Mario's CRAZY Strength SOLVED! | The SCIENCE... Of Mario

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
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    Mario slams bricks with his fist everyday, and we just take it for granted. Well not anymore! Today, Austin discovers the insane block-breaking strength of Mario's punch.
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  • Ams 010
    Ams 010 15 hours ago

    Austin has quite the baby face

  • Nick Amarit
    Nick Amarit Day ago

    One Punch Manrio

  • What A Melon
    What A Melon 3 days ago

    But the bricks are made out of the toads

  • zionna pool
    zionna pool 3 days ago

    Hey it's Austin 😄

  • KT. EXE
    KT. EXE 4 days ago

    But they do make games for fun not for sience

  • Cameron Holmberg
    Cameron Holmberg 5 days ago

    When you showed the super smash Bros scene it made me wonder how fast is Mario going? because he is able to make fire with his hand. Plz make theory.

  • Dubstep _Ninja135
    Dubstep _Ninja135 5 days ago

    If you wanna see how strong he really is check out death battle

  • GoodReadsDotCom
    GoodReadsDotCom 6 days ago

    The secret is in the gloves
    Luigi still doesn’t follow his example though.

  • Dominic Cueto
    Dominic Cueto 6 days ago +1

    But they’re made of mycielim

  • Reed Mathias
    Reed Mathias 7 days ago

    So he is iron fist

  • Overr8ted
    Overr8ted 8 days ago

    You sure yell a lot.

    BRUCE ASKEW 10 days ago

    Cool video bro,, much luv from a fellow Chicagoan

  • Jacob Porter
    Jacob Porter 11 days ago

    M2 Browning, i think you mean freedom dispenser. i mean you're american as well, do you would know

  • Lord pikachu
    Lord pikachu 12 days ago

    What's that song 0:43?

  • Josh Mckeand
    Josh Mckeand 13 days ago

    What was that ending

  • Snappy Dragon
    Snappy Dragon 14 days ago

    Didn’t know I was watching game rant...

  • The_Asian_Boy
    The_Asian_Boy 15 days ago

    It is his secret spageti duh!

  • Tymon W
    Tymon W 16 days ago

    Maybe mario and luigi have exoskeleton

  • Steve Sting Gaming
    Steve Sting Gaming 17 days ago

    And yet he can't punch a goomba without dying

  • Steve Sting Gaming
    Steve Sting Gaming 17 days ago

    And yet he can't punch a book a without dying

  • FantasticO_O
    FantasticO_O 20 days ago

    Kirby shouldn’t be afraid

  • Donna B
    Donna B 21 day ago +1

    Holy mega master. Humbo jumbo 💩 oh god he is like the hulk that mario his

    • Donna B
      Donna B 20 days ago

      Wait so why how strong would the other Mario blocks in the other games

  • Noodle Bunny
    Noodle Bunny 21 day ago +1

    How Can Mario Break Koopa Shells🤔

  • Aedan Noble
    Aedan Noble 26 days ago

    Mario is the Nintendo one punch man.

  • PaperLuigi99
    PaperLuigi99 26 days ago

    And don't forget that Mario is known to attack with a hammer.

    DOMINICK RIDER 27 days ago

    so what your saying is that Mario can do Liu Kang's mk11 fatality burnout in a shorter amount of time with less effort.

  • karl nichols
    karl nichols 27 days ago

    its not the fist its the glove

  • MrDandaowen
    MrDandaowen 28 days ago

    In smb luigi hits with his head AND fist and SMB3 small luigi does hit with his fist but big luigi once again uses both. Its only in smw nsmbw/u/u deluxe that he hits with his head. So no

  • Zach Nelson
    Zach Nelson 28 days ago

    A mighty fine peach Austin. Im sure a fat itlian plumber will save you one day. If only you weren't in another castle.

    SUPERTICK 28 days ago

    doesn't that mean when he bumps into the goombas , they should die?

  • salt shaker minion
    salt shaker minion 29 days ago

    if we were using the SMG4 mario then this would make sense considering how much spaghetti he consumes

  • masterb585
    masterb585 Month ago

    starting to understand why they're called the super mario bros.

  • Bernie Broig
    Bernie Broig Month ago

    Careful with those SFX, my guy. You've got a budget to watch. Great video though, and I hope things are going well for you.

  • Jay Jacob
    Jay Jacob Month ago

    Amazing conclusion

  • TheAuraGamer and Knuckles

    You are forgetting something.....

    *They are toads, not bricks*
    I mean you literally said that.
    Maybe they're softer.

  • A Random Hobo
    A Random Hobo Month ago +1

    6:39 I’ve played the background song on my violin before.

  • Red Yoshi 123
    Red Yoshi 123 Month ago

    Austin, Luigi’s crippling fear of LITERALLY EVERYTHING is because he got a concussion from hitting the block with his head. Mario forces him to keep hitting brick blocks like this anyways, merely for Mario’s amusement.
    Mario is the most professional person in being abusive in video game history.

  • frostbite0707
    frostbite0707 Month ago

    wait, you said that the bricks where made of mycelium bricks not fire clay bricks and the math you did was for the construction grade fire bricks. theory busted!

  • Soren54241
    Soren54241 Month ago

    I very much appreciate the end bit with the actual bricks and the actual sledgehammer. Now you need to break them with your FIST!

  • will g
    will g Month ago


  • Nikola Dietmar Krapp

    this show is the only reason i subscribed shoddy cast and game theorists. austin, please never stop with this.

  • Signal
    Signal Month ago

    Austin got chunky

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming Month ago

    0:59 meanwhile in a country with free healthcare

  • D4rk St34punk3r
    D4rk St34punk3r Month ago

    But luigi has hat....

  • Ben du Plessis
    Ben du Plessis Month ago

    One punch-rio

  • Make Shiftbuilder
    Make Shiftbuilder Month ago

    Super jump now super straight

  • Victor Van
    Victor Van Month ago

    Luigi is brain damaged, he hasn't cut ties with Mario.

  • Magicstunts
    Magicstunts Month ago

    The way he was holding the hammer xD

  • Wide And Nerdy
    Wide And Nerdy Month ago

    And this doesn't get into the fact that all of Mario's games takes place in several times Earth's gravity if you measure his jump arcs. He's jumping superhuman heights in multi-g gravity

  • Izzyunderhill Jesses_wife

    Nintendo: Am I a joke to you?

  • Nathanaël Martoredjo

    La Danse Macabre was perfect for this video.

  • Jay Sam
    Jay Sam Month ago +1

    9:18 OMG!!!!!! OM GAAAAAAHHHHHD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS ITS AUSTIN FACE REVEAL!!!!! Im about to loose my S#!T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DryChickenbutt gaming

    To be fair, kirby punches the planets in halve and hits metors with baseball bats making then break multiple planets

  • Cute Crack
    Cute Crack Month ago

    3:16 that explains why luigi fights in smash with his head...

  • David Punzalan
    David Punzalan Month ago

    Mario breaks bricks with hands.

    Mario dies because time ran out.

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 Month ago

    Austin I thought it was his head too. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 Month ago


  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 Month ago


  • Spasten TV
    Spasten TV Month ago +1

    Mario is the fat one punch man

  • Sky_Lamby1213
    Sky_Lamby1213 Month ago


  • Mrduck211 2
    Mrduck211 2 Month ago

    What if the bricks were made FROM ACTUAL MUSHROOMS

  • LazyTrash :P
    LazyTrash :P Month ago

    Poor yoshi gets punched by Mario every time Mario wants him to hit or eat an object

  • Slav Kafegiev
    Slav Kafegiev Month ago

    8:20 SAITAMA

  • Blank Blood
    Blank Blood Month ago

    Mario: punches any character in smash bros.
    Sakurai: I didnt add fatalities
    Nintendo: OH YEAH? LOOK AT THIS!
    Smash bros was never the same

  • PokeMagiCraft 324
    PokeMagiCraft 324 Month ago

    Where do you live in chicago

  • RJS Videos
    RJS Videos Month ago

    My cousin lives in Illinois and can break a brick

  • Gaven Pyeatt
    Gaven Pyeatt Month ago

    At the end where he's smashing the bricks if he were to move his hand down the handle as he swung it the sledgehammer would do more damage

  • kstormgeistgem
    kstormgeistgem Month ago

    ... Austin... uhm, did you get permission to blow up that much explosive material in the middle of a suburb?
    there's got to be some kind of bylaws or something like that for that kind of thing i would think. i mean i know i haven't been in C'Cago for a couple of decades but i would Think Some things would still hold true...
    i really need to get back there... not to blow things up, of course. i hate loud noises... but for general reasons like, i was Born there. silly stuff like that.

  • Tanuj KS
    Tanuj KS Month ago

    but in the new dc batman vs dark night batman, matpat found someone who broke a brick!!!!

  • TechnoGamer 16
    TechnoGamer 16 2 months ago

    Hmm, maybe his gloves are made from some extremely string protective material idk

  • Gamergoods Player
    Gamergoods Player 2 months ago

    You forgot to mention Mario/Luigi/peach/toad/roselina can break bricks whit their butts which would mean they would spend all 9999999 new super Mario bros 2 coins on dimond and platinum to prevent destroying seats
    +why does he use a blue shell instead of his fist in Mario kart

  • wiktor kunicki
    wiktor kunicki 2 months ago

    the bricks are made of mushrooms

  • Htfifgjdfbs
    Htfifgjdfbs 2 months ago

    The answer is that he’s hitting the bricks on Cappy instead of his head

  • Dunamis Empologus
    Dunamis Empologus 2 months ago

    There's something wrong with that... So you have to mess with this Mario.
    The brick blocks are made of Mushroom People, so probably the bricks are made of mushrooms.We should try to calculate the weight of a Toad, which should be lighter by size and material since it is a mushroom... Then then convert that mass to the brick blocks.
    But there is another important and more confusing factor, the magic.We should see if we can get reference to this magic, the blocks float and always stand and reuinidis in the same place and probably stay in the air regardless of the weather, even if there is a drilling near by...Then I suppose that what keeps the block flooating without to move is its own mass, and when the block breaks the magic is lost and no longer floats.I think if you take these factors into account, you might get a fairer force for Mario...
    Even because this dwarf is not invincible though powerful.
    I'm trying to help, I'll think more...

  • Nelprat
    Nelprat 2 months ago

    one punch mario

  • Adam Vernon
    Adam Vernon 2 months ago

    HEY THOERIETS, I know why luigi is soooo scared (he suffers from CHILDHOOD TRUMA) (I will explain it if you agree to make me a thoerist all u need to do is tell me your email account name and i will send u a voice recording of me and u judge urself

  • TheReal TrueDuck
    TheReal TrueDuck 2 months ago

    Meter, milimeter, mass and acceleration are written like m mm m a and not M MM M A like you did when will you learn....

  • T45What
    T45What 2 months ago

    Great, now all I can think of is Doctor Who

  • JustNugget
    JustNugget 2 months ago

    Has anyone else ever wondered what the song at the beginning in the background was

  • Jon Harker
    Jon Harker 2 months ago

    Hello to Austin and the rest of the Theorists crew! Just a few tidbits from my end, to add something I consider important to this great video.
    Nobody seems to have said it thus far [which I find a tad surprising given the talk about sledgehammer form], so I'll point it out-you *never* punch with the whole fist, so that surface area figure was unfortunately rendered useless.

    Aside from being a surefire way to destroy your hand, the whole fist has so much surface area [as well as being offset from the bones of the forearm and wrist] that a punch would be *magnitudes* less effective-regardless of a hard or soft target-if thrown that way. Anyone who's had to learn what a proper punch is like can tell you that you always strike with the two big knuckles of your index and middle fingers. Unfortunately, that x-ray style clip you showed did not help anyone there, as it's also an incorrect punch with loosely-curled fingers striking first.

    This then means, however irrelevant it is to Mario's actual maximum physical capacities, that the surface area that comes into contact with the brick blocks is perhaps 10% of the given 5000 mm-if not even less, because of the curvature of each knucklebone [similar to two .45ACP wadcutter bullets, I'd think].

    On a separate note, Mario is hardly the strongest Smash fighter-Samus Aran's Varia Suit is definitely powered down for the purposes of the Tournament [Zero Laser as her Final Smash excepted], and Literal Space Dragon Ridley is physically downsized for the purposes of Smash Ultimate, for two examples. On top of that, Captain Falcon either punches and kicks so hard that he sets the very air on fire, or he's secretly capable of some manner of magic that he brings out solely for Smashing.

  • maximumrisk2004
    maximumrisk2004 2 months ago

    Just wait, there will come a Mario game where they notice the block issue and suddenly you have the citizens somehow restored by destroying the blocks.

  • John Egbert
    John Egbert 2 months ago

    Captain Falcon ain’t got nothing on this

  • Adam Vernon
    Adam Vernon 2 months ago

    NO wonder he uses his figure

  • Mia Butler
    Mia Butler 2 months ago

    You live in my neighborhood!

  • Riicochet
    Riicochet 2 months ago +6

    Mario vs Saitama

    Hi... it's ME... AUSTIN!

  • Spear Pig
    Spear Pig 2 months ago

    Got himself a gernade fist under them gloves

  • Sabrina Little
    Sabrina Little 2 months ago +1

    I know that this isn't related to the video, but My dad broke a brick once. (just one, not a block)

  • Lambo Ghini
    Lambo Ghini 2 months ago

    How many people don't watch if it's not mat pat

    STAHP EHT 2 months ago

    It’d be easier for us to understand using inelastic collision formula and joules

  • Jesse Quarnstrom
    Jesse Quarnstrom 2 months ago

    "Its almost like yer making games to be fun", AS SHOULD ANY GAME DEVELOPER, A N Y, G A M E, D E V E L O P E R.

  • Mike de coole
    Mike de coole 2 months ago

    When mario is small it's like the block is elestic expain that 😲😤

  • Ultimatedestiny 1524
    Ultimatedestiny 1524 2 months ago

    Get ready for a tactical nuke at 10:55

  • I Never Even Cared.
    I Never Even Cared. 2 months ago

    *breaks bricks*
    *gets killed by time limits*

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 2 months ago +1

    Does Mario have one for all?

  • The Legend27
    The Legend27 2 months ago

    More like one punch man

  • Susan Lowrie
    Susan Lowrie 2 months ago

    where is Matpat

  • Saxel Adude
    Saxel Adude 2 months ago

    Is star fox safe?

  • Sup to Pewdiepie
    Sup to Pewdiepie 2 months ago

    Dame you thic

  • Yellow bananago
    Yellow bananago 2 months ago

    I was always annoyed when someone thinks he destroys bricks with his head, it's obviously his fist

  • Logan Adam
    Logan Adam 2 months ago

    when are you gonna discuss the strength of the Metall's hard helmets?