BTS Performs "Idol" on AGT - America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • We are SHOOK! The biggest boy band on the planet, BTS (방탄소년단), graced the AGT stage with their incredible performance of "Idol".
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    In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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    With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!
    BTS Performs "Idol" on AGT - America's Got Talent 2018
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 44 644

  • Manuela Axhcar
    Manuela Axhcar 4 hours ago


  • The change Man
    The change Man 4 hours ago

    I feel like Simon really wants to push the Red button.

  • jpao quines
    jpao quines 14 hours ago

    can’t take my eyes off you mr. park effin’ jimin

  • nightmare frisk
    nightmare frisk 16 hours ago +1

    WILL FROM FBE!!!😂😂

  • vminion heh
    vminion heh 18 hours ago

    princes of pop indeed 🤷‍♀️

  • Angelina Myers
    Angelina Myers 18 hours ago

    My BTS boys are sooo amazing ❤️❤️😍😍😎💕💕

  • Burt Falgui
    Burt Falgui 20 hours ago

    Those fan girls doo

  • Lis Garza
    Lis Garza 22 hours ago

    I love yall😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚bts

  • Sadie Kitt
    Sadie Kitt 22 hours ago

    Best performance ever on AGT and they aren’t even Americans

  • sey R
    sey R Day ago

    Jimin really well match with red color ♥

  • Marta Clary
    Marta Clary Day ago


  • Estela Cardenas
    Estela Cardenas Day ago


  • wahyu nugroho
    wahyu nugroho Day ago

    They sounds horrible on live.

  • Suman G.H.
    Suman G.H. Day ago +2

    Once you jim-in, you can't jim-out

  • Teow Hai Way
    Teow Hai Way Day ago +2

    Hey Billboard cameraman, where do you learn that camera skill? Look at this!

  • Gxblaster
    Gxblaster Day ago +1

    Do they only talk about camera angles in comments section?!

  • Park Sarang
    Park Sarang Day ago


  • Mithha Kandalu
    Mithha Kandalu 2 days ago

    Did the judges sit completely still like I did shocked out of my butt?

  • Itzeli Pineda
    Itzeli Pineda 2 days ago

    Wanted to see the judges reaction so BAD!!!!😭😭😭

  • Iris Freeze
    Iris Freeze 2 days ago

    When BTS go..... they go HARDDDDDD

    GREEN DIAMANTE 2 days ago +1

    Donde salio esta mierda de musica que mierda es esta generacion y mas encima tiene una pinta que son maracos o todos son nucos pobre de mierda pura basura basura y basura esta generacion..........................................

  • Sharon DeFelice
    Sharon DeFelice 2 days ago

    Yeah no kidding!!

  • 구다은
    구다은 2 days ago


  • Divana Harston
    Divana Harston 2 days ago

    Bts is rulin

  • Enzie Menzie
    Enzie Menzie 2 days ago

    Too bad I did not hear JK's high notes part. Still, this is amazing. The combination of their talents is so amazing, it's making me feel ecstatic

  • minmin yobee
    minmin yobee 2 days ago

    love bts

  • Hi It's Me, Mønica ;w;

    IM FROM 2019 BTW

  • shasha
    shasha 2 days ago

    2:53 who's dat black guy? He's so cuteeee😍 his dance is so cheerful

    • Harry Bane
      Harry Bane 2 days ago

      shasha Lol

    • shasha
      shasha 2 days ago

      +Harry Bane no not seokjin 😂 i mean, the black guy at the back😂

    • Harry Bane
      Harry Bane 2 days ago

      shasha jin

  • pollygabymaria Sa
    pollygabymaria Sa 2 days ago


  • wow_aimee
    wow_aimee 2 days ago +2


  • tay tay
    tay tay 3 days ago

    They make me sooo happy😄😄

  • Jiminie Lover
    Jiminie Lover 3 days ago


  • Dua Fatima
    Dua Fatima 3 days ago +1

    They take being handsome to another level

  • Dua Fatima
    Dua Fatima 3 days ago

    Holy shhhh my kings!!!! Kookie and rm thooooo

  • Ruby Murad
    Ruby Murad 3 days ago

    Can i just take a second and say JUNGKOOK WAS LIT AND EVERYONE WAS AWESOME

  • Icesipper
    Icesipper 3 days ago +2


  • ceagre manuel
    ceagre manuel 3 days ago

    1like=1sub=i'll do the same

  • yeon tan
    yeon tan 3 days ago +1

    i need simons reaction lol

  • Suga! Kookie!
    Suga! Kookie! 3 days ago

    1:41 why did it skip Jungkook part cause it was there right

  • belulopezchamba
    belulopezchamba 3 days ago +1

    i had?? literal?? chills?? watching this?? wtf

  • Annika0687 Yeap
    Annika0687 Yeap 3 days ago +5

    The cameraman is in love with Jimin 😏😂😍

  • Ni Ma
    Ni Ma 3 days ago

    Very tokhmi!!! Whats so nice about them?!

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl 3 days ago +1

    Wish they didn’t switch places constantly. I spend the whole time looking for the guy in the dark red suit with the black shirt. He’s BY FAR the best dancer and the only one who doesn’t look super choreographed. Reminds me of Twitch how weightless and easy he makes it look

    • Cookie Air
      Cookie Air 3 days ago

      Well, your eyes were telling you right things. His name is J-hope, and he is the main dancer of the group. Check out boy meets evil, one of his solo songs with great choreography.

  • 주한미군
    주한미군 4 days ago +2


  • Tommy Lettice
    Tommy Lettice 4 days ago


  • Reila Mi
    Reila Mi 4 days ago

    It really look like a BTS conzert 😂😍

  • Sophia H.K
    Sophia H.K 4 days ago +2


  • Ngau Xi
    Ngau Xi 4 days ago


  • Sharon C
    Sharon C 4 days ago


  • danii77dv
    danii77dv 4 days ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about why Jungkook didn't sing his part? What happened?

  • lili hernández
    lili hernández 4 days ago +2

    By pure chance do not want to come to Mexico got talent?
    they are impresionant

  • 정국전
    정국전 5 days ago +1

    *damn, all of you guys are falling in love with jimin a lot.*

  • Alissa Joseph
    Alissa Joseph 5 days ago +1

    More like Korea’s got talent

  • Love is nothing stronger Than a boy with luv

    10000000000000th time watching this

  • Vartika singh
    Vartika singh 5 days ago

    What ppl do not see in dis video that we saw on TV The focus on J Hope and V's Killer smirk and the eyebrow .

  • pink jessica
    pink jessica 5 days ago +1


  • Bea Joy Mulato
    Bea Joy Mulato 5 days ago

    Jungkook gogogo lang bb😍😘😘😘🤩🤩 kookie

  • Bea Joy Mulato
    Bea Joy Mulato 5 days ago +1


  • Gachaverse Unicorn
    Gachaverse Unicorn 5 days ago +1

    They killed it but I wanted to see what the judges say

  • Ja_ii
    Ja_ii 5 days ago


  • Bang Tai
    Bang Tai 5 days ago

    How great are they ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jxknx Nsndnx
    Jxknx Nsndnx 5 days ago

    Is this on a real episode

  • Anela Vilic
    Anela Vilic 5 days ago

    BTS Super Bowl 2020 half time show. It NEEDS TO HAPPEN I REPEAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN 💯

  • J E S S L E E
    J E S S L E E 5 days ago +4

    Whose the guy in the RED JACKET I CANT OMGG

  • 마루님셋쇼
    마루님셋쇼 5 days ago +3

    한국인인게 자랑스럽다

  • taetae Erica
    taetae Erica 5 days ago

    International superstar😍💜💜💜

  • Salma Adra
    Salma Adra 5 days ago

    Why did they skip jk's and tae's part?????

    ANONYMOUS FG 6 days ago +1

    Hold the damn phone.
    *holds phone*
    Did they pass Jungkook's rap part or is it just me?!
    Did they fvckin pass his rap part----**calls pd-nim** **screams** **hangsup**

  • Anton
    Anton 6 days ago +1

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  • Resya adimas
    Resya adimas 6 days ago

    Amazing boys

  • Derplicious
    Derplicious 6 days ago

    2:21 thanks Jin 👌

  • Shell J
    Shell J 6 days ago

    남준이 다리길이 무슨일이야.........후.

  • 아트그레이스 [ArtGrace]

    방탄소년단 컴백기념 팬아트!!
    I painted a BTS fan art to celebrate a comeback.

  • 박민환
    박민환 6 days ago +2

    남자가 봐도 쩐다...ㄷㄷㄷ 흥해라 BTS!!!

  • Projesh Chandra Sarkar
    Projesh Chandra Sarkar 6 days ago +3

    Bts doesn't have to prove they are talented.They are the stars.

  • sushen narjinary
    sushen narjinary 6 days ago +3

    I want see the reactions of the judges

  • Gacha Eah xoxo
    Gacha Eah xoxo 6 days ago

    I bet the judges at AGT are impressed Heheheh

  • gioovannabp
    gioovannabp 6 days ago +1


  • Sung Youla
    Sung Youla 6 days ago

    아싸 😁 ㅋㅋㅋ 잘한다

  • Can we hit a 100k Subs without a single video

    60℅ people talking bout the guy in red
    10% talking about how they get to know bts after this
    20% talking bout people who are talking bout jimmin
    5℅ how they used to hate bts but not anymore
    5% people giving the percentage of the activities

  • Kim Pisey
    Kim Pisey 6 days ago

    They are actually born to be idol!!!

  • Katie M
    Katie M 6 days ago +6

    When you go to read the comments but all you see is
    “who’s the guy in the red suit”
    I don’t blame anyone for asking😂

    • JenMIin Minino
      JenMIin Minino 4 days ago +1

      Yeaa very important question for this comment section! XD

  • FDI
    FDI 6 days ago


  • Kaidadoex
    Kaidadoex 6 days ago

    Check some of the backup dancers at the last chorus. Some of dem bois are icons

  • BangtanSupreme _BTS
    BangtanSupreme _BTS 6 days ago

    If I was the judges press the golden buzzer before they even puts a feet on the stage.

  • Emariaamethyst _
    Emariaamethyst _ 6 days ago

    0:22 my face when I see BTS

  • DahPinkCupcake
    DahPinkCupcake 6 days ago

    i just see Will from the React channel in the background dancing with them...

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie 6 days ago +1


  • jen ko
    jen ko 6 days ago

    Suga 😍

  • Ella Angel
    Ella Angel 6 days ago

    I just love how they DANCE and SING LIVE. Nobody can't say they are not talented ♡

  • abarna rajan
    abarna rajan 7 days ago +1

    I'm the only one Always love junkook..while others love jimin😒😒

  • Anamika Parmar
    Anamika Parmar 7 days ago

    Tae tae tae my love😁

  • J F
    J F 7 days ago

    You can’t stop loving BTS

  • Tiến Phạm phúc
    Tiến Phạm phúc 7 days ago


  • Yuvraj Adhikari
    Yuvraj Adhikari 7 days ago +2

    This was lit BTS I m your new fan ✌️

  • You know BTS?
    You know BTS? 7 days ago +1


  • Decllah Putri
    Decllah Putri 7 days ago

    My kooky soo handsome... The other too ❤❤😖

  • solitude L
    solitude L 7 days ago

    ok they did a concert on AGT 😂

  • Squid Girl803
    Squid Girl803 7 days ago

    When you can’t help but be jealous of those who saw these boys life. But for Will from FBE to be lucky enough to be on stage with them

  • Elmy Chua
    Elmy Chua 7 days ago

    I love Jin tho.