AirPods for Android?!


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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  Year ago +4067

    Already bought the Samsung Gear IconX 2018. Let me know what else I missed in this one that I can try out!

    • Deep Studios
      Deep Studios 29 days ago

      Have u ever noticed all mkbhd videos have an exlaimation mark in the title

    • Koth 7134
      Koth 7134 Month ago

      Check out the funcl ai and w1

    • Husain Reunion
      Husain Reunion 2 months ago

      then why didnt you feautre them in your video

    • C Ceylan
      C Ceylan 3 months ago

      Zolo liberty

    • InceptionToilet
      InceptionToilet 4 months ago


  • Lukas Bendiksen
    Lukas Bendiksen 2 hours ago

    What about samsung's earbuds?

  • Stale Steave
    Stale Steave 5 hours ago

    Jabra Elite 65t, best ever

  • Pegasus Rockzz
    Pegasus Rockzz 7 hours ago

    I guess yes

  • Alexander Carnathan
    Alexander Carnathan 7 hours ago

    Sorry bose all the way if it's not Samsung its bose. Imahave a Samsung setup in my house backed by a Samsung sound bar a 3D surround sound high definition bose sound system and a Samsung qued uhd 4k tv all connected to the all new Samsung home system

  • boba.tears
    boba.tears 17 hours ago

    Im sad because u didnt add the huawei freebuds

  • K animations
    K animations Day ago +1


  • Almost Anything
    Almost Anything Day ago

    to me its January 2019. I want airpods but i want the new ones to come out so the first gen will go on sale, should i wait or do you think they will stay the same and i should buy them now?

  • Justin Gauthier
    Justin Gauthier Day ago

    On pixel 1 I have tap control settings (left double tap = skip, right double tap = play pause) via airpods and they pair instantly as soon as the case is open after pairing for the first time.

  • Andre
    Andre 2 days ago

    What's the name of the song in the beginning it's not the same one you linked

  • Xxsovietunion69 religion is not a scam

    Easy answer :you can use airpods for android to So yea this vid could have been less than 10 seconds

  • Xxsovietunion69 religion is not a scam


  • Ben 0807
    Ben 0807 2 days ago +2

    jabra elite active 65t i stg the best

  • Boej Cabrera
    Boej Cabrera 2 days ago

    First 20 secs 🔥🔥

    JAY KIM 2 days ago

    Do Meizu Pop

  • ahmed mahir
    ahmed mahir 3 days ago

    0:2 what is this song ??????

  • ahmed mahir
    ahmed mahir 3 days ago

    0:2 what is this song ??????

  • ThatWhiteGuy
    ThatWhiteGuy 3 days ago

    "Airpods for androids" literally any bluetooth headphones.

  • Mowsie Meme
    Mowsie Meme 3 days ago

    Senheiser momentums are infinitely better but also cost nearly double so

  • Duk Moktan
    Duk Moktan 3 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the intro song is? Need help!

  • addikagust
    addikagust 3 days ago

    Does anyone else always hear hiss on any bluetooth earbuds?

  • Georgia Hunt
    Georgia Hunt 3 days ago

    I have an IPhone but not mad keen on using air pods as I feel there are better truly wireless headphones out there I could use even for my iPhone. How good did price and sound quality compare with the AirPods and the JayBird Run?

  • Derek B.
    Derek B. 3 days ago

    They actually make an app for Airpods on Android, to show you your Battery life, and have the pause/play when you take them out of your ears! Now, you do have to pay $2, but it's worth it!
    Edit: The app is called AirBattery

  • Sweet Angel
    Sweet Angel 3 days ago

    Do AirPods work on the google pixel?

  • Tdawg 6250
    Tdawg 6250 3 days ago

    The gear iconx 2018 are imo the best wireless earbuds.

  • Joseph Alvarez
    Joseph Alvarez 3 days ago +1

    Mark ass brownie

  • KaibaCorp HQ
    KaibaCorp HQ 3 days ago

    I wish USB-C standard would take off, or they bring back the headphone jacks. I bought jaybird x3s so long ago, but tbh I just got tired of keeping another item charged, not to mention they're inconvenient to put on compared to wired headphones.

  • Ben Nelson
    Ben Nelson 3 days ago

    For Airpods on Android, can you still double tap to pause and play, also replace Siri with Google Assistant???

  • Rob Norberg
    Rob Norberg 4 days ago

    I bought the whole pixel phone experience. The phone is fine if you're down with all the spying they do on you but, the earphones SUCK. They make you look like a fool. They are too quiet. Horrible touch functionality. They fall out all the time. When you loop them on your neck the cord is so short and slippery they slide off and end up on the floor. The case is a pain. The translation function is not real world friendly. ( I live over seas and could benefit from this function if this product was actually functional.) So, pretty much a total epic fail. Solutions-. I keep using an old pair of Bluetooth jaybird buds (they don't fall off my neck. They are loud and comfortable and still after 4 years have better battery life. I also bought ibuds and they are everything the Google buds should be but are not. I wonder if Google will ever pull their arrogant heads out of their a#¥ and listen to feedback like this and correct the failure this product truly is???

  • Jaysann22
    Jaysann22 4 days ago

    I want to try the Pixel Buds but I'm not willing to pay $160 for those damn things. Realistically, they're probably only worth about $60-80 tops. And I'm willing to pay $60 for them but DEFINITELY NOT $160. Google is insane. Apple is too but that's expected.
    So you ranked Pixel Buds above AirPods?? And AirPods were fairly far down the list from #1. Am I interpreting that right?
    Actually I am fairly disappointed to hear that the Bose earbuds were unimpressive. Because for $250 they should blow your mind sound quality wise and comfortability. But I was considering either the Bose earbuds or possibly JBL earbuds.
    However, since finances are tight currently I ended up settling for JLabs wireless earbuds. They sound fairly good and fit in the ear quite well. And for only $40 they come with a nice little portable carrying case too. I would highly recommend them for those on a tight budget. :)

  • Radu Mihai
    Radu Mihai 4 days ago

    They suck

  • Mawhu
    Mawhu 4 days ago

    the hole looks small for the jaybird run

  • Arth
    Arth 4 days ago

    Im broke

  • The Asian Gamer William

    For broke people, stick with just normal earbuds!

  • anderson seecharan
    anderson seecharan 5 days ago

    Who would like a update video to this now ??!

  • Cookie monster 315
    Cookie monster 315 5 days ago

    No they dont fall out of my ears 💁🏻‍♂️

    Jk lmao im a broke boi and cant afford them

  • Mat Finlay Vlogs
    Mat Finlay Vlogs 5 days ago

    Literally the radio, then the yevo 1. Lmfao

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel 5 days ago +1

    0:40 January 2017? U mean 2018?

  • Hyper Xeme
    Hyper Xeme 5 days ago

    Ahhhh that’s hot

  • Juba
    Juba 5 days ago

    I don't like air pods because they hurt my ear.

  • arya gupta
    arya gupta 5 days ago


  • Taylor Sylvers
    Taylor Sylvers 5 days ago

    Just use the airpods on android

  • Elianmation' s
    Elianmation' s 6 days ago

    Weres the Samsung iconx

  • bit fusion
    bit fusion 6 days ago

    Is this what you wanted?

  • Eli Greenwood
    Eli Greenwood 6 days ago

    Wanna listen to music? Put them in your ears! Yeah thanks alot I didn't know that. Apple will never sound as good as Bose.

  • Kevin Benedict
    Kevin Benedict 6 days ago

    Nice intro

  • Dntez
    Dntez 7 days ago

    Quit horsin around

  • rawrisiloveuindinify

    They need to change the design seriously not only is it ugly but it’s too hard for long periods of time

  • Ranjith Kumar
    Ranjith Kumar 7 days ago

    How is one plus bullet earphones??

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 7 days ago

    *sniff sniff* why does it smell like broke in here?!

  • Sarbvenesh Santhiren

    I think you forgot the JBL FREE

  • Afnan Khurram
    Afnan Khurram 7 days ago

    Forget earbuds completely im all about wireless overhead

  • Dileep Swaero
    Dileep Swaero 8 days ago

    hey, do you know apple airpods killer. just try xiomi airpods. they are cheap but great specs.

  • Marco Pascal
    Marco Pascal 8 days ago

    mark-ass brownlee

  • Linus
    Linus 8 days ago

    I10 Tws Are better for the price

  • m AF
    m AF 8 days ago

    Does the Airpods really work with Android Smartphone?

  • MajesticEaqle *
    MajesticEaqle * 8 days ago

    Just get air pods. They look better.

  • KBS
    KBS 9 days ago

    The GalaxyPods “AS HEAVY AS A GALAXY”

  • Nic W
    Nic W 9 days ago

    I downloaded the assistant trigger app for android since I bought airpods for use with my android phone. It is awesome. I can get ear detection, double tap to pause music, double tap again to get google assistant, and I can see the battery life of the airpods.

  • Mujtaba Azim
    Mujtaba Azim 9 days ago

    Anyone here from 2019?

  • Suhaila Ayoub
    Suhaila Ayoub 10 days ago

    Try Samsung gear iconx 2018

  • Gavin Hager
    Gavin Hager 10 days ago

    Quit horsing around play me some of that jumpy music

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 10 days ago +1

    If you’re someone who uses android and you want something that works as well as AirPods™️ do, here’s a life hack:

  • DjFusion86
    DjFusion86 10 days ago

    The jaybird Runs are complete trash ! I tried they and return them 1 hour later to order airpods. The audio has a huge delay (around 1 second) so they're ok to listen to music but it makes watching videos impossible.

  • Albena Harding
    Albena Harding 10 days ago

    2019 aqnyone?

  • Sp1derBen
    Sp1derBen 10 days ago +1

    I'm a total Googlephile a d I thought I'd try Apple AirPods as they're the only truely wireless that don't have that ear invasion shape about them. I have to say I've been bowled over. Sound quality is more than ample, the size and shape is ideal for me and they paired in like 5 seconds. I also like how they know they're in your ear or in the box etc. it makes them much easier to live with and very intuitive. Also, whilst watching this video I discovered that you can play/pause with a double tap on Android. In summary then I choose the AirPods over any other in this category (even Pixel buds for my Pixel 2 XL) for Android as they're the only ones of that in ear shape, but the other stuff they do have been very welcome bonuses.

  • Xristos mcms
    Xristos mcms 10 days ago +1

    Hey do a review on Huawei freebuds 2..

  • Ashwed Rdh
    Ashwed Rdh 11 days ago

    Jaybird run or xiaomi airdots?

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang 11 days ago

    Those are Jaybird x2s

  • TheSquadGamez
    TheSquadGamez 11 days ago

    You should do an update on this video with the crazybaby airs

  • Brandon Farley
    Brandon Farley 11 days ago

    So...their isn't an airpod for android. And google should make one.

  • Alexander Brown
    Alexander Brown 11 days ago

    You have to ask Google assistant to change songs not change volume

  • Brandon Farley
    Brandon Farley 11 days ago

    Google needs to come out with truly wireless ear buds for android with the pixel 4.

  • Techno Maniak
    Techno Maniak 11 days ago

    I will buy it only for Google Assistant

  • Utah Riding
    Utah Riding 11 days ago

    I want you so bad it’s driving me mad it’s driving me mad

  • Amarantos Pagiavlas
    Amarantos Pagiavlas 11 days ago

    How about blitzwolf ones?

  • Øwæs ßűţť
    Øwæs ßűţť 11 days ago

    what about icon x gear

  • Sammy Fuentes
    Sammy Fuentes 12 days ago

    Sorry but about Bose sports hey they are trash really trash I don’t really know why people kip saing that they ares good wen they are not . Wen you do a video said the true to the people so they won’t throw there money to the trash .

  • Reid Johnston
    Reid Johnston 12 days ago

    Were those not the jaybird x2's?

  • nopenopenope lol
    nopenopenope lol 12 days ago

    I would want...Markass brownly, and fortnite

  • Ben Ferguson
    Ben Ferguson 12 days ago

    Mobvoi's Ticpods do everything Airpods do, and more, including volume control, Google Assistant integration, and soft isolating buds.

  • Sean Thomson
    Sean Thomson 12 days ago

    Well I forgot to take them out of my pocket and accidentally washed them still perfect

  • Richard wopara
    Richard wopara 12 days ago

    Samsung's earbuds

  • Mansoor Habib
    Mansoor Habib 12 days ago

    Ever since I bought my AirPods and upgraded to iPhone X, I am never ever going back to wired headphones. Nothing even remotely comes close to the AirPods.

  • Josh Gerhards
    Josh Gerhards 13 days ago +10

    Imagine someone just stealing wireless earbuds right out of your ears from behind..

    • crafterson the man
      crafterson the man 6 hours ago

      +Josh Gerhards thank u for the suggestions man really looking forward to getting me some airpods

    • Josh Gerhards
      Josh Gerhards Day ago

      +crafterson the man You could possibly.. Idk... Steal both?

    • crafterson the man
      crafterson the man Day ago

      What would one airpod do

    • Josh Gerhards
      Josh Gerhards 3 days ago

      +Aris GouvasYou can buy a case cheaper than the earbuds

    • Aris Gouvas
      Aris Gouvas 3 days ago

      He need a case to charge them

  • The Barbiter
    The Barbiter 13 days ago


  • EasyPeasyEdits
    EasyPeasyEdits 13 days ago +1

    Fuck apple : )

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth 13 days ago

    Quite dense

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 14 days ago +43

    0:20 MEME 👏 REVIEW 👏

  • EDSA Gaming
    EDSA Gaming 14 days ago

    0:19 "EARBUD REVIEW!"

  • YeBoiCrumchyy YT
    YeBoiCrumchyy YT 14 days ago

    Yall should get jlab jbuds air for only 59 dollars, it’s definitely worth it

  • YeBoiCrumchyy YT
    YeBoiCrumchyy YT 14 days ago

    hIt oR mIsS He sAId

  • YeBoiCrumchyy YT
    YeBoiCrumchyy YT 14 days ago +11

    The thing is, if i were to buy an iphone x, i would expect airpods with the phone,
    But apple screws everyone up and gives them wired earbuds, so people has to go out and buy them for an extra 159 bucks, it hurts

  • Kristian Sta.Clara
    Kristian Sta.Clara 14 days ago

    January 3 , 2019 anyone?

  • Viktor Helleblad
    Viktor Helleblad 14 days ago

    5:27 i guess they never miss huh?

  • Roker XIX
    Roker XIX 14 days ago

    I do get that a wireless future is inevitable but I just think Apple did it way to early. No problem going into a wireless future, Apple just had bad timing.

    • psp420bam
      psp420bam Day ago

      I enjoy the sound of my sony xb70bt and jbl xtreme and charge 3 and with how popular bluetooth is waiting would be bad timing when major brands want to lead the market not follow it

  • Michael Esch
    Michael Esch 15 days ago

    I have the jaybirds x3 and they have great sound for earbuds, but they do fall out a decent amount if you move more than a walk or lay down. It has been pretty frustrating.

  • Apple Airpods
    Apple Airpods 15 days ago


  • alphaspursncowboys
    alphaspursncowboys 15 days ago

    As a update to how popular they are Christmas 2018 the 2 best buys in my city were sold out from black friday through christmas with new units selling out in 6 seconds (friend works there 10 units gone in a minute) and our apple store had a tub of these in front of a cashier selling 100 units a day.

  • Enea Gloor
    Enea Gloor 15 days ago

    try beoplay e8