The Deli - 5:32PM

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
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  • Limonsito chido :v
    Limonsito chido :v 30 minutes ago +1

    So cuteee! ღ

  • JodA Mucusus
    JodA Mucusus 5 hours ago

    Solo escucha mi verbos que con mentes luchan
    Mientras la mota te despelucas
    Mientras estás en plena ducha
    Antes de salirme obio me pongo mi
    Boi y causo Lus en esa penumbra
    Que abunda ase que te confundas
    la marubunda cuando te inundas

  • Totenkopf
    Totenkopf 5 hours ago

    I not alone but I feel lonely... These songs always makes me feel weird inside...

  • Addie Fuller
    Addie Fuller 6 hours ago +1

    I want to be friends with everyone in this comment section. Y’all are all so chill

  • britney lover
    britney lover 11 hours ago


  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge



  • I wanna be 80s kid
    I wanna be 80s kid 17 hours ago +1

    Ahhh it’s remember me for the relaxing summer when i was in the sea😍the sun shined in my eyes and i swam in the warm water while the birds flew around ❤️❤️❤️

  • Carlin Furry
    Carlin Furry Day ago

    *I l i s e n t h i s m u s i c t o 5 : 3 2 P M*

  • Shh she Ndndn
    Shh she Ndndn Day ago

    Hey y’all

  • Pirate Cookie Fox !


  • Juan
    Juan Day ago

    Este tipo de música me recuerda a space dandy y cowboy bebop

  • Christoper Aun
    Christoper Aun Day ago

    Feel like alone but my room crowded

  • BaconFarmer420
    BaconFarmer420 2 days ago +1

    We hit that 10M view marks bois.

  • CeCe&Dede
    CeCe&Dede 2 days ago

    Picture this: Earth has just exploded and you are getting rushed to a space ship to go to a Planet that is similar to earth.when you arive you see all sorts of alian creatures and the sky is is a wavy purple green pattern.... You have powers and you every night you get a feeling of Isomnia. Your family is with you and all biotic organisms are safe. You go outside and build a space ship house. You quickley explore this Nastolgic Planet. Then you vanish in to open space and to find all the astronamic horoscopes and stars that form the shapes... after you vanish back to your space ship house on the Similer earth like planet. You then wake up and relize it was all a dream.... ever since then you hope you have that dream again and never do.but you will never forget that mysteriously planet.

  • Pau Alado
    Pau Alado 2 days ago

    Parece musica do goulart

  • Linder Jonhnson Paes Ferreira

    Fortaleza Ceará Brasil

  • sky yt
    sky yt 2 days ago

    ThE dElI

  • Abominationus
    Abominationus 2 days ago

    Hello! Can anybody tell me what this genre is called?

  • Duckdiino
    Duckdiino 2 days ago

    D R Ξ Λ M S

  • OmaraGMF55
    OmaraGMF55 3 days ago

    I really like this song
    It's peaceful
    And i like peaceful stuff
    It's perfect for me
    It pretty much describes my personality...

  • Johnathan Johnson
    Johnathan Johnson 3 days ago

    Im new this new kinda music and i really like it been having good vibes lately and just sick vibing beats just keep me happy the whole day. Life is great ❤️ loving everything things turning upward for me 🙏🏽

  • Thomas
    Thomas 3 days ago

    by Bill Evans & Jim Hall: song is

  • Θοδωρής Τρανός


  • NCT tRaSh
    NCT tRaSh 3 days ago

    I've been looking everywhere for this and it strolled up on my auto play uwu

  • monkey child
    monkey child 4 days ago

    Im actually listening to this at 5:32 pm

  • leprechaun lili
    leprechaun lili 4 days ago

    Even though there's no music, I might make a music video on this.

  • Kelly Rosero
    Kelly Rosero 4 days ago

    the beginning sounds like asmr🥀

  • iiBlueHeartAnimationsii

    i'll use this for my outro

  • Pizzabro55
    Pizzabro55 4 days ago


  • sp0oked
    sp0oked 4 days ago

    Can I use this for vids I just have to give credit?

  • Anderson Silva
    Anderson Silva 4 days ago +2

    Alguém do Brasil da like ❤️

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 5 days ago

    Ah so this is the song in all those tea videos

  • Debbie Do
    Debbie Do 5 days ago

    Love this 🌻

  • Tom1996
    Tom1996 5 days ago

    God I hate late afternoons. 5:32PM just has such an awful sticky vibe. This song ain't too bad though.

  • iiAnnex_Yt
    iiAnnex_Yt 5 days ago

    So relaxing feeling the soft air flowing on your skin... (Outside)
    The soft calming music Ringing in your ears.... (Inside)

  • CG maddy
    CG maddy 5 days ago +1

    Do you ever just sit in bed listen to a song like this and think "I was chosen by someone to be put on this earth I may be going through a hard time right now but I was put here to help it."

  • Jania Hall
    Jania Hall 6 days ago

    What even happened to me well o guess I will be OK.

  • offscreen 6
    offscreen 6 6 days ago

    This is the song that unites the comment section.

  • Lender killer
    Lender killer 6 days ago

    This song reminds me of my past

  • Pink Donut
    Pink Donut 6 days ago

    *music turns off* ugh life

  • c θ r r μ pτ р е я s θ η

    who has school tomorrow

  • ღrayetღ
    ღrayetღ 6 days ago


  • That one nerd
    That one nerd 6 days ago +1

    I turned this on at 4:43 AM still worked.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 6 days ago

    Fast foward to ten seconds every time in this video and you get.. 👌💯 quality 👌💯👌🔥🔥

  • Super Hunter
    Super Hunter 6 days ago

    theres one kozy k pop song, featuring this music. it matches with artist's lyrics and really nice to listen. i wish i couod share with you guys but i forgot the name

  • JDMD
    JDMD 7 days ago

    You’re Pointless

  • Robloxgirl 222
    Robloxgirl 222 7 days ago


    You are the best..

  • Nekko Sann
    Nekko Sann 7 days ago

    tip: right click the video and press loop

  • K P3
    K P3 7 days ago

    Listen to this late at night... Lay back, close your eyes and reflect... Think of how your day was... Ask yourself questions like. What did I eat today? Or. If I want a pet (or another) what would it be? Now think of a rush in the morning. You wake up. Get your clothes on. Run out the door with breakfast and feels the nice cold breeze... Now you probably fell asleep... Rest.. You’ve got a whole lot ahead of you.

  • [ BICHANO ]
    [ BICHANO ] 8 days ago +2


  • Sam Bks
    Sam Bks 8 days ago

    just a random stranger passing by to smash the 'like' button on chill sounds like these...

  • Hellome Killme
    Hellome Killme 8 days ago

    This song will never not be relaxing

  • pip sima
    pip sima 9 days ago

    Almost 10m views you need to spend your money wisely lol

  • dupla TURUPÃO
    dupla TURUPÃO 10 days ago


  • becon fofinho
    becon fofinho 10 days ago

    Achei as músicas do goluart

  • badguybillie
    badguybillie 10 days ago

    play at 0.75 speed ;)

  • XxGacha LesliexX
    XxGacha LesliexX 11 days ago

    This song makes me feel happy yet also sad.
    Story Time:
    When some people are friends with boys you think you might just be friends, right? Wrong. I feel in love with a boy and I was pretty jealous when he liked another girl but I still liked him but, the moment when he started acting like a jerk and he was kinda mean now, I stopped liking him so, I moved on. I still had a few bit of feelings for him but I was still confident. I have a friend named Bryan and he is a really goofy, funny, and just a pretty great guy. I didn't notice it at first but, when I started hanging out with him more with my other few gals I felt a sting in my heart anytime I was going by to hang out with him. I was really confused then I realized that, " him..?!?," I said in my head. I am a mute person in school because I have social anxiety so I get very shy and I mess up with words so, I doubted myself when I thought, "I can't tell him but..I can text my friend (Kathy) about this!" I got to my phone and told her, she was shocked, and I was too. She didn't have ANY IDEA on what had happened.
    Next Day:
    I was waiting for her to arrive school and when she would arrive I was waiting for her reaction. This was her reaction, "Oh my GOSH, girl, I'm SO SHOOK! I didn't know you liked him...How long have you liked him?" I didn't know for how long so I thought maybe...4 months..?
    My friend asked me if she could spill the tea to our other friends, obviously other than him. I agreed to let her. Finally, all of our friends KNEW who I liked! Now, I'll get good advice from them! I was wrong.....Unfortunately, he had a huge crush on one of my other friends.. Her name's Valery. She has beautiful colored eyes so..YEAH! Who WOULDNT like HER!.....Oh my, I'm jealous of her! I'll just ignore it..I still have a chance to impress and let him get used to me. Again, I was wrong... Valery had misunderstood me, when Bryan got the courage to tell Valery his feelings for her...Then, Sh-she....She....*sigh* She told him she would accept to date him....
    Next Day, Tues. March 26 2019:
    I was in a happy mood this day I didn't know about the situation but when it was 3 period my friend Kathy told me that they had started to date...I tried to hold it in but, I bursted into tears and quickly dried them up. I couldn't BELIEVE HER! SHE STOLE MY CRUSH! AND SHE KNEW! HOW RUDE IS THAT TO JUST STEAL YOUR FRIEND'S CRUSH EVEN THOUGH YOU KNEW THEY LIKED THAT PERSON AND YOU DIDN'T CARE!
    Present Day:
    They are still dating but one day I hope, that she will regret what she had done to me..I went through depression because my friend back stabbed me, and ALL my other friends ALSO KNEW THAT THEY HAD STARTED TO DATE!
    I am now trying to fit in with both of them...Now he knows I "liked" him....I still do. Valery even told him! Foiled AGAIN! *sigh* I don't want to be sad anymore I WANNA STAY POSITIVE AGAIN but, I'm still mad at her for doing this...

  • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    This makes me feel less nervous about high school

    Then I remember I'm 22

  • Connor Duong
    Connor Duong 11 days ago

    Sad and happy... interesting

  • Saturation III
    Saturation III 11 days ago

    I feel like samples an old video game theme song I used to play.... Xbox original ?

  • darrell jonasson
    darrell jonasson 11 days ago

    Emily that is actually what i do i just like to lay back in my chair look at my dark room and just chill it's just so peaceful and calming this is what i listen to when i have had a bad day

  • NovemberZulu 118
    NovemberZulu 118 12 days ago

    That feeling when you’re at the counter of the Deli and the server is happily waiting for you while you’re browsing through today’s menu

  • GrëęńThêBęšt šś

    very specific

  • Hey Princess
    Hey Princess 12 days ago

    That’s one night I won’t ever forget not even if I wanted to I can’t it’s burned in the back of my mind I was so young and you were so dumb to treat me like that I was so innocent I loved you you were family I looked up to you you meant the world to me and I felt so safe and confident around you but you enjoyed that didn’t you a little to much the way you made me do what you said and I couldn’t do anything I wasn’t strong enough I went thru the worst now your living the best life with some girl and I’m scarred for life filled with insecurities.

  • YungBeatsVibez
    YungBeatsVibez 13 days ago

    Hey guys, i´m from germany, i make lofi beats too and if you u want go check out my last vid! Greets

  • g5a3m 526
    g5a3m 526 13 days ago +1

    Im six minutes late.


  • Melis Stinson
    Melis Stinson 14 days ago

    i love pictures like that dont know why

  • Marshy chu/ ocean plays


  • Rosely Becerra Ayala
    Rosely Becerra Ayala 14 days ago

    Soy la única de español? ¿Si? Ok :"v

  • Math
    Math 14 days ago

    High school is over. It's been over....oofw

  • Dani erizo
    Dani erizo 15 days ago

    I like dar dirt

  • RoastedLemonz
    RoastedLemonz 15 days ago

    Have You ever had the power go off at night
    and you're a bit scared.
    well, i just listen to songs like this
    and vibe off into the world of lofi

  • 1950's Television
    1950's Television 15 days ago

    Relaxing as can be. I love lofi. I can just turn off all the worries and stresses for just a moment, but it's long enough to help me go a little further. Actually used to be a deli clerk, and guess what? Often got the 5:30 to 9 shift. Kinda geeked out for a minute. Wasn't a glamorous job but I liked it well enough.

  • Shy Sunflower
    Shy Sunflower 15 days ago

    I feel like I wanna move far away from all the bad things that destroy my self esteem everyday 🌏⚡️

  • BlueBerry Videos
    BlueBerry Videos 16 days ago

    The Deli 9:32 Am

  • TheAUlover
    TheAUlover 16 days ago +1

    I need a 10 hour version of this..

    It helps my anxiety
    It helps my depression
    It makes everything calm
    It helps me sleep
    It helps everything..........

  • purefandom :3
    purefandom :3 16 days ago

    I don't know why but when I listen to lofi hop I feel... Almost sad? Like that feeling you get when being at a childhood place of yours and the memory of all thr good and bad times come back.

  • annie
    annie 16 days ago

    oo this song brings back memories of driving around with my dad and debating about which fast food restaurant is superior

  • Jed George
    Jed George 16 days ago

    Does anyone know how the drawing is made? In which software/technique?

  • pottupelaaja
    pottupelaaja 16 days ago

  • EllaGamer12310 Playz
    EllaGamer12310 Playz 17 days ago +1

    You know how you get that feeling, the one where, you just, need a relaxing song? Anytime I listen to this, I repeat the sounds in my head and the next day, when I'm feeling tired at school, I just put this song in my head, and everything is peaceful in the school again. Does anyone else do the same? Like if you do.

  • Erika Draws
    Erika Draws 17 days ago

    Now listen to this song at 5:32 A.m. if you can wake up that early.

  • Claire !
    Claire ! 17 days ago

    I wish i wish

  • Pug The Cat
    Pug The Cat 17 days ago

    Damn. Things fly by when you don't want them to. I remember listening to this song back in November in a small Kansas town, locked in my room, on a nice day. Now I'm laying here at 1 am in Washington wondering what happened.

  • Connor Boling
    Connor Boling 17 days ago


  • koichi your mom's boyfriend

    You know it really has a 5 am vibe. I feel like im having coffee looking out the window while i wait for others to wake up enjoying my little moment of peace. It feels like my trip to boracay, thanks.

  • frida's show
    frida's show 19 days ago

    Me da miedo la imagen no sé porque

  • adriana hernandez
    adriana hernandez 19 days ago +3

    It brings up the happy and sad memories and cancels out and takes me to a different place

  • {insert channel name here}

    Sounds like Steven Universe's music

  • Emirhan半狼
    Emirhan半狼 19 days ago


  • The1080pGamer
    The1080pGamer 19 days ago +4

    Ah yes, 5:32 PM in the morning, My favorite.

  • uchiha itachi
    uchiha itachi 20 days ago +3

    I always knew she was never mine

  • Jayden North
    Jayden North 20 days ago +1

    I love the nostalgia i feel from this and how it reminds me to slow down and how important it is to be grateful for my friends and family and the time we have on this earth

  • Hugo Roberts
    Hugo Roberts 20 days ago

    The days are short, it's summer and you're just vibing out in your room. These were the old days, the best days. When the only thing you worry about is the next time your friends would come round.
    To all you reading this hope you have a fantastic day 💖

  • Andy Correa
    Andy Correa 20 days ago

    You're out in space, your spacesuit ran out of oxygen, vaccum is sucking you in and it slowly suffocates you and then you slowly reminisce the good ol times when you're back in earth. then this song plays....then you slowly close your eyes. dying...

  • macAaroni
    macAaroni 20 days ago

    Facking relax music

  • CadillacLii
    CadillacLii 20 days ago

    The picture gives me Joy, like an ol game: Mystical Ninja ❤️

  • Alex Lotus
    Alex Lotus 21 day ago +1

    This is pretty good idea, if we run out of song names we can just call them with time numbers...