bird Poop That Changed The World

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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    Bird poop was the gateway fertilizer that turned humanity onto the imported-chemical-based farming system of modern agriculture.
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    To learn more, start your googling with these keywords:
    Guano: seabird (or bat) poop. From the indigenous Peruvian word “wanu”, meaning “manure that’s good for fertilizer"
    Manure: animal poop used as fertilizer (typically cow or pig poop)
    Fertilizer: a chemical-containing substance added to soil to provide nutrients to plants
    Nitrate mining: digging up the naturally occurring solid form of the element nitrogen (sodium nitrate)
    Phosphate mining: digging up the naturally occurring solid form of the element phosphorus
    Haber-Bosch process: the major industrial method to take nitrogen gas out of the air and convert it to ammonia
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    In 1856 US Congress enabled US citizens to take over unclaimed islands with guano on them:
    Guano is in demand again today:
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    Script Writer, Video Director, and Narrator: Alex Reich (@alexhreich)
    Video Illustrator: Jesse Agar (@JesseAgarYT)
    With Contributions From: Henry Reich, Ever Salazar, Peter Reich, David Goldenberg
    Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder:
    Image Credits: Farquhar, W.H. 1884. The Annals of Sandy Spring, Vol. I, Pg. xxix-xxx. Baltimore: Cushings & Bailey.
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    Szpak, P., et al. 2012. Stable isotope biogeochemistry of seabird guano fertilization: results from growth chamber studies with Maize (Zea mays). PloS one, 7(3), e33741.
    Thanks also to the Sandy Spring Museum:
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    If you can’t
    Grow a tree
    just have a bird poop on it

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    So that’s why bird poop is white and brown, because of mixing the pee with the poop. Also Bird Poop Has Whote And Brown And White And Brown (whoch brown people are called black for some reason) are the two main skin colors. DOES THIS MEAN THAT BIRDS MADE SKIN COLOR EQUALITY BEFORE IT WAS A THING!!!!????? By mixing them it showed that people no matter there skin were going to live Together.

  • Crunching Donuts
    Crunching Donuts 3 days ago

    Horse poop can be turned into a fertilizer.

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    I thought guano was bat poop...?

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    Just to not forget that it is a little bit more complicated than that and that adding nitrogen and phosphorus should not be said as "saving" the soil. It could be used as "exhausting the capacity from the soil to ensure crops a few more times". Although this video could be true from a primary view, it is now important to add this chapter to the story.
    Love the drawings anyway and will subscribe the channel!

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    Haha Peru has best bird poop

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    2:09: and that, my friends, is how the people saying, “first” evolved.

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    00:14 Top ten facts about cows. #10 if you hold a cow ass down, it will repeatedly shit uncontrollably.

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    White colonizers

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    I wish that we...released waste like birds.

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    TL;DR fertile farmland was small, europeans found bird shit, sprayed it everywhere and crops grew

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    So everyone eat poop

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    I thought that this was going to be sponsored by some DNA kit company because of the ancestor story

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    You know how you said how the atmosphere is slightly made of nitrogen? I think that is one reason plants 🌱 use oxygen

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    Pet poops can also be used as natural fertilizers. From dogs to cats to your guinea pigs to even your tanks (fresh water obviously). Most of these are straight forwarded (just compost it with the correct balance of poop to carbon) but for cats you has to first use a biodegradable litter mix if you aren't already. Then you can compost their deposits and their boxes once a change is an order.

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    Geez that bird is way more useful than I am.

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    Can guano give out diseases?

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    So US is now the whole world. It changed north america, peru and some european countries but not the whole world.

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  • Prospector40
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    One problem with one of our new fertilizer sources. Potash, the main source for potassium, is running out worldwide and unfortunately, we have no source of cheap easy to find potassium. Poop might have to make a comeback, but from another source. Seeing as the ocean receives most of nutrients we eat once they get flushed, these tropical bird islands are one of the few places where we can find concentrated potassium that is pulled directly from the ocean and recycled on the land. Maybe we ought to start protecting these islands more so we can have a source when the mines run dry.

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      It's a serious issue. High demand is causing it so become scarce and the supply won't be enough.

  • Cyril Bornet
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    A word about the ecological disaster that phosphate mining, as a non-renewable resource, leads to, would have been most welcome. And also, why this is directly linked to the urgent need of conserving resources, and why wasting food is absolutely unacceptable in today's world.

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    In America we move to richer soils

    In Soviet Russia richer soils move to them


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  • Feynstein 100
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    Can't we design plants that are able to absorb nitrogen directly from the atmosphere? And I don't mean nitrogen fixing plants that need bacteria to do so. I'm talking about plants that have the machinery to do so themselves. With genetic modification, it should be possible.

    • Feynstein 100
      Feynstein 100 2 months ago

      @Victor Alfonso Angeles Lol well, as long as it's at least theoretically possible, I'm hopeful. Hey, what if we could merge those cells with our cells, so that we could produce all the necessary amino acids ourselves? Eliminate the middleman (plants) entirely 😂

    • Victor Alfonso Angeles
      Victor Alfonso Angeles 2 months ago

      +Feynstein 100 it would be awesome, but the process that creates the symbiotic relationship is very complex, thousands of mechanisms are involved and I think we're a couple decades of research away of accomplishing that, if it is ever achieved

    • Feynstein 100
      Feynstein 100 2 months ago

      @Victor Alfonso Angeles That gives me an idea tho. Couldn't we incorporate the symbiotic bacteria into the plant cells, as they did with chloroplasts? But perhaps the oxygen problem mentioned above prevents that. Still, it's interesting to think about.

    • Victor Alfonso Angeles
      Victor Alfonso Angeles 2 months ago

      Robert is right. And we probably could create such a plant but I think I would be pointless. The symbiotic bacteria do a pretty good job at fixing the nitrogen. If it ain't broke, don't fix it

    • Feynstein 100
      Feynstein 100 2 months ago

      @Robert de Bath Oh okay. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info :)

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    The invention of synthetic fertilizers is one of the most unsung epics of the modern world, having allowed hundreds of millions of people to avoid famine.

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