Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 Actors Playing Presidents | WIRED

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Dialect coach Erik Singer once again takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. This time, Erik is focusing on actors's portrayals of US presidents. How close was Josh Brolin to capturing George W. Bush in W.? Is Jay Pharoah's version of Obama true to life? Is it even possible for an actor to accurately portray George Washington?

    Check out more from Erik here:

    See Erik's take on Alec Baldwin's Trump:
    ...and Daniel Day-Lewis's Lincoln:

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    Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 Actors Playing Presidents | WIRED
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    WIRED  27 days ago +1328

    Hey everyone! Previously, Erik took at look at Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as Lincoln and Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump impression. Both can be seen in this earlier episode:

    • mariokarter13
      mariokarter13 5 days ago

      14:19 I think this would qualify as a "dogwhistle."

    • Alysia Mer David-Wasser
      Alysia Mer David-Wasser 5 days ago +1

      Anthony Hopkins as John Adams in "Amistad" was pretty good, as was "Selma"'s LBJ.

    • hyun ahn
      hyun ahn 12 days ago

      There are more portrayal of U.S. Presidents in both fiction and non-fiction films and video games. For example of fictional uses of the presidents would be in "Forrest Gump" and "Night At The Museum". I like to see some of those accents broken down in the next video as well as more political figure portrayals.

    • ivan pereira
      ivan pereira 16 days ago


  • Grace Bishoff
    Grace Bishoff Day ago

    I feel like he forgot Jordan Peele’s Obama. Where is his review man?

  • Zion the Wanderer

    When looking at Theodore Roosevelt I wish he would have looked at Robin Williams performance in The Night of the Living Museum.

  • Akame Ri
    Akame Ri 2 days ago

    I would have loved to have Eric's opinion on Trevor Noah's Obama because it's fantastic

  • Greg Camp
    Greg Camp 2 days ago

    Bruce Greenwood does a good job performing Kennedy in Thirteen Days without making it into a parody of Havahd Yahd.

  • Pink Portrait
    Pink Portrait 2 days ago

    Is it weird I want this guy to anylize how I speak? Fascinating.

  • Pink Portrait
    Pink Portrait 2 days ago

    Do peaky bilnders

  • Elizabeth McMahon
    Elizabeth McMahon 2 days ago

    You should do Jordan Peele for Obama!! xDD

  • Dom DeLuise
    Dom DeLuise 2 days ago

    Was hoping to see Atamanuik Trump.

  • Madeline Quinn
    Madeline Quinn 2 days ago

    No Jordan Peele's Obama or Anthony Antamunik's Trump? Major letdown. Maybe they were too good.

  • Lilly Green
    Lilly Green 2 days ago


  • K4Z4Y
    K4Z4Y 2 days ago

    Wouldn't George Washington have a slight British Accent, or bits of holdover southern accent?

    • Shadé Palmer
      Shadé Palmer Day ago

      Most likely a small southern accent over a British Accent. Technically, the accent we have today is the original British accent. They changed they way they spoke after the Revolutionary War.

  • maddie
    maddie 2 days ago

    wow dennis reynolds is really moving up in life

  • Joseph Wolfson
    Joseph Wolfson 2 days ago

    Why no Alec Baldwin trump?

  • turbulentbeauty
    turbulentbeauty 2 days ago

    Wow, Erik is like the good twin to Dennis (Glenn Howerton) on Sunny. Erik has the warmth, patience, and poise, and Dennis has the detachment, entitlement, and frantic energy.

  • Jen Swofford
    Jen Swofford 2 days ago

    Love these. Bruce Greenwood's JFK, please!

  • wasabi boi
    wasabi boi 2 days ago

    accents and dialects are so interesting

  • Sherry Morgado
    Sherry Morgado 2 days ago

    All of Erik’s videos are utterly fascinating! Love these and hope he’ll make more. I could watch him for hours. Would love to have him dissect my own speech ( Northern California)

  • Ellie
    Ellie 3 days ago

    where is abraham lincoln vampire hunter cmon

  • SasskiF
    SasskiF 3 days ago

    Make sure you take care of yourself Erik. You look like you're tired enough to keel over.
    P.S. love your shows.

  • AJ 1978
    AJ 1978 3 days ago

    The first one also misses Kennedy's body language. When you look at JFK, he always starts looking down, presumably at his notes, then raises his head while he speaks. Kinnear gets that part right as well.

  • SoleMotion
    SoleMotion 3 days ago

    Why did they not go over Daniel Day Lewis's Lincoln?

  • John Beckman
    John Beckman 3 days ago +1

    Now I kinda want my voice analyzed. I know it will never happen but that would still be so cool

  • Chad The African Bullfrog

    why didn’t they do daniel day-lewis in lincoln? 🤦‍♂️

  • Camila Deluca
    Camila Deluca 3 days ago

    I‘d like to see Erik Singer guessing people’s nationality by their english, just for fun

  • Schmuddel
    Schmuddel 3 days ago

    Surprised Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln wasn't here, considering all the other Lincolns.

  • Selfish Noob
    Selfish Noob 3 days ago

    Rest in peace Alan

  • natalie tess
    natalie tess 3 days ago

    do a video of erik reviewing all of bill hader’s impressions!

  • natalie tess
    natalie tess 3 days ago

    i love this series and erik he reminds me of a slightly older brunette bo burnham

  • J 7
    J 7 3 days ago

    Hey it's Dennis Reynolds

  • Alyse H
    Alyse H 3 days ago +1

    You cover Trump and don't mention Alec Baldwin?? How Sway, HOW!?

  • Sakurino Aisha
    Sakurino Aisha 3 days ago

    Y'all should do a video where real people/film characters speak with their accents and Erik has to analyse what accent they have!

  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper 3 days ago

    what about the impression of Donald Trump in the rap battle against Hillary Clinton?

  • Ingrid Bjørnstad
    Ingrid Bjørnstad 3 days ago +1

    could you do Edward Herrmanns version of FDR in Annie?

  • Amy Gill
    Amy Gill 3 days ago +5

    Please do a similar episode but the kings speech/ royals

  • Georgie Rose
    Georgie Rose 4 days ago

    You sound so much like Hugh Dancy as Will Graham in Hannibal

  • yashamaruism
    yashamaruism 4 days ago

    shame its just presidents otherwise he woulve been able to settle the age old question: Who does a better micheal cane impression? rob brydon or steeve coogan?

  • Nini Ofahengaue
    Nini Ofahengaue 4 days ago

    I wished he did key or peeles version of Barack Obama

  • Sarahi Aguilar
    Sarahi Aguilar 4 days ago +1

    What about James Mcavoy in “Split”? 👀

  • Dakota Morton
    Dakota Morton 4 days ago

    If we do get another one of these with more historical figures, which I hope we do, I got myself a list of what I thought would be neat to see.
    Shawn Ashmore - Terry Fox
    Liam Neeson - Micheal Collins
    Alan Rickman - Éamon de Valera
    Martin Sheen - Robert E. Lee
    Gary Oldman - Winston Churchill
    Bruno Ganz - Adolf Hitler

  • Fat Shamer
    Fat Shamer 4 days ago

    No futurama Nixon?

  • Stephanie J
    Stephanie J 4 days ago

    Aw, while this was lovely as always I was hoping he'd cover Jordan Peele's Obama which I thought was fantastic but would have loved his thoughts on.

  • Stale Crouton
    Stale Crouton 4 days ago +1

    Erik Singer is amazing, I super enjoy his analysis. Thanks for doing another vid with him, WIRED 😎

  • Allex Combs
    Allex Combs 4 days ago

    This is my favorite thing ever! Please don't ever stop making these!

  • michelle brown
    michelle brown 4 days ago +1

    “ have very bad breath”
    “Forgive me”

  • Shawn Avery
    Shawn Avery 4 days ago

    To be fair with Ford, people in Michigan have a pretty plain way of speaking i'd almost call it boring. so to not do an accent is kinda accurate.

  • Jonathan de Lange
    Jonathan de Lange 4 days ago

    Good things happen to me when Erik talks Southern...

  • 9thchild
    9thchild 4 days ago

    If he doesn't pronounce Rs after vowels, why does he clearly use a hard R in the word fire?

  • Tiana Pi Tesr
    Tiana Pi Tesr 4 days ago

    Hot 7:00

  • SilverSauce
    SilverSauce 4 days ago +1

    accent expert breaks down iconic voice overs like homer simpson and spongebob squarepants

  • Eve Bell
    Eve Bell 4 days ago

    BORING-a commentary on 28 (mostly) old (mostly) white dudes

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 5 days ago

    Wait, that Conner Trinneer character was Bush in American Made? xD I didn't realize that, and I love that movie!

    Kinda just thought it was Trip in an alternate time.

  • M'Kayla
    M'Kayla 5 days ago

    I could listen to Erik Singer talk about accents all day. Please, please, please make up any excuse you can to get him to make more videos.

  • Ashley Dotson
    Ashley Dotson 5 days ago +10

    i was waiting for Robin Williams’ Night at the Museum’ Teddy Roosevelt. Needless to say, i am disappointed.

  • L. Pope
    L. Pope 5 days ago

    No Jordan peele?? Best sounding Obama, imho.

  • sydney annaleese
    sydney annaleese 5 days ago

    i love him sm

  • fangal12
    fangal12 5 days ago

    He should have a billion views. I freaking love his segments

  • Mariko True
    Mariko True 5 days ago +1

    I had no idea Dennis Quaid was that good in his portrayal of Bill Clinton. When I think of Dennis Quaid, I think of comedies and westerns. I feel that I have vastly underestimated his talent.

  • Adam Conrad
    Adam Conrad 5 days ago

    Good to see Eric again! Love to see an expert talk about what they are passionate about and talented at.

  • SymonSai
    SymonSai 5 days ago

    This is so freaking interesting

  • Dannie -
    Dannie - 5 days ago +2

    I'm glad we have recognition finally that Abraham Lincoln sounded exactly like Gilbert Gottfried. God bless.

  • Jan Schappert
    Jan Schappert 5 days ago

    Great video! Performers are great but the experts behind the performances is where the true talent lies, in my opinion. Portman's performance came off as flirty for me and didn't capture the true level of sophistication that was Jackie. Some of it was indeed body language, and I don't know the language but there were obvious influxes maybe in her speech that supports that. Seems like Jackie's vocal range in her speech in the clips you showed was quite limited, whereas Portman was hitting on some much higher and lower tones.
    Spacey's impersonations are great. I mean who doesn't like to laugh? But he can bring it to the stage and screen as well.
    Keep the sloppy beard Erik! Covers that strong jawline and softens your eyes. But then again, I'm no expert.

  • MB7709 GB
    MB7709 GB 6 days ago

    He should have reviewed Frank Caliendo as Bush

  • Tracey Claver
    Tracey Claver 6 days ago

    I wonder if any of the actors were his students and he may just be giving himself a critique or a pat on the back.

  • Peachboner
    Peachboner 6 days ago

    I want somebody to do an impression of Erik

  • omnitrix1992
    omnitrix1992 6 days ago

    Where's Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis?

  • sunburned shirts
    sunburned shirts 6 days ago

    lol stop trying to explain phonetics

  • pink-chiffon
    pink-chiffon 6 days ago

    Erik Singer videos are the best videos 😍

  • Raven Devino
    Raven Devino 6 days ago

    Wheres Steven Colbert's Trump?

  • Alexis Lindway
    Alexis Lindway 6 days ago

    I’m a little disappointed he didn’t do the rest of the John Adams series with analyzing Adams and Jefferson. Maybe next time!

  • Julia Cronin
    Julia Cronin 6 days ago

    I wish vice actors were in this is.

  • fatah Tani
    fatah Tani 6 days ago

    for trump I think Trevor Noah is the closest

  • Camila Barba
    Camila Barba 6 days ago +1

    ERIK MORE CONTENT PLEASE!!! I could literally watch this for hourssss

  • Mia Foley
    Mia Foley 6 days ago


  • Valentina Lopez Zaldivar

    this comment section is just everyone (me included) falling in love with Erik for 27 minutes straight

  • Zessica Jak
    Zessica Jak 6 days ago +3

    I don't think I've ever felt more aware of my tongue than when watching these videos

  • jake bosch
    jake bosch 6 days ago

    No Nixon?

  • Duda Binder
    Duda Binder 6 days ago

    This man is very smart and attractive

  • CarlosSpicyWiener
    CarlosSpicyWiener 7 days ago +1

    I'd give him some oral posture anytime...

    JEEVAN JOHN 7 days ago

    How could forget trevor noah's obama and trump impression.

  • blizzy
    blizzy 7 days ago

    14:34 doodoo

  • Omae wa mou shindeiru

    Get Gordon Ramsey to critique USclip food reviews

  • Leim O' Galbraith
    Leim O' Galbraith 7 days ago +1

    4:41 nice

  • camila
    camila 7 days ago

    erik, i say this in the most respectful way.......... you're really hawt

  • tyler bernard
    tyler bernard 7 days ago

    he's back!!!!

  • T Cox
    T Cox 7 days ago +1

    Abraham Lincoln vampire slayer. Where was that at???!

  • Tara Brazel
    Tara Brazel 7 days ago +1

    David Morse is heckin' underrated. He's so good in everything.

  • Michał Lipiński
    Michał Lipiński 7 days ago

    Nobody is complaining about 5(!) ads within 25 min video? Really WIRED? Really?

  • adeline wurzer
    adeline wurzer 7 days ago

    i was in rehab with someone who sounded like jfk

  • W C
    W C 7 days ago +1

    that American Made Bush was so good

  • maddy w
    maddy w 7 days ago

    these videos cure my depression

  • Elise Estes
    Elise Estes 7 days ago +13

    I would love to hear this guys take on actors/actresses NOLA accent impersonations SPECIFICALLY Patricia Arquettes accent in “The Act”

  • Tan Tan
    Tan Tan 8 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE this series. I'm so glad you keep continuing it.

  • Coen Schut
    Coen Schut 8 days ago

    Nice detail when he pronounced Budapest with a soft 's' (sh).

  • Damesan Binitie
    Damesan Binitie 8 days ago +195

    honestly idaf about accents i am here for Erik and his beard

  • MOUN
    MOUN 8 days ago

    This is called an indolect, right?

  • Shelby Lingenfelter
    Shelby Lingenfelter 8 days ago

    23:25 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosa Baca
    Rosa Baca 9 days ago

    I love the Crown but that episode was PURE TRASH. Least favorite episode.

  • Júlia Józsa
    Júlia Józsa 9 days ago

    Whaaaaat he's in Budapest??

  • suga spice
    suga spice 9 days ago +151

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Erik is also hot af

    • Eduardo B.
      Eduardo B. Day ago

      suga spice ikr!! He's so hunky !

    • K8 B
      K8 B 2 days ago +1