• Published on Jun 14, 2016
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  • HoloHoldall
    HoloHoldall 12 days ago


  • Evan Animates1221
    Evan Animates1221 2 months ago

    Wow... 2019 AnYoNe

  • Chase Scadordo
    Chase Scadordo 2 months ago

    2019 wyA

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar 3 months ago +1


  • RAZツCloud
    RAZツCloud 3 months ago

    2019??who are here ?

  • Shaterking vlogs
    Shaterking vlogs 4 months ago

    Really Mr. beast Your saying that you have to be a certain age to have a good intro

  • Balanon From YouTube
    Balanon From YouTube 5 months ago

    Non sense

  • CyanBunny
    CyanBunny 5 months ago

    Mrbeast: *ignores and keeps talking*
    Bleach: *listens to a sad song*

  • ExE Studios
    ExE Studios 6 months ago

    bruuhhh he made it now

  • Weekday Studios
    Weekday Studios 6 months ago

    I want that tshirt

  • HomeForTheOdd
    HomeForTheOdd 7 months ago


  • Jason Bayer
    Jason Bayer 7 months ago

    Mine is good then

  • Ragecat568
    Ragecat568 7 months ago

    Did you break something?
    *Your intro is fine*

  • Puggie YT
    Puggie YT 8 months ago +1

    This is kinda offensive it’s saying if your under 13 your intro sucks kinda mean

  • RK Animation Maps
    RK Animation Maps 8 months ago

    Didn't say anything about animations

  • GamerCastOfficial
    GamerCastOfficial 9 months ago

    My intro is blender. Does that mean it sucks. My intro is amazing as I created the music myself and made sure it wasnt loud.

  • \ Nabbyy8plays /
    \ Nabbyy8plays / 9 months ago

    I really needed this! no joke! thanks!

  • 100000 subs without video
    100000 subs without video 9 months ago +1

    😂😂😂 U sang in outro but u were cool

  • PotatoSkill
    PotatoSkill 9 months ago

    But what if Beyoncé sing her intro?

    Does it still suck?

  • Bot Squid
    Bot Squid 10 months ago

    Thanks for the help

  • Flame Neon
    Flame Neon 10 months ago

    I'm confused idk what u talking about

  • WarmIce1432
    WarmIce1432 10 months ago

    Do you play fortnite? > yes > Are you virgin? > no > Every fortnite player is a virgin. > Your intro sucks.

  • DatForty
    DatForty 10 months ago

    Stfu c4D and ae is best

  • WizE MFX
    WizE MFX 11 months ago

    C4D: Yes. Trap Music: Yes ➡️Your Intro is fine

  • Wrestling Maniac
    Wrestling Maniac 11 months ago

    This doesn’t help

  • Something Nothing
    Something Nothing 11 months ago +1

    Your outro sucks because you sang it!

  • Oof
    Oof 11 months ago

    He's a capitalist!

  • ImperialPenguin Lolol
    ImperialPenguin Lolol 11 months ago


  • the best
    the best 11 months ago

    why do you say if you play Minecraft you intro sucks

  • ZacharyPlayz Gaming
    ZacharyPlayz Gaming 11 months ago

    1,300 comment .-.

  • Liam productions
    Liam productions 11 months ago

    Or just have no intro...

  • Whisper
    Whisper Year ago

    I have only one question.
    *what about roblox?*

  • Zane Steelman
    Zane Steelman Year ago


  • Riptide Gaming
    Riptide Gaming Year ago


  • Lilly Wessels
    Lilly Wessels Year ago

    ok then you said your intro sucks if you write it on a piece of paper and thats what you did beast so yours sucks too :)

  • Dopey
    Dopey Year ago

    Panzoid introhs r fein

  • Clash with YoshiLikes24

    What a relief! My intro is fine.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago

    one day i will remake this cuz this is untrue

  • Jerson 1337
    Jerson 1337 Year ago +1

    Minecraft sucks

    OOF For life

  • ghost
    ghost Year ago

    Do You play Minecraft
    Your intro

  • TwentyOneSalihs Official

    I used panzoid

  • Railfan Center
    Railfan Center Year ago

    I play Minecraft and I am 13

  • Joel koh
    Joel koh Year ago

    Ur Intro is much more "Worst" Cuz u don't have a intro hahaha

  • Theprincessgamerlol



    Yum bleach.

  • yolo yeet
    yolo yeet Year ago +1

    I use panzoid

  • xMariMarr
    xMariMarr Year ago

    Your shirt perfectly sums up 80% of what we learned in school.

  • ViSiOn_ RaZe
    ViSiOn_ RaZe Year ago +1


    • Salad Fingers
      Salad Fingers 9 months ago

      *Putting "N't" On Non-N't Words Ain't Cool*

  • AnoTek
    AnoTek Year ago +1

    conclusion dont use an intro

  • OH NO NO Ar
    OH NO NO Ar Year ago

    m̫y̫ b̫r̫o̫t̫h̫e̫r̫ p̫l̫a̫y̫s̫ m̫i̫n̫c̫r̫a̫f̫t̫a̫n̫d̫ h̫e̫s̫ 13

  • BooM sadddude
    BooM sadddude Year ago

    Check out my intro is doe sit suck or is it ok

  • Niero Validus
    Niero Validus Year ago

    response to the thumbnail: Namae wa...?

  • SamxD
    SamxD Year ago

    The dislikes are from people who legitimately thought they are going to get tips

  • GhoulYT
    GhoulYT Year ago +1

    I laughed soo hard at 0:00-0:39

  • Isaac Martin,V
    Isaac Martin,V Year ago

    So funny

  • NoForum
    NoForum Year ago +1


  • Hammerstone Artifacts

    Love the video! Love cardboard hook....Nice to see different take on stuff done the same way....Love the shirt! I have one that reads....No wonder my generation is so F×$@Ed up we were educated useing the three R's Reading writing and arithmetic!

  • Vaulttech Gamer
    Vaulttech Gamer Year ago

    Do you have an intro: yes
    Your intro sucks

  • XxDragon SlayerxX

    I love ure vids

  • Master Bubbles
    Master Bubbles Year ago

    OK so you judge Peaple for bad intros when you don't have any tips of intro all you do is say how to have a good intro.and the only time you advertise your chanel is at the end.

  • Aquastian
    Aquastian Year ago +1

    Yes im 14 so i pretty much have good intros for life

  • Jorddz
    Jorddz Year ago


  • Whatever Name
    Whatever Name Year ago

    Then I'll wait to make an intro

  • Kitsutilo
    Kitsutilo Year ago

    come on XD i just wanted to ask how not to fuck up XD

  • Grayson Delange
    Grayson Delange Year ago

    Pretty much the only way to get popular is to get on his worst intro series

  • OneMemeyBoi_21
    OneMemeyBoi_21 Year ago

    Look at all that bleach in the backround😏😍

  • Person Who
    Person Who Year ago

    You are funny !

  • Tactifly
    Tactifly Year ago

    I used to play mc, but I dont have a mc intro, lol
    My intro is fine

  • Gavin 437
    Gavin 437 Year ago

    I will never subscribe because of that

    • 095
      095 Year ago

      The point of the entire video + the joke

      Your head

  • Gavin 437
    Gavin 437 Year ago

    That was unhelpful

  • Gavin 437
    Gavin 437 Year ago

    YOU DARE SAY MINECRAFT SUCKS????!?!!!!?!!!?!!!!?!!!!!!!!

  • Cash0311
    Cash0311 Year ago


  • Spyro Flight
    Spyro Flight Year ago +8

    So... Roblox is fine?

    • FelixTuber
      FelixTuber Month ago

      Spyro Flight no

    • Mongolian Gamer
      Mongolian Gamer 5 months ago


    • Oberst John
      Oberst John 6 months ago

      Roblox is fine, it at least has decent games, minecraft is just.... we don't speak about minecraft

    • Ben
      Ben Year ago

      Lol jk

    • Ben
      Ben Year ago +1

      Spyro Flight Your intro sucks

  • Sky The dragon slayer

    Basically don’t have an intro is what your trying to say right

  • CMK Red
    CMK Red Year ago


  • C3sarz10
    C3sarz10 Year ago

    You put you own name on paper lol

  • Jacob tha Eagle
    Jacob tha Eagle Year ago

    What if I play Minecraft (less than GMod and GTA V) and I'm older than 13 years old?

  • Herdle
    Herdle Year ago

    Yes all blender intros are bad totally

  • Trenton Martinez
    Trenton Martinez Year ago

    This is dumb

  • Flameh Cake
    Flameh Cake Year ago

    That random Clorox bleach in the background tho.... XD

  • Bryan Thomas
    Bryan Thomas Year ago

    this is all false lol

  • 81Gunshots
    81Gunshots Year ago

    Dantdm plays Minecraft

  • Flesor Music
    Flesor Music Year ago

    I was MrBeast Fan now i think he is a piss of SHIT!

  • Deleted
    Deleted Year ago

    If your older than 13 what do you do?

  • Stick Man Dojo
    Stick Man Dojo Year ago

    u suck i am 11 years old and i play video games! but what if i was 11 years old and i play minecraft yet i have the best intro in the entire world?

  • JynxFX
    JynxFX Year ago

    What about kine master

  • xxLemon Z
    xxLemon Z Year ago

    Oh my god this guy literally played the same game as me and told me he had a roblox account :O

  • Infinite Timmy
    Infinite Timmy Year ago

    I actully might want to be on worst intros on youtube,I would be famous and get sooooo many subscribers

  • Smash-ter
    Smash-ter Year ago

    A good intro in my opinion is the jimquisitions

  • gopherguts 2
    gopherguts 2 Year ago

    My intro is fine.

  • Ava Juliana
    Ava Juliana Year ago

    This was made on my birthday last year

  • VtX_ NickPlayz
    VtX_ NickPlayz Year ago

    So pretty much all this video is saying is that minecraft UScliprs suck

  • VtX_ NickPlayz
    VtX_ NickPlayz Year ago

    Tbh your right lol

  • CoolMaster Gamer
    CoolMaster Gamer Year ago

    Some use panzoid

  • Scythe Han
    Scythe Han Year ago +1

    Why does he have bleach next to him???

    • 095
      095 Year ago

      are you a newcomer

  • Keopss_
    Keopss_ Year ago

    And me I hate your videos, I play Minecraft, Ok ? I have a new intro, don't make a how to make, for intros, you just hate the intros of Minecraft but, a lot of intros of Minecraft was good.
    Bye, noob.

    • Shazal Farooq
      Shazal Farooq Year ago

      It's more fun seeing angry 5 year olds than it is getting money.

    • Keopss_
      Keopss_ Year ago

      i don't know why you have 1M suscribers, and you critic intros of others, it's pathetic pf.. so your title is How to make a ( GOOD ) intro. You just have 1M suscribers, just for your fucking videos : Worst Intros, why you make this videos ? This is shit, you critic the others intros, but they have passed 1 day, 2 days etc for make this and you critic. Pff.

  • BMcKenzie65
    BMcKenzie65 Year ago


  • Evilgamer 27788
    Evilgamer 27788 Year ago

    Does any of you guys think my intro is asome or bad

  • beast gamer22
    beast gamer22 Year ago

    mrbeast you not funny

  • Bleach
    Bleach Year ago

    my intro is just "hey guys its cole"