Will This ‘Sh--ty' Tattoo Cause A Breakup? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV


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  • muatasim mouaed
    muatasim mouaed 11 minutes ago

    Snooki : “i dont get this show”
    Same sister same i dont get it either

  • Hayley Parmelee
    Hayley Parmelee 37 minutes ago

    He thinks it’s funny and he such a fucking dick!!

  • 10000 subscribers for no reason

    did they know thats permenent

  • Ella Melena Banu
    Ella Melena Banu Hour ago

    He mean just leave his ass

  • Alexis Walker
    Alexis Walker Hour ago

    Dump his ass, he treats you like shit. Even in public. If a guy treats you in public like shit that's a SURE sign that you need to end it. Him treating you like shit anyway is a sure sign but if he has no shame doing it in public, why are you still with him?

  • Taehyung Vlovenotes

    If he cheated on her like that then why didn’t she just break up with him in the first place?

  • Crimsons Violet
    Crimsons Violet Hour ago

    This show is such a terrible idea. "GUYS I GOT IT. LET'S LET PEOPLE TATTOO RANDOM CRAP ON OTHER PEOPLE! WITHOUT THEM KNOWING TILL IT'S DONE." wow..... id rather use a hot poker to shave my face or a peice of broken glass.

  • Tiegan Van
    Tiegan Van 2 hours ago

    What ?

  • MrMcNickelston
    MrMcNickelston 2 hours ago

    Why she mad that he likes the tattoo wtf

  • D.I.T.R MazzA
    D.I.T.R MazzA 2 hours ago +1

    All he has to do is laser remove the shit and the dumped part then he will just have a lass slut dropping on his leg so he won

  • Sagi_of_love1dec !
    Sagi_of_love1dec ! 3 hours ago +1

    3:17 who wants to deal with somebody like you, he look like an precook and unseasoned Papa Smurf

  • Sagi_of_love1dec !
    Sagi_of_love1dec ! 3 hours ago

    I didn't know mtv had these kind of shows , these are dope

  • Kim McLaughlin
    Kim McLaughlin 3 hours ago

    Once a cheater always a cheater

  • Amber Nicole Massey
    Amber Nicole Massey 4 hours ago

    They deserve each other. Wow.

  • Hunbun Bubblegum
    Hunbun Bubblegum 4 hours ago

    He cheated and they still been together?

  • Erin Holden
    Erin Holden 4 hours ago

    I wonder how many people on this show pay thousands of dollars to get these tattoos removed

  • Miraculous Stories
    Miraculous Stories 5 hours ago

    Also, why he look like a sketchy drug addict?

  • Miraculous Stories
    Miraculous Stories 5 hours ago

    DUMP HIS ASS! I would make them tattoo a large dick and right in fancy font "I'm a cheating little dick" If he cheats, the girl he cheating with might as well know what she's in for.

  • becky Pratt
    becky Pratt 6 hours ago +1

    Weird a** couple

  • Joseph Mayorga
    Joseph Mayorga 7 hours ago

    Why would he cheat on a beautiful woman

  • tara smiles
    tara smiles 7 hours ago

    This couple retarded as hell

  • tara smiles
    tara smiles 7 hours ago

    That's hella disrespectful

  • Kayla Warner
    Kayla Warner 9 hours ago

    This show is all about loved ones inflicting emotional abuse to each other

  • heyyy_ ashley
    heyyy_ ashley 11 hours ago

    i wanna slap that guy so bad

  • Slaw Dawg
    Slaw Dawg 14 hours ago

    What the hell is this show

  • HolyCrusader
    HolyCrusader 15 hours ago

    Lol all these people telling her to dump him like oof, its her decision my dude's

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe 16 hours ago

    Homie deserved that.. shit. Wait tf his reaction is summmthin

  • Litrix
    Litrix 17 hours ago

    What the hell?!?!?! I'dda slapped the life of of this fool......At times like this im SOOOO glad i'm not afraid of fighting back...

  • TheActs Of Crazy
    TheActs Of Crazy 17 hours ago

    It changes my point of view when i know he cheated on her

  • apple Tatter productions

    I’m shook

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 17 hours ago

    That monkey looks so much like a human, it’s so scary thinking about how it can talk as well. 😲😲😲

  • Spookie Ghost
    Spookie Ghost 17 hours ago

    This dude is literally the dumbest human being. Hers can be considered edgy, whatever but his is literally her SHITTING ON HIM and he was obviously pissed, but just to be condescending he says “lMaO nOt As BaD as YoUrS” like wtf. So manipulative, good riddance.

  • Nicky Gonzalez
    Nicky Gonzalez 18 hours ago +1

    That tattoo he gave her was hurtful. And I hope she did to him what it said on the tattoo

  • edgy._.animations
    edgy._.animations 18 hours ago +1

    He actually did care and she should have broken up with him

  • Niamiah Taylor
    Niamiah Taylor 18 hours ago

    Why are they still dating and she has kids

  • cheesesmiles
    cheesesmiles 19 hours ago +1

    They probably had a huge argument when they went home...

  • saffron
    saffron 19 hours ago

    i smell toxic relationships

  • LittlePoppySeed
    LittlePoppySeed 19 hours ago

    Shoulda put “CHEATER” across his chest

  • inky
    inky 20 hours ago +2

    dude shes not crazy, you cheated on her and talk with other girls... youre crazy. im disappointed that the dumped tattoo wasn't her breaking up with you.

    IMAGINE IT ALL 20 hours ago

    “Let’s go for drinks”

  • fernando rivera
    fernando rivera 20 hours ago

    they dont look like a couple at aaall

  • paulo camacho
    paulo camacho 20 hours ago

    He looks like an ugly version of Chris Brown but equally toxic.

  • Foxy
    Foxy 21 hour ago

    This girl realy is crazy for being with him after all hes done to her

  • Maya Piscopos
    Maya Piscopos 21 hour ago

    Wtf are you still together. He’s a asshole

  • FLAPslapSLAPflap
    FLAPslapSLAPflap 21 hour ago

    Her tattoo actually looks really cool

  • MissLonely_Potato Potato
    MissLonely_Potato Potato 21 hour ago +1

    Why would he do that to her?! He's such A dick! She is so beatiful ;(

  • Key SaNaa
    Key SaNaa 22 hours ago

    After all that she stayed with him. She ain’t got no damn sense 😂😂

  • Alana Brigid
    Alana Brigid 22 hours ago +1

    Bastard rat of a man. Dumb ass of a woman.

  • ram xoxo
    ram xoxo 22 hours ago +2

    ughhhhh his ugly childish big ass ears ,cheater w no hairline, crazy ass, small dick bitch, anorexic self NEEDS TO BE DUMPED!! WHA SHE DOIN 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 22 hours ago


  • Amani EL-Ahmed
    Amani EL-Ahmed 23 hours ago


  • Candice Higgins
    Candice Higgins Day ago

    They are both dumb af

  • Monique Montgomery

    The tattoo is sweet though the crazy Jenny one I like it

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey Day ago

    Btw her white shit is from h&m i have it same..... 10€

  • Maria Inês Silva Magalhães

    He deserved.

  • fortnite king asmr

    She has gucci on

  • Rex Bayu
    Rex Bayu Day ago +1


  • DNasty
    DNasty Day ago +1

    Proof that guys are trash

  • Alexis Metcalfe
    Alexis Metcalfe Day ago +1

    Are you sure he isn't the crazy one....

  • Lauren Le Roux
    Lauren Le Roux Day ago

    What a strange relationship

  • IytsChyyLove
    IytsChyyLove Day ago


  • kisha mceady
    kisha mceady Day ago +3

    This is what I don't understand a man with turn around cheat and lie and then wonder why his girlfriend or wife is insecure and acting crazy it's because you gave her a reason to be crazy

  • Reign Wolfe
    Reign Wolfe Day ago +1

    Clearly a toxic relationship that should of ended a loooooong time ago

  • just
    just Day ago

    She touched her tattoo and rubbed it freshly after it has been done. This isn’t real!

  • Christina Morris

    Define tattoo
    Her: "Its like really there, like it wont come off"

  • Lovely Vibes
    Lovely Vibes Day ago

    Bet they beat eachother too

  • Sıla Gülcemal
    Sıla Gülcemal Day ago +1

    He is abusing her..

  • Awesome BK
    Awesome BK Day ago

    Her tat is definitely worse. It would be easy to cover-up DUMPED and that SH*T

  • LunaWolf
    LunaWolf Day ago +1

    I hate that guy, I just wanna slap him

  • Electra Cv
    Electra Cv Day ago


  • haaaiii
    haaaiii Day ago +1

    and now she's gonna be insecure in her whole life fck that boy, go n dump him already

  • Pink Kisses
    Pink Kisses Day ago

    Dude reminds me of Pete Davidson

  • Ada t
    Ada t Day ago

    What the...

  • Emmy 0310
    Emmy 0310 Day ago

    The guy looks like the monkey mask from Bruno mars "the lazy song"

  • Raezen
    Raezen Day ago +1


  • bigmama biggavella

    Just break up man, abusing eachother smh .

  • 99 Peons
    99 Peons Day ago

    Most toxic relationship I have ever seen

  • Tavo Dupré
    Tavo Dupré Day ago

    LOW CLASS... this guys is not even worth having on social media...

  • Zero Zero
    Zero Zero Day ago +1

    Bitch when u cheat over and over then bitch ima be fucking crazy

  • Ella Mitchell
    Ella Mitchell Day ago

    That dude totally deserved that tattoo

  • mary the rabbit turtle

    Omg i just can’t he is such a goddamn asshole

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin Day ago

    that's a kind of abusive relationship lmao

  • Luca Devito
    Luca Devito Day ago +1

    He was such a dick to her

  • Lily Willis
    Lily Willis Day ago

    This mf looks like he's gonna fly away with those ears.

  • Wehtee Toe
    Wehtee Toe Day ago +1

    His ugly ass. Ma u can do better he's an asshole!!

  • Hayden Heath
    Hayden Heath Day ago +1

    This shit is fucking hilarious

  • Neila Zavala
    Neila Zavala Day ago

    What a jerk

  • Lindsey Rubio
    Lindsey Rubio Day ago +1

    What an actual sack of shit. “She’s crazy” yet you were the one that made her that way. Sending dick pics and chatting up other girls is a sure fire way to drill at a woman’s insanity. She LOVES him, you can tell. Why do men abuse that so fucking often.

  • Velvet Hippo
    Velvet Hippo Day ago

    I thought the dumped meant she was dumping him on the show....disappointed 🤨

  • bts ruins me
    bts ruins me Day ago

    this relationship is so toxic omg

  • Juan Villalba
    Juan Villalba Day ago

    Man I can’t wait to have a toxic yet loving relationship with my wife😍😍

  • Riley Gilead
    Riley Gilead Day ago

    *wait. Huh*

  • liv
    liv Day ago

    He was big mad 100%

  • LoveDoves Faith
    LoveDoves Faith Day ago +1

    No, no, bitch. No bitches why bitch God damnn

  • aaryn with a why

    that dude is my cousin omg

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown Day ago

    Why are they together...

  • Mei Newman
    Mei Newman Day ago

    That dudes a jerk

  • Maddie Cakes Connell


  • Leyetelle Blue
    Leyetelle Blue Day ago +1

    I- I honestly don't know what to say💀

  • Abdul-Aziz Moore

    Put some permanent make up or marker on it.