Will This ‘Sh--ty' Tattoo Cause A Breakup? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • In this episode of ‘How Far Is Tattoo Far,’ couple Jen and Nick give each other warnings in the form of…very permanent tattoos.
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    Hosted by Nico Tortorella and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, How Far Is Tattoo Far? puts relationships to the ultimate test of trust by asking pairs of friends, family members and couples to design tattoos for each other that won’t be revealed until after they’ve been permanently inked.
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Comments • 4 191

  • Madison Garrett
    Madison Garrett Hour ago

    And he’s just tryna get her mad but you can tell deep down he’s bout to murder someone. You know he doesn’t like his tattoo

  • Madison Garrett
    Madison Garrett Hour ago

    The tattoo she gave him had me dead😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 like yassss sis he had it coming

  • Lindsey Nicole
    Lindsey Nicole 2 hours ago

    Me too bro me too. Smiling when your nervous is the worst. You got to Explain it real quick so you don't get into trouble9

  • Erin G.
    Erin G. 3 hours ago

    I don’t understand when girls boyfriends cheat on them and they stay with them

  • sic
    sic 3 hours ago

    “We will be in court Monday morning” He probably can’t even afford it😂watch you gon tell to the judge?? “Omg I told her to tattoo me and it was bad omg help” like bro no😂😂😂yu extra asl

  • namjoonsblackgf
    namjoonsblackgf 4 hours ago +1

    She should’ve did a big phone on his back that had word after word on what he said to one of the girls through text including the dp’s

  • Shanti Ann
    Shanti Ann 5 hours ago +1

    He ain’t even that cute sis💀

  • Nirah
    Nirah 6 hours ago +1

    “So y’all are going home together?” , “I mean I could go for drinks rn”, “me too!” 😭 took me out

  • Souad Naffati
    Souad Naffati 6 hours ago

    Does theses tattoos are really permanent? Because I would never give my f body for this

  • yaya martzz
    yaya martzz 6 hours ago

    He cheat her , and she still love that trash? man , really , girl for reaaal… shit.

  • woah Watts
    woah Watts 7 hours ago +1

    Nicole looks like cardi B

  • Its Me
    Its Me 8 hours ago +1

    She lucky she can get a cover up

  • Frito Gang
    Frito Gang 9 hours ago

    I’ve found the best show. Maybe I’m sick person. But I love this 😂😂

  • Vlog n blog , life and music On AY


    • Jen Rivera
      Jen Rivera 3 hours ago

      Vlog n blog , life and music On AY no babes ! We were broken up when filming

  • Vlog n blog , life and music On AY


  • Jesus McGraw
    Jesus McGraw 10 hours ago

    Not on the backk that's where she get it at

  • Ryna Aryna
    Ryna Aryna 11 hours ago

    Snooki’s reactions are like the bestest!!! My god its so cute

    P&J LOVING LIFE 11 hours ago

    I love them real couples fight then make up 💕

  • Ester Van den Bogaert
    Ester Van den Bogaert 11 hours ago +1

    Duuuude he literallyyyyyyyyyy cheaaateeed on heerr is he duuuuummbbbbbb??? ‘ i cant go anywhere without her going crazy’ WHAT WOULD U EXPEEEECTTTTT

  • Manda Walters
    Manda Walters 11 hours ago

    This is why I'm inkless and single. lol

  • Izzie
    Izzie 12 hours ago

    Hm they’re kinda sweet together. They’re both fucking insane.

  • my wolf Nguyen
    my wolf Nguyen 12 hours ago +1

    Hes worse

  • Morgans organs
    Morgans organs 16 hours ago

    "it's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be"
    Bro it's bad

  • Cj Leflame
    Cj Leflame 18 hours ago

    He got mad but tired to act like he didn’t 😂😭 his was the worst.

  • Sinsasity C
    Sinsasity C 18 hours ago

    Easy make the shit a shadow

  • Jade Maree
    Jade Maree 18 hours ago

    He's an ass. Smh no girl deserves him. Especially those who r fucked 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • malini venkatakrishnan
    malini venkatakrishnan 19 hours ago

    I am glad i am not this crazy and i am single 😂

  • Joana C.
    Joana C. 20 hours ago

    "If you cheat on me one more time ima dump you" girl I would've dumped him the first time and burn his stuff ....let the crazy out for reals on his ass! #bringcrazyjennyout

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 22 hours ago

    Her arms were beautiful with the flowers and everything and then got Strait up ruined with that tattoo her bf is a narcissist he was angry realized it would make her happy so he instantly thought of acting happy literally called her crazy and put that tattoo on her I arm recommend breaking up with him NOW!

  • space-ramen
    space-ramen 23 hours ago

    uh uooagghh what

  • Alex Arkadios
    Alex Arkadios 23 hours ago +1

    She deserves better. Shes “crazy” cuz hes a fucking loser. Bitch get better

  • Justin Sykes
    Justin Sykes 23 hours ago

    Can’t you fix these with makeup or something

  • Jazlyn McMahan
    Jazlyn McMahan Day ago

    He is dead

  • Brett F.
    Brett F. Day ago +1

    These two were made for each other. They are both psychotic.

  • Asma Mutthanna
    Asma Mutthanna Day ago

    The ACE family should go on this show

  • sløw tøwn
    sløw tøwn Day ago +1

    straight people be like

  • orlana olivas
    orlana olivas Day ago

    No that's no

  • Jamarian Burns
    Jamarian Burns Day ago

    Bigg ass ears

  • Kaylan Saavédra

    There both crazy if you ask me lol.

  • Kay Way
    Kay Way Day ago +1

    Do he not understand if u cheat on your girl n sending dp’s behind her back n she still stuck around wit u but jus watching u to not make that same mistake obviously she rlly wanna be wit u if she didn’t dump u the first time it happened she not crazy she jus rlly love u n was always down for u he rlly stupid for that

  • Callie Heddings
    Callie Heddings Day ago +1

    Ohh nono babe you need to leave his toxic crazy ass 😩

  • Pranya Holland
    Pranya Holland Day ago

    That’s rough😲😲🤭🤭🤭

  • Tiana Chairman
    Tiana Chairman Day ago +1

    Sis just leave the fucking man 🙄

  • Michelle Mendez
    Michelle Mendez Day ago

    She mental asf for being with him tf

  • Julie World
    Julie World Day ago

    He know that he is pissed about the tat


    This video is actually funny

  • Kitsune TheWolf
    Kitsune TheWolf Day ago

    I actually wouldn’t be to mad about that one..

  • Jojo Elizabeth
    Jojo Elizabeth Day ago +1

    He looks like that monkey that claps in toy story 3 for real why is she mad he cheated girl upgrade to real beef 🤷

  • Pop Eliza
    Pop Eliza Day ago

    How can u be with someone like that ? He def doesen’t love u girl just wake up to REALITY u don’t deserve that

  • Lucy Crilly
    Lucy Crilly Day ago

    Please! Dump him once a cheat always a cheat get rid of em girl!

  • Cheyenne Hoerr
    Cheyenne Hoerr Day ago

    Dude is a douchebag

  • Paige White
    Paige White Day ago

    Mushing, poking, or pushing my head in ANY way shape or form__ is the Quickest way to COMPLETELY turn my mood to :VERY FUCKING SERIOUS __ONE WARNING__EVER_ mode. 🙌😳😂
    Unfortunately, You can't even mush my shit NEXT YEAR without me Fucking you up_ 🙌Forea

  • Nati
    Nati Day ago

    Ma man cool

  • Jalyn Marrow
    Jalyn Marrow Day ago +1

    He’s mad disrespectful

  • Auggie
    Auggie Day ago

    Nahh bitch. He cheat *---> he out.*

  • Kiara Pittman
    Kiara Pittman Day ago

    He's a piece of shit. They're both retarded fr

  • sparkly flamingo

    Highkey I think he went home and like beat her or something girl find a new mans less ya know PHSYCO. and he calls you crazy Jenny

  • King CelineMua
    King CelineMua Day ago

    shes crazy but WHAT DO YOU DO TO MAKE HER BE CRAZY


    I think their both fucking crazy

  • Jimajama123
    Jimajama123 Day ago +1

    Hmmmmmmmm **sniff sniff** whats that? I smell justice.

  • lucifer
    lucifer Day ago +1

    This guy needs his fuckin neck snapped the cunt

  • Portia Martin
    Portia Martin Day ago

    I’m gonna hit that bitch with a bus 🚎

  • Florentina Rosalyn
    Florentina Rosalyn Day ago +1

    You wonder why she’s acting the way she is, over here sending dick pics talking other girls and cheating on her and just treating her like shit. Fucking douchebag

  • 804 REEZY
    804 REEZY Day ago +1

    They made 4 each other...loco .lol

  • Rebeca Morales
    Rebeca Morales Day ago

    Why would you ever want to stay with a man like that

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S Day ago +1

    He is disgusting. A manipulating piece of garbage


    Tell me if i am crazy but jen sounds like cardi b

  • Blitzy YT
    Blitzy YT Day ago +1

    Damn hes a bitch

  • Candace M
    Candace M Day ago +2

    He deserved that with his cheating ass 🤣

  • Majestic xo
    Majestic xo Day ago +3

    i’m getting many toxic vibes from this dude to the point where it’s scary.
    At the end he kissed her and she says “stop” quietly...

  • Angie Gomez
    Angie Gomez Day ago

    That abusive, unfaithful piece of shit, she deserves a better man than that& I hope she finds him. All women need to steer clear of his direction because it is clear he is manipulative piece of trash

  • dayanna
    dayanna Day ago +1

    i have the same shirt ass her 😂

  • Aniya Middleton
    Aniya Middleton Day ago

    she look like a lighter version of keshia cole

  • GachaXookie :3
    GachaXookie :3 Day ago

    I feel sorry for her but i couldnt wait for what she did do him though xd

  • YG Dungeon
    YG Dungeon Day ago

    It’s probably not the best decision to give your "crazy" girlfriend a shitty tattoo 😬

  • Smile with Niki Lopez

    T r a g i c

  • Tahirah Dedmon
    Tahirah Dedmon Day ago

    I wonder if they really went for drinks cus it seems like he was on some ima beat your ass when we leave type vibe.

  • Life As Brooklyn

    leave him sis .

  • Kayla Kay
    Kayla Kay Day ago


  • Beka Nicole
    Beka Nicole Day ago

    This “boyfriend” is a joke lol

  • Kub Yaaj
    Kub Yaaj Day ago

    “Take me with you!” - me too take me too! Lol

  • Daeguma
    Daeguma Day ago +1

    She deserves way better, he’s a fucking bellend.

  • Armando Toledo
    Armando Toledo Day ago

    This makes me feel better about me because I’m single

  • Hadil A
    Hadil A Day ago

    I pray they aren’t together anymore

  • Deavyn Dyson
    Deavyn Dyson 2 days ago

    I actually love her tattoo 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Chyna’s Vlogs
    Chyna’s Vlogs 2 days ago +1

    Hes so ugly. She could do so much better.

  • Dina Shulaiba
    Dina Shulaiba 2 days ago +1

    So she’s crazy because she won’t let him cheat? He’s a child

  • Crafty Unicorn
    Crafty Unicorn 2 days ago

    I mean, I feel bad for the tattoo artists! Like they probably feeling guilty for putting something on other people's body forever.

  • earthfairy
    earthfairy 2 days ago +1

    this made me so sad.

  • Elodie Rodgerson
    Elodie Rodgerson 2 days ago +1

    That guy is an ass hole I wanted to punch him in the face

  • Jamilah Al-Essa
    Jamilah Al-Essa 2 days ago

    Did he really say we will be in court like they didn’t come to the show on their own free will

  • chalil maliq
    chalil maliq 2 days ago

    Wtf just happened at 5:26

  • Amelia
    Amelia 2 days ago

    Nick actually looks like the zebra from Madagascar im dying.

  • Destiny Monae
    Destiny Monae 2 days ago

    Toxic 😂

  • QBee240
    QBee240 2 days ago

    Black Ink Artists are doing more tats that they did on their show

  • Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali 2 days ago

    Bitch but you're still with him.

  • Marquita Ajibade
    Marquita Ajibade 2 days ago

    Where do they find them?

  • Rose C
    Rose C 2 days ago

    Then leave Bitch he doesn’t have to stay with her that idiot he’s ugly asf anyways

  • MakeUpClayton Meyer
    MakeUpClayton Meyer 2 days ago

    i would’ve got his dick pic tatted on him

  • x yg
    x yg 2 days ago

    Honestly that couple is crazy. She came out saying how he is cheating on her and some how let that same untrustworthy man put a tattoo on her and at the end still fucking went out will him. How dumb do you got to be to go out with a cheating psychopath?