Dallas Mavericks VERY BEST Plays & Highlights from 2018-19 NBA Season!

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by Dallas Mavericks team from 2018-19 NBA Season!
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Comments • 111

  • Iso Joe
    Iso Joe 22 days ago +3

    I'll miss dirk, but i'm glad we got to see him play with luka

  • mental mad
    mental mad 23 days ago


  • のすけ。
    のすけ。 27 days ago


  • The Shaolin
    The Shaolin 27 days ago +4

    Keep sleeping on my boy Mejri

  • Ray CowboysBlue
    Ray CowboysBlue 28 days ago +2

    Maxi is the Man ! Mavs 4 Life

  • Ray CowboysBlue
    Ray CowboysBlue 28 days ago

    Dwight Powell and DoDo and J.J Barea !, we be BIG TIME keys players for the dallas Mavs .💪💪👏💯

    • Michael Avalos
      Michael Avalos 21 day ago

      I just hate that JJ got injured, but non of the less, still a great Mentor for Luka and we also got Maxi!

  • The Darkfrost
    The Darkfrost 28 days ago +1

    1:11 has two fouls that should’ve been called smh

  • Benjamin Diaz
    Benjamin Diaz 29 days ago +1


  • MinhKhang Nguyen
    MinhKhang Nguyen 29 days ago +5

    wheres the luka dagger against the rockets?

    • MinhKhang Nguyen
      MinhKhang Nguyen 13 days ago

      @Atelier.si 😥

    • Atelier.si
      Atelier.si 14 days ago

      In a Houston museum of modern art or already in a tomb somewhere

  • Ice Billy Dub
    Ice Billy Dub 29 days ago +8

    Really wish we would invite Monta Ellis to Training Camp

  • tmacc
    tmacc 29 days ago


  • Djily Diop
    Djily Diop 29 days ago

    Doncic the king💪🏾💪🏾

  • Goldfinger Man
    Goldfinger Man Month ago +6

    Kleber is such an underrated defender

  • Zay San
    Zay San Month ago +2

    Jordan been a solid big man

  • JoeJoe TV
    JoeJoe TV Month ago +6

    Awkward you watch Dallas and find Dirk on Bench :(

    • Siggie Tyrone
      Siggie Tyrone 29 days ago

      Its gonna be even more weird without him.

  • BigES14
    BigES14 Month ago

    Miami Heat next please

  • Nathan  Terrance
    Nathan Terrance Month ago +3

    Finally! I've been waiting this for a while! Let's #gomavs

  • Seth Rollins
    Seth Rollins Month ago +4

    Can’t wait to cheer for my team this season! Let’s go Mavs! #MFFL

  • Broken Glass
    Broken Glass Month ago

    My predictions for Dallas: 44-45 Wins & 10-11 seed!
    (Starting FIVE + 6MAN)
    Delon Wright:
    8.4/4.4/5.8 - 46.3/32.8/81.1
    Tim Hardaway Jr:
    12.1/4.7/1.3 - 42.4/36.7/85.3
    Luka Doncic:
    22.6/6.5/6.2 - 45.4/33.8/80.1
    ●All star
    Kristaps Porzingis:
    18.0/7.3/0.9 - 48.4/35.5/87.3
    Dwight Powell: 7.7/5.2/0.5 - 52.1/28.2/77.6
    Seth Curry: 14.9/3.4/4.1 - 44.5/38.2/91.6
    ●6MOTY candidate

  • jake relis
    jake relis Month ago +1

    Hopefully they do as good as the cowboys

    • Ice Billy Dub
      Ice Billy Dub 29 days ago

      jake relis with are bench and kristaps and Luka
      Will be way better

  • Ant ayy
    Ant ayy Month ago

    Thanks HOH

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm Month ago

    Hope Jazz is nexr

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    Delete this shit bro

  • Squishyman 5
    Squishyman 5 Month ago

    i fucking miss you Dirk 😔💔

  • Adam  Fofana
    Adam Fofana Month ago +14

    11:26 dude thought he was so cool with that spun move😂😂😂

  • Cormel
    Cormel Month ago +2

    Porzingis & Luka will be solid this season. Don’t understand the level of hype around Luka but he’ll improve in efficiency, just needs to get his turnovers down & percentages up. Porzingis needs to prove he’s still a 25-8-2 player like before he was overworked with the Knicks.

    • sWho?shing
      sWho?shing 27 days ago

      Which part of the level of hype around Luka u don’t understand?

    • Ant ayy
      Ant ayy Month ago +1

      @Peter Smith mmmmm nah bruh

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      Ant ayy I’m not hating just spitting facts

    • Ant ayy
      Ant ayy Month ago +1

      @Peter Smith stop hating

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      Cormel That’s What averages come down too 😂. That’s how Russ gets some of his triple doubles by racking up some stats in blow outs

  • RG
    RG Month ago +3

    Greatest Power Forwards Of All Time
    1. Tim Duncan
    2. Kevin Garnett
    3. Karl Malone
    4. Dirk Nowitzki
    5. Charles Barkley
    6. Kevin McHale
    7. Dennis Rodman
    8. Draymond Green (edited after original post)
    9. Bob Pettit
    10. Elvin Hayes
    11. Pau Gasol
    12. Chris Webber
    13. Anthony Davis
    14. Blake Griffin
    (Willing to accept Dirk > Karl depending on how much you value Dirk's championship run)

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith 24 days ago

      This list is bad. Where the hell is Dolph Schayes?

    • waffleman
      waffleman Month ago +1

      RG I’ll give you that one on AD and Blake, they do at least deserve a good mention. Honestly I think when it’s all said and done that AD will be a lot higher. He just has a lot of time yet. Blake I don’t see gong much further but when comes to greatest PF’s was of all time 13th isn’t bad.

    • RG
      RG Month ago +1

      @waffleman Damn you got a point with draymond. Ill fix that. When it comes to blake and AD you kinda have to include them bc of all they have already accomplished. They are already more accomplished then most power forwards or are at least more talented and deserve low level spots.

    • waffleman
      waffleman Month ago

      Pelicans fan be like:
      1. Zion.
      2. Zion.
      3. Zion.
      4. Zion.
      5. Zion.
      6. Zion.
      7. Zion.
      8. Zion.
      9. Zion.
      10. Zion.
      11. Zion.
      12. Anthony Davis.
      (Will to except Zion > Zion.)

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris Month ago +24

    I feel like Luka and Smith Jr could've found a way to co-exist honestly if the mavs had given it more time

    • sWho?shing
      sWho?shing 27 days ago

      Joshua Harris
      Anyone can co-exist with Luka.
      As long as it’s clear that Luka runs the show.
      He’s the kind of player that makes the whole team better.
      Because he knows that 2 guys scoring 24 and 4 guis scoring 15+ is better than jus two guys scoring 30+ and 4 guys scoring 10+.
      Spreading the workload and including teammates is one of his better qualities.
      Expect great thing from the Mavs this season.

    • Jumpman 090
      Jumpman 090 29 days ago

      Mauricio Canales if he works out with the Knicks they’ll lock him up

    • Mauricio Canales
      Mauricio Canales 29 days ago

      VArsovski10 that is what I am hoping for that Dennis Smith jr comes back to Dallas but has a better jumper and becomes like the 3 option to Luka and porzingis and the Mavs make it to the finals and win the championship

    • eljefereal
      eljefereal Month ago +1

      You're not wrong, but it's more about the people in Smith Jr.'s ear.

    • VArsovski10
      VArsovski10 Month ago

      Agreed, but you see an opportunity - you take it.. Further down the road they might meet again (one can at least hope 😉)

  • Manolo’s Channel Guys

    Fun team to watch

  • pnobile
    pnobile Month ago +8

    do one for the knicks

    • pnobile
      pnobile 28 days ago

      Peter Smith 20 minutes is a pretty long video if u ask me

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago +4

      pnobile wouldn’t be that long

  • DFH
    DFH Month ago +23

    Mejri's last play was sick. Gonna miss the big man, best of luck in China.

  • King Cash
    King Cash Month ago +3

    Dallas getting Seth curry back are going to be a threat

    • Michael Avalos
      Michael Avalos 21 day ago

      @Clutchcmac19 we can definitely beat Blazers, Warriors, rockets and possibly Jazz in the season series this season if we won the season series against these teams last season with the squad we have 😂

    • Clutchcmac19
      Clutchcmac19 Month ago

      Iggy Traded to the grizzlies

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago

      Clutchcmac19 Iggy didn’t sign with the Grizzlies

    • Clutchcmac19
      Clutchcmac19 Month ago +1

      Warriors lost iggy who sign with grizzlies, KD sign with nets, Demarcus sign with lakers, Klay(torn acl) out for the season, Shawn Livingston retire

    • Vinicius Goulart
      Vinicius Goulart Month ago

      Hope they can make the playoffs, achieving that it will be already a great season for them, they literally change the role roster in one year

  • fabricio fagundez
    fabricio fagundez Month ago +2


  • nuggets nation
    nuggets nation Month ago +2

    still waiting on my nuggets

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago +2

      Patience is everything just look at Philly they had patience and now their title contenders

    • Gavin Kitchens
      Gavin Kitchens Month ago +1

      Be patient

  • M1key
    M1key Month ago +14

    Wow , *thanks* for that.

  • Hard Man
    Hard Man Month ago +13

    It should be Wesley Matthews instead of Tim Hardaway Jr in the thumbnail.

    • Hard Man
      Hard Man Month ago

      @BradleyR I disagree

    • BradleyR
      BradleyR Month ago

      He was traded and actually played this season unlike wes who was mostly injured, also Tim hardaway is better than Wes right now

    • Hard Man
      Hard Man Month ago

      @BradleyR then why is Harrison Barnes in the thumbnail when the same happened to him???

    • BradleyR
      BradleyR Month ago

      He was waived mid season tf u on?

  • Babu Fu
    Babu Fu Month ago +58

    10:24 "House of Highlights, put it on there"

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego Salazar Month ago +2

    Let's go Lucaaaa

  • Maynard Maligalig
    Maynard Maligalig Month ago +1

    Miami heat

    MVP WESTBRICK Month ago +8

    Doncic >>>>>>>> statpadbrick

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago +3

      Vinicius Goulart Russ will do better this year cause he got shooters around him.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Month ago +1

      Vinicius Goulart I agree with that but the original comment said that Luka Doncic right now is better then Westbrook right now which is false.

    • Vinicius Goulart
      Vinicius Goulart Month ago

      And man, i'm not a hater, i wish him the best and hope he figure it out because a love to see him play and all the dunks e etc, but i don't see a way he will win a ring with his style of play

    • Vinicius Goulart
      Vinicius Goulart Month ago

      @Peter Smith Westbrook doesn't play defense, doesn't play offense when it's off the ball, has low basketball iq, depend on his athleticism, take really bad mid-range shots, forces his teammates to shoot when he passes, shoots only 29% from trees and earns fucking 38 million dollars completly destroying the chances to build a championship team

    • Vinicius Goulart
      Vinicius Goulart Month ago

      @Peter Smith and lost in the first round two years in a row because of him, if a gm had the hypotetical chance to start his franchise with Luka for the next 10 years or Westbrook on his 19, 100% everyone would choose luka

  • Bob Griffey
    Bob Griffey Month ago +1



    Cool plays!

  • Anthony Rhyne
    Anthony Rhyne Month ago


  • Cory Dunston
    Cory Dunston Month ago


  • GC Saleem
    GC Saleem Month ago +2


  • Kayden Williams
    Kayden Williams Month ago +1

    Who else clicked fast asf

    I’m subbing to my next 100 subscribers

  • TheBadGamer28
    TheBadGamer28 Month ago +2