5 Cherry Gadgets put to the Test - Part 2

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • 5 Strange Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test #5 - usclip.net/video/6nBhIp4HsB8/video.html
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Comments • 616

  • ijustinhk
    ijustinhk 12 days ago

    The purple one is great. Looks satisfying to use.

  • Aydon Milligan
    Aydon Milligan 15 days ago

    3:33 is the best one =easyist one

  • Momma2thewilds
    Momma2thewilds 17 days ago +1

    Rainer Cherries are the way to go. Plus the Red ones stain EVERYTHING. Especially with 4 boys, 5 if you count my husband haha

  • Furick 512
    Furick 512 20 days ago

    0:17 a cherry PIDAR

  • jrllock
    jrllock 21 day ago

    If you put the cherries in the right way it as in stem side up it would work a lot better!

  • guyrami
    guyrami 21 day ago

    UnIronically just absorbed a bag of cherries pits and all... I should've bought the pit gun.

  • Ashley & Pluto
    Ashley & Pluto 26 days ago

    He really likes popping his cherry’s

  • PT Lirkn
    PT Lirkn 26 days ago +1

    8:35 Germany’s Troops Retreating After Ambush (Colorized) 1944

  • Swedgirl doggie Dogs
    Swedgirl doggie Dogs 27 days ago


  • farshid kavosi
    farshid kavosi 27 days ago


  • Brian
    Brian 27 days ago +1

    Cherry pidor

  • mirai neko
    mirai neko 28 days ago

    What to do with those cherry that so many lol

  • XxDark RinneganX
    XxDark RinneganX 28 days ago


  • jkuhn02_
    jkuhn02_ 28 days ago

    Taras: *explains how it works*
    "Ok, let's see how it works."

  • Marchello Taikumer vlags

    First he Said cherry peter

  • Beautiful Beavis
    Beautiful Beavis 28 days ago

    Just learn how to say “gadgets”

  • Beyblade God
    Beyblade God 29 days ago

    8:35 Russian solider explaining how a gun works 1925 colorized

  • TaytorTot
    TaytorTot 29 days ago


  • TaytorTot
    TaytorTot 29 days ago

    "I niiolate those pets. Lets go agen."

  • DutchGreaser
    DutchGreaser 29 days ago +1

    8:36 just like vietnam. PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM PAM

  • KsanovaDesigns
    KsanovaDesigns 29 days ago

    the last gadget you used it from the other side 🤦🏽‍♂️😂🇵🇷

  • Harley Johnson
    Harley Johnson 29 days ago

    “5 cherries” puts 7😂

  • Andy pro1
    Andy pro1 29 days ago


  • Nìght Röád
    Nìght Röád 29 days ago

    "If you slap it real good, it should work" Taras Kul 2019

  • DeD
    DeD 29 days ago

    Taras: put 5 cherries
    *PUTS 7*

  • Info Warrior
    Info Warrior 29 days ago


  • oscar boss
    oscar boss 29 days ago

    2:32 If you slap it really good

  • Game Stack
    Game Stack 29 days ago +1


  • ThatsaDistraction
    ThatsaDistraction 29 days ago

    This is how many cherries he slapped

  • Tony A
    Tony A 29 days ago

    I'll stick to eating cherries the non lazy way lol

  • Big Ben Billboard
    Big Ben Billboard 29 days ago

    9:56 I call this the finger killer

  • your empty mind
    your empty mind 29 days ago

    Do a tea infuser video

  • Stephani -D
    Stephani -D 29 days ago

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 7 cherries.

  • Brodaty Brodacz
    Brodaty Brodacz Month ago

    Cheery Pidor ? Cyka

  • balloon friend
    balloon friend Month ago


  • Adiame
    Adiame Month ago

    1:37 turn on the subtitle...

  • Farmer Gaming
    Farmer Gaming Month ago

    This is my pitter

  • Martin August Hellerud

    8:36 try to close your eyes

  • Gabriel Tiongson
    Gabriel Tiongson Month ago

    "thats a disspointment“ taras kul 2019 😂😂😂

  • Kagura
    Kagura Month ago +1

    Cherry pita

  • Gábor Másli
    Gábor Másli Month ago

    7:28 there are 7 holes for cherrys so u need tu say 5 and put in 6

  • pavlusu
    pavlusu Month ago


  • YeeTus Eats kids
    YeeTus Eats kids Month ago

    We laiks yiur gajicks bedios bery mach

    KingJP_XXVIII Month ago

    @0:38 FATALITY!!

  • Sabrina Hawk
    Sabrina Hawk Month ago

    Annihilate those pits

  • Tommy Ohlrich
    Tommy Ohlrich Month ago +2

    “Cherry popping gadgets-“ what a missed opportunity

  • Kareem Anmar
    Kareem Anmar Month ago

    Why I’m I watching this at 1 am when I got exams tomorrow at 6 😂

  • Dylan_m
    Dylan_m Month ago

    Mom: hey son what are you watching?

    Son: just a cool Russian slapping cherries and saying boom.
    Mom: ok ...

  • xEpiiCx-ANG3L
    xEpiiCx-ANG3L Month ago

    Funny I ate some cherries the other day. So addictively delicious

  • Suicidal Potato
    Suicidal Potato Month ago

    I bought cherries yesterday and then saw this video today

  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez Month ago

    Cherry Corer was my favorite

  • swirlychief 87
    swirlychief 87 Month ago

    "Maybe I just have small cherries."
    CRH 2019

  • ISo Nasty
    ISo Nasty Month ago

    Load it up bom bom bom bom

  • SpitfirePancakes
    SpitfirePancakes Month ago

    Pashtiet gajiks

  • Reałīty
    Reałīty Month ago

    0:22 *shows us how to use the cherry gadget* let’s see how it works

  • Haley Zablan
    Haley Zablan Month ago

    80% just making funny comments
    30% hungry peoples who likes cheeries

  • Althea Lee
    Althea Lee Month ago

    I do have the fourth one

  • Robert Anderson 3rd

    Try freeze dryer and also vacuum sealer both try all food preservers keep fresh you know what i mean....

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles Month ago

    8:35 Vietnam Flashback

    SAMURAI GAMING Month ago +2


  • Karel Kängsepp
    Karel Kängsepp Month ago

    Cherry pider

    SAMURAI GAMING Month ago +1

    Am I The Only One That Gets Hungry When Waching These Videos?!

    RUFEBO Month ago

    Russia in WWI (colorized) 8:38

  • darknessblade
    darknessblade Month ago

    The purple one is the best
    Have a older model of it
    You can work trough 20kg of cherry in 6 hours

  • 𝑨𝟏.𝑨𝑩𝒁🗡

    I Hope He Has A Gajeck To Store All His Gajecks

  • c0c0nut4s
    c0c0nut4s Month ago

    0:16 cherry pider😂😂😂

  • Tobias Farkas
    Tobias Farkas Month ago

    Cherry Peter. This is going to be my son's name 😂

  • VK Tanev
    VK Tanev Month ago

    From where can I buy the best gadget from the clip ? (The purple one )

  • Kawaii Nani
    Kawaii Nani Month ago


  • yash Rathore
    yash Rathore Month ago

    Load it up bam bam bam bam bam----bam bam bam bam bam

  • Lord Piggie
    Lord Piggie Month ago +3

    That's alot of chey peter gadjicks.

  • Just Rileys LIFE
    Just Rileys LIFE Month ago

    I thought he said cherry peter

  • Dovydas Keršis
    Dovydas Keršis Month ago +1

    0:17 Cherry pidar :D

  • Diego Buono
    Diego Buono Month ago

    But with this one PUM PUM PUM PUM PUM PUM ,load,PUM PUM PUM PUM PUM PUM 😂😂

  • ian mclellan
    ian mclellan Month ago

    I prefer the big purple one

  • Fuckass Mcdickcheese

    “If you slap it real good it should work” the Chris Brown specialty

  • Forgottn Soul
    Forgottn Soul Month ago

    8:35 * russian war memories* BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM

  • aroN C
    aroN C Month ago

    he say "pits" to the Seed

  • Lunatiic11
    Lunatiic11 Month ago

    What do you do with all that food after you make the videos?

  • L Ray T.V.
    L Ray T.V. Month ago

    A Request; ease off the gadget videos and do life hack videos again. They were entertaining.

  • Pulse X
    Pulse X Month ago

    For the first cherry pitter I got a cherry pitter lol you are the best USclipr

  • Sp3ct0r music
    Sp3ct0r music Month ago

    Hei good job. From Italy

  • Destruco Niat
    Destruco Niat Month ago


  • Sauvik Bag
    Sauvik Bag Month ago +2

    You are awesome .
    Love from India.

  • Kellalizard
    Kellalizard Month ago

    I like it when you share Russian words with us. I feel nowadays that you're more hacker than CrazyRussian! 😊👌

  • kelvin-_- 040
    kelvin-_- 040 Month ago


  • Naahdude
    Naahdude Month ago

    Cherry Pider...Bljaaaa

  • Sweet Dr4kola
    Sweet Dr4kola Month ago

    all the dislikes from crazy rusian antiviruses

  • Trust Android Fuck Apple

    me: * is being birthed *
    my parents: 4:28

  • AMIN Hussain
    AMIN Hussain Month ago

    3rd one is the Best...

  • Cenan Metti
    Cenan Metti Month ago

    What a mission oofftt

  • LynnKacy
    LynnKacy Month ago

    8:35 hahaha so funny :D

  • CodeNameFabian CNF
    CodeNameFabian CNF Month ago

    I love your videos but I also miss the science videos :(

  • Gameplay hd
    Gameplay hd Month ago

    I have the first gadget

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago

    Russian hacker where coming to your house right now

  • Zoe BlueBerry
    Zoe BlueBerry Month ago

    Can you do an african mre?

  • Vivek Mishra
    Vivek Mishra Month ago

    In the last gadgik, I think cherry should go in from the mouth side

  • Alex Rubcov
    Alex Rubcov Month ago

    О боже, такой родной акцент, лайк

  • Asher Lopez Sioson
    Asher Lopez Sioson Month ago

    Taras how many bullies do you encounter when making your videos

  • Атанас Кралев

    Pillepup where you at?