The Deli - 5:32PM

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
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  • VaporCave
    VaporCave 2 hours ago

    what is the sample, someone please help a brother out!!

  • Rıləy'
    Rıləy' 2 hours ago


  • blankuser
    blankuser 3 hours ago


  • Rhea Villanueva
    Rhea Villanueva 9 hours ago


  • xMc_Shadow
    xMc_Shadow 13 hours ago

    It’s 3 am, I’m laying in my bed doing nothing but waiting until I have to get up for school, listening to this.

  • Ranvex Randomer
    Ranvex Randomer 20 hours ago

    I love You

  • Omar chavez
    Omar chavez 20 hours ago

    Honestly good music to listen while drawing also reminds me of the early 2000s

  • ᎠαnᎥkαツ
    ᎠαnᎥkαツ 21 hour ago

    Hi guys, just laying in bed playing this on repeat while u try to clear my mind:)

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher Day ago +1

    Happy valentines to you all ♥️

  • Aurora Flowwer
    Aurora Flowwer Day ago +2

    I think i found my love.....

  • Elijah Esters
    Elijah Esters Day ago +1

    I wish this song was longer

  • Mr Patata
    Mr Patata Day ago

    listening to this and eating potato is nice

  • It’s Sarah’s Life!

    whenever i hear this song i fall asleep because this song makes me calm and silence i don’t even talk or do anything i just listen to this beautiful music.

  • Thomas Ly
    Thomas Ly Day ago

    The bun makes you sleep and convult. Cocka doodle doo. Vietnamese is right.

  • esteban rodriguez

    Since everyone is sharing stories, might at=s well tell mine
    So I'm in 6th grade but let's take it back one year (2018) I'm in fifth grade and my friend (Darlene) tells me that my other friend (Maliheh) liked me and Darlene asked if I liked Maliheh. Now I had a crush on Maliheh for like 2 years but I didn't have the courage to tell her. So I said yes and Darlene tells Malihe that I said yes. A couple of days pass and people are telling me "you should ask her out". But I was nervous and stopped talking to Maliheh. More days pass and my friends start being her "messenger" and asking me questions and forcing me to talk to her. But now we talk on Snapchat because we go to different schools. Now we are calling each other "bae".( Don't even start saying " you're too young or that"). Anyways my point here is if you screw up, you can still fix it. Every time I hear this song I think of those times.

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan Day ago

    I was watching anime at 5:32 PM when I could have listened to this.

  • leopard golden girl QwQ

    Adoro 🤤😁

  • X-M-V
    X-M-V 2 days ago

    Oh man, the first ever Lo-Fi song I’ve ever heard. It brought a whole new genre for me to play with and I gotta say, *_these artist are fucking amazing._*

  • sleepychild
    sleepychild 2 days ago

    You've come a long way.

  • Hasyim Nrz
    Hasyim Nrz 3 days ago


  • Nerd
    Nerd 3 days ago

    the owners of this sushi restaurant i love play this song all the time and its so relaxing and amazing

  • lovè ?
    lovè ? 3 days ago

    i need help wheres the mental hospital

    song wont get out my head and i keep imagining this song as a background music to everything that is happening around and to me.

  • Lonezewolf Gaming
    Lonezewolf Gaming 3 days ago +1

    *So this is that new drug everyone's been talking about*

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 days ago

    Can i rap to this and put it on spotify

  • Camille O’Dwyer
    Camille O’Dwyer 4 days ago

    sitting on my bed on a rainy day with blankets and tea..that's what this makes me think of

  • 70s Baby
    70s Baby 4 days ago

    Hmmmm. It's 5:48!

  • Maria Fernanda Garcia Romero

    It's 4:55 but has the same effect

  • Lane Davidson
    Lane Davidson 4 days ago

    Man where was this shit when i was a kid

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 5 days ago

    Man this music seems to set the mood whenever I’m down.

    SHOTY 5 days ago

    this is gold

    LONCE RAMOR 5 days ago

    I thought this was from animal crossing

  • mim carrion
    mim carrion 5 days ago +2

    As you sit on your bed in the middle of the night thinking i might actually be worth something instead of a peice of the worthless trash i presume to be

  • xaesthetickxren x
    xaesthetickxren x 5 days ago

    this is a nice *vibe* and in MY opinion, it's pretty *aesthetic* too.

  • abc52308
    abc52308 5 days ago

    Y'all ever just listen to this when you have a bad day?

  • StIfFy UH
    StIfFy UH 5 days ago

    sometimes I wish I can make a music video out of songs like this so I can show how I truly want my days to look like and just to make it vibe out ya know?

  • Tavia Jenner
    Tavia Jenner 5 days ago

    the first lofi song i ever heard, and will always be my favorite

  • Mademoiselle Point Virgule

    How's called this aesthetic?

  • Ranndy Solano
    Ranndy Solano 6 days ago

    I get home from school on a Friday after a long day of school and wrestling practice. I turn on my switch and super smash bros ultimate intro plays. My mom buys me fast food with hot chocolate and I throw my book bag on the floor with my cat sleeping next to me. There I am, playing super smash bros while the sun is setting, nobody can stop me.
    PS:I have a wrestling tournament at like 8 and it’s like 10, wish me luck

  • EPC Zan3
    EPC Zan3 7 days ago

    it looks like undertale :)

  • Nyzel FentyBey
    Nyzel FentyBey 7 days ago

    I listen to this when im depressed,stressed,mad or sad

  • meh meh
    meh meh 7 days ago

    imagine this right?( you came come up with whatever names you want for the characters in this story)
    (let me know if i spelled anything wrong)

    It's your first year in high school and the first 3 months were hard because you got bullied a lot, and through the rest of the months of your first year went by very peaceful. Now it's your second year and you met this girl that you liked who is new to the school and in the same grade as you and you both got together really well. Then after 5 months you came into the school building and started to look for her before first period started and you saw her kissing the bully that used to bully you. And the bully and her looked at you and she said " I'm not sorry" and you go the the bathroom and cry the whole day. You come home and cry in the bathtub and think about killing yourself several times so you take a knife from the kitchen late at night trying to kill yourself so many time, but you don't have the guts. Next day comes up and you see her again and she's crying and come towords( yeah ik i spelled it wrong) you and starts saying "I'm sorry" then she leans in on you and you flick her off and start bursting out yelling at her and then she slaps you then walks away. Now the bully came up to you and starts to punch you and treats you like shit for the rest of the year and after a while the girl moved back to Flushin (that too) and you feel even more heartbroken even when you saw her kiss him. now it's you third year and you finally start to feel better again but all the sudden you get smacked in the back of the head real hard by your kindergarten (girl) friend you have't seen since fourth grade and she kissed you on the lips for 2 mins like she wanted to kiss you before you had got suspended for taking a pic of a teacher's bare butt. when shes done kissing you your other (boy) friend comes up and hugs you with all his strength and they both say "we missed dude" and you guys starts talking until the first bell rang and started running to your classes and realize that all 3 of you are in the same class and you all get hyped. you get through the rest of the school year with your friends and with out the bully punching you once. It's your final year the girl who had kissed you invited you to her house but you lived quite far so you call your day and asked if you can stay for the night and he says yes and so do her parents. later in the night she come up close to you while your sleeping and you feel your privates start to tingale with plessure then you wake up and feel a warm hand on your penis and mouth then she proceed to get on top of you and you both lose your virginity at the same time and you faint during sex.You wake up with the both of you naked under the sheets and you think to yourself "Did i just have sex...? WITH A GIRL?!?!?". You get up and get dressed and she wakes up soon after and the sheets slide off her chest and you see tits for the first time but she's ok with it so she also get dressed and you both get ready for school today. While you both wait for the bus you see a familiar face walking up to you... it's the girl who cheated on you and she says "i'm sorry for all the mean stuff i did to you, i'm sorry i cheated on you, i'm sorry that i broke your heart, i'm sorry i slapped you and walked away. please just forgive me and we can get back together. I won't cheat of you ever again!" while sobbing. You place your hand on her shoulder and say " please stay out of my life" then she looks at you and walks away. your bus arrives and you get on then your friend says " what was all that about?" you say " don't worry it's just some ho who cheated on me in my second year of this school". You both reach the school and see your other friend and you all start talking about what happen at her house but neither of you talk about the sex. 4 months later you see on the news that a girl had jumped of a building and you recognize that last name later on they find a letter saying " I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY ASSHOLE". don't feel sad nor angry... you feel mad at the fact she cheated on you and shes mad at you for not forgiving her and took her own life for it.
    rest of the final year goes by and the test scores come in and you passed. 2 days later you get your grades and go out the front exit but before leaving you put your and up balled in a fist and shout " I MADE IT!!!", while tears run down your face this song plays as your remember all the hard times and good times you went through and walk out of the darkness into the light.
    Hi. My name is Warren. i'm 14 in the 8th grade and wrote how this song made me feel and what went through y head while listing to this. I hope you enjoyed this little story i wrote. Have a good night/day

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia 7 days ago

    I came here about 8 months ago from a video with a triangle telling a circle "You're Pointless" And then this song playing.

  • Paweł Sługocki
    Paweł Sługocki 8 days ago

    Why, while always listening to such music, those bad memories come back which hurt a lot. Sitting on reading the comments, each of us is afraid of his or her future that no one will meet on his or her way of life a person who will fill this emptiness in our hearts. I am only 17 years old and I think that I am mature for my age. Though I'm young, life has taught me a lot. If you had a girl/boyfriend and she/he left you this is nothing to worry about because God (a colleague at the top) pushes the bad people who are trying to hurt us. There will come such a time that you will be happy.❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • INIV189
    INIV189 8 days ago

    remember me simpsons

  • INIV189
    INIV189 8 days ago



    free use?

  • Cookie Playz Games
    Cookie Playz Games 8 days ago

    Y'know, being alive is alright with me.

  • Flow De Anime Weeaboo

    *I always wonder...* WARNING BAD ENGLISH ;0;
    *Am i just an illusion*
    *Can't be seen cant be touched?*
    *Or a puppet?*
    *To fight*
    *To follow*

  • Shinelind
    Shinelind 8 days ago

    This song makes me stares at nowhere in my room, especially the window with a transparent white curtains in 5:32PM.
    It isn't boring at all staring at nowhere.
    I downloaded this song so when my WiFi is error i play this and lay on bed.

  • Kanna
    Kanna 8 days ago

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Scitty
    Scitty 8 days ago

    minecraft wuw

  • Pink diamond And more

    It’s 4:54 and your laying in the bed watching Netflix on your phone while petting your cat wondering what you’re gonna do in the future.

  • joni lastra
    joni lastra 9 days ago

    En lo cumpleañito que le pone papita a todo

  • kiba the bad wolf
    kiba the bad wolf 9 days ago

    Tbh I like songs like this but the community is a lik werid QwQ

  • Harry Dietz
    Harry Dietz 9 days ago

    I love this song

  • Harley Mills
    Harley Mills 9 days ago

    I wish my Alexa (Amazon Echo) Can play this.. ;-;

  • mr fritodito
    mr fritodito 9 days ago

    Just imagine yourself, it's almost a summer night, you decide to take walk around your town for a little while. As you walk, you can see the sun go down. The clouds begin to turn an orange/pinkish color and so is the sky. you then come along into an ally with condos and trees. This is when you start to play this song and walk for a while more until it turns night

  • Demi Wolfy
    Demi Wolfy 10 days ago +1

    Ugh great I can’t get it out of my head! What did u do to meh?!?!?!?!?

  • M P
    M P 10 days ago

    This is the most relaxing song i used to hear uwu ♡

  • MrBennyBite
    MrBennyBite 10 days ago

    when the fuck did lo-fi blow up? rip

  • ohgeeplayer
    ohgeeplayer 10 days ago

    homework is now 100000% easier
    thank you dreamwave

  • Autismo Maximo
    Autismo Maximo 10 days ago +1

    This track + this picture somehow remind me of an alternate life in an alternate universe .

  • Justin Y. 2.0
    Justin Y. 2.0 10 days ago

    This song reminds me of 2013

  • Sophia Desman
    Sophia Desman 10 days ago

    Anyone have any idea of the chords/tab for this song? This loop would be really good to play to cool off and chill out.

  • aiko togami
    aiko togami 10 days ago

    This makes me feel floaty and happy and woo

  • Calcifire
    Calcifire 11 days ago

    Driving the car, 11:00 pm, window rolled down, wind blowing through your hair, sipping coffee from the cafe you just went, Now that's heaven

  • alexis torres ramirez
    alexis torres ramirez 11 days ago

    Quisiera utilizar la base, esta re hermosa :c

  • zack k
    zack k 11 days ago

    Being alone at the kitchen

  • tulip drawings
    tulip drawings 11 days ago +1

    its really late and also a school night, but what better way to spend my life then listen to lofi uner all my covers

  • emmi
    emmi 11 days ago

    u have a crush on ur best friend but ur too afraid to admit it. u guys talk a lot, get a long, and are super close. one night, u guys go to a skating rink. u guys eat snacks, talk, and skate. when u were skating, u fell, like really hard. ur friend came to go help you up and u looked into their eyes and muttered, "i love you." they say "what?" then you say "ugh, ive had a crush on u for the longest time and i cant get you out of my head, like ever" they look at you, smile, and say, "i feel the same exact way." then they lean in for a kiss.

  • Polish Loli
    Polish Loli 11 days ago

    Ah, this gives me the vibe of swinging on wooden swings, drinking ice tea as the sun sets, giving the sky a pink-ish tint.

  • MARTIN bskl
    MARTIN bskl 11 days ago

    Wow the best song of the world and galaxi

  • moody F0X
    moody F0X 12 days ago


  • DogZz Revenger
    DogZz Revenger 12 days ago

    A cornerstone for lo-fi music. This song will be remembered as the best 🔥

  • Captain bludream
    Captain bludream 12 days ago

    Listening to this at 5:32 AM

  • iconic _
    iconic _ 12 days ago

    bro remember when you didn't know what death was?

  • Synphony
    Synphony 12 days ago

    Anyone know any other good lofi songs? I love it but it's hard to find....

    • Unknown9
      Unknown9 9 days ago

      Dead planets - perfect circle

    • Synphony
      Synphony 12 days ago

      Ok, I'll check them out. Thanks!

    • Zac
      Zac 12 days ago

      anything by marlboro or the deli is great too

    • Zac
      Zac 12 days ago

      marlboro - a great day is one of my favorite

  • Michelle04
    Michelle04 12 days ago

    This makes me want to draw.. so calm and relaxing...I love it! ❤

  • Sleeylee
    Sleeylee 13 days ago

    Why is nobody talking about how mood this image is?

  • Saltae Kookie
    Saltae Kookie 13 days ago

    Any k-poppers or ARMYs listening to this

    This sounds GOOD ASF!!😂😂😂

  • SoloUn SimpleMamut.
    SoloUn SimpleMamut. 13 days ago

    P A P I T A

  • C.A.P. Cadet Fitzgerald

    *I’m sad*

  • SLAY ToppYツ
    SLAY ToppYツ 13 days ago


  • Corixa
    Corixa 13 days ago

    I always think of high school vibes

  • Rectal Fiesta
    Rectal Fiesta 13 days ago


  • s k e l e t o n
    s k e l e t o n 13 days ago

    i have these on spotify but i love reading the comment section. it’s just filled with such wholesomeness

  • Meibean
    Meibean 13 days ago

    Aest (:

  • Andréx CCC YT
    Andréx CCC YT 13 days ago

    Por más de madrugada que sea... no tengo esa sensación de que va rapido...

  • trong ha
    trong ha 13 days ago

    Why do I feel sad when listening to this song?

  • jose franklin Catuari
    jose franklin Catuari 13 days ago +1


  • Francisco Rincon
    Francisco Rincon 13 days ago

    What is the name of this song?

  • Christian Acoya
    Christian Acoya 14 days ago

    I found this genre 2 days ago and I love it

  • -Seriously Genie -
    -Seriously Genie - 14 days ago

    I'm just listening to this at 5:06 pm bc why not?

  • EP11 pen guns
    EP11 pen guns 14 days ago +3

    You’re in the California suburbs. Their’s a beautiful sunset with various shades of purple. You get into the city borders and sit down at the table outside the Starbucks. You eat the sushi you got from the store in the suburbs. Cars drive by. It’s that perfect time, 5:32 pm. You get so wrapped up at staring at the beautiful city that you forget to eat. You get in your car and drive back home. Many months later, you’ve moved to the country. You’re sitting in your bed at 11:16 pm writing this comment. You read it over. It’s a work of art. You click publish. You move on and forget about vapor wave and lofi. 3 years later, someone replies to your comment. You suddenly find out about this great genre all over again and write this comment, and again, hit publish.

  • Creative seoul xo
    Creative seoul xo 14 days ago

    *so this is what all those youtubers put as backround music huh?*

  • Paul Arrieta
    Paul Arrieta 15 days ago

    Lo que te relaja este tema papa! 🇦🇷

  • Wxnders
    Wxnders 15 days ago

    Does anyone watch tea videos and hear this song in the background?

  • M o s h i
    M o s h i 15 days ago

    Wake me up

  • Thetacomadness 24
    Thetacomadness 24 15 days ago

    Dude, I listened to this song on my way to an overnight driving through the city of Atlanta at 4 in the morning, let me tell you. There is nothing more AesthEtIcalLy PLeAsInG

  • Thomas Brothers
    Thomas Brothers 15 days ago

    Kinda rude how there isn’t a 10 hour long version of this