BEST OF BEAUTY AND MAKEUP 2018 / 2019 💄 | Hannah Renée

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Hey loves! Today's video is a summary of all of my fave beauty and makeup products of the year! From primers, foundations & highlighters, to brows, palettes and lip products! Hope you enjoy!
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    Hannah Renee
    Carbon Creative Ltd
    Salford, Manchester
    M50 2AB

    P R O D U C T S:
    • Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer:
    • Laura Mercier Radiance Primer:
    • Benefit Luminous PoreFessional:
    • Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser:
    • Armani Power Fabric - 6:
    • LA Pro Coverage - Natural:
    • MUFE Stick - Y325 & Y445:
    • L'Oreal Stick - Toffee:
    • TARTE SHAPE TAPE! Literally forgot to film concealer oops!
    • Too Faced Loose Powder:
    • MUFE Pro Bronzer - Cinnamon:
    • By Terry Bronzer:
    • Hoola Bronzer:
    • MUFE Pro Light - 2:
    • Mac Oh Darling:
    • Milani Luminoso:
    • Mac Fairly Precious:
    • Benefit Precisely Brow - 4:
    • ABH Brow Gel:
    • Benefit Gimme Brow - 3:
    • Kylie Bronze Palette:
    • Zoeva All Night Long Palette:
    • Stila Jezebel:
    • Nude By Nature Loose Shadow - Coral:
    • NYX Epic Ink Liner:
    • Backstage Beverly Hills Lashes:
    • Unicorn Luna Fleur Lashes:
    • Maybelline Lash Sensational:
    • Benefit Lash Glue:
    • Nylon Eyeshadow:
    • Brick Lip Liner:
    • Too Faced Lady Balls:
    • Soar Lip Liner:
    • Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks - Kim KW, Penelope Pink & Bitch Pefect:
    • Kylie Cosmetics Naked: sold out
    • Pat Mcgrath Lipgloss:
    • Urban Decay All Nighter:

    Some of the links above are affiliate links which means I make a lil bit of commission every time you guys shop through them! I really appreciate you all using them & helping a girl out :D

    I love you to the moon and back ♡🌚🔙
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  • Raquel D
    Raquel D 17 hours ago

    omg falwless.

  • Humayra Choudhury

    I’m going to guess the Armani power fabric has to be in here 😂

  • Jessica Bolton
    Jessica Bolton Day ago

    You look so prettyyy 💕💕💕

  • Cori Ottak
    Cori Ottak 2 days ago

    Every time I get that liner it explodes 😭 like a shit ton of product comes out after the first time I use it & pours out on my hand & eye like nuts. How did I always get a bad one ahhhh

  • Liv's LifeX
    Liv's LifeX 7 days ago

    I bought the La foundation and I was so happy with it but the shade range really needs to widen it is sooooooooo dark on me. Was thinking of getting the lightening drops but then my 'drugstore' foundation would cost £20. hmmmm. Worth it?? xx

  • Allison ODeA
    Allison ODeA 8 days ago

    I love you and your videos Hannah but I must say i am so so disappointed that you are promoting mink lashes which you even said yourself are not cruelty free 😞 there are so many good faux mink lashes these days there is actually no need to even USE real mink ones, much less promote companies that manufacture them. I’m sure as an animal lover you wouldn’t wear real animal fur on your body so why wear it on your eyes?

  • queenroxi
    queenroxi 11 days ago

    *gets notebook out to make a list of everything to buy that you recommend* 😂😂

  • Dina Pineda
    Dina Pineda 12 days ago

    You are just so beautiful 😍

  • Filiz
    Filiz 12 days ago

    I didn’t know about Benefit’s Lash Glue! The Duo one is good, but makes my eyes water too. I can’t wait to try out the Benefit one 🤞🏼👀

  • Ayden Huggins
    Ayden Huggins 12 days ago

    I’m so late watching this because I’ve been busy with school but I love you angel xx

  • Saskia Masaun
    Saskia Masaun 12 days ago

    Love you Han👄 your videos cheer me up so much x thank you

  • Sadie Bosworth
    Sadie Bosworth 12 days ago

    Hey Han !! I just uploaded my first ever video on my channel 😊 it’s not the best quality or editing but I’m super proud of myself for making a start 😘😘 love ya 💕

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F 12 days ago

    Happy new year 🎊🎆

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F 12 days ago

    Please do a drugstore makeup try on haul

  • Elisabeth Xx
    Elisabeth Xx 12 days ago

    You’re so beautiful! Please could you maybe do a video advising us on our problems. You could open up a comment section for us to say what our problems are and you could try answer as many as possible in a video. Just a suggestion obviously you don’t have to xxx

  • Shamilla XO
    Shamilla XO 12 days ago

    How are you so beautiful 😍 love you Han x

  • Maya
    Maya 12 days ago

    i use the la girl foundation too and i love it for the first few hours but it really isn't lasting when the skin gets oily ..

  • Samantha Moloney
    Samantha Moloney 13 days ago

    Hannah your makeup is literally bomb girl. Seriously your so pretty!! Love your videos from Ireland 🇮🇪 x

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 13 days ago

    Hey girl, could you film a filming setup video, your vids always look amazee❤️

  • Moamarie
    Moamarie 13 days ago

    Did you just skip concealer?

  • Caitlin Grace
    Caitlin Grace 13 days ago

    Is lady balls what you wore to the Christmas party? x

  • Natasha Brandt
    Natasha Brandt 13 days ago

    Girl ur frickin stunning, so jealous😫😍😍😍

  • maria gkialpis
    maria gkialpis 13 days ago

    Stunning Look!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F 13 days ago

    Oooh I guessed it was gonna be the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F 13 days ago

    Literally drop dead gorg 👑👑

  • Georgia Thompson
    Georgia Thompson 13 days ago

    You know how u said the Two faced powder smooths pores if u press into cheeks which is what I need, does the Laura mercier do that as well coz I’ve tried and cannot get it to work xx?

  • Niamh Anderson
    Niamh Anderson 13 days ago

    Love your videos Han been watching you for years now you deserve so many more subscribers. Most humble girl on USclip xx

  • Courtney Roberts
    Courtney Roberts 13 days ago +1

    Finally someone’s raving about the NYX Epic Ink!!! My holy grail liner!!

  • holly lewis
    holly lewis 13 days ago

    wishing u the very best 2019 💝

  • Madison Sarah
    Madison Sarah 13 days ago +2

    Ok I need everything 🌝

  • Faeeza Natha
    Faeeza Natha 13 days ago

    lottie london wing women is my faveeeee. Head to Superdrugtry that out because I have the same opinions as you on felt/pen liners and I think you'll love it

  • Eden Salisbury
    Eden Salisbury 13 days ago +3

    Please do a tutorial of the makeup you’re wearing, it looks amazing😻😻

  • Tieg
    Tieg 13 days ago

    waaaait you didnt mention rimmel stay matte 😱

  • GraciesSpacey
    GraciesSpacey 14 days ago

    try CYO cosmetics semi=permanent liquid liner. Used to be seventeen tattoo me eyeliner. Been my holy grail for 3 years x

  • Vickie Ackley
    Vickie Ackley 14 days ago

    Happy new year too you too

  • Ana Radelic
    Ana Radelic 14 days ago +1

    Your skin is goals🤩🤩🤩

  • Grace Newsome
    Grace Newsome 14 days ago

    Can anyone tell me which video it is that Hannah smashes Becca champagne pop highlighter?? Xx

    • Grace Newsome
      Grace Newsome 13 days ago

      I was watching this last night then tried to find it aha it’s no where to be seen 😂 xx

    • Hannah Renée
      Hannah Renée  13 days ago

      Omg that was so long ago! I feel like it was a makeup haul or favourites xx

  • Eden Fitzpatrick
    Eden Fitzpatrick 14 days ago

    Loveeeeee !!! You look beaut❣️ loving the red lip💋 Happy New Year!! 🥳🥳🥳
    You’ll definitely speak about everything makeup forever 😉 pro bronze fusion , pro light fusion and HD foundation stick !
    -la girl foundation - you and mads love it!
    - power fabric❤️
    -benefit brows! Everything benefit
    ❤️ P.S I love them all to thanks to you❣️

  • Izzy Davies
    Izzy Davies 14 days ago +14

    can we just take a minute, to appreciate your makeup! You look BEAUTIFUL! xxx

  • Montana Breski
    Montana Breski 14 days ago +9

    Tutorial pleasseee for this look ! 😍😍

  • JustDaniellaaa
    JustDaniellaaa 14 days ago

    I remember buying childstar and lady balls because of your recommendations and I still love them 😍

  • Lauren Buchanan
    Lauren Buchanan 14 days ago +2

    You should really try the Elcie, minimalist eyeshadow pallet, just like the kylie one but has 5 mattes the ones that you use the most ! xx

  • Aliyah Hussain
    Aliyah Hussain 14 days ago


  • Georgia Dryden
    Georgia Dryden 14 days ago

    Will u be testing // trying the new morphe foundation??

  • Emily Bannon
    Emily Bannon 14 days ago

    Yaaaaassss! 35 minute video from Han! My day is made! xxx

  • Alyssa Clarke
    Alyssa Clarke 14 days ago

    Loved this! So helpful! Thank you for making my day💞

  • Mona R
    Mona R 14 days ago

    Love the red lips you‘ve been wearing recently ❤️

  • natashaxmatisse
    natashaxmatisse 14 days ago

    Happy New Year gorgeous hope its a blessed time for you xxx

  • Leya Hutton
    Leya Hutton 14 days ago

    Love this girl!! I need the pro light fusion!! You’re the one who got me into Makeup Forever!!! Goodbye money. Ha. Happy new year beautiful xx

  • Leonie Williams
    Leonie Williams 14 days ago

    Your make-up in this video is just lush 😍❤️

  • Katy Robinson
    Katy Robinson 14 days ago

    Love you , and your make up is amazing xx

  • Alyssa Volkova
    Alyssa Volkova 14 days ago

    I live for your lipstick ! You stay stunning 💕

  • Abrar Alotaibi
    Abrar Alotaibi 14 days ago

    love ur makeup looking gorgeous

  • Maggie O'Connor
    Maggie O'Connor 14 days ago +1

    Never knew benefit had a glue I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it at a stand better try it!

  • Amy Sutcliffe
    Amy Sutcliffe 14 days ago +10

    how do get ur hair so flat on the top? It looks so sleek howwwww ??😍

    • Amy Sutcliffe
      Amy Sutcliffe 11 days ago

      Exactly +xSTjess

    • xSTjess
      xSTjess 14 days ago +2

      And without looking greasy!! Mine is either totally frizzy, or flat but also looks greasy. Nothing in between 😢😂

  • Rachelle Spier
    Rachelle Spier 14 days ago

    Ive never heard of the benefit glue! Ill have to try it out!!

  • chloelou_se
    chloelou_se 14 days ago

    Watched a whole FarmVille looking advert during this, enjoy the coin 😉

  • Victoria Underwood
    Victoria Underwood 14 days ago +1

    100% agree with too faced loose powder, absolute game change for me at the end of 2017 it’s soooo much better than the Laura mercier one! 💖

  • Gina Loves to craft
    Gina Loves to craft 14 days ago


  • Cheyenne Hunt
    Cheyenne Hunt 14 days ago

    Love your makeup

  • Laura Crane
    Laura Crane 14 days ago

    Mink lashes tho☹️

  • EverydayEvie
    EverydayEvie 14 days ago

    loved this girl! you're so beautiful I can't cope

  • Aaliyah Rose
    Aaliyah Rose 14 days ago

    I dig this red on you

  • Kerry Barclay
    Kerry Barclay 14 days ago

    Imma guess the MUF foundation stick n highlight 😜💘

  • Amanda McGrath
    Amanda McGrath 14 days ago

    Love this ❤️

  • bmwheartsfashion
    bmwheartsfashion 14 days ago

    Great video Han! 💕xxx

  • Jasmine Pendrey
    Jasmine Pendrey 14 days ago

    Defo gonna talk about the Giorgio Armani or maybe make up forever sticks😜 love you xx

  • Alice Malkin
    Alice Malkin 14 days ago

    Yessssss Han love these videos 🥰

  • Tamsin Eddy
    Tamsin Eddy 14 days ago

    Those Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are stunning 😍 Hannah looks so pretty in this

  • Cara MacDonald
    Cara MacDonald 14 days ago

    Amazing video xxx

  • Paulie Broghan
    Paulie Broghan 14 days ago

    Will you be testing the new fenty concealer?

  • Emily Loraine
    Emily Loraine 14 days ago

    Lets see! Armani power fabric, makeup forever pro light fusion highlight, Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (Kim KW, Penelope pink and bitch perfect), Urban Decay All Nighter is all I can think of. Love you so much han! 💜

  • missb20
    missb20 14 days ago

    if you havent tried barry m lipliners, theyre so similar to mac! so affordable too xx

    • missb20
      missb20 14 days ago

      also the shade toast is a very good dupe for stripdown!

  • Husnia .S
    Husnia .S 14 days ago +1

    Yass girl xx

  • Megan Mirzayantz
    Megan Mirzayantz 14 days ago +11

    Please can you try new drugstore make please especially the Mua gold flakes drops please XX

  • Jane Savage
    Jane Savage 14 days ago

    I got CT 'bitch perfect' for my bday last week and I loveeeee it! sooo pretty! xxx

  • missb20
    missb20 14 days ago +1

    when youre swatching maybe turn down the exposure so we can see the colours more true!! look fab xx

  • Charlotte Fenner
    Charlotte Fenner 14 days ago +6

    Definitely think it’s make up for ever pro fusion the highlighter and maybe a make up for ever foundation! Love this video idea clicked on it so fast! 💜💜xx

  • Kate Blenkhorn
    Kate Blenkhorn 14 days ago

    Makeup is looking flawless in this! Been waiting for this all year! In love with this video💓🤩

  • Brónagh Dowling
    Brónagh Dowling 14 days ago

    Guessing before it starts- Lily lashes makeup by Samuel / Jmakeup lashes, Makeup forever pro fusion highlighter and bronzer, too faced lady balls, MAC Nylon, Giogio Armani Power Fabric!♥️ edit: Urban decay chill! Can’t believe I forgot

  • Mandy Sharples
    Mandy Sharples 14 days ago +9

    So many of my faves in here 😍 xx

  • Brónagh Dowling
    Brónagh Dowling 14 days ago +2

    Need a tutorial on this look!! You look so fab😍♥️

  • Sarah Shore
    Sarah Shore 14 days ago

    honestly this level of pretty is,,, unfair

  • alima niang
    alima niang 14 days ago +1

    i'll be honest i say that you might mention the urban decay all nighter setting spray cuz u always mention how good it is and how it makes ur makeup last long

  • alima niang
    alima niang 14 days ago

    yesss, my fav girl love u Han

  • Yas EB
    Yas EB 14 days ago +1

    Been wating for this!😊 how are u so STUNNING😍🔥😍 love u so much Han xxxxxx❣❣❣

  • Amber Drummond
    Amber Drummond 14 days ago

    what’s the bet i go and buy like 90% of this because u raved about it 😂

  • Helen Williams
    Helen Williams 14 days ago +2

    35 mins!! Got to watch this in the bath 😍

  • Colleen Ameliaa
    Colleen Ameliaa 14 days ago +28

    You look BOMMMMBBB😍. This is it SIS🤪. Tried my hardest to focus on the actual products but 😢😢. Recorded look? Maybe🤪?

  • Eve Tasker
    Eve Tasker 14 days ago

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    Elizabeth Atkinson 14 days ago

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    Kayla 14 days ago

    Can already sense that this vid is going to make me order a lot of makeup!! U look bomb af

  • Hollie Farmer
    Hollie Farmer 14 days ago

    I know power fabric by Armani is deffo going to be on there and I’m guessing Mac strip down liner?

  • Layla Sarraf
    Layla Sarraf 14 days ago

    Omgg I’m so glad that u did this😍, I’ve been waiting for this omgg! I hope that u had a wonderful Christmas!! You’re so amazing and so gorgeous! You’re one of my favourite UScliprs and I love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Becca Forsyth
    Becca Forsyth 14 days ago

    happy new year!!! ❤️

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    Becca Forsyth 14 days ago +1

    i love YOU

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    makeupbylucy x 14 days ago

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    Bekah Xxx 14 days ago +1

    Best part of my day honest to god han !!!
    Ps how’s the cat

    • Bekah Xxx
      Bekah Xxx 14 days ago

      Hannah Renée she melts my heart!!!xx

    • Hannah Renée
      Hannah Renée  14 days ago +2

      Omg she’s currently curled up asleep 😂

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