TASTING BK'S IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER | Eat With Me!!!! Random Rambles

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD)
    This video is so random lmao I'm sorry! BUT HEY! I thought maybe someone somewhere wanted a review on Burger King's new vegan whopper! So here it is! whoever you are! LOL Thanks for watching! xoxo!


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Comments • 7 532

  • KathleenLights
    KathleenLights  5 months ago +3066

    WARNING: I chew in this video!!! I’m like eating and stuff. And like I’m a mess. Proceed with caution.

    • EcoR1
      EcoR1 2 months ago

      Have to eat fries first

    • Angels We Are
      Angels We Are 2 months ago

      KathleenLights ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️I have a question??? How do you stay home all day? I have to get out of house? Please lmk what you do at home ALL DAY???❗️❗️❗️

    • Suzette Perez
      Suzette Perez 2 months ago

      Kathleen! Use vegan cheese!

    • Suzette Perez
      Suzette Perez 2 months ago

      Kaylee Ambriz SAME

  • Sofía Milián
    Sofía Milián 2 days ago

    More mukbangs, please 🥺 they're so fun!

  • Victor Sanchez
    Victor Sanchez 13 days ago

    U didn't eat no veggian burger u ate a burger made from human meat ..

  • Victoria Peralta Wagner

    the end of this video made my entire week and yes, i'm watching it about five months later. best video ever

  • Lavender He
    Lavender He 23 days ago

    Fries first!

  • Elaina Martinez
    Elaina Martinez 24 days ago

    Im at work and I BUSTED out laughing when your dogs went crazy. Omg 😭😭😭 That was hysterical !!

  • BKS Photographs
    BKS Photographs Month ago

    Dope video. Check out my son's Blindfolded Impossible Whopper Challenge and let me know what you think. Thanks usclip.net/video/SRvNpN_eCwk/video.html

  • Dayana Alvarado
    Dayana Alvarado Month ago

    I just ate one. And it’s taste pretty much the same. The only thing is that it has an after taste that I’m not feeling

  • Amna Shaikh
    Amna Shaikh Month ago

    I did not expect you to complete the whole whopper .. good for you sis !!

  • noxfior
    noxfior Month ago

    I eat the burger first and then the fries bc the Burger took more things and time to make (and is more yummy) so if per chance I feel full and I don't manage to finish the fries, it's not a big deal, but if I wouldn't finish the burger, I'd be sad lol

  • AyeJayeLovernVermont

    Fries are to be put right on said burger 😘

  • JassyPiceno
    JassyPiceno Month ago

    omg what a mess was this video haha ... now i want fucken BK tho. bk and jack in the box are my thing no matter what

  • Barbara Kvesic
    Barbara Kvesic Month ago

    8:04 😂😂😂

  • Chelsea Turner
    Chelsea Turner Month ago

    Now I want an Impossible Whopper, they are so good 🤤💕

  • Catherine Guerrero
    Catherine Guerrero Month ago

    I'm the same way with the meal amd app. If the meal comes amd the app isn't done, my hubby is dome with the app and I'm like wait but we still gotta eat that too

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan Month ago

    I have watched this at least 10 times. I just love this video for some reason.

  • Amber Watson
    Amber Watson Month ago

    Who is Danny?

  • Lauren Sanders
    Lauren Sanders Month ago

    My boyfriend and I tried it and we felt SO sick after 🤢 it was so gross... I love impossible burgers but I would never get it from BK again

  • Agnes Foster
    Agnes Foster Month ago

    i have to eat everything at the same time too lol

  • Nessa P.
    Nessa P. Month ago

    I’m weird sometimes I eat the fries first and then my burger, sometimes I eat them at the same time and sometimes I eat my burger before my fries. It honestly depends on how hungry I am and if my fries are perfectly hot when I get my food.

  • Aubrey P
    Aubrey P Month ago +1

    eating my impossible whopper as i watch you eat yours 😂😂😂😂

  • Leyla
    Leyla Month ago

    I eat the burger first also ily ♥️

  • Kayla Nygaard
    Kayla Nygaard Month ago


  • Tayla Rivera
    Tayla Rivera Month ago

    I eat my fries before the rest of my meal 🤭

  • Ellen Garcia
    Ellen Garcia Month ago

    You should do more vegan taste tests!! That would be fun to watch+ showing people vegan options

  • Chelsey Morrow
    Chelsey Morrow Month ago

    I eat my fries first 😂

  • Maia Jayne
    Maia Jayne Month ago

    When it's a video about burger king burger and there is an AnW add before hand.

  • Jacki Lobos
    Jacki Lobos Month ago

    I love watching these “chat and eat” with me videos! I grab some food and sit with you and listen to you ramble! Lol we eat together all the time!

  • Michelle Contreras
    Michelle Contreras Month ago

    This burger is amazing !!

  • BornFancy
    BornFancy Month ago

    Fries at the same time! My dad always ate his fries first and it weirded me out lol

  • Kylie Nix
    Kylie Nix Month ago +23

    Kathleen: who else puts their burger down upside down?
    Me: ...I don't put the burger down. 😐

  • missmissay27
    missmissay27 Month ago

    😂😂😂 your puppies!!! That was great! See I have to eat one thing at a time. If I get a plate of food I eat each thing seperstly. I always thought I was weird though lol

  • Anali Mojica
    Anali Mojica Month ago

    My husband is the same way as yours he eats all his fries first and it drives me crazy! But I’m exactly like you and eat everything at the same time!!!😂 your not the only one!

  • Violet Broughton
    Violet Broughton Month ago

    I eat my sides first because there's nothing worse than cold fries hahaha

  • Martha Message
    Martha Message Month ago

    I also have to eat things together, I put some of my fries in the burger :) btw why dont you eat mcdonalds?

  • Nadia P
    Nadia P Month ago

    I eat my fries and burger together!

  • _simplyme
    _simplyme Month ago

    Omg yesss to the chayanne concert

  • Viola Lima
    Viola Lima Month ago

    two doggies must have seen that postman serial killer movie and why do you have Joeys penguin

  • Susan Fuentes
    Susan Fuentes Month ago

    I eat my fries first mostly then my burger lol

  • nikki Dwyer
    nikki Dwyer Month ago

    i work at bk they cook the impossibles in the same broiler as the burgers and whoppers trust me i know i help cook the meat sometimes

  • legoshowtv
    legoshowtv Month ago

    i do not like veggies so nah ;P good video

  • Katelynn Huff
    Katelynn Huff Month ago +2

    i ALWAYS eat my fries first. it drives my husband crazy, too!

  • Latonij Frazier
    Latonij Frazier Month ago

    New sub

  • Latonij Frazier
    Latonij Frazier Month ago

    I just tried it it was Delicious!!!!!!

  • Kortney McGaughy
    Kortney McGaughy Month ago

    I died laughing when your dogs freaked out lol and the missed mouth moment! Loved this lol

  • CurlsandBeauty82 xxx

    I eat my fries 1st and the my burger

  • Ashley Hernandez
    Ashley Hernandez Month ago

    I eat them at the same time. Eat more of the burger so I get full and dont eat all the fries.

  • Wendy Curtin
    Wendy Curtin Month ago

    Tears from the French fry misshap 🤣 lol

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez Month ago

    I think it’s so cool they have a vegan burger but you are right, it’s so realistic, and that’s good for transitioning into no meat but once you’re done it’s too real and is gross. Anyone else feel that way? Or am I trippin?

  • Amanda Chaney
    Amanda Chaney Month ago

    The fry missing your mouth!!! Hahahhahaa

  • Amanda Chaney
    Amanda Chaney Month ago

    I eat my fries and my burger at the same time. I USED to eat my fries first because I don't like them cold. But then I don't like my burger cold either. So...

  • Laney Kay
    Laney Kay Month ago

    Wrong. Texas Roadhouse has the best ranch ever.

  • BVpinkninja
    BVpinkninja Month ago +4

    Do lactose intolerant people don’t know that lactaid pills exists ? Like you pop one and you can eat dairy .

  • Lissette Guillen
    Lissette Guillen Month ago

    My man is the same as Danny!!! It drives me insane!!! He saves the best for last and I literally have to eat my burger and fries and drink in a certain order and keep going in the same direction. 😂

  • Gina B.
    Gina B. Month ago

    I’m screaming. I’m dairy free but wing stop ranch is the one thing I can’t quit 😭😭 and actually did this with my whopper and fries

  • Denae Jarvis
    Denae Jarvis Month ago

    I have to eat the fries and burger together! I take a bite of my burger and then a couple of fries at the same time. I thought I was the only one! It seems like most people eat their fries first. I can't even.

  • Heaven Whispers25
    Heaven Whispers25 Month ago

    My dog hates the postmail too lmao 😂 she chases him down the hallway but she is so small that he doesn’t even pay her mind

  • J L
    J L Month ago


  • Jillian Loves Books

    Fries first. Every single time. But also, I'm a weird person who eats one part of a meal at a time. I.E. - First the veggies, then the meat, then the potatoes. Never at the same time.

  • Cindy Dawoudi
    Cindy Dawoudi Month ago

    Oh my god! My husband does that!!!
    I eat like you lol