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  • Published on May 3, 2018
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  • Audrey
    Audrey Month ago


  • guadi luppeeta
    guadi luppeeta 5 months ago

    That are soooooooooo scairryy i have night mares

  • Red Cheesecake
    Red Cheesecake 6 months ago

    When I was walking with my dog he stopped running and stared at the forest. He looked shocked and protectively.. I asked him (yeah I did): Do you see......something? Then he ran away and I felt someone near me something cold so I ran, too. I said it to my mum and she said, that I should be lucky that I had my dog with me...

  • Eli gaming
    Eli gaming 7 months ago


  • Kitty Angelique
    Kitty Angelique 7 months ago

    I almost can't hear you.

  • Alyse Moore
    Alyse Moore 7 months ago

    I'm good

  • Phoebe Playz
    Phoebe Playz 8 months ago


  • Kathy Gilbert
    Kathy Gilbert 9 months ago

    Well I got one but its not really mine its about my brother he was cleaning with my grandma and they heard the old radio turn on they went to see it whole their surprised but when my grandma almost turned it off but it turned off itself and they shruged it off and said "dang it Casper" its not even scary though

  • Keira Dewan
    Keira Dewan 11 months ago +4

    He said 100 questones

  • Zairy Nunez
    Zairy Nunez Year ago


  • regina
    regina Year ago

    She has a husband?!

  • Swapna Gowda
    Swapna Gowda Year ago


  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez Year ago

    That was crepy

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez Year ago


  • мαуα On The Beat

    ohh my name is Maya!!

  • Blue Bro
    Blue Bro Year ago +1

    whats the answer to the riddle

  • Flutterwolf pink
    Flutterwolf pink Year ago +4

    Zoe Wickham
    I thought he was in heaven im sorry i was shock

  • roger molina
    roger molina Year ago


  • Madeleine Morton - The Valleys Sr PS (1354)


  • Faith Martin
    Faith Martin Year ago


  • jast ebygeil:-D
    jast ebygeil:-D Year ago


  • BlackHacker 666
    BlackHacker 666 Year ago +4

    hey I have a REAL paranormal experience.
    PS. This is not a joke.
    when i was 11, 3 years ago my mom brought home an old doll she buy at the garage sale it only took me 3 days to play with it, at the first day it was normal but in the second day, it happened, I saw it moved and there's a little girl beside the door, at first, my mom didn't believe me she thought that " I'm making up "stories" " then at night it's eyes turned black and moved in front of me the same girl beside the door, I just ran to my mom to get rid of it then she did, in the morning, she gave it to my cousin then my " story " my mom didn't believed, happened to my cousin she said the same "story" to my Aunt, her mother , that's when mom started to believe me and I told her to tell my Aunt/ cousin's mother to burn it but I don't know if they did because since the doll came, I always been having nightmares, until now that girl who's moving the doll is always beside the door when I sleep and it's not helping because my house is small, I can see her and she can see me, she's watching my every move;
    " until now it hunts us till this very day."

  • Amore Cook
    Amore Cook Year ago

    I hate when my parents go who are you talking to it's scary omg

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter Year ago

    did anyone join the discord chat room CAUSE I DID :D

  • rainbow power
    rainbow power Year ago


  • my pet poo
    my pet poo Year ago

    Do anther

  • Ashrith Annam
    Ashrith Annam Year ago

    0:22 what's that behind the chair

  • keisi ketso
    keisi ketso Year ago

    I missed it you tube is so fricking annoying sometimes

  • Xenyuu Laraya
    Xenyuu Laraya Year ago

    i have friend Demon his name Lucifer

  • Zects MSP
    Zects MSP Year ago

    My dog keeps barking looking at the entry way 😨

  • Delaney Peterson
    Delaney Peterson Year ago

    Hi I am 667th

  • Andrea Mongelli
    Andrea Mongelli Year ago

    203 comment

  • Haliek
    Haliek Year ago

    I couldn't talk in the stream because my tablet is BROKEN and we don't have enough money for a new one 😟but I still love your vids and that's what matters 😆see ya

  • Audrey Scherer
    Audrey Scherer Year ago

    You’re good to go!

  • Krissy T
    Krissy T Year ago

    Woah, my name is Kristina and I have a friend named Kailey and the names are spelt the same. Also there is a girl a year above me that goes to my school named Maya.

  • Tianie Jimenez
    Tianie Jimenez Year ago

    I did

  • Tianie Jimenez
    Tianie Jimenez Year ago


  • Gemstone Wolf
    Gemstone Wolf Year ago

    Funny thing is "Sapphire" on discord is me haha

  • Big Head
    Big Head Year ago


  • Daviet Klein
    Daviet Klein Year ago

    What kind of Demons do you know?

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Year ago

    scary California T2wo

  • Lonely Kid
    Lonely Kid Year ago

    I know sapphire had a husband none of them ware scary lol sapphires are scary

  • dazie j
    dazie j Year ago


  • marten brugger
    marten brugger Year ago

    When I was younger I used to hate the dark , I needed the corridor light on . I used to imagine demon faces in front of me . I couldn't make a sound or scream so I believe it was sleep paralysis . But if it was real I'm pretty sure my childhood house was haunted by a little girl and a mother . I used to see and little girl curled up in the corner and when I walked in I saw a tall shadow that stood to my ceiling reaching down to her . I used to hide under my blanket with a torch . I got baptised when I was 12 and never saw them again but I doubt they were real and I believe in ghosts .

  • Whyis Cupcake
    Whyis Cupcake Year ago


  • shivam chandr
    shivam chandr Year ago

    Realy sapphire i thaught u were unmarried

  • Amber Jaxx
    Amber Jaxx Year ago

    1001th like.

  • Hazel Manibog
    Hazel Manibog Year ago


  • BananacatGaming:3

    My dog barks at my dads Chinese wooden figures ;-;

  • Lai Le
    Lai Le Year ago

    Make the fifth episode half a hour

  • Salvador_ Torres
    Salvador_ Torres Year ago

    I KNEW!!!

  • Angel Michaela Tudtud

    Let's make this comment section a live stream

  • Annie Thefan24
    Annie Thefan24 Year ago


  • Annie Cherrier
    Annie Cherrier Year ago

    I've got so many scary stories on the paranormal

  • LucidLili
    LucidLili Year ago

    When was younger I had an imaginary friend when I was younger, she didn't have a name though. around when I turned 7 I stopped seeing her. Then at 11 yrs old she came back, I didn't see her every where like when I was younger. But I saw her in a mirror. that same year I found that 1-2 years before I was born my mother had a miscarriage of a girl. they never named her but my dad wanted to name her Annabelle. ever since then paranormal things happend, I have dreams about her and other people say they've gotten a glimpse of her out of the corner of their eye. She still follows me and I still have dreams about her, but she isn't an evil spirit, she's never tried to hurt me in an way and has protected my family from other demons.

  • weird kid
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  • Roland Umphrey
    Roland Umphrey Year ago

    i thought her husband tom died

  • itz maddie
    itz maddie Year ago

    Um he said you owe me 1billon dollars and the man said it was true

  • that_unknown
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  • Heaven Grace_nino
    Heaven Grace_nino Year ago +5

    Hewo did u hear my story I’m gonna just do it again ok one day u was small and then my imaginary friends name was Lilly and she will ware dresses and girly things but one day I went to school my sister was not supposed to see her she was not real but she did like I told u she likes dresses but something was wrong she was all black and had blood then I went home and Lilly was talking to me and I got supper sceard and I was home alone and I was only four know that I’m nine I might see her or...I think I do at night she killed my sister and know I’m the only kid I’m scared that I’m gonna be next....I might will be next I still miss her..........

    • Sax & Art
      Sax & Art 11 months ago +1

      Grace jimin’s wife Park whut

  • Kadarious Banks
    Kadarious Banks Year ago


  • jennifer griffinPT

    Love it 😍

  • The Geeks
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  • Cool Comics 33
    Cool Comics 33 Year ago

    The devil is a jerk

  • Lilac Asquith
    Lilac Asquith Year ago

    Hey can you post more

  • galaxy V owl
    galaxy V owl Year ago

    Sault , are you a goth ?

  • Henry Delgado
    Henry Delgado Year ago

    Snarled just amazing you really are great

  • RalphCruz96
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  • APkittylady ***
    APkittylady *** Year ago +1

    I have a horror story for you so bad and I know you don’t know it cuz it’s true

  • Tom Oakes
    Tom Oakes Year ago +1

    Hey sapphire wanna hear something scary, I love your channel sooo much ❤️

  • Kinhime1
    Kinhime1 Year ago

    Thank you!

  • Kinhime1
    Kinhime1 Year ago

    Oh my gosh you told my story!!!!!

  • mr. benson
    mr. benson Year ago

    Aww i was late

  • Neko Sun
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  • thats how mafia works

    dam i missed it...also who loves sapphire's voice?

  • L.T.Unicorn Cat
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  • Xxsavage_ SenpiexX


  • Xxsavage_ SenpiexX


    XXX HOPEGIRL Year ago

    Good thing god bless us all
    Oh and I forgot to tell you I have four haunted dolls they move everyday but now I am used to it now I am best friends with them

  • XxGodlykimstarxX
    XxGodlykimstarxX Year ago

    hello :)

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  • roy er
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    Shing Ning Sim Year ago

    Hiiiiii I love uuuu

  • jade Alisson
    jade Alisson Year ago

    Tell us the scariest story you know

  • rainbow drop
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    127th person to comment new high score lol

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    omg I love you guys!

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    MAD UNITRON Year ago

    I Forget To Watch The Stream ;-;

  • UnicornFairy
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    My name is kaile...Theme demons has a kailey 😐

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    Hii !!

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