Disney's Aladdin Teaser Trailer - In Theaters May 24th, 2019

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • “Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, the film is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.”
    “Aladdin” stars Will Smith as the larger-than-life Genie; Mena Massoud as the charming scoundrel Aladdin; Naomi Scott as Jasmine, the beautiful, self-determined princess; Marwan Kenzari as Jafar, the powerful sorcerer; Navid Negahban as the Sultan concerned with his daughter’s future; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia, Princess Jasmine’s free-spirited best friend and confidante; Billy Magnussen as the handsome and arrogant suitor Prince Anders; and Numan Acar as Hakim, Jafar’s right-hand man and captain of the palace guards. The film is produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich with Marc Platt and Kevin De La Noy serving as executive producers. Alan Menken provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and two new songs written by Menken and songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.The film, which was shot on practical stages in London and on location amidst the stunning desert vistas of Jordan, has a talented creative team helping to bring Agrabah to life, including: director of photography Alan Stewart, production designer Gemma Jackson and costume designer Michael Wilkinson.
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  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 9 minutes ago

    Might be good I'm still going to see it even if will smith is the Genie

  • Fandom Fancy
    Fandom Fancy 2 hours ago +1

    How can a movie with such good songs and effect have such bad actors?

  • fahad hassan
    fahad hassan 4 hours ago

    a+ rocks as Alladdin ka chirac.

    MAGAZIN TV 4 hours ago

    spoilers y fotos de aladdin 2019 aqui usclip.net/video/VrtiU9-Bf4s/video.html&t=1s

  • Robert Davis The 2nd
    Robert Davis The 2nd 6 hours ago


  • Muhammad Shafi
    Muhammad Shafi 7 hours ago +1

    i am a fan of this

  • Bag Lynkx
    Bag Lynkx 14 hours ago +1

    Ya know, toy story five is gonna be in live action...... because...... well, why not?

  • wig.
    wig. 16 hours ago +1

    I read, they are changing the whole storyline of the original, supposedly this story is about aladdin still but Jasmine has this white guy as a best friend who then trys to marry jasmine but when aladdin and jasmine meets and aladdin falls in loves and wishes to be a prince the white guy and aladdin fight for jasmines love. Resulting in the white guy being the villain and jafar isn't the villain at all. I still wanna watch it but i am debating on it.

  • Linda Wattanamontree
    Linda Wattanamontree 17 hours ago

    So.. whoever is Jerry's sister(Hawaii 5 o) would've been perfect to play princess Jasmine😍

  • Thicc Bear
    Thicc Bear 19 hours ago

    I'm gonna spend a LOT of money on theatre tickets this year

  • Jay Holm
    Jay Holm 21 hour ago

    Why does the entrance, look like a lion? I don't want to see this

  • Loki Laufeyson
    Loki Laufeyson Day ago

    In the trailer is Jafar the one standing near the cave entrance watching Aladdin enter or is he the one standing further back from the cave, always noticed in the original that it was only him and iago that led Aladdin there disguised
    I hope jafar has his snake staff that was used to hypnotise the sultan as well in this here’s hoping

  • Darshita Jalan
    Darshita Jalan Day ago

    1:19 probably it should have been 24,5,19 instead of 5,24,19

  • subhankar pradhan

    Please release in hindi

  • Joachim Haugstrup Aaen

    Will Smith is great, but let us be honest, he has big shoes to fill out.

  • Aman Pratap Singh

    That epic old cartoons background score at 0:30

  • Jezy MG
    Jezy MG Day ago

    cast sucks!!!! What a way to ruin my biggest childhood movie 👎🏽 no raja not even close enough costumes and lets not talk about jafar 😖 @jonfavreau should’ve directed this one too he would’ve done it justice jim carrey would’ve been the perfect genie this movie is trash already i hope it flops bigtime !!!! So sad and disappointed! 😭 this could’ve been one of the most successful movies if they would’ve stay close to what work in the first place the true source material not make guysrichys un interesting version 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • 8 Legged Dog
    8 Legged Dog Day ago

    Aaaaah, it’s rewind time

  • Arob2345 R
    Arob2345 R Day ago

    Rip Robin Williams the original Genie

  • Itz slobbering time
    Itz slobbering time 2 days ago

    0:31 dammit thanos

  • Captain Alpril
    Captain Alpril 2 days ago

    Ahh that's hot, that's hot

  • Eno P
    Eno P 2 days ago

    Avan jogia in that last scene would have blown all our socks off !!

  • CupcakeCrafts888
    CupcakeCrafts888 2 days ago

    This is my favourite Disney movie of all time 😍

  • Rainbow Once and Shawol


  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Genie: “You ever made love to a man?”
    Aladdin: “No sir.”
    Genie: “You want to?”
    Aladdin: “No sir.”

  • U W
    U W 3 days ago

    Yo, It's rewind time

  • Sensu Ality
    Sensu Ality 3 days ago

    Oh yes pleeeeease but please use the same dialogues and songs, please!

  • bridge4
    bridge4 3 days ago

    as an 80s, 90s kid ... these Lion King and Alladin revivals are gonna be sick!!! oh and we already got a great Beauty and the Beast. now we just need Little Mermaid!! =))

  • Rudy Vd Smissen
    Rudy Vd Smissen 3 days ago

    200.000 views are mine .

  • Daniel Solis virgen
    Daniel Solis virgen 3 days ago

    Aladin se ve con más dinero y su mono ese

  • Elizabeth Aimee
    Elizabeth Aimee 3 days ago

    I get so excited watching this!!! Lol.

  • blue20 magic
    blue20 magic 3 days ago

    I think Bollywood actor Ranveer sing look exactly like Aladdin from the 1992 Disney & he has the same crazy charming character

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 3 days ago

    Please be patient yall act like yall going to die XD

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 3 days ago

    Please be patient yall act like yall going to die XD

  • you're just something else

    *me after this trailer*
    "It's not rewind time, please let me forget this!"

  • The Vigilante69
    The Vigilante69 4 days ago

    Rewind time

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago

    Aladin looking typical chutiya

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 4 days ago

    Please be patient yall act like yall going to die XD

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 4 days ago

    Please be patient yall act like yall going to die XD

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 4 days ago

    Please be patient yall act like yall going to die XD

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 4 days ago

    Please be patient yall act like yall going to die XD

  • mustafa hamada
    mustafa hamada 4 days ago

    أين هم العرب؟؟؟أنا لا أراهم😂

  • Videos Subscribe
    Videos Subscribe 4 days ago

    Why do I dislike the people acting as the characters well Jasmine has to be pretty or else why would you make a movie on this

  • JENDALL714
    JENDALL714 4 days ago

    Sinbad already did the live action version in the 90's.

  • Nicolas Peleias
    Nicolas Peleias 5 days ago

    Take away the claim in the Vader Fan film you greedy bastards

  • kathirvel kathir
    kathirvel kathir 5 days ago

    Wow! But you can add some more contents in to this na but animation is amazing amazing lovely🙄🙄🙄😘😘😘👌👌

  • iiLoveOfOreo
    iiLoveOfOreo 5 days ago

    I watched the broadway musical oof

  • G -aro
    G -aro 5 days ago

    Nice trailer but Still * * * * DISNEY THE BAND OF THIEVES

  • p mz
    p mz 5 days ago +1

    I was so happy when I saw this beacuse it was my favorite cartoon series (it still is), but then I remembered It's not gonna be the same without robin williams as genie...😭😭😭

  • Erin Avant
    Erin Avant 5 days ago

    the full trailer for Aladdin should come out February or March!!!