What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • Did you ever wonder what happened if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? No? We neither! Let us find out together!
    This video was inspired by xkcd and a video that shall remain unnamed.
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  • Xeinn
    Xeinn 12 hours ago

    When you turn the Mariana Trench upside down it looks like mt.everest

  • Ribbonzs
    Ribbonzs 13 hours ago

    I saw that lich from adventure time

  • Elias Hernandez Curiel
    Elias Hernandez Curiel 15 hours ago

    So cool how u design your subscribers birds!

  • Marty Zielinski
    Marty Zielinski 15 hours ago

    Loved the little chomping skull thingie @3:27.......

  • Amenodin Subair4240

    What if megalodon swallow it?😂

  • Anonymos c
    Anonymos c Day ago

    How bout 90 tsar bombs?

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts Day ago

    Everybody sighs and then earth blows up

  • celest simmons
    celest simmons Day ago

    2 videos in and I'm already in love and subscribed....Thank to your through and interesting topics....But mostly the birds....I will be getting my own bird soon😍🤗🐦💕

  • The Courier
    The Courier Day ago

    the true question is why would you launch a nuke in the mariana trench? seriously how dumb do you have to be to do that!

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    What if hurricane Katrina and Maria collided?

  • Xavier Earnst
    Xavier Earnst Day ago

    I wanna become a patron so much but, money, everyone needs it

  • Blitznstitch2
    Blitznstitch2 Day ago

    I think it would cause earthquakes. And the trench is not pristine. That Avatar director went down into it and found a Nike sneaker. LOL

  • last ppta
    last ppta Day ago

    한국어 번역이 이상하게 되어있음

  • Dany Fairuzy
    Dany Fairuzy Day ago

    5:06 if you have no time or the data to watch the entire video, you're welcome.

  • Muriel Cunningham
    Muriel Cunningham 2 days ago


  • LandonPlayz _MLG
    LandonPlayz _MLG 2 days ago

    I love those cute little birds :3

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 2 days ago

    Wait. It vaporised the TARDIS

  • astral gaming
    astral gaming 2 days ago

    A guy stole ur video

  • Marshal General
    Marshal General 2 days ago +1

    Deep shit

  • Jason McFall
    Jason McFall 2 days ago

    I don't care about the information given in this video, I saw Spondgebobs pineapple so I'm happy!

  • sepæpa
    sepæpa 2 days ago

    are you a german chanel? oder warum heißt ihr "kurzgesagt"?

  • Jezza
    Jezza 2 days ago

    But what if you nuke into the furthest point in the sky?

  • heykal ganteng 14
    heykal ganteng 14 2 days ago

    04:19 i Saw Spongebob house

  • Gisa R.
    Gisa R. 2 days ago

    I love the way kurzgesgst makes his feel so insignificant

  • Emma Spicer
    Emma Spicer 3 days ago

    So basically, a bad idea.

  • The Meme Fuhrer
    The Meme Fuhrer 3 days ago

    The Infographics Show left the game

  • Adwans :3
    Adwans :3 3 days ago

    But i would be compressed under water:(

  • Nikola Milosevic
    Nikola Milosevic 3 days ago

    I was hoping that earth would be broken in half

  • Marquis de Dijon
    Marquis de Dijon 3 days ago

    Humans are the largest, absolutely largest threat to our own planet.

  • shart blox
    shart blox 3 days ago

    Kim Jong Un - In a Nutshell

  • Xario1
    Xario1 4 days ago +1

    But what if we set off that same explosive in Antarctica? What would happen then? :0

  • Tanya Zhang
    Tanya Zhang 4 days ago

    Nothing happen??? How about the wheals and damages😂

  • ACAD Gaming
    ACAD Gaming 4 days ago

    Idiot.. U will just make undiscovered species die

  • 허준
    허준 4 days ago

    그러나 아무일도 일어나지않았다.

  • Jackmandeux IsAwesome

    RIP Spongebob
    May 1 1999 - July 22 2018

  • Tejas Shinde
    Tejas Shinde 4 days ago

    Thank god we have water.

  • Abdi'sHairline
    Abdi'sHairline 4 days ago

    5:07 - 5:14 theres your answer fam

  • KYY
    KYY 4 days ago +1

    HAHA looks like the loser islam terrorist plan has failed badly

  • Need Some Coffee
    Need Some Coffee 4 days ago

    Lmao I thought this was a german video because of your channel name, why did you call the channel like that? 95% of your viewers won't even know what its supposed to mean.

  • Clorox Bleach iP
    Clorox Bleach iP 4 days ago

    "Science not Fantasy"
    I see what you did there...

  • doggy god
    doggy god 4 days ago

    We should test that just to make sure you're right 🤓

  • Max Xiang
    Max Xiang 5 days ago

    why does the yield of the tsar bomb change from 300 kt to 50 mt (which is correct) to 1 mt?

  • Sidney H
    Sidney H 5 days ago +3

    Yeah, but let's not do that.

    Or anything stupid at that matter.

  • King Wither The Third

    "Science not fantasy"

    Sleep well tonight...



  • dont sniff me!!!
    dont sniff me!!! 5 days ago

    4:19 RIP spongbob

  • ocelot48gaming
    ocelot48gaming 5 days ago

    Haha Engineer spaceship on 1:34 from alien covenant))

  • Bettle J
    Bettle J 5 days ago

    4:20 So that’s where bikini bottom is

  • igotnothingtodobecause idontknowwhy

    3:43 Maybe Sans has to do something with this video

  • Whitty _
    Whitty _ 5 days ago

    Shit thought there was gonna be a black hole or something

  • Chris Qiao
    Chris Qiao 5 days ago

    But it could have been 100Mt if the the Soviets didn't hold back. It was a bit of a overkill though

  • laurel jade
    laurel jade 5 days ago

    this is why I hate humanity.

  • Paul Valencia
    Paul Valencia 6 days ago

    is this godzilla?

  • Alex Greenwood
    Alex Greenwood 6 days ago


  • Fear Kratos
    Fear Kratos 6 days ago

    *A: G I wonder.*

  • Zippity Zop
    Zippity Zop 6 days ago

    So build a bigger bomb

  • Iron Bars Jeb
    Iron Bars Jeb 6 days ago

    Sicko mode or tsar bomba

  • 黃詩峰
    黃詩峰 6 days ago

    1:32 a Pokémon

  • Ricky To
    Ricky To 6 days ago

    Omg i want my bird!!!

  • Akihiko Hayashi
    Akihiko Hayashi 7 days ago +1

    I think that we will then eat some fish and drink some water and then realize we’ve gotten cancer. Radiation’s a bitch.

  • Busto
    Busto 7 days ago

    When will we learn

  • DrGeneralkumar82
    DrGeneralkumar82 7 days ago +1

    Lol the power of nature... shows reference to sharknado LMAO! This channel is comic genius :-D

  • Rayu the Manta Ray
    Rayu the Manta Ray 7 days ago

    Wait, so do you get to customize the bird? Just curious XD

  • tha Meme Lord
    tha Meme Lord 7 days ago

    My name is Mariana cool I'm a trench

  • Samuel K.
    Samuel K. 7 days ago

    As it is said in video, there won't be substancial mechanical effects of damages to earth. But still concerned about radioactive pollution.

  • Adam Jawad
    Adam Jawad 7 days ago

    I just wasted 6 minutes :/ 5:11

  • Jelo Star
    Jelo Star 7 days ago

    1:55 world of light

  • GameGuru
    GameGuru 8 days ago

    What could possibly go wrong?!

  • fubuGA Vlogs
    fubuGA Vlogs 8 days ago

    so it's a mo bamba bomb?

  • R3K3M
    R3K3M 8 days ago

    4:27 oof????

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson 8 days ago

    No man made nuclear bomb can overwhelm the pressure of the great deep the bomb would be swallowed up like a snack .water and fire don't mix and the water would overwhelm the bomb the initial spark would never ignite on those depths does that answer your question in less than six minutes

  • Allan Stpaul
    Allan Stpaul 8 days ago +1

    What year did that happen.

  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia 9 days ago

    NEW BIRD!!🙋👰

  • Kirbyfan01 01
    Kirbyfan01 01 9 days ago


  • jj anderson
    jj anderson 9 days ago

    5:10 SHARKNADO on bottom corner

  • Hiteam Solo
    Hiteam Solo 9 days ago

    way to give kim joun woun an idea

  • PersonA human
    PersonA human 9 days ago +1

    3:27 is that the Lich from adventure time? I know a lich is a necromancer who has transferred their life energy into an object, essentially making them immortal until said object is destroyed, but this one has a broken horn, just like the one in adventure time

  • Supunaay :
    Supunaay : 9 days ago +4

    4:18 I saw spongebob’s house :)

  • RobloxTime
    RobloxTime 9 days ago

    What if u dropped it in the bermuda triangle? Like if u want the video!

  • Распютин
    Распютин 9 days ago

    You should do a video about the deepest man-made hole. Just a thought.

  • CrazyNexusMaster123 Gulmatico

    Don't Hydrogen bombs use fusion, not fission cause I'm sure only atomic bombs use fission

  • CB
    CB 10 days ago

    It’s insane to me that the pressure in the trench could basically contain an enormous nuclear blast, but fish and shit live down there with no problem. Makes my brain hurt.

  • David Rabinowits
    David Rabinowits 10 days ago

    Yeah right. This is bs

  • Hikmet Abdiyev
    Hikmet Abdiyev 10 days ago +2

    3:26 lich?

  • ioan kolev
    ioan kolev 10 days ago

    3:18 i thought that it will turn into a black hole because that actually was lots of matter in bits of space

  • Lordøfweed
    Lordøfweed 10 days ago

    4:18 Spongebob?

  • roricat1 the shadow empire

    i developed a 1gt bomb, 20 tsar bomba's held by flex tape.

    SUPREME ! 10 days ago

    What would happen if Pewdiepie nuked India..

  • Davisj Alappat
    Davisj Alappat 11 days ago

    ....you dumb bitch...... : |

  • Davisj Alappat
    Davisj Alappat 11 days ago

    wtf did i just watch....
    did you seriously just say nuclear tests or ok??

  • dubstep ninja
    dubstep ninja 11 days ago

    But what if we use every explosive currently on earth?

  • dubstep ninja
    dubstep ninja 11 days ago

    But what if we use every explosive currently on earth?

  • Mika Makhatadze
    Mika Makhatadze 11 days ago

    his vice cracks at 2:05 and its very funny

  • Omega 3370
    Omega 3370 12 days ago

    So essentially the Tsar Bomba is almost powerless in the trench?

  • Borscht With no cream
    Borscht With no cream 12 days ago +31

    0:51 It’s a *pristine* environment

  • Granskog
    Granskog 12 days ago

    5:00 it's a SHARKNADO :O

  • Solid Zex
    Solid Zex 12 days ago

    Tsar bomba gets eaten by the ocean. Guess we know now that earth is one hell of a tanker.

  • 101 Rebel
    101 Rebel 12 days ago

    Good video i'm sub😀

  • P Pugalia
    P Pugalia 12 days ago

    Are you saying it's a good sport to blow nukes under oceans ?