Super Smash Bros for Wii U - Grumpcade

  • Published on Jan 14, 2015
  • We're getting our Smash on in the first ever episode of Grumpcade!
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Comments • 11 468

  • GamerNerd FTW
    GamerNerd FTW 2 days ago

    Wtf tomorrow will literally make this vid 4 years old O.o that’s a little spoopy.

  • Scott Karrasch
    Scott Karrasch 4 days ago

    That's whatever you're talking about for ya
    Dun dun da

  • acdtrip
    acdtrip 8 days ago +1

    I miss the full cast of game grumps they were all so funny together, not saying dan and arin arent but the variety is missed.

  • Boaty Mcboatface
    Boaty Mcboatface 8 days ago

    “Was it Ridley.” Oh you have no idea how funny this is now

  • W. B.
    W. B. 17 days ago


  • link boy
    link boy 17 days ago

    “And I’m also here, right now, not being edited in later”

  • MrMega
    MrMega 25 days ago +1

    “I was down smashing you as you were sucking him up.”
    - Arin “Arim” Hanson (2015)

  • andrethefaivre
    andrethefaivre 25 days ago

    i miss barry

  • WUT PK
    WUT PK 27 days ago

    2:39 so that’s why Danny doesn’t sing this intro

  • Pedalcookie51
    Pedalcookie51 29 days ago +1

    Dan, what the **FUCK** are you thinking??

  • Yoseph Loyd
    Yoseph Loyd 29 days ago

    "No, you peice of shit!" - Arin Hanson

  • tyler reid
    tyler reid Month ago +2

    this whole time i thought Kirby was a dirty character that no one was allowed to use

    • Solid Snake’s Persona
      Solid Snake’s Persona 9 days ago

      tyler reid he’s overpowered and he has too many cheap moves so yeah, you don’t play him unless you’re new to the game

  • Crushed by an ambulance

    wtf ross used to be really bad in smash

  • Shadow of Dread
    Shadow of Dread Month ago

    Kirby’s pose is what Dan looks like through literally every game Arin plays.

  • Cristian Johnson
    Cristian Johnson Month ago +1

    "Well no you big piece of shit. That's Dan and me" 😂 his face when he says it

  • Mauricio Rios
    Mauricio Rios Month ago +1

    ...if only I had cancer

  • NormalTeenGamer
    NormalTeenGamer Month ago

    you fuckin apologize to str-stropin right now

  • NyanKuriboh
    NyanKuriboh Month ago

    DeDeDe mains... Assemble!!

  • RaichusRad
    RaichusRad Month ago +6

    Now play smash ultimate

  • Acrid Moon
    Acrid Moon Month ago +2

    Watching this a day before ultimate. Gotta say it’s a nice throwback

  • Biscuit Boi
    Biscuit Boi Month ago +3

    i love that mini sarcastic obama complaint from arin at the start of the episode, seeing that now with trump as the alternative....if only he knew

  • Rise Wolf2387
    Rise Wolf2387 Month ago


  • Enix Nomad
    Enix Nomad Month ago

    *_Introducing, Ross. The smartest man in all of the Game Grumps._*

    *_because he loves gurren lagann_*


  • Spoopy
    Spoopy Month ago

    No you big piece of shit

  • Killer Q's Third
    Killer Q's Third Month ago

    I’m still waiting for Tf2...

  • NormalTeenGamer
    NormalTeenGamer Month ago

    that was dedenne not raichu

  • Bartholemew Banholzer
    Bartholemew Banholzer Month ago +1

    Hope they play ultimate

  • Gangtsa Racoon
    Gangtsa Racoon Month ago

    Arin should up throw into down B more

  • WallyWalrus
    WallyWalrus Month ago

    I love coming back to this one of my favorite episodes

  • Joshuca
    Joshuca Month ago

    As a Pac-Main Arin's game play bothers me.

    • Joshuca
      Joshuca Month ago

      He's also using my color so...

  • Professor Birch
    Professor Birch Month ago

    Can we have more of this content please. I REALLY like it.

  • ko paxson
    ko paxson Month ago

    I think Ross is cool cause he might be stuck in the Aughts

  • ThingsThatGoBomb
    ThingsThatGoBomb Month ago +1

    This is a relic

  • Jacob Massengale
    Jacob Massengale Month ago


    I'm sorry grumps...

  • Jim Thomson
    Jim Thomson Month ago

    11:23 ah, the classic suck and cuck

  • Hummingbirdlord
    Hummingbirdlord Month ago

    22:30 yeah so would i

  • Brian Covarrubias
    Brian Covarrubias Month ago

    No you big piece of shit

  • stickbro 101
    stickbro 101 Month ago


  • Matthew Bergeron
    Matthew Bergeron Month ago

    items makes smash so ass to play

  • Trevor Kobe
    Trevor Kobe 2 months ago

    *t h a t*

  • Karl Cutajar
    Karl Cutajar 2 months ago

    No you big piece of shit 0:31

  • Rage Corner
    Rage Corner 2 months ago

    RIP grumpcade

  • RageMaster516
    RageMaster516 2 months ago


  • Dark Piranha Plant
    Dark Piranha Plant 2 months ago

    "That was like the ultimate double team" arin predicts super smash bros ultimate

  • し火チF O R G O T T E N

    Meanwhile parade cat is playing on the computer screen

  • comics 4life23
    comics 4life23 2 months ago

    And im also here

  • Artie Fartie
    Artie Fartie 2 months ago

    ross.... = kirby.... he is him....IT ALL MAKES SCENSE NOW

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 2 months ago


  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 2 months ago


  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 2 months ago

    lollllllllllllllllllll haaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol

  • master kirby
    master kirby 2 months ago

    0:30 hahahahahahahaha

  • For Streams
    For Streams 2 months ago

    Game grumps and Grump Cade for smash ultimate.

  • Dylan Sessions
    Dylan Sessions 2 months ago

    "Isn't that just game grumps???"

    "well..... no, you big piece of shit."


  • Jaser Azcona
    Jaser Azcona 2 months ago

    What if piranha plant was a fighter

  • Krabby Anims
    Krabby Anims 2 months ago

    Come on dan!

  • Mike Hofilena
    Mike Hofilena 2 months ago

    And today we see why Ross only plays Kirby

  • Lt. Derp25
    Lt. Derp25 2 months ago

    Ross, come on! Sucking people in and dragging them down the stage does not equal skill, it equals trolling- wait, that’s what Ross is best at anyway. Nevermind.

    SEAN GRIGSBY 2 months ago

    “No, you big piece of shit.”
    -Arin Hanson

  • Invinci-Creep 7049
    Invinci-Creep 7049 2 months ago

    kirby: "high!"

    everyone: ...

  • Invinci-Creep 7049
    Invinci-Creep 7049 2 months ago

    bEzT iNtwO 10 OuTTA 10

  • jacobrocket173
    jacobrocket173 2 months ago

    29:20 if your talking about Super Mario 64, Mario actually says "So long gay Bowser", if your not talking about that game then idk what your talking about

  • jacobrocket173
    jacobrocket173 2 months ago

    Where did they get $80 for a GameCube adaptor? Mine only cost like $12 on Amazon, granted it's not made by Nintendo themselves it works as if it was by Nintendo and had it for about 6 months and I'm surprised it's not broken for how much it was

  • Random Tuber
    Random Tuber 2 months ago

    if i said it once i said it a thousand times... that

  • Danger Noodle and Friends

    Superfight T shirt

  • Matt Bryce
    Matt Bryce 3 months ago +1

    I know this is old but I couldn't resist commenting about the skybox thing, yes! Skyboxes are actually boxes they just have a texture on them that gives the illusion they are spherical

  • InternetZombie
    InternetZombie 3 months ago

    0:31 "well, no you big piece of shit."

  • Serhat Vehbi Girgin
    Serhat Vehbi Girgin 3 months ago

    Watch the Last round at 2x speed

  • BenjiGoldilocks
    BenjiGoldilocks 3 months ago

    *its dedenne **6:00*

  • PsychoJohkami
    PsychoJohkami 3 months ago


  • Ian Shaw
    Ian Shaw 3 months ago

    Is it just me who wants to see them play tf2?

  • Jorge Pena
    Jorge Pena 3 months ago

    Barry come back

  • StopMotion Freak
    StopMotion Freak 3 months ago

    Teacher: did you all do your homework
    That one student: 0:31

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez 3 months ago

    I play with Wii mote for smash Bros😂

  • Sub z3r0
    Sub z3r0 3 months ago

    Hehehehehe inkei means penis in Japanese

  • Robert Yup
    Robert Yup 3 months ago

    this commentary actually made me cry

  • Wookie Commander
    Wookie Commander 3 months ago

    What’s the deal with Dan in the intro? Was he in the original cut but they reshot his scenes or something like that? Sorry it just seems weird

    • Marty Mcflew
      Marty Mcflew 3 months ago

      Wookie Commander he obviously wasn’t there when they recorded so they shot him and edited it in later

  • Adventurercross
    Adventurercross 3 months ago

    I miss Barry

  • Crazy Wendigo
    Crazy Wendigo 3 months ago


  • Pearl Cloudy
    Pearl Cloudy 4 months ago


  • David Arrington
    David Arrington 4 months ago

    Is dan in niaja sex party

  • Noah Preuss
    Noah Preuss 4 months ago

    If you can only play Kirby then you are cancerous, Ross. Sorry.

  • KalasWinglet
    KalasWinglet 4 months ago

    Suzie is so ugly...

  • Mikel
    Mikel 4 months ago

    God, it opens with Ross making excuses. He’s such a baby.

    • Mikel
      Mikel 2 months ago

      Jeanne Alter/Jeanne Lily Alter Sorry if that offended you, I was being silly. I love Ross unconditionally. :)
      Have a great day!

    • Jeanne Alter/Jeanne Lily Alter
      Jeanne Alter/Jeanne Lily Alter 2 months ago

      its literally just them having fun are you that dumb? I guess you are since I'm explaining this to you.

  • lil nut
    lil nut 4 months ago


  • lil nut
    lil nut 4 months ago

    Fucking ross

  • Karen Droogieoogie
    Karen Droogieoogie 4 months ago

    Dan and Arin are both delightfully stupid, Arin thought that there was a such thing as an STI that causes you to piss out your eyes, he also thought that you can smoke weed out of a plastic bag

  • Doktor Vem
    Doktor Vem 4 months ago

    Man, Ross is so fucking terrible at this game, and just because he plays nothing but fkn Kirby he's some fucking how keeping up with the rest of the guys. Fuck you, Ross, you sadistic piece of shit >:(

  • amir ghanem
    amir ghanem 4 months ago


  • Here come dat berd
    Here come dat berd 4 months ago

    But *I T S N O T M E L E E*

  • Pita Casillas
    Pita Casillas 4 months ago

    *d a n i e l a v i d a n i e l* how could you?

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 4 months ago

    4:43 I can’t stop laughing

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 4 months ago

    Who’s hype for a grumpcade on smash ultimate

  • Officer Forbits
    Officer Forbits 4 months ago

    What was that wallpaper thing and can you get it on a chromebook

  • Emily H
    Emily H 4 months ago

    It's impressive seeing Ross using Kirby's up smash to get back onto the platform. I sometimes press the button by accident and fall into the abyss XD

  • Andreslohe
    Andreslohe 4 months ago

    I want grumpcade back :(

  • Mudkip Legend
    Mudkip Legend 4 months ago

    0:31 lol

  • Mudkip Legend
    Mudkip Legend 4 months ago

    0:31 smg4

  • II Haka II
    II Haka II 4 months ago

    2018 baby that’s what I’m talking about

  • Andre Morrison
    Andre Morrison 4 months ago

    Billion? Where'd the rest go?

  • Juan Kassimatis
    Juan Kassimatis 4 months ago

    0:31 that become a meme