iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Worth the Skip?


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  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Day ago

    The notch doesn’t bother me at all

  • Vlad Raducu
    Vlad Raducu 2 days ago

    iPhone 8 > X

  • Subie
    Subie 3 days ago

    why hasn't anyone put iPhone 7 in jail for eating 9

  • Grace l
    Grace l 7 days ago

    Why iPhone 10 not iPhone 9!

  • NurzhanShautik
    NurzhanShautik 8 days ago

    Old design vs New design

  • Critiri
    Critiri 13 days ago

    i really be learning super combos for the iphone x 😔

  • Kal Heisenberg
    Kal Heisenberg 18 days ago

    the only reason to choose iphone x is the design. If u care about social status, iphone X is the one to go. iPhone 8+ is almost identical to X, except for the design, and it's more practical because it still has a square shaped screen and touch ID.

  • Guilherme Fontes
    Guilherme Fontes 22 days ago

    Watching this at almost the end of 2018 show how much you improved hahaha. Congrats, you’re awesome

  • Hussein Joudee
    Hussein Joudee 23 days ago

    I want to buy both the regular 8 and the 8 plus .

  • Connor Richardson
    Connor Richardson 25 days ago


  • Ginnen Group
    Ginnen Group 25 days ago

    Face ID sux!! Need to take of Sunglasses every single time . Touch ID should stay!!

  • Xiao Fu
    Xiao Fu Month ago

    i hate touch id cuz i have sweaty hands and it often refuse to recognize my finger print. and sometimes in times of winter when it's so dry that the skin of fingers come off it couldn't work as well

  • Vicente Costa
    Vicente Costa Month ago

    People always talk about design but then forget that for some people the iPhone is like 400€ cheaper

  • Iulian Iancu
    Iulian Iancu Month ago

    Wallpapper ?

  • Inder Styles Ki wines
    Inder Styles Ki wines Month ago +3

    Touch id gang like here 😎

  • What Da?
    What Da? Month ago

    "hey is that an iphone 10??"
    Me "yeah.."
    *gets mugged*

  • ysgniki- My videos are super embarrassing

    I have a iphone idk if its 8 or 9

  • Brandon Mooney
    Brandon Mooney Month ago

    Its... called the iPhone Ex. Not 10. If Apple wanted it to be called 10, Apple would have called it iPhone 10 and not X (Ex).

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa Month ago

    I'm from Brazil and I'm a big fan of your channel, congrats!

  • Bless Dmello
    Bless Dmello Month ago

    Nice wallpaper
    What its name?

  • Huntles Str!ke
    Huntles Str!ke Month ago

    Is it true that when a new Iphone comes older ones get slower??? The oldest ones only ...or all the previos ones???

  • NonYourBuz
    NonYourBuz Month ago

    ....so...I year (almost 2 ) later ?...

  • AJS K Vines
    AJS K Vines Month ago

    Somebody say IPhone 8 is flop ?

  • Joe Bates
    Joe Bates 2 months ago

    aluminium sides? i thought it was stainless steel.

  • xxreallycoolforlife Bestgamer

    Lol alert alert we've got a lot follower he's name is jw fan

  • Iulian Iancu
    Iulian Iancu 2 months ago

    Watching on oneplus3t and laughing that u pay double money for nothing ;)))

  • I'm A Hater. Don't Like It? GOOD!

    I came here so u would tell me which one to get then u tell me to test it out yeah like I’ve got 2 grand to spend on phones

  • J J
    J J 2 months ago

    What happened to 9 ?

  • Mohamad Alshal
    Mohamad Alshal 2 months ago

    I bought the Iphone x and I kepp it for 6 months, the only thing was good in this phone is the display, but I still think that is not worth the1000$.

  • Josh 3204
    Josh 3204 2 months ago

    I moght get the iPhone 10 now, since the price dropped.

  • Mason Barker
    Mason Barker 2 months ago

    Didn’t really answer the question

  • Hamzie plays
    Hamzie plays 2 months ago

    I’m here for the size

  • OK
    OK 2 months ago

    Should I buy an iPhone 8 (new) or an iPhone X (preowend for €100 more)?

  • Dr. Einstein
    Dr. Einstein 2 months ago

    Before i used galaxy s8 and s9 and iphone x and iphone 7 and iphone SE and i can tell you iphone 7 is the best phone ever with a 4.7 inch screen is perfect format and very fast, i have now a iphone 7 again and im very happy !

  • Daniel Chacon
    Daniel Chacon 2 months ago

    The “top notch” pun was hilarious

  • OlieBoss
    OlieBoss 3 months ago

    Getting iphone 8 this Xmas 😊

  • S S
    S S 3 months ago

    I have iPhone 8 , and I want iPhone x or Xs........... but I feel iPhone 8 is small and I like it better ... iPhone x is kinda big.........idk

  • Lunar Viking
    Lunar Viking 3 months ago

    Your big hands and very long fingers makes the phones look like iPhone SE vs iPhone SE2

  • Abubakar Mohammed Raji
    Abubakar Mohammed Raji 3 months ago

    You’re so cool dude

  • Gabagoo J
    Gabagoo J 3 months ago

    I miss 2014 when I got my 64GB iPhone 5s (the most current iPhone at the time) for like $500 or $600. Now a new phone costs basically the same as a desktop computer smh. Yeah, I understand that the technology is way better, plus there's a bit of inflation to account for, but still.

  • Harrison Sant
    Harrison Sant 3 months ago

    Well I'm vying iphone x

  • William
    William 3 months ago

    Who cares what it looks like. Unless you throw a protective case on it, drop it once and kiss it goodbye.

  • Angelo Rafael
    Angelo Rafael 4 months ago

    400* dollars less

  • DarkEscobah
    DarkEscobah 4 months ago

    Why apple take out something so classic like the home button 😠

  • Farhina Yesmin
    Farhina Yesmin 4 months ago


  • Oregami
    Oregami 4 months ago

    iPhone 8 looking like iphone 6 in his hand lol

  • drink15
    drink15 4 months ago

    Watching in 2018 to decide if I want Xs or used X for much cheaper.

  • TheOnlyEn
    TheOnlyEn 4 months ago

    Is it worth it from 7 to XS ?

  • Cetheral
    Cetheral 4 months ago

    Touch ID fails a lot for me

  • Ran Rae
    Ran Rae 4 months ago +5

    Is it weird that i bought the iphone 8 instead of iphone x just because how different it was?! I didn’t like the difference...

    • amber the amazing
      amber the amazing 19 days ago

      yea same. i asked for the 8 instead of the X because of the design

    • shawne 87
      shawne 87 2 months ago +3

      No it shows your not a sheep, purchase what you like with your money, for your own reason, not because it's the new thing.

  • Anson Hii
    Anson Hii 4 months ago

    I still love the notch design.

  • Explicit Content
    Explicit Content 4 months ago

    I like iPhone 8 more just because of bezels BEZELS I VALUE BEZELS SO MUCH NOW I TOOK THEM FOR GRANTED

  • 爱情GOᒪᗪEᑎ
    爱情GOᒪᗪEᑎ 4 months ago

    is there just a smaller iphone x

  • تثقف أكثر
    تثقف أكثر 4 months ago

    I like iPhone 8 more then the X

  • Zahid Ansari
    Zahid Ansari 4 months ago

    I bought the Iphone 8 and I love it😍
    A11bionic tho🔥

  • Dylan Power
    Dylan Power 4 months ago

    I have got the iPhone 2g, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6 Plus,6s plus, 7 plus, 8 Plus and x.

  • Ali Alsadey
    Ali Alsadey 4 months ago +1

    I phone 3 better than 8 😂

  • AbdulRahman AlHinai
    AbdulRahman AlHinai 4 months ago

    I have a iphone 8 space grey ❤️😍😍😍

  • Molly Mason
    Molly Mason 4 months ago

    I honestly prefer the iPhone 8's design. The gold is so pretty to me and I would rather have touch ID instead of using my face anyway.

  • martin panda
    martin panda 4 months ago

    I have iphone 8 and i think its better thats only my mind becasue home button of iphone makes iphone be iphone

  • Flare78x
    Flare78x 4 months ago

    I hate face ID

  • irma mizandari
    irma mizandari 4 months ago

    iphone 8

  • Victor Rykowski
    Victor Rykowski 5 months ago

    The iPhone 8 Should be called iPhone 7s Lets be honest like if you agree

  • David Rackley
    David Rackley 5 months ago

    Wow how do you use the fingerprint vs Face ID argument when if one doesn’t like Face ID then can simply use a passcode and visa versa...oh wait I know...because you’re pining for views

  • David Rackley
    David Rackley 5 months ago

    You and EverythingApplePro should date each other I really think you’d both make a cute nerd couple:P

  • Rial Mondal
    Rial Mondal 5 months ago

    or you could make the right choice and get a Pixel 2

  • Bella Drama
    Bella Drama 5 months ago +1

    I have the iPhone 8 because I’m not good with technology and before I got my iPhone 8 I messed around with my brothers iPhone X and I just void my figure shit out on it. So if you want more simplicity iPhone 8 is the way to go. If you want more technological things, then get the iPhone X.

  • Chandrakanth arali
    Chandrakanth arali 5 months ago

    Compare x with 8 plus

  • أبو عابد
    أبو عابد 5 months ago

    We got it dude lol🤣

  • quintilian
    quintilian 5 months ago

    Just tell me which phone is better so I can buy it that's what I'm watching you for so that I can make a decision based off your recommendations

    HAZOX 5 months ago

    Looking at them from the front, iPhone 6-8 are so identical you can’t tell them apart

  • Salik Ali
    Salik Ali 5 months ago

    Iphone 8plus Red ....sexy...value for money
    U pay extra for notch and big screen and emojis. Rest is same as 8..

  • Gevo A
    Gevo A 5 months ago

    $1000 iPhone X and iPhone 8 $150 less is $850. WHAT IS MATH MAN DONT BE FANCY JUST SAY $700 LOL

  • dot
    dot 5 months ago

    He’s saying this when I still have the 3GS

  • Mo Bernard
    Mo Bernard 5 months ago

    The question [in the title] wasn’t really answered.....

  • karan kumar
    karan kumar 5 months ago

    Wallpaper link?

  • Jeveh Maurice
    Jeveh Maurice 5 months ago

    I am probs gonna get the x cause i really am not digging those besuls that come with the 8

  • johnathan page
    johnathan page 5 months ago

    Do you really need 2 iPhone Xs? Uhhh please pass one over here please !!😂

  • MrBibi86
    MrBibi86 6 months ago

    *I wish there was an option for face ID for it to automatically unlock your phone without having to swipe up*

  • Everything about WWE
    Everything about WWE 6 months ago

    If I shift from 5s to 8 is it worth the upgrade plz plz answer

  • Mark Velazquez
    Mark Velazquez 6 months ago +1

    I hate Touch ID

    • Matthew Doyle
      Matthew Doyle Month ago

      Mark Velazquez I hate Face ID because it’s slower

  • Prashant Kate
    Prashant Kate 6 months ago

    I am addicted to ur videos bro😀

  • Amy
    Amy 6 months ago

    ok so face id.. i sometimes have glasses on the end of my nose.. sometimes on the top of my head... i'm wondering if ill get super frustrated??? .. i have a 6 s and it is sad lately. But i do love it. considering just getting another 6s as the 8 doesnt' seem to be "special" in any regard. thanks....

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 6 months ago

    Nice sweatshirt

  • Mr PUG
    Mr PUG 6 months ago



  • Patricia Ochman
    Patricia Ochman 6 months ago

    Marques,Is there a difference in battery life between the 8 and 10?

  • Mayalogy
    Mayalogy 6 months ago

    Im upgrading my phone and I have to choose between the Iphone x, Iphone 8 or the galaxy s9 but idk what to choose ):

  • Erek Kendrick
    Erek Kendrick 6 months ago

    The iphone 8 also has portrait mode

  • Twu0play3rs
    Twu0play3rs 6 months ago


  • Twu0play3rs
    Twu0play3rs 6 months ago

    you can offer one fpr me

  • Drn.m Nm
    Drn.m Nm 6 months ago

    Why there is no iPhone 9 after 8 is just 10 😜😂😂

  • Tyrhol Biosphere
    Tyrhol Biosphere 6 months ago

    In my opinion , the number one complaint is the size. The second is lack of fingerprint . ( old technology) Seriously, you kidding right .
    Aside from that there is no way 8plus is better . However If you want a bigger ( wider ) size , obviously 8plus is the best phone for you . Also a notch is way better than a top and bottom bevel.

  • Mikey520 Gaming
    Mikey520 Gaming 6 months ago

    when hila klein likes your tweet

  • Alicia Nicole
    Alicia Nicole 6 months ago

    Hey Marques,
    How’s the battery life on the 10? I’ve been thinking about getting one. I still have a 6s right now and my battery life is amazing. The most top important thing in a phone to me is the battery life.

  • Joseph Holliday
    Joseph Holliday 7 months ago

    I've been trying to decide on switching from my S7 Edge to either the iPhone 8 Plus or the X, but that notch at the top is a bit of a turn-off for me. Also, there's such a small bezel all the way around on the X seems like it would make it hard to hold the phone without the holding hand accidentally causing registered inputs like it does on the edges of my s7 edge.

  • Fardeen Akhtar
    Fardeen Akhtar 7 months ago

    Which wallpaper MKBHD using

  • Connor Gleason
    Connor Gleason 7 months ago

    Its pretty apparent he isn't able to see the price difference as a factory because he is so wealthy. This shows up fairly often in videos where he clearly just uses the best/most expensive option available personally and doesn't realize just how large a factor pricing is for most people. IMO

  • Mobile Oyuncu
    Mobile Oyuncu 7 months ago

    Bu adam nasıl bu kadar abone oldu

  • Zeynep Temiz
    Zeynep Temiz 7 months ago

    Iphone 8 is just amazing! I love the classic design and I think it is easier to use. 8 plus is also good but it was too big for me it was uncomfortable. I ended up with 8, the RED one ❤️

  • parvat singh
    parvat singh 7 months ago

    Look at that display difference