Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 Actors Playing Presidents | WIRED

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Dialect coach Erik Singer once again takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. This time, Erik is focusing on actors's portrayals of US presidents. How close was Josh Brolin to capturing George W. Bush in W.? Is Jay Pharoah's version of Obama true to life? Is it even possible for an actor to accurately portray George Washington?

    Check out more from Erik here:

    See Erik's take on Alec Baldwin's Trump:
    ...and Daniel Day-Lewis's Lincoln:

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    Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 Actors Playing Presidents | WIRED
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    WIRED  2 months ago +1508

    Hey everyone! Previously, Erik took at look at Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as Lincoln and Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump impression. Both can be seen in this earlier episode:

    • Anthony Gargano
      Anthony Gargano 11 days ago

      What about Dana Carvey??

    • cobraglatiator
      cobraglatiator 13 days ago

      i feel like the closest/most accurate impression of trump i've seen is Epic Rap Battles of history s "Donald Trump VS Ebeneezer Scrooge" funnily enough. thought i'd mention.

    • Tyrone Shade
      Tyrone Shade 23 days ago +1

      "Trump the human being" LOL

    • Marice Ogrimen
      Marice Ogrimen 25 days ago

      Awww. No Jordan Peele's Obama impression?

    • Eugenia Loulou
      Eugenia Loulou 26 days ago

      How about Sam Rockwell as G.W.Bush???

  • Hadou Can
    Hadou Can Hour ago

    wtf wheres daniel day lewis at?!

  • BP Lup
    BP Lup 3 hours ago

    "It's perfect."
    Couldn't agree more. I really tapped into the experience of wanting to be shot in the back of the head.

  • Yanela Fabra
    Yanela Fabra 3 hours ago

    I-love-this-guy-please-make-more-videos-with-him!!!!! He´s way too good

  • Aleksandar Roka
    Aleksandar Roka 6 hours ago

    what about Steve Bridges as George W. Bush and as B. Obama. The man is better than everyone else in this video.

  • Goddybag4Lee
    Goddybag4Lee 12 hours ago

    Greg Kinnear was epic.

  • E Ham
    E Ham 19 hours ago

    No one:

    Erik Singer: “oRaL POsTuRe!!!!”

  • Tania Morin
    Tania Morin Day ago

    Should've done Tony Atamaniuk for Trump. Best Trump impression hands down.

  • AvlinJavin
    AvlinJavin Day ago

    Could he take a look on epic rap battles of history's channel? I think they invest big time into accents and dialects to make it authentic. And sometimes fail, which would make it worth analysing :)

  • Helyati Mohamad
    Helyati Mohamad Day ago

    Is it me or is he not wearing his wedding band anymore? 👀

  • Connor Brennan
    Connor Brennan Day ago

    23:12-23:24 The tension with Eric here is like that of the imploding core of a massive star on the brink of erupting into a galaxy scorching hypernova...

  • Benjamin Sheridan
    Benjamin Sheridan 2 days ago

    Wow I get chills when I hear this guy talk about technique

  • Askar Ikramov
    Askar Ikramov 2 days ago

    What about Alec Baldwin as Trump and Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln?

  • Heidy
    Heidy 2 days ago

    No Jordan Peele as Obama or Alec Baldwin as Trump?? I was waiting for it.. Sad.

  • Drey Galon
    Drey Galon 2 days ago

    Iyago voice playing Lincoln was PERFECT XD

  • Amy
    Amy 3 days ago

    Both Roosevelts had what was the New York patrician accent, which included the omission of the "r" Erik referred to.

  • Jorge D González
    Jorge D González 3 days ago

    And Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham?

  • XxthedoctorparkerxX
    XxthedoctorparkerxX 3 days ago +1

    Does anyone get hella critical on their own voice after watching these?? As someone who has lived in almost every coastal state I have no idea what my accent is lol

  • Mikki S
    Mikki S 4 days ago

    Can we PLEASE HAVE MORE OF ERIKS VIDEOS!!!! this is SO fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More please 😊

  • David Osborne
    David Osborne 4 days ago

    Trump isn’t a human he is scum

  • Lex is a Bastard
    Lex is a Bastard 4 days ago +1

    I want to hear your opinion on the Transatlantic accent. I want to nail it better, but I feel like I'm missing something.

  • Lauren Ann Lough
    Lauren Ann Lough 5 days ago

    I was wondering what happened to the Daniel Day-Lewis performance!

  • Avery Christy
    Avery Christy 5 days ago +5

    Gilbert Godfried doing Lincoln - 'Perfect'. That's hilarious.

  • Guitar Shredder
    Guitar Shredder 5 days ago

    Why didn't your review Daniel Day-lewis Lincoln

  • Mongostomp
    Mongostomp 5 days ago

    No Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln?

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad 5 days ago

      Check out the video about actors playing real people

  • Julie Stevens
    Julie Stevens 5 days ago +7

    14:18 "the vowel sounds in _me_ and _too"_
    You're savage Singer, totally savage.
    He has it coming though.

  • Anklejbiter
    Anklejbiter 5 days ago

    2:41 Japanese "ano"

  • OGSankai
    OGSankai 6 days ago

    Kind of disappointed there was no Jordan Peele impression of Obama..

  • Skan Digital
    Skan Digital 6 days ago +2

    Jamie Foxx impersonation of Bush and Clinton is hilarious 😂 😂

  • Skan Digital
    Skan Digital 6 days ago

    Will Ferrell. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown 6 days ago +1

    Bill Murray is just not that good of an actor or comedian
    He just doesnt try very hard, thinks that ultra confident and laid back will make ppl think that he must be good coz hes so relaxed with his acting, both dramatic and
    No, the reality is he doesnt have the talent of his peers. Bcoz of certain movies the audience has a over inflated warmth towards him.
    Forget that your fond of him coz he was a ghostbuster. Look critically at his acting, (or lack of it) and see that he is weak.
    Range is narrow, his impersonations are weak and off, and his comedy is understated to the point of being not much better than Adam Sandler

  • Evan Biller
    Evan Biller 6 days ago

    He needed to do epicLLOYD’s impression

    CANDY BAR 8 days ago

    please tell me he's single

  • DKY
    DKY 8 days ago

    How can you guys leave out Daniel Day-Lewis playing Lincoln? The best of all time.

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad 7 days ago +1

      About actors playing real people

    • DKY
      DKY 7 days ago

      @Morten Aanstad Thanks! Which one?

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad 8 days ago

      It's been covered in a previous episode

  • Lancet Fencing
    Lancet Fencing 9 days ago

    i think you should do george c scott’s george Patton they are so different

  • Sean Finn
    Sean Finn 9 days ago

    Nice suit

  • Samuel Nonyelu
    Samuel Nonyelu 10 days ago


  • Jennifer Hiemstra
    Jennifer Hiemstra 10 days ago

    The Trump dig...I CANNOT. And his commentary on Gottfried, I was CRYING laughing!

  • Dani H
    Dani H 10 days ago

    As an Australian, don’t do the Australian accent if you’re not Australian. You will never get it.

  • HH3222
    HH3222 10 days ago

    Where is Obama's angry translator?

  • Yazan Abbas
    Yazan Abbas 11 days ago

    As much as I enjoy his critique I just enjoy hearing him explain things.

  • Magiccazza101
    Magiccazza101 11 days ago

    I was hoping for Robin Williams's Teddy Rosevelt in Night at the museum

  • Aaron Virola
    Aaron Virola 11 days ago

    Need a break down of Christian Bale!

  • Eva Fiskeman
    Eva Fiskeman 11 days ago

    Trevor Noah anyone

  • Jason Lovstedt
    Jason Lovstedt 11 days ago

    Reagan is the most practically funny president

  • jin's dangly earring
    jin's dangly earring 11 days ago

    It's always so fascinating getting to hear Erik break down these movie accents, so thank you for these! I don't know if anyone's gonna see this, but would you be willing to do Jodie Comer's performance with multiple accents (& languages!) as Villanelle in the show Killing Eve? I think she's does such a cool job with it!

  • Andrea-Charlotte
    Andrea-Charlotte 12 days ago

    He looks like another version of Lucifer haha

  • Jil Sinnes
    Jil Sinnes 12 days ago

    I really want to know what he thinks about Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black!

  • asperss
    asperss 12 days ago +1

    I'd like to hear him break down the northern accents in the Fargo tv series. my family are yoopers and it'd be interesting to see if it's the same accent or if it's different in some way

  • Cubono Hyena
    Cubono Hyena 13 days ago +2

    How come most if not all US presidents sound weird and alien like. Just look at Trump! I've never heard not even once, somebody talk like that.

  • MrFlipperInvader792
    MrFlipperInvader792 14 days ago

    I want him to look at ratatouille

  • Ginger Braid Girl
    Ginger Braid Girl 15 days ago +2

    Erik Singer may well be my favorite person who I've never met. Love these videos! Please keep 'em comin'! :)

  • billiegirltoo
    billiegirltoo 15 days ago

    just spent the last few minutes talking to my dog with my jaw jutted out speaking like hepburn and dorothy parker

  • Mya. E
    Mya. E 16 days ago

    lol I want him to do his opinion on the "eloquently spoken" guy

  • Archie Mohan
    Archie Mohan 16 days ago +1

    he looks good that suit jacket makes his eyes pop

  • Authentic
    Authentic 17 days ago +6

    Gilbert Gottfried: (does any impression)
    Accent Expert: It's perfect.

  • makayla proctor
    makayla proctor 17 days ago

    I missed you, Erik

  • SkullPrism
    SkullPrism 18 days ago

    Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln... He was the best.

  • Matthew D
    Matthew D 18 days ago

    Gilbert Gottfried never gets old.

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 19 days ago

    Haven’t watched it yet I guarantee Daniel is gonna be on here for lincoln

    • Nate DS
      Nate DS 18 days ago


    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad 18 days ago

      Then you obviously haven´t seen any previous episodes since DDL has already been covered

  • PlainsPup
    PlainsPup 19 days ago

    23:00 - Oh come on, you didn't cover Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln in the film Lincoln? The impression was, based on historical accounts, amazing.

    • PlainsPup
      PlainsPup 7 days ago

      @Morten Aanstad Nice. I'll have to go back and watch that. Thanks!

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad 7 days ago +1

      He did, but he also thought he had seen better (thought I'm not sure if he was serious or not since he later showed a comedy impression). The main thing he talked about was that Lincoln famously had a very high and reedy voice as mentioned here too, and that it can be difficult to get that voice and still sound like an actual person. He then said Daniel Day-Lewis managed to do that

    • PlainsPup
      PlainsPup 7 days ago

      @Morten Aanstad Oh, I see. Did Erik Singer praise Daniel Day-Lewis's performance? I thought it was awesome, as usual.

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad 18 days ago +1

      Been done already

  • Caleb Goodman
    Caleb Goodman 19 days ago +2

    I would love an in-depth examination of the portrayal of Puritan and other Colonial dialects

  • Lucid
    Lucid 19 days ago


  • lovelywaz
    lovelywaz 19 days ago

    Where's Alec Baldwin as Trump? Or was it too perfect to criticize?

  • Cory Goodman
    Cory Goodman 20 days ago

    I'm honestly astounded at how accurate the impression of GW Bush is despite it being a parody. Loved the bit on oral posture as well. It helps his face seem even aesthetically similar to Bush's regarding his expression despite will farrel not actually looking like him.

  • Angela Bohot
    Angela Bohot 20 days ago

    This might sound strange but can you do minion speak?

  • Hunter Ray
    Hunter Ray 20 days ago

    Wish he did Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln and Sam Rockwell as George W

    • Rikachoo
      Rikachoo 20 days ago

      Hunter Ray DDL is in a different video check out the pinned top comment

  • Thomas
    Thomas 20 days ago

    Do British politians. Churchill alone could be a half hour.

  • Dania Mohamed
    Dania Mohamed 20 days ago +4

    idk why but I enjoy Erik's video's soooo much. I could literally binge this all day.

  • Mila R
    Mila R 20 days ago

    Are you single, Eric?

  • Vessel 4 Him
    Vessel 4 Him 21 day ago

    Wait a minute. You did not listen to Daniel Day Lewis's Abraham Lincoln

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 21 day ago +1

    Martin Sheen did a great president Jed Bartlett impression for like 6 years in a row :p

  • 40niners
    40niners 21 day ago +1

    Gilbert Gottfried knocked it out of the park!

  • Elanderan
    Elanderan 22 days ago +3

    4:21 IT'S COMMANDER TUCKER. Any Star Trek Enterprise fans???

  • wirklichdoof
    wirklichdoof 22 days ago +2

    Do the FBI agent's southern accent in mr. Right

  • o o
    o o 22 days ago

    Where's Black Bush?

  • Paps
    Paps 22 days ago +1

    Would be cool to hear him talk about erb and some of the impressions there

  • jessie
    jessie 22 days ago +1

    Please ask Erik what he thinks of Jodie Comer's many accents/languages in Killing Eve!!

  • Tyrone Shade
    Tyrone Shade 23 days ago

    Hey everyone! Previously, Erik took at look at Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as Lincoln and Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump impression. Both can be seen in this earlier episode: @hjq0

    • Tyrone Shade
      Tyrone Shade 23 days ago

      Hey everyone! Previously, Erik took at look at Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as Lincoln and Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump impression. Both can be seen in this earlier episode: @hjq0

  • Tyrone Shade
    Tyrone Shade 23 days ago +1

    Hey everyone! Previously, Erik took at look at Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as Lincoln and Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump impression. Both can be seen in this earlier episode: @hjq0

  • Erica E.
    Erica E. 23 days ago

    "Trump the human being" LOL

  • Andi Collins
    Andi Collins 24 days ago +1

    I'd love to see a review of actors who've done long term TV roles using an accent and how they've changed. I'm thinking like James Marsters role in Buffy with two different English accents.

  • Nelo Gale
    Nelo Gale 24 days ago

    He is hot

  • Christina M
    Christina M 24 days ago +2

    23:24 I have tears!! 😂😂😂 You're awesome.

  • lavkian
    lavkian 24 days ago +8

    I'm in my third year studying linguistics in college. This is basically pornography now, in the best way possible.

  • 401s Finest
    401s Finest 25 days ago

    Dudes a straight up wizard.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    He’s accent Dennis Reynolds

  • Eugenia Loulou
    Eugenia Loulou 25 days ago

    Please comment Sam Rockwell as G.W.Bush

  • Matt Brand
    Matt Brand 25 days ago

    Anyone else see Glenn Howerton ( Dennis IASIP)??

  • MarksEphemera
    MarksEphemera 25 days ago +10

    Gilbert Gottfried as Abraham Lincoln, "Perfect."

  • Emily2618
    Emily2618 26 days ago

    I haaaated Travolta's Clinton. I had the honor of meeting President Clinton and watching him speak multiple times and he exudesthis charm and is so charismatic. Travolta came off really creepy. The voice just wasn't believable as being southern at all. Sorry, that's just my opinion.

  • Marton Lukacs
    Marton Lukacs 26 days ago

    Where's Dave Chapelle's Black Bush?!

  • Kaleb Partin
    Kaleb Partin 26 days ago +2

    What about Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt

  • Matej Capov
    Matej Capov 26 days ago

    The editor deserves a raise

  • joan june
    joan june 26 days ago

    👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Interesting

  • Marie Maidyn
    Marie Maidyn 26 days ago +1

    Connor Trineer always reminded me of George W. Bush

  • Anastasia D
    Anastasia D 26 days ago +20

    Gerald Ford did not go out there and say "I'm Gerald Ford and you're not" 😂

  • namogel67
    namogel67 26 days ago

    Nice use of hesitation sound while explaining it.

  • suffering;
    suffering; 26 days ago +1

    *all comments about the accents*
    Me: so they pronounced Budapest wrong in the mcu

    • cruisepaige
      cruisepaige 13 days ago

      suffering; He pronounced it correctly.

  • AudOldEnds
    AudOldEnds 26 days ago

    “It’s perfect” 😂😂