Search Party with Miley Cyrus and the Cast of Riverdale

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
  • Miley Cyrus teams up with Jimmy, her sisters, Noah and Brandi, and mom, Tish, as they face off against Riverdale's K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse and Madelaine Petsch in a race to fill in the blank for random Internet search results for queries like "Should I Pierce My..."
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    Search Party with Miley Cyrus and the Cast of Riverdale
    #MileyCyrus #FallonTonight #JimmyFallon
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Dak
    Dak 3 hours ago


  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 3 hours ago

    KJ IS JUST SO HANDSOME!! and Miley is so talented and just an amazing human being!

  • catsgowoof . com
    catsgowoof . com 11 hours ago


  • Briana Johnson-Rector
    Briana Johnson-Rector 12 hours ago

    Wear tf is Billy Ray Cyrus??

  • Gayatri Patil
    Gayatri Patil Day ago

    Cole is making me laugh😂

  • Ashley K
    Ashley K Day ago

    Why is Fallon on team cyrus?

  • Olivia95
    Olivia95 Day ago

    Miley and Noah look like those cousins that you love to hang out with. or like the bratty annoying ones. haven't decided yet.

  • Lilly rose
    Lilly rose Day ago

    Why did it always go to the Cyrus side first even when there was that tie .Also cami And mads didn’t get a turn.😂

    -but they won anyway

  • Cukie_
    Cukie_ 2 days ago

    Ok but, camila tho

  • Starla Sue Pearson
    Starla Sue Pearson 3 days ago

    Nipplr is where all those censored posts went

  • Karyme Ji ah
    Karyme Ji ah 3 days ago

    Every tonight show finish with Jimmy screaming 😂

  • Karyme Ji ah
    Karyme Ji ah 3 days ago

    I was dying of laughter with all Cole’s jokes 😂

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia 3 days ago

    Esto es 100 dijeron

  • Emme Kalatsky
    Emme Kalatsky 3 days ago

    why isn't billy here????????

  • Harlemonade _kit
    Harlemonade _kit 3 days ago

    Cole and Lili apart😱 whyyyyy!???

  • gossipgirl 90210 littlemix

    Love camilas top and hair, cutie x

  • Isabella Blanco
    Isabella Blanco 4 days ago

    anyone else doing ti with them? i would've won this thing

  • Albertakim McRae
    Albertakim McRae 4 days ago

    I love riverdale

  • Neokii
    Neokii 6 days ago

    category: best disney crossover
    possible answer: wizards on deck with hannah montana

  • Walid Oulkadi
    Walid Oulkadi 9 days ago

    Ok please dont kill me with hate but who is Noah?

    • Walid Oulkadi
      Walid Oulkadi 6 days ago

      +Simone T thanks

    • Simone T
      Simone T 7 days ago

      Walid Oulkadi lol Miley cyrus’ little sister she appeared on hannah montana every once in a while and she recently started a singing career like maybe around 2017 or 2018

  • Karen Lilli
    Karen Lilli 9 days ago

    The Cyrus family adopted Jimmy Fallon

  • Dancing and educational Man

    Crazy answers from both teams

  • Anwar Ahmed
    Anwar Ahmed 10 days ago

    Low budget family feud

  • KCWolf !!!
    KCWolf !!! 10 days ago

    I was cheering for Riverdale the whole time

  • NoraRWBYLover
    NoraRWBYLover 10 days ago


  • Amy Goddard
    Amy Goddard 12 days ago

    How did Jimmy make it into the Cyrus family❔❓ lol

  • athena monaya
    athena monaya 12 days ago

    I love how miley supports her sister

  • KritCat
    KritCat 12 days ago

    I wish they had Miley and Cole up at the same time! The Suite Life of Zac and Cody with Miley guest starring!

  • Donte Harrison
    Donte Harrison 12 days ago +2

    Host: Everybody Locked And Loaded?
    Miley: I’m Locked And Loaded
    Me: Who’s Gonna Tell Her?

  • Tryingcovers
    Tryingcovers 12 days ago

    Cody and hannah

  • Billie Lover
    Billie Lover 12 days ago

    “Are you speaking from experience or..........”

  • AwesomeAngel angela09
    AwesomeAngel angela09 12 days ago

    “Why are people afraid of?”
    My mind: got this Riverdale

  • Melody Fitz
    Melody Fitz 14 days ago

    Mad: I TOLD YOU

  • Melody Fitz
    Melody Fitz 14 days ago

    Who was with riverdale ! I WAS

  • trivago
    trivago 15 days ago +1


  • Kelly Garris
    Kelly Garris 15 days ago +1

    I'm a minute in and nipplr killed me 🤣

  • Marinelle Miranda
    Marinelle Miranda 17 days ago

    Riverdale cast and Cyrus fam in one show? Tell me I'm dreamin

  • Dien M
    Dien M 18 days ago

    Spiders was my first answer!🤗

  • Alexandra Lynn
    Alexandra Lynn 18 days ago

    Cole's side jokes holy shittt im dead

  • ur local turtle
    ur local turtle 19 days ago

    What is on noahs back ?

  • Rory Allan
    Rory Allan 19 days ago +1

    I truly never thought I'd see KJ Apa and Miley Cyrus discuss what animals can be milked, yet here we are.

  • Bailey Snyder
    Bailey Snyder 19 days ago +1

    6:17 kJ being so confused 😂

  • Amirah Iftoni
    Amirah Iftoni 19 days ago

    I was not expecting kitten and dogs to be right🤔

  • Jellybelly Monster
    Jellybelly Monster 19 days ago


  • Sleepy Milk
    Sleepy Milk 19 days ago

    *i think you knew what they meant by milking a man*

  • Milly Purcell
    Milly Purcell 20 days ago

    "Go Lils" -Kj apa. MY HEARTTTTTT

  • soulfulfool
    soulfulfool 20 days ago

    Madelaine is so hot, check that ass

  • Squatinus
    Squatinus 20 days ago

    Jimmy Cyrus?

  • Muhammad Taha
    Muhammad Taha 20 days ago

    Miley answered 2 top answers.. Legend!!

  • Miriam Guanche
    Miriam Guanche 21 day ago

    I love cole comments xD

  • sweet dreams!!
    sweet dreams!! 22 days ago

    I went for riverdale duh

  • #ghostycousins datgirl

    Team riverdale

  • Cherryontop112
    Cherryontop112 23 days ago

    Cole sprouse💗💗💗💗

  • Jazzey J
    Jazzey J 23 days ago

    Omg cole😍😍😫😫

  • Not a normal Ella
    Not a normal Ella 25 days ago

    This is like a celebrity google feud.

  • Kristina Brooker
    Kristina Brooker 26 days ago

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  • Emerald Cordova
    Emerald Cordova 26 days ago

    "Why are people afraid of....?"
    Cole: Me?

  • Mr.Frank’s Forth grade class

    Anyone else peep that Noah Cyrus is repeatedly staring and Cole Or KJ

  • Felisiq
    Felisiq 27 days ago +2

    It’s a bit disappointing Cole and Lili weren’t next to each other lol.

  • Gacha_ Meow
    Gacha_ Meow 28 days ago

    Cole is salty💀💀

  • Billie Bounce
    Billie Bounce 29 days ago +7

    R.I.P Luke ( K.J’s dad in Riverdale)
    He died from a stroke. We will never forget you Luke, you were an amazing guy and actor.

  • Vanja Vuksanovic Vuksanovic

    Omg look at the coles reaction when the dude sead to lili she got it wrong!

  • emily bathe
    emily bathe Month ago

    Why was the host so touchy with Noah?

  • Hello24
    Hello24 Month ago +1

    I bet the Riverdale cast were so starstruck with miley in the room haha

  • Crossy 42
    Crossy 42 Month ago


  • ashwani gupta
    ashwani gupta Month ago

    Noah is the best..

  • Michelle Toscano
    Michelle Toscano Month ago

    What kind of 100 mexicanos dijieron is this? Love it!

  • Gabriela Strano
    Gabriela Strano Month ago

    noah is so cute 6:37

  • Shubert Maren
    Shubert Maren Month ago

    Oh Cole

  • Faith Adderly
    Faith Adderly Month ago +1

    Woah!!! Riverdale won!!!

  • Leighla Jennings
    Leighla Jennings Month ago

    Why are people afraid of_______?
    Cole says:Me

  • Nique
    Nique Month ago

    I love Miley’s voice

  • Nora Post
    Nora Post Month ago +2

    Cole yelling RIGGED when Lili got gipped is my tea for today.

  • SoundAsleep
    SoundAsleep Month ago +1

    It’s kinda unfair Madeleine and Camila weren’t allowed to compete

  • Sound Wave Savage
    Sound Wave Savage Month ago

    7:57 she looks like a muppet in that momment no just me ok..

  • //Morgan Vera// -Hacks, DIYs, Lifestyle

    Pause at 7:13 look at Noahs face 😆💖

  • Her Agh
    Her Agh Month ago

    There is an Algerian show exactly the same to this one

  • Chicken Patty
    Chicken Patty Month ago

    Wait who asks if you can milk a man

  • Chris Doti
    Chris Doti Month ago

    wow she really is a dumb blonde just say ear god damn

  • Olivia Carlisle
    Olivia Carlisle Month ago

    KJ apa's shirt buttons are STRAINING

  • Olivia Carlisle
    Olivia Carlisle Month ago

    this is the randomest group of people

  • CindyH Henriquez
    CindyH Henriquez Month ago

    why everyone ignore my cole i was laughing at your jokes coleee

  • varchie .lovely
    varchie .lovely Month ago


  • Izzyx Grace
    Izzyx Grace Month ago

    kJs face when it said can you milk a man 😂

  • Avni Mistry
    Avni Mistry Month ago

    I was thinking
    Can you milk a pig? #Cole

  • JaÉl Thomas
    JaÉl Thomas Month ago +2

    Family feud fucking rip off

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams Month ago

    Can they do this again please? 😂😂😂

  • Mari Rodriguez
    Mari Rodriguez Month ago

    Who only came here to see cole

  • manasa s
    manasa s Month ago +4

    IDK y they ignore Coles jokes man they r f ing amazing

  • Daniela Rodrigues
    Daniela Rodrigues Month ago

    I dont get why the miley family got to go first, allways...

  • Nora Schultz
    Nora Schultz Month ago

    Cole and noah would be a good couple

  • Tmblr Bitxhes
    Tmblr Bitxhes Month ago


  • Well, I'm well
    Well, I'm well Month ago +1

    *we're all southern, we milk everything there...*
    LMFAO Noah, you cute soul

  • Cookie Cookie
    Cookie Cookie Month ago

    Love KJS accent

  • erikaaa
    erikaaa Month ago +1

    jimmy: afraid of the dark
    cole: are you speaking from experience?
    LMAOOOOO has me dead

  • Bina Takeuchi
    Bina Takeuchi Month ago


  • pyro clastic
    pyro clastic Month ago +2

    *Miley got two #1' her chart history!*

  • Carlee Clay
    Carlee Clay Month ago

    YASS team riverdale

  • Dana
    Dana Month ago

    please invite me on this show I will laugh with Cole's jokes as loud as I can,I promise!