Real vs Candy Cane Challenge // Clam-Flavored Candy Canes?!

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • The Vat19 crew is back with another Real vs Food Challenge! This time it's crazy flavors of candy canes.
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Comments • 2 550

  • Noah Husemann
    Noah Husemann Hour ago

    1:41 swedish fish isent from sweden trust me im from sweden

  • E Adventures
    E Adventures Hour ago

    Orange 🍊 Chicken 🍗 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TheZMasterX -Random Videos

    Someone tell me why someone would make a Mac and cheese candy cane

  • varunshivin rambaran

    Sponsor me

  • Li Jing
    Li Jing Day ago +1

    Chocolate+dr pepper=chodoc candycane!!!!

  • Malachi and Don
    Malachi and Don Day ago +1

    I actually like pickles and clams but I never tried them mixed together!

  • The Gameing Mudkip 30XX 010105

    I actually eaten gravy and bacon

  • Francisco Colautti


  • Cristy Jenkins
    Cristy Jenkins 2 days ago


  • Sologuy 95
    Sologuy 95 2 days ago

    Reply if you miss Eric

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 2 days ago +1

    7:38 the video was perfectly cut to make the right wheel sync to the next clip

  • AnimalJammer 39400
    AnimalJammer 39400 2 days ago

    Add fart spray to the wheel, but don’t blame me if one of you barfs because of it

  • Brian Shaw
    Brian Shaw 2 days ago

    Do u sell warhead drinks

  • Jassz Storms
    Jassz Storms 2 days ago

    Never put those two together...
    Chocolate and peppermint are horrible together...
    I've tired it...
    It sucks...
    I've eaten chocolate after brushing my teeth...
    And my toothpaste is peppermint...
    It tasted horrible...
    So whenever you get the chance...
    Crush the ChocoMint ship for all eternity...

  • wort wortex202pro
    wort wortex202pro 3 days ago

    are amerikans so big pusyys a picle in not bad

  • EpicPlayerMan 9
    EpicPlayerMan 9 3 days ago +1

    Eric: it’s Tickling your pickle
    (He didn’t mean his nose. It’s just a cover up)

  • Zachghall Marshall
    Zachghall Marshall 3 days ago

    Oreo + Dr Pepper = Dr Oreo

  • 「Lih / Liam.」
    「Lih / Liam.」 3 days ago +1

    4:00 That's fake, that's rigged, there's no way that actually happened, that's the most random coincidence ever.

  • PresleyZside _
    PresleyZside _ 3 days ago

    Eric * holds up pickle* “THIS IS SO PICKLE-LY!” lol

  • Blue Black
    Blue Black 4 days ago

    I miss eric

  • Yafavv_Nevaeh
    Yafavv_Nevaeh 4 days ago


  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen 4 days ago


  • Goldenx MSP
    Goldenx MSP 4 days ago


  • rescxe me
    rescxe me 4 days ago

    Don't tell me I'm the only one here who likes pickles.

  • Omar Martinez
    Omar Martinez 5 days ago

    2:30 not ok for kids vat19

  • Twitch
    Twitch 5 days ago

    I will eat a pickle with anything. I am not exaggerating. I love pickles 👀👄👀

  • Trey Pelletier
    Trey Pelletier 6 days ago +3

    It’s April 18 here in Canada it’s Summer and Fall at the Same time

  • Ellena_ G
    Ellena_ G 6 days ago

    First December it's my birthday :DDD

  • Linda Stoltzfus
    Linda Stoltzfus 6 days ago

    I love root beer and pickles but together😵😵😵😵😵

  • Sleepywolf -_-
    Sleepywolf -_- 6 days ago

    Clam is good DANNY

  • Sasha Minimoore
    Sasha Minimoore 6 days ago

    Clam is fuckin delish

  • Sasha Minimoore
    Sasha Minimoore 6 days ago

    I love clam

  • HappyGohan
    HappyGohan 7 days ago


  • Rachelle Ann Marie Valencia

    Merrell twins should do these!

  • Jennifer Ellis
    Jennifer Ellis 8 days ago

    Danny come here ``what`` eat poop

  • Glxy Blaze
    Glxy Blaze 9 days ago

    Hey they describing me🤗

  • Chris Giacopelli
    Chris Giacopelli 9 days ago

    Orange crush/ my favorite soda to

  • -Gacha Tea-
    -Gacha Tea- 9 days ago +1

    Where did yall find these candy canes 😂

  • Virgil Sanders
    Virgil Sanders 10 days ago +1

    "This one is super PICKLEY? !"
    "XD HAHA

  • dangerous 'doh
    dangerous 'doh 11 days ago

    7:13 that dab doe

  • Little lazy Lucy pitzen

    I hate pickles but I LOVE seafood

  • Science Queen
    Science Queen 11 days ago +3

    I remember i thought john and kara were dating

  • Crazy Kat
    Crazy Kat 12 days ago +2

    3:04 "This one is super pickley!" Its a pickle, what did u expect🤣

  • Ethan Wakula
    Ethan Wakula 13 days ago

    These are both suck. 😂😂😂

  • Master FluffBalls
    Master FluffBalls 13 days ago +2

    But I dip my fries into coke

    Is that weird

  • Shelby Babinski
    Shelby Babinski 13 days ago

    Everyone from VAT19 Hates pickles. Why

  • panta sy
    panta sy 14 days ago


  • Jesus
    Jesus 14 days ago +1

    Anyone else want to tickle Eric's pickle?

  • • Ellie Garay •
    • Ellie Garay • 14 days ago

    Eric: (Holds Up A Pickle) THIS ONE IS SUPER PICKLEY!

  • Yuru Wu
    Yuru Wu 14 days ago

    I pity you guys, being forced to eat this awful stuff just for our ENTERTAINTMENT

  • Mason Sanderson
    Mason Sanderson 14 days ago

    3:04 tHiS oNe Is SuPeR PiCklEy

  • Ingnorent Fish
    Ingnorent Fish 16 days ago +1

    Tell me this is not rigged

  • thisisall real
    thisisall real 16 days ago +3

    Say this 5 times fast
    I'll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle

  • Liv_Urbanek
    Liv_Urbanek 16 days ago

    the root beer is yum yum yum

  • games,go,viral
    games,go,viral 17 days ago

    Eric uhhhh that is a pickle that’s why it’s super picklely 3:03

  • Ann Mason
    Ann Mason 17 days ago +1

    Dr Oreo

  • Mary Wright
    Mary Wright 17 days ago

    Gravy is a brown meat juice

  • Aya A
    Aya A 17 days ago

    7:04 girl : "ow these both suck"
    "Then continues licking"

  • Haashim.510 _
    Haashim.510 _ 17 days ago

    the white girl, and the dude with the big head wanna be white asian dude are into eachother. sorry i dint kno what to call u

  • Plague
    Plague 18 days ago

    why do americans hate pickled

  • roblox gamer99
    roblox gamer99 18 days ago


  • Josh Creepa
    Josh Creepa 18 days ago

    The relationship between Jon and Kara is so adorable.

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones 18 days ago

    They are not only funny but the men are also good looking♥♥

  • Angie MontoyaCuri
    Angie MontoyaCuri 19 days ago

    tickling your pickle


  • A YT Channel
    A YT Channel 19 days ago

    April 2019 anyone????

  • Chelsea Haley
    Chelsea Haley 20 days ago

    Dr Pepper is de sco stang

  • Snoop Ham
    Snoop Ham 20 days ago

    Don’t attempt could kill careydl

  • Anonymous S
    Anonymous S 20 days ago +1

    So her name is Chara?

    I will be shocked if she doesn't know what undertale is!

  • DorkPrincess987
    DorkPrincess987 21 day ago

    Root beer and pickles are both nasty! So why on earth would they be any better combined?!

  • Liongirl47 XD
    Liongirl47 XD 21 day ago

    Why does everybody hate pickles I don’t understand

  • Abdelmoez Elbaz
    Abdelmoez Elbaz 22 days ago

    Hey is this cache the friend of graphnicks

  • Millie Nelis
    Millie Nelis 22 days ago

    When Dan said it taste like a Yankee candle my dad works there

  • Luna playzz :3
    Luna playzz :3 22 days ago

    *picks up pickle*

    *ThIs ONe Is SuPer PiCklEy*

  • Mike Mangini
    Mike Mangini 22 days ago

    What the heck

  • Shemes 4214
    Shemes 4214 23 days ago

    I hate mint...

  • Evincer Fyle
    Evincer Fyle 23 days ago +1

    I swear I watched this at least ten times

  • Basically Skeptical
    Basically Skeptical 23 days ago

    Clam and pickle can be that bad. Relish and tuna work. Can't be that different.

  • KoolKiddo
    KoolKiddo 23 days ago +1

    This one time I went to Sonic with my dad and I got a dr. pepper with chocolate flavoring for a drink. It was surprisingly good and we called it dr. pooper.

  • Paulthewall11
    Paulthewall11 24 days ago

    These are both suck

  • Lawrencia Kreger
    Lawrencia Kreger 24 days ago

    I love how Kara always says funky to every thing

  • Anthony Adebanjo
    Anthony Adebanjo 24 days ago

    Yummy bacon!

  • Anthony Adebanjo
    Anthony Adebanjo 24 days ago

    She's extra!

  • Anthony Adebanjo
    Anthony Adebanjo 24 days ago

    That's a challenge!?

  • Jeremie D
    Jeremie D 25 days ago

    How is bacon and gravy nasty-looking to you guys?

  • Mack Lomax
    Mack Lomax 25 days ago


  • Bois on blitz
    Bois on blitz 25 days ago

    What's rong with pickles

  • kittencorn
    kittencorn 25 days ago

    I like war heads

    LYNX FAN! 25 days ago

    I was eating a huge gummy bear and after that I ate a pickle

  • William Bogan
    William Bogan 26 days ago

    only if he wouldve got mac and cheese dinner!

  • Anne Charles D
    Anne Charles D 27 days ago


  • Anne Charles D
    Anne Charles D 27 days ago

    has clam and pickle: at least yours doesn’t have a PICKEL!

  • ameera zilla
    ameera zilla 27 days ago

    2:30 LOL

  • Chloe Whellans-Rudberg

    I’m from Sweden

  • ShadowMC2: Dumb Crap
    ShadowMC2: Dumb Crap 28 days ago

    in a couple of weeks i will order over $50 of Vat19 products

  • maggie hill
    maggie hill 28 days ago

    me i like diping my oreo in dr pepper sometimes

  • maggie hill
    maggie hill 28 days ago

    i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hate peppermint yuck

  • Cody Cooley
    Cody Cooley 29 days ago

    Beta male cringe

  • Maddy Moomoo24
    Maddy Moomoo24 29 days ago +1

    2:57 YUM YUM YUM

  • Slime Tastic
    Slime Tastic 29 days ago

    I love how dirty the workers are behind

  • Queen Awesome
    Queen Awesome 29 days ago

    Eric : I feel like this could go well, like chocolate-dr.pepper.
    Me : OMG! My friends and I were literally talking about how they should make chocolate-dr.pepper, earlier today.