TASTING BK'S IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER | Eat With Me!!!! Random Rambles

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD)
    This video is so random lmao I'm sorry! BUT HEY! I thought maybe someone somewhere wanted a review on Burger King's new vegan whopper! So here it is! whoever you are! LOL Thanks for watching! xoxo!


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  • KathleenLights
    KathleenLights  Month ago +2899

    WARNING: I chew in this video!!! I’m like eating and stuff. And like I’m a mess. Proceed with caution.

    • Annahi morin
      Annahi morin 11 days ago

      I HAVE TO EAT MY FIRES AND BURGERS AT THE SAME TIME GIRL!!! I cant pictures it any different!!! Sending lots of love from McAllen,TX❤

    • Marie Beauty
      Marie Beauty 19 days ago

      You should do a video of why you don’t drive if it’s not to personal for you I really Been enjoying your videos

    • Miz Naty A
      Miz Naty A 22 days ago

      In Australia we have hungry jacks which basically the same thing as burger king ... we have the vegan burger comes with cheese cos the cheese is vegan aswell. Is the cheese vegan there?

    • haydrizzle
      haydrizzle 27 days ago

      I love when you do these kinds of videos I always watch them on my lunch breaks and I feel like I’m not actually eating alone in the crowed food court lmao

    • DCheyenne Dawes
      DCheyenne Dawes Month ago

      Wing stop Fries!! I’m telling ya so good

  • Dustin Travis
    Dustin Travis 2 hours ago

    Yes one vegetarian Whopper....and uhh.... give me a side order of chicken fries with mayo dipping suace please.

  • Kylie Nagel
    Kylie Nagel 3 hours ago

    You have to eat them at the SAME TIME

  • Lucy Martin
    Lucy Martin 6 hours ago

    I put my fries inside my burger 😂

  • Viviana.say.ha 2
    Viviana.say.ha 2 7 hours ago

    Burger first fries last always

  • Lifestyle with Arlin

    The dogs... the post mates wingstop ranch... this video is perfect! Can’t wait to try this burger! Also, I’m like you i have to eat my fries with my burger.

  • Luna Mayhem
    Luna Mayhem Day ago

    I eat my fries first cos they get cold😭😄

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    OH FUCK! YOU'RE A MAKEUP NERD! unsubbed. When you start the drive thru eating vids with comedy I'll be back.

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    Sorry for spamming but, you know.

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    Okay, subbed lol..

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    Alright, if you eat that whole burger, I'll sub...

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    Could you imagine her drunk?

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    If you make me laugh 3.5 times in the next video I watch of you, I'll sub. lol Yeah, 4.1m subs, who gives a fk about 1 more right ;P

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    Nope, Pizzahuts ranch is the best in zee WORLD!!

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 days ago

    MMMM, Peeeee.

  • Jessika Bedolla
    Jessika Bedolla 4 days ago

    I eat everything at the same time, like how could you eat one thing and let the other get cold?!
    I always have 4 drinks that are my own when i go out to eat also lmao.
    Also the appetizers get sad if you ditch them once the entree comes... :( and that's just not nice.

  • April Howard
    April Howard 4 days ago

    Fries first!

  • Nami Spaz
    Nami Spaz 5 days ago

    I grew up listening to Chayanne too!

  • riproar11
    riproar11 6 days ago

    Don't get your hopes up. I didn't ask the price as I thought it would cost the same as a Whopper. It does not taste like one and definitely is not better. You don't go to Burger King for health-conscious eating. As I left I looked at my receipt and learned that I wasted $6.70. Just order the real Whopper or two for $6 with a friend.

  • PieceofSamantha
    PieceofSamantha 7 days ago

    I literally had an argument. Yes, an Argument. with my family, they kept saying I was weird for putting my burger upside down. But it’s comfortable for me and easier than trying to pick it up right side up. Glad I’m not alone! I paused and showed my husband and was like HA! You see? Totally not weird, I’m not the only one.

  • Jasmine mata
    Jasmine mata 7 days ago

    Lol Danny’s weird. I always eat them together lol I can’t have a burger without a fries...

  • Krillic_ Rusher
    Krillic_ Rusher 7 days ago

    Fries first then burger

  • Ava Yu
    Ava Yu 8 days ago

    You are hilarious and cute! Thanks for reviewing the impossible burger at Burger King. I can only get mine in So Cal at Mendocino Farms...yes yum yum....Beyond Burger does not compare!

  • Kait McNeil*
    Kait McNeil* 8 days ago +1

    Depends on the day, but 99% of the time I eat the burger first and pick at the fries after. Love you videos and this video makes me want to try this burger!

  • Brie Balagtas
    Brie Balagtas 9 days ago

    I eat my fries at the same time as my burger 😅 I feel like it just tastes better that way!

  • Lucy C.C.
    Lucy C.C. 9 days ago

    I liked this video just cuz you missed ur mouth and I actually lol’d I do that too sometimes lol

  • Dani Peña
    Dani Peña 10 days ago

    OMG! Es tiempo de vals. I died 😂
    "I lost him!!!! Oh, there he is". De verdad muerooo 😂😂😂😂
    Seriously, I'm not a Chayanne fan, BUT girl, everytime he sounds on the radio I know every-single-word 😂

  • dotsunshines
    dotsunshines 10 days ago


  • Rena Doll
    Rena Doll 10 days ago

    I eat my fries ON my burger

  • MinionDancer
    MinionDancer 10 days ago

    so funny when douggies jump in the scene

  • Annahi morin
    Annahi morin 11 days ago

    YOU AND DANNY!! OR You and your dogs!!! YOU AND your bestfriend Emilia. Wish jessie was till in Miami with you!!

    • Annahi morin
      Annahi morin 11 days ago


  • Candice Klaas
    Candice Klaas 11 days ago +4

    I’m still laughing at when the dogs went crazy, the fact that you did that in slowmo KILLED me 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Natalia Cardenas
    Natalia Cardenas 11 days ago

    ohhhh, was it Porter at the end with his little ears down after being caught going through the leftovers? ??

  • Andrea Noriega
    Andrea Noriega 12 days ago

    I really fucking love this type of videos

  • Lauren E.
    Lauren E. 12 days ago


  • Morgane G
    Morgane G 12 days ago

    Burger first, fries second. Also, this burger looks amazing, definitely trying it next time!

  • fancy lashes
    fancy lashes 13 days ago

    Do a kitchen tour!!!! I’m OBSESS3D with kitchens! 🍋

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez 14 days ago

    I eat my fries first ! ✋🏼🍟

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 16 days ago

    Who dips their Wendy's fries in their frosty? More popular than you think ! 😁

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 16 days ago

    Has way more calories and sodium than I thought it would ! Your dogs went postal 😅

  • Megan Trimble
    Megan Trimble 17 days ago

    Fries then burger, cause fries gotta be eaten hot

  • Nyrae Henderson-Ewell
    Nyrae Henderson-Ewell 17 days ago

    eat fries first !!

  • Hailey Flanagan
    Hailey Flanagan 17 days ago

    I’m the same with having to have a variety and eating multiple different things at once

  • Hailey Flanagan
    Hailey Flanagan 17 days ago

    I eat some fries first, then some burger, fries, burger, fries, burger, keep going until I finish the burger and then finish the fries

  • Hailey Flanagan
    Hailey Flanagan 17 days ago

    Where is your bed frame from!!

  • Czareina Mae Yago
    Czareina Mae Yago 18 days ago

    You are so funny here🤣

  • shila chowdhury
    shila chowdhury 18 days ago +2

    Shiiit, gurl, your dog scared the life out of me, I had headphones one, your SuMarie ghost must’ve joined to see whatcha eating

  • Yecenia Bonilla
    Yecenia Bonilla 20 days ago

    And it definitely wasn’t boring! She always had me LAUGHING!! 😂😂💖

  • Yecenia Bonilla
    Yecenia Bonilla 20 days ago

    😂😂😂 i freaking love her! She’s super cute, so funny & her personality is everything including genuine .. at least it comes across as so genuine .. I guess you never know .. but it’s just like .. she seems like she can be everyone’s best friend 😭😭💖💖

  • Gabriela Dopacio
    Gabriela Dopacio 20 days ago

    Lmaoooo I’m 17 and my very very first concert was Chayanne and I went again a few years ago. I love himmmm. Especially completamente enamorados

  • Stephany Acosta
    Stephany Acosta 20 days ago +3

    Kathleen had me thinking I have never noticed if I put my burguer upside down whenever I take a bite... hmmmm???🤷🏻‍♀️🤔

  • NKayeVlog
    NKayeVlog 20 days ago

    I eat both at the same time!!!

  • Lacie farley
    Lacie farley 20 days ago

    Most of the time I eat my fries first so they are still hot. (Once they cool down they aren't as good to me.)

  • Genesis Almanza
    Genesis Almanza 20 days ago

    Oh my god!! I love Chayanne! I have gone to so many of his concerts because my mom is IN LOVE with him

  • Alison Everhart LIFE RENEW

    Astrology videos please love you!

  • Adriana Ramírez
    Adriana Ramírez 21 day ago

    Best video ever 🤣🤟

  • Christina Luce
    Christina Luce 21 day ago

    I eat and drink every thing altogether lol

  • Jazzylicious143 xoxoxo

    Depends on what I’m craving... if I’m craving fries I’ll eat fries first

  • Noor Afzal
    Noor Afzal 21 day ago

    Lovee love love you

  • Karen Torres
    Karen Torres 21 day ago


  • Rebecca S
    Rebecca S 22 days ago

    This vegetarian CAN'T WAIT

  • natalia menacho javier

    When I'm really hungry y add some fries in to my burger 😂

  • mariana martinez jimenez

    Is this available in Mexico?

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G 22 days ago

    “i looove wing stop ranch, it’s my favorite ranch. yeahhh yeahh”

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G 22 days ago

    i am now...


  • July Maldonado
    July Maldonado 22 days ago

    Eat fries at the same time, but I like to keep the burger in the wrapping paper and when I put it down i leave it standing?? like how I grab it with 2 hands I put it down just how I was biting it, not on either side of the buns

  • Miranda Heather
    Miranda Heather 22 days ago


  • Miriam
    Miriam 22 days ago

    My boyfriend drinks only after he finished eating..people is weird ahahaha

  • Jessica Moreno
    Jessica Moreno 22 days ago

    You didn't eat all your 🍟☹️

  • Denisse Gonzalez
    Denisse Gonzalez 22 days ago

    Girly how are you going to show us your cute shirt and not tell us where it’s from?! I NEEEEEED 😭😭