My Parents Catfished Me To Control Me

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019

    Hello guys, I’m Madison. I know that the story I'm gonna tell you right now is really messed up. Stuff like this is far from normal and both my parents and I are well aware of how terrible it all might sound. But this… still happened.
    So it all started when I met a guy on Instagram. He liked some of my pictures and pretty soon DMed about a book I had mentioned in one of my posts. Talking to me about literature is the quick way to winning over my heart. I know this sounds funny, but it’s true. So I replied and we started talking. His name was Sean, he was about my age, and… he was cute.
    I just have to mention. There was NO FLIRTING coming from him throughout the whole story. He was just being nice, I was dropping hints, but he did not respond. It got me annoyed at the time, but now I feel relieved.
    Anyway I had been telling him stuff about school, about my friends, about my family… just stuff I was up to. I was trying to keep it cute and smart.
    And here’s what was going on between my parents and I at that time. You see, my family never really understood the concept of “personal” space. My parents always said that there should be no secrets in our family, that we should share everything, and that we should trust each other more than we trust anybody else. And sometimes in my life this approach has helped me a lot: I always found support and comfort there. And I didn't know it could be any other way either, since it's always been like this. But everything changed when I turned 14.
    I was growing up and, most of all, I felt a huge need for personal space. I guess many of you might be able to relate to that. It was not about doing something behind closed doors, it was more about the feeling, the “psychological” space I guess. I started to not share as much with my parents and (the most basic example) I started to close the door to my room, which was open 24/7 throughout my childhood. My parents would walk by or come in and I had had no problem with that… until now.
    And my parents did not understand. We had multiple conversations about it - not really fights, but these talks were not pleasant. I explained to them that I needed personal space, but they acted like these two words didn't exist in the English language.
    Phew, sorry I'm getting off track, this has been bothering me for a long time already. Anyway, Sean and I started texting each other. He wouldn't reply immediately like most of my friends do, sometimes it would take him hours. But I didn't care. He seemed so much like me. Everything he said was so accurate, like he knew exactly what to say to win my trust. I didn’t even notice the moment that I started telling him everything about my life, since it usually takes me way more time to get close with someone.
    So it was going perfectly. He was living in another town and we never talked about meeting in real life, but I started to think about it constantly. And, I know how crazy it sounds, but all of this happened within A WEEK. Then he disappeared.
    Yeah, you heard that right, he just stopped texting me. He vanished. I was devastated. Am I that ugly and boring that it’s just impossible to talk to me for more than a few days? I didn't see this coming at all, he didn't ever seem disappointed! The more I thought about it, the more complicated it got. I had never felt so bad in my life.
    I checked his account every day, but nothing was going on there. No new pictures, no stories, just nothing.
    And the people who tried really hard to help me get out of this were my parents. They did not force me to go to school, and they were so caring and tried to distract me. One day both of them took the day off just for us to drive to the beach, which is not too far away from our town, and spend the day together. All day, I thought about how lucky I was to have parents like this.
    A little later, after some fresh air, I did feel a little better so I decided to investigate. He only had a handful of followers, and this was the first time that I checked on who these people were. And… they were just some spam accounts. And I have to mention that he only had a few pictures on his account, hmmm... and on second thought they were pretty... generic. Like a picture of a sunset, the book he had texted me about… not much really. And don’t judge me, but I didn’t question Sean’s existence because when we talked, he sounded so so real.
    These discoveries did not make me any happier. Even if it was not about me, what kind of evil person would do something like that? I was drowning in my thoughts about it, but pretty soon everything became clear.

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