Kris Jenner - Introducing My Kris Jenner Collection

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Hi Dolls!
    Did you hear? I'm taking over!
    There's truly nothing greater than a mother's love... except maybe this collection! Join me as I unbox and breakdown the full collab and talk all things Momager.
    My Kris Jenner Collection is available Mother's Day, May 13th, 2018 on
    Don't worry, Kylie will be back soon!
    xo Kris

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  • eileen peters
    eileen peters 5 hours ago

    I really love this one!!!!!!

  • Ruliani Octaviana
    Ruliani Octaviana 6 hours ago

    I love you momager!!!

  • A` La Cartoon
    A` La Cartoon 7 hours ago

    There you go America, keep buying their products. Maybe we can get their net worth up to a billion dollars...

  • Guillermo Brito
    Guillermo Brito 10 hours ago

    Es rojo descubriste el agua tibia

  • Guillermo Brito
    Guillermo Brito 10 hours ago

    Oh bitch you left me bind

  • Guillermo Brito
    Guillermo Brito 10 hours ago

    Poor whore

  • David Loaeza
    David Loaeza 13 hours ago

    Honestly fuck ABH, Tom Ford, Tarte, Smashbox, Mufe, MAC.... I’ll be throwing away my $110 Tom Ford Bronzer and $37 NARS Highlighters for my queen Kris

  • אפרת אהרונוביץ

    So fun and intersting video!! I love the kollection came out in "Mother Day"💖 The kollection looks really perfect and lovely!! :)

  • SadChicks
    SadChicks 13 hours ago

    "A lipstick, a lipliner and.." I feel like she thought there wasd more lol

  • Henly HENLY
    Henly HENLY 14 hours ago

    I Love her so much she s so cute

  • Alejandrav006
    Alejandrav006 14 hours ago

    What kind of name is middle finger? What about "everything started with a sex tape", "attention whore" or "not without my 30 pounds of butt".

  • jayla morris
    jayla morris 15 hours ago

    Odds governor signal properly rapidly circuit round.

  • bratzyeh
    bratzyeh 16 hours ago

    shes such a cool mom bro, my mom don't even know what highlighter is 😂😂

  • Storytalker
    Storytalker 16 hours ago

    we all know that this is trash

  • Ashley Tracey
    Ashley Tracey 16 hours ago

    I have to admit, the names for the highlighters are adorable lol

  • Carla L
    Carla L 17 hours ago +1

    I like how she gets her makeup done by people but tries to show everyone how she does her makeup 🤔

  • maddy k
    maddy k 17 hours ago

    i love her

  • Ana Hussein
    Ana Hussein 19 hours ago

    Lmfaooo her blush is like a desert

  • Angeline Palileo
    Angeline Palileo 19 hours ago

    I love the names 😂 it makes me cry from laughing ❤❤

  • Ania Idziaszczyk
    Ania Idziaszczyk 19 hours ago

    How to be the best woman on internet tutorial

  • Joseph Sherman
    Joseph Sherman 20 hours ago

    Is this what Bruce wears ????

  • Adelia Alessandra
    Adelia Alessandra 23 hours ago

    Was the collection a flop?

  • Sharkes are Sexy

    Old crusty SLUT!

  • basic shitttn
    basic shitttn Day ago

    You‘re really rich if you got a guy holding your mirror😂 💵

    CRAZY FUN Day ago

    Aww how amazing is she I love her x

  • Stella Harvey
    Stella Harvey Day ago

    when this first came out the channel name changed from Kylie Cosmetics to Kris Cosmetics for like a day! No joke

  • Meep
    Meep Day ago

    "Gimme a kiss!" "I torture them" 🙌 mom goals lol

  • MànOù ùùchà

    A lot of middelfingers on this kit -_-

  • Arlisa Mango
    Arlisa Mango Day ago

    I love kris😂😂 i love the packaging. Kris was totally feeling herself in this video. 😂

  • Katelyn Barakat
    Katelyn Barakat Day ago

    Your amazing business women Kylie and I'm always going to support you

  • makeupmukbang
    makeupmukbang Day ago

    The packaging is unique and really works. Congratulations 🎊🍾

  • vane Semprun
    vane Semprun Day ago


  • Chloe Diane Villamor

    You dont have a collab with kendall

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A Day ago

    youre so adorable! i wish you were my mom :(

  • Ju-ju's Wardrobe

    All those shade names yet none of them are called “underage surgery”

  • Xalli Gonzales
    Xalli Gonzales Day ago +1

    unfortunately the only good thing about that pallet is the packaging

  • The Global Deception

    Look! A satanist selling makeup

  • Toto Bryja
    Toto Bryja Day ago

    why the Jenner's have a bart station btw there legs gee non stop in and out anything and anyone LOL they use ten;s to make $$$ on make up made in China and not tested by LAB'S beware of reactions and lost of $$$$$$$$

  • labyrinth cat
    labyrinth cat Day ago

    Girl your eyeshadow is so PATCHY noooo!!!

  • Mindy Andres
    Mindy Andres Day ago

    Mommager! So witty!😍

  • Moon Angel
    Moon Angel Day ago

    She's so cute omg

  • Stephen Burpo
    Stephen Burpo Day ago

    bruce didnt seem to like it.

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark Day ago

    What if kris wasn't born? The world would have been more intellectually developed.

  • DaBratt
    DaBratt 2 days ago

    I want to know what kind of scrim is being used. Her skin looks all photoshopped.

  • Kab Yaj
    Kab Yaj 2 days ago

    Kris has had so many facelifts, why does she need make up on?

  • Sexy Meme
    Sexy Meme 2 days ago

    i bet my mom will like this

  • Mazna
    Mazna 2 days ago

    The worse eyeshadow pallet!

  • Gimel Hines
    Gimel Hines 2 days ago

    Fuck her face is so air brushed I can't c shit

  • Carson Godfrey
    Carson Godfrey 2 days ago

    I love Kris but this makes me cringe down to the bone.

  • Ana Medina
    Ana Medina 2 days ago

    she has more personally than all her kids lmao we love a skinny legend

  • evaplayssims4 !
    evaplayssims4 ! 2 days ago

    This color make me really happy (times a million)

  • Mike R
    Mike R 2 days ago +1

    Wow for a old woman she looks really good👍

  • _alexation _
    _alexation _ 2 days ago

    I Stan

  • Ana Pires
    Ana Pires 2 days ago

    She's so sweet

  • Cierra Cortez
    Cierra Cortez 2 days ago +1

    she is so cute

  • Cat Eyezz
    Cat Eyezz 2 days ago

    Kris is so gorgeous I can't deal😍😍😍 She is my dream momma lol

  • Marshall Miller
    Marshall Miller 2 days ago

    I'd smash Kris Jenner too

  • Kelley Williams
    Kelley Williams 2 days ago

    Kris is so excited about the collection that it makes you happy while watching

  • Kelley Williams
    Kelley Williams 2 days ago

    I love Kris's nails

  • Cristina Salas
    Cristina Salas 2 days ago

    I love how she is clearly looking slightly down and reading off a script

  • TommyDoezMakeup
    TommyDoezMakeup 2 days ago

    The lipstick looked cheap, like the packaging I mean, it looks like it is from the dollar tree

  • Edwin Manzanares
    Edwin Manzanares 2 days ago

    Haha this family is basically the KKK family with difference that this family sure lovesssssss the black D.

  • Kari Boudreaux
    Kari Boudreaux 2 days ago

    This is hilarious. Great job Kris. I have been a KUWTK fans since day 1, and I get the whole collection, all the names of the colors, my fave being "Its raining Pussy Willows"! Dying! Kris, you are precious and I appreciate this so much.

  • Leah  Brooks
    Leah Brooks 2 days ago

    Kris... Look in the camera lense please!! XD

  • SimgmProductions
    SimgmProductions 2 days ago

    When Kris comes for every USclipr's career.

  • Meagan's Make Up Travel Vlogs!!

    I can't believe the Playboy shoot was a decade ago. Damn I feel old.

  • Lynee Anna Salvatore

    I don't care how many people talk shit bout her.. I just love her..

  • Natalie
    Natalie 2 days ago

    I'm dying to get my tracking info. Haha

  • aoife dooley
    aoife dooley 2 days ago

    The name of the highlugh palette is ur doing amazing sweetie and ine of the highlighters is called ur sister is going to jail hahahah

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    i am sOooOOOOoO excited

  • Teodora Durlanova
    Teodora Durlanova 3 days ago

    I love kris so much 😂 she’s such a cool mom

  • Dang Gurl Apparel
    Dang Gurl Apparel 3 days ago

    Good on you mama 😍😍

  • Marc Wright
    Marc Wright 3 days ago

    No joke, I’d actually buy this.

    • labyrinth cat
      labyrinth cat Day ago +1

      Don't. Watch Jaclyn Hill's review on this. It's literally overpriced kid makeup. The blushes have no pigment and are dusty, the eyeshadow is patchy, and the highlighters bring out your texture & pores. You're literally just paying for the name on the packaging. Why do you think they release a new collection almost every month? They never take time to perfect their formulas, it's literally a pump and dump cash grab. Wake up girl.

  • Eryn Jounos
    Eryn Jounos 3 days ago

    "Stop taking pictures of yourself, your sisters going to jail" 😂😂😂 that kills me

  • Michaela Lenae
    Michaela Lenae 3 days ago

    I love the names especially the highlight palette iconic

  • Styles
    Styles 3 days ago

    Kris Jenner is my fave

  • Miss Chim Chim
    Miss Chim Chim 3 days ago +1

    That eye shadow is called *I Love myself*
    *I was thinking about BTS* Any one else?
    no just me? 😂

  • No Nino
    No Nino 3 days ago

    DASH stores closed and they owe private jet bills but c'mon Kris you're too old to pay the bills like this. Go back to cookbooks hunny.

  • Trevor's Nana75
    Trevor's Nana75 3 days ago +1

    Kris and Kylie, it scares me how much my daughter and I have in common. Mine is a grandson!😇 I love the throwback to kim!

  • A babble
    A babble 3 days ago

    Christ, this woman is a vulture. What a fucking disgrace you are, pimping out and living through your idiot kids. Why the hell did the algorithm send me here? Just go away, fucking Kardashian trash.

  • Reylo BitchForever
    Reylo BitchForever 3 days ago

    The packaging is prettier than me

  • arie helmig
    arie helmig 3 days ago +2


  • vaughm
    vaughm 3 days ago

    take a shot every time she says “happy”

  • hello :3
    hello :3 3 days ago

    I love Kris so much more than all family ♡ she is a precious mom, kind hearted. I feel very bad that often her daughters don't see that :(

  • Aubre Becker
    Aubre Becker 3 days ago

    I love krys and this collection! It’s awesome!

  • Bianca Gutierrez
    Bianca Gutierrez 3 days ago

    I love her, she’s so adorable

  • Can We Talk?
    Can We Talk? 3 days ago +1

    *Or you can tell us about Kylie’s surgeon💀. And they call me fake😂*

  • Ce Ce 26
    Ce Ce 26 3 days ago

    So this video is everything 😂😂😂❤

  • Jennifer Johnston
    Jennifer Johnston 3 days ago

    So pretty!! The colors are GREAT and names are cool

  • Xtine
    Xtine 3 days ago

    Isn't plastic surgery not enough on top of using makeup on top... lool..... Natural is the real beauty, Being relevant ..... to be continued

  • my treasures
    my treasures 3 days ago

    Would like to get this makeup for my mom

  • Riri Mimi
    Riri Mimi 3 days ago

    oila, she forgot the " v " voilà

  • DeeDee Hernandez nails & all that glitters

    The soft focus she's using is making her hair even look blurry they need to stop using the soft focus or get a better camera person

  • Natalee Gilpin
    Natalee Gilpin 3 days ago

    Kris is juss cute

  • Kenneth Tjhin
    Kenneth Tjhin 3 days ago +1

    Money doesn't grow on tree
    "Yes it does... It's paper "
    Omg i remember that Kendall's word

  • Ollie Oil
    Ollie Oil 3 days ago

    She's so cuuuttteeee

  • Vladimíra Burjáková

    Uz len vasa palerka mi chybala. Ved je otrasna. Nic lepsie sa uz vymysliet nedalo? O nicom. Katastrofa

  • Clarisse Quirante
    Clarisse Quirante 4 days ago

    " i torture them " OMAYGAD IM DIYING LAUGHING

  • Clarisse Quirante
    Clarisse Quirante 4 days ago

    I see kim a little bit of khloe

  • bmad48
    bmad48 4 days ago

    Her voice is making me sleepy