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  • Published on Dec 11, 2017
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    Slow Motion Sound, Ambiance and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery did the outro music the video.
    Dominoes Provided by:
    I expected the hardwood to be faster than the felt because the rotational moment of inertia when spinning around the center is 1/4th that of tipping on the edge. I was wrong in this case, but I'm wondering if this would hold true on glass?
    THANK YOU EVERYONE who helped reduce the data! Names at bottom of this description. Follow the SED subreddit and other stuff if you want to help with stuff like this in the future. Here's the link and spreadsheet to see how we did this:
    Rotational Inertia of falling dominoes can be calculated with this.
    There are several papers on dominoes out there... but none really touched on the stuff I'm talking about in this video. Please feel free to point me to sources if you've found them.
    I'd like the thank everyone who follows me and especially those who helped process the data (names at bottom)
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    Leo G, Simon Zhang, Bryan Habas, Bryan Habas, Austin Hermle, Thomas Kempf, ZachPruehs, Zach Wiggin, Matt Hackett, Maurice Fahn, Felix Maas, Alan B, Scott W, Andrew W, CM. Au Yong, André vD, Jacob Pierson, Felix Maas, CM. Au Yong, Dan Whettam, CM. Au Yong,
    Patrick Ford, Patrick Ford, Tom Haake, Heather Deter, Nathan Samchek, Kit Komarov, Nathaniel Leung, Daniel Johnson, Luke Israelson, Patrick Ford, Zach Banks, Jay Anderson, Mark Brouwer, Mark Brouwer, Tom Haake, Andrew I. Young, Austin Burnham, Mark Ellis,
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    Also, thank you to my Church, First Bible Church of Decatur, Alabama for the use of the gym over 2 days.
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  • 3Blue1Brown
    3Blue1Brown Year ago +6245

    What a surprisingly fascinating topic!

    • Phil Chia
      Phil Chia Month ago

      Is there a "terminal velocity" for falling dominos?

    • yolars69
      yolars69 4 months ago

      I wonder if the air between the dominoes has an effect. I you did this in a vacuum would it have the same results?

    • Explore NC
      Explore NC 4 months ago +1

      For an infant i suppose it is surprising and fascinating.

    • Kevin Knox
      Kevin Knox 4 months ago

      Love your work, Grant!

  • Jin Shikami
    Jin Shikami Day ago

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  • Carlo Bertoia
    Carlo Bertoia 4 days ago

    I hope you paid your sound designer extra for this one!

  • Unknown_Darknass
    Unknown_Darknass 5 days ago

    How many stairs are there?

  • Thắng Thế
    Thắng Thế 6 days ago

    i need slow motion when she changing pant...

  • theysrone
    theysrone 10 days ago

    Definitely looks like an LDS church

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh Thompson 11 days ago

    Whew!! Getting emotional over here. I’m not crying, you’re crying. You goin for an academy award or something?!

  • 梅嶺七萬便當軍魂

    3:05 心有戚戚焉
    跟寫論文的時候一樣R 我完全看出來他很悲傷 XDDDDD

  • Matthieu Simard
    Matthieu Simard 15 days ago

    10:45 He's f*'n badass! He's like that dude in super-mario, that rectangle monolith with an angry face that falls down as soon as you come closer. "Moving ahead! Get off!!"!

  • Min Eung Kim
    Min Eung Kim 17 days ago +1

    This video was sponsored by.

  • Jiří Bém
    Jiří Bém 18 days ago +1

    love the explanation of why you have did this :] 11:14 - 12:54

  • Bobby Doyle
    Bobby Doyle 22 days ago +1

    I know that gymnasium!

  • McInTEC
    McInTEC 22 days ago +1

    Would the earth spinning have anything to do with the twists?

  • ---ElectroMan---
    ---ElectroMan--- 23 days ago

    But couldn't a heavier material reduce the 'twisting' effect? What I assume are acrylic dominoes, if you were to change them to (hypothetically) lead domino's or another material that doesn't flex easily, the twisting effect would be negated would it not?

  • BleedingRaindrops
    BleedingRaindrops 24 days ago +12

    "the physics subreddit wasn't interested in doing physics that day"
    Everyone wants to be a scientist until it's time to do sciency things.

  • 101 Percent Kyle
    101 Percent Kyle 25 days ago +1

    How old is uh- Hayden? Asking for a friend

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya Mishra Month ago

    Destin's wife- What's hardcore mode?
    Destin- Oh, you'll see

  • Jared Bergsma.
    Jared Bergsma. Month ago

    would you not be able to used a telephoto / super-telephoto lens and record from a distance? the further away you are the less perspective distortion there would be.

  • Kerbaman
    Kerbaman Month ago

    0:10 I don't just watch animals squirting things.....

  • Mark Bisson
    Mark Bisson Month ago

    Now add some variable, like cats. 😸

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh Month ago

    Wait does the smoothness of the surface, and the way the initial impact of the ruler impact the way the dominoes rotate and hit each other?

  • Arbaaz Jamadar
    Arbaaz Jamadar Month ago

    Best episode ever

  • Bryson Williams
    Bryson Williams Month ago

    Wow, I didn't know how things that seem to be simple can end up so complicated.

  • tankerboysabot
    tankerboysabot Month ago

    I suppose there was no way to do this with a curved mirror? I am only asking after a few minutes in the video.

  • Carlo Sabbatani
    Carlo Sabbatani Month ago

    ins't the initial force applied to the domino matters?

  • Lotsagrapes
    Lotsagrapes Month ago

    haha I hear 3 blue 1 brown as I afk again

  • #PossiblyRandom Gaming

    He started the video at exactly 4 o’clock

  • Argonpath Art
    Argonpath Art Month ago

    You should try the whole thing over again in the future with a domino laying template rack to level out the human random spacing variation.

  • Jakub
    Jakub Month ago

    I really enjoy living in the XXI century

  • Dave-TBR
    Dave-TBR Month ago

    Oddly satisfying ASMR video 1 by SmarterEveryDay

  • David Park
    David Park Month ago

    I’m craving jolly ranchers and jello

  • GBRL
    GBRL Month ago

    This is interesting, I would advise though if you want to retry it, to do a mecanical pusher so that the starting velocity and point of intersection matches each time. I'm guessing that the speeds do differ because of the force put up by your cousin. Humans can't control their accuracy and force that much. That's why the rotation in the dominoes and might want to think about the small imperfections in the dominoes too. So the data might be obsolete in your study. /justmytwocents ^_^

  • CJWarlock
    CJWarlock Month ago

    The end scene rules. :)

  • CJWarlock
    CJWarlock Month ago

    I've heard 23andme's results are too veg and inconclusive to risk your DNA sample privacy. Plus they add by default a ">1% African" to every result (possibly because of PC reasons). Use it once and you'd have to be ready for the future AI to revoke your biometrics-dependent public transportation access rights if your China-like social-credit drops because of your private opinions. ;)
    I know a sponsor is a sponsor, I just didn't like to be silent about it... ;)

  • CJWarlock
    CJWarlock Month ago

    @2:32 I can very easily imagine a young viewer going like "Mom, I wanna be a contraption fabricator!" XD

    The job's name sounds awesome, so many R's! ;D

  • Charles Mbuvi
    Charles Mbuvi Month ago

    Hello @smarteveryday, i watched this video am still amazed by it. To start the domino effect, instead of pushing the first domino, try using a pendulum ball to initialize the fall. And use the same height to drop the ball... Just my 2 cents
    Good stuff keep it up up.

  • Nover 05
    Nover 05 Month ago +1

    OK STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, I've made it 12 secs in, but let me get this straight. I come here to see videos that expand my mind, in what ever capacity that may be. Math (I really hate), science, laminar flow, even dominoes or whatever this video is going to be about. This turned out to be one of my favorite videos.

  • FatiTank Drawings
    FatiTank Drawings Month ago

    The sound was made good too!)

  • Ace Johnson
    Ace Johnson Month ago

    The power of enertia actually moves in a corkscrew. If you look at a the graph and a corkscrew at a side view , in 2D it looks like a wave. Think of how the momentum would travel at an over head/ 3rd person view above the dominos

    • Ace Johnson
      Ace Johnson Month ago

      If you hit the domino on the left side ever so slightly more, a clockwise rotation would start first and visa versa

  • Mateusz Czerniawski

    This is awesome! I give you my subcriptiona and my like!

  • Randall Thomas
    Randall Thomas Month ago

    There is a dissertation hiding in here somewhere.

  • Mike Machnicki
    Mike Machnicki Month ago

    Just discovered this interesting video. Maybe I'm being naive but wouldn't it be easier to time the difference between the first domino hitting and the last domino then average the speed of the cascade. You could also make a stepper motor cart to do the filming run by an Arduino

  • Rudra
    Rudra Month ago +1

    who has got so much courage to dislike videos like these.....fear god people,cuz he likes sciece too

  • littlefave
    littlefave 2 months ago

    I'm a Civil Engineer who is completely fascinated by things other people think sound boring! Thank you for feeding that side of me lol!

    PRAKHAR GUPTA 2 months ago

    Wouldn't it before great if it is shot from above?

  • ActionJackGaming
    ActionJackGaming 2 months ago +1

    Did we ever discover if dominoes fall at different rates depending on their colour?

  • RhYn0n
    RhYn0n 2 months ago

    And yet all of that slowmo video is without audio. I learned that everyday!

  • Sam Kalma
    Sam Kalma 2 months ago

    Kudos to whoever did the slow mo sounds

  • David Godfrey
    David Godfrey 2 months ago

    Your cousin is cute af!

  • Squid Gert
    Squid Gert 2 months ago

    The twist happen because the first domino is not hit perfectly straight.
    Even if it was, the minute alignment difference would them make twist a bit.

  • Uzair Khan
    Uzair Khan 2 months ago +1

    he took 20 secs to explain implicitly about resolving parallax error! without using the words
    trait of a great teacher !

  • rohit sohlot
    rohit sohlot 2 months ago


  • abrahm sta.maria
    abrahm sta.maria 2 months ago

    So trivial topic but i guess you're the first one to tackle the science behind it. Haidee is doing the hard work!


    Well your not wrong bout 2 mill views proofs that lol. Actualy learn somthing each video i watch. Thanks for the time

  • Agent Carbunkle
    Agent Carbunkle 2 months ago

    think i would be cool if you could calculate the twist error. need another video on that as thats more interesting than the velocity

  • Mobbileboy
    Mobbileboy 2 months ago

    3:48 Noice.

  • Þröstur Reynisson
    Þröstur Reynisson 2 months ago

    This will never be accurate enough with the human "chaos" factor,
    the camera needs to be set up on an accurately speed controlled chassis
    that triggers an actuator to push the dominoes. I personally would use a
    relatively slow speed hydraulic actuator so not to shake the dominoes when
    pushing them. Great experiment but needs a little accuracy.

    • Justin
      Justin 2 months ago +1

      Beyond that you'd need perfectly machined domino surfaces, and a perfectly machined setup aide to perfectly space the dominoes on a perfectly flat and level surface.

  • Ornithocowian King
    Ornithocowian King 2 months ago

    _animals squirting things_

  • Nathanael McCooeye
    Nathanael McCooeye 2 months ago

    I would just assume the most amount of F is transferred at 45°, since it’s got equal x-axis and y-axis F, so it both transmits x-axis E and hits high enough to create T for it to rotate. Similar to how you can shoot an arrow further by angling it at 45°

  • Someone Unknown
    Someone Unknown 2 months ago

    Its just therapeutic to watch dominoes fall in slow motion