Can 20,000 Magnets Catch A Car Mid Air?

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  3 months ago +27424

    Subscribe or i'll kick you (if u are already subbed then you are ok)

  • Jason Parker
    Jason Parker 5 hours ago

    They went ehh, about a late 90's Tahoe? Those things make for great overlanding. Short wheel base, 42 gallon tank, it will fit an air mattress in the back, and large aftermarket available for suspension modifications. Screw those ungrateful snobs.

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 6 hours ago

    Subscribe or I will tell mr.beast

  • knaxx harald
    knaxx harald 10 hours ago


  • Kikiliki Koala
    Kikiliki Koala 13 hours ago

    So you made a incomple cirle

  • Chandryl
    Chandryl 16 hours ago

    Monopoly with a real money !

  • Ariana C
    Ariana C 20 hours ago +1

    I would actually watch these failed videos.


  • Drew Desharnais
    Drew Desharnais Day ago

    U should have uploaded the haystack one

  • Armando Reyna
    Armando Reyna Day ago


    FTOKEN KMD/EGD Day ago

    4:55 *chandler rubs grandma poster*

  • Miranda Goff
    Miranda Goff Day ago


  • mattislife
    mattislife Day ago

    10:21 chandler assaulting chris

  • Lurchnblue70
    Lurchnblue70 Day ago

    I'd pay a dollar just to see that Mr. Beast zoo.

  • Karan Kumar
    Karan Kumar Day ago

    I am ok

  • Parnit Kaur
    Parnit Kaur Day ago

    3:21 Chandler 😂😂😂😂

  • Ya boi Fortnite god

    10:32 you can see a string LOL

    I AM LEGEND Day ago

    I'll wait for the iphone that you will give me LOL 😂

  • Hawk Rider
    Hawk Rider 2 days ago +1

    7:50 *Chandler chewing on stings petting cats

  • Ali A Ali B
    Ali A Ali B 2 days ago

    At 4:58 why did chris rub the lady on the wall's eye???

    MANGTOMASGT 2 days ago

    0:36 when you try ur best but u dont suceeddd

  • Joel Varghese
    Joel Varghese 2 days ago +10

    PUBG with real guns

  • Mako Nako
    Mako Nako 2 days ago

    Can 1k people sub to my account?

  • Chan Manlapaz
    Chan Manlapaz 2 days ago

    its so dumb that it makes it so funny lmao

  • Raena Hawkins
    Raena Hawkins 3 days ago

    Yes I am subscribed

  • Blazeris Boom
    Blazeris Boom 3 days ago

    Make a little zoo with real animals

  • Samuel Denning
    Samuel Denning 3 days ago

    Stop making videos or PewDiePi Will come ii

  • Gacha Maca
    Gacha Maca 3 days ago

    Please post those videos on there own 😀

  • hms zaman
    hms zaman 3 days ago

    Are Chris and chandler having sexual sensation

  • Anonymous No One Knows

    I'm still Watching

  • Anonymous No One Knows

    Nice Mr. Beast

  • Joshuca
    Joshuca 3 days ago +2

    100lps of feathers weighs the same as 100lps of rock. The feathers just have more resistance. Please don't woosh me.

  • Iris He
    Iris He 4 days ago

    Idk if anyone noticed but at 0:15 it's says at the bottom of the fornite poster "0% real" 😂

  • Temo Rincon
    Temo Rincon 4 days ago

    That was great

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 5 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2020

    If you aren’t pewdiepie will steal ur cookies

  • Elephant and Fox
    Elephant and Fox 5 days ago

    Weird i would have watched all of them

  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes 5 days ago


  • Lexi Chan
    Lexi Chan 5 days ago +3

    I don’t know

    CAN IT?

  • jade zukateku
    jade zukateku 5 days ago

    chandler can i have that iphoneX?

  • Hit Gun Oh
    Hit Gun Oh 5 days ago

    Congrats for 17m!!!

  • Generic youtuber
    Generic youtuber 6 days ago

    how y’all doin?

  • Alex Janoher
    Alex Janoher 6 days ago

    they should have done leaps of faith in the haystacks lol

  • Beats By Neech
    Beats By Neech 6 days ago +1

    Dayuuuum ur fuckin st000000pid 😂

  • Dinosaur King
    Dinosaur King 6 days ago +1

    Dino racing was my favourite because dinosaurs have evolved they know how to drive

  • TDM181
    TDM181 6 days ago

    chanler poor chanler

  • LeonRosas
    LeonRosas 7 days ago

    UGH chantler is so FUCKING CUTE

    JR MCGRIFSTER 7 days ago

    “I’m gonna cheer rlly hard!”

  • Pasta 123
    Pasta 123 7 days ago

    If this button is grey you hat pewdiepie 👇🏿

  • cat girl 2009
    cat girl 2009 8 days ago

    walking the bear for twenty four hours

  • Sebby Greensmith
    Sebby Greensmith 8 days ago

    your content

  • Marcello Baczkiewicz

    Jokes on you I don't play fortnite I prefer PUBG still I'm Subscribed

  • Nightcore Wolf
    Nightcore Wolf 8 days ago


  • Željana S
    Željana S 9 days ago

    Haystack and feathers vs rocks should have been uploaded

  • Mini Bomb
    Mini Bomb 9 days ago

    I was legit eating gold fish 6:26

  • Anything Agency
    Anything Agency 9 days ago +5

    for the love of god, stop using ceramic magnets.

  • •TIA• •••
    •TIA• ••• 10 days ago

    can jou buy me a PS4

  • Snowy Leopard Daily
    Snowy Leopard Daily 11 days ago

    Give me your grandma poster

  • zack moola
    zack moola 11 days ago

    U can’t delete my fortnite account I don’t have one

  • Bird Life
    Bird Life 12 days ago


  • nish
    nish 12 days ago

    I love u

  • Brian Turner
    Brian Turner 12 days ago +1

    I subscribed to Pewdipie

  • Tobey Howard
    Tobey Howard 13 days ago

    OMG at 4:58 chiller is rubbing the Grandma

  • N Galaxy
    N Galaxy 13 days ago +1

    I know this uploaded this on my birthday my birthday but you don't need to show it!

    Jeez youtube be doing everything wrong.

  • Supreme Melon
    Supreme Melon 13 days ago +2

    The videos which don't get uploaded on the main channel could be uploaded to a second channel

  • FrozeLaser
    FrozeLaser 14 days ago +1

    I am in the bottom of the world ×_× The FBI is working with the government.

  • Sicko Bamba
    Sicko Bamba 14 days ago +2

    Should've uploaded them 😭

  • Josie G
    Josie G 15 days ago +1

    I would have liked to see the rest of the hay one

  • M&C vlogs Martin
    M&C vlogs Martin 15 days ago

    Don’t kick me pls

    SPOOKY GAMING 15 days ago +1

    I don't even play fortnite that how you can even delete it? 😂

  • pilot goat
    pilot goat 15 days ago

    Yo ,Can i have $300 on my paypal .ur the awsome is person on the earth

  • Levi Fox Burlock
    Levi Fox Burlock 16 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Stampfla
    Stampfla 16 days ago +1

    We have larger hay stacks in our 600 inhabitants town . . .

  • str225
    str225 16 days ago +1

    can 20000 comments convince mr beast to play monopoly with real money?

  • kuromi 28
    kuromi 28 16 days ago

    Plss do donating money to artists on twitch when I mean artist as in people that draws

  • se7en
    se7en 16 days ago


  • equesseptem
    equesseptem 17 days ago

    is saying that your content is better than pewdiepie's breaking one of the ten mr beast commandments? if so your content is one below pewdiepie's

  • Allison S
    Allison S 17 days ago

    i think im sexually attracted to mr beast

  • Megan's Animals
    Megan's Animals 17 days ago +2

    For all those equestrians realise that hay stack is tiny

  • BisDAk Channel
    BisDAk Channel 17 days ago


  • Dionak Gammer
    Dionak Gammer 17 days ago +3

    "There isn't enough potato in our city"
    *Potato famine intensifies*

  • Cheryl Engstrom
    Cheryl Engstrom 17 days ago

    Rip jakes car

  • StopAndListen
    StopAndListen 18 days ago

    Ok, I'm REALLY sorry and I'm only saying this because I thought it was funny, but the first time I read the title I thought it said "Midgets" instead of "Magnets".

  • emanueleB
    emanueleB 18 days ago

    Hmmm can a car catch 20.000 magnete in mid air?

  • PPPotatowolf
    PPPotatowolf 18 days ago

    You guys filmed Idubbz and didn't notice wow

  • CL macale
    CL macale 19 days ago

    I dare you to make me happy

  • arif hadhari
    arif hadhari 19 days ago

    more chandler screentime plz

  • Ge Rald
    Ge Rald 19 days ago

    Mr. Beast (38)

  • Panda Tech
    Panda Tech 20 days ago

    You= $$$$

  • Boneless Gaming
    Boneless Gaming 20 days ago +2

    We all know the answers to these vids are no but still watch them

  • Bryn Klibbe
    Bryn Klibbe 20 days ago

    Hey Mr beast retry some of the better ideas with fans

  • Super Sharkie
    Super Sharkie 20 days ago

    Pewds is winning

  • Chou Tzuyu ❤️🍭❤️🇰🇷

    The Haystack Idea has content

  • Unapocoliptically
    Unapocoliptically 21 day ago


  • oh fuck you're right, but


  • The World
    The World 21 day ago

    7:43 what is Chris doing

  • Oscar del Castillo
    Oscar del Castillo 21 day ago

    You suck

  • SilverSpoon01
    SilverSpoon01 22 days ago

    So what was wrong with the Haystack vid? You could have had Dueling Banjos the background! It would have been awesome!

  • Dj Squad
    Dj Squad 22 days ago

    where you in OHIO when you where a dino by family dollar I was in family dollar and seen you

  • vishal aggarwal
    vishal aggarwal 22 days ago

    Mr beast can you please give me speed cube because I have always Used 2 dollar speed cube