AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!

  • Published on May 13, 2018
  • I'm always on the lookout for new amazing buffets, and when I heard that AB's had all you can eat kebabs, I knew I had to go.
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Comments • 2 371

  • Khushi Kalra
    Khushi Kalra Hour ago

    You should visit in delhi because delhi have best street food

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar Day ago

    You made the right choice bruh by choosing AB's !! Their buffet spread and service is always top notch

  • Tina pt
    Tina pt Day ago

    India always has the best quality and variety on their buffets. 😍

  • naveen kumar
    naveen kumar Day ago

    Great indian food

  • The IDK Guy
    The IDK Guy 2 days ago

    People killed sharks more than sharks killed human, who's the predator?

  • Himanshu Kumar
    Himanshu Kumar 2 days ago

    I can make mia khalifa wait if these are on my table

  • Deepak R
    Deepak R 3 days ago

    How can he eat that much..???

  • Tzuyu,Jeongeon & Me Having love triangle

    India has best buffes ever in tha world
    If u are rich 10-60 USD per person ....
    If not rich theres many with 2-5 USD per person .... I have even visited one place with just 1$ per person price(for unlimited vegan food) ..... With best satisfaction ...

  • shyamreddy ps
    shyamreddy ps 3 days ago

    Hyderabad BBQ

  • Daphne Dee
    Daphne Dee 3 days ago

    I'm salavating right now

  • Gautam Mehta
    Gautam Mehta 5 days ago

    Where is this Restaurant

  • Rex Nakamura
    Rex Nakamura 5 days ago

    Seriously Catherine

  • Mocha Mocha
    Mocha Mocha 6 days ago

    Excellent place. I went there

  • Sålvåtîōn 0410
    Sålvåtîōn 0410 6 days ago

    Oml it’s shark fish not the actual shark 😭😭😭

  • Sixtus
    Sixtus 6 days ago

    Why did they all look like they wanted to mob you at 3:52 😅

  • Tom
    Tom 6 days ago

    you end up loving like 99% of everything you eat. shrimp gets overcooked and burnt? "oh whoa! thats actually great!!!"

  • Rosie Ortiz
    Rosie Ortiz 7 days ago

    You cracked me up on the chili on a stick.. great video .. food looked great.. an awesome customer service

  • YaMinnie Naidu
    YaMinnie Naidu 7 days ago

    I’ve been there

  • Guru Prasad
    Guru Prasad 8 days ago


  • Advait Pophali
    Advait Pophali 8 days ago

    see the irony "I cant eat rabbit, cause they so adorable!!".
    I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BDW who sponsors you?

  • Rayd 101
    Rayd 101 10 days ago

    oh yeah...Oh Yeah...OH YEAH... O H Y E A H... LOVE IT MAN XD

  • Gabriel Aguilar
    Gabriel Aguilar 11 days ago

    They be like:
    Eat more Spend more!! 😂😂😂😂

    • Gabriel Aguilar
      Gabriel Aguilar 2 hours ago

      Oh... Sorry never really got out of the Philippines so idk about that 0w0

    • Kunjukunju nil
      Kunjukunju nil 8 days ago

      No It's a fixed price so the "All You Can Eat" buffet tag

  • Aayush Shrestha
    Aayush Shrestha 12 days ago

    shark how they catch it?

  • JBderEchte YT
    JBderEchte YT 12 days ago

    I love Shark

  • Mohit Sondhi
    Mohit Sondhi 13 days ago

    Wtf 12:22. He said he’s mutton’s best frnd. Apart from his foodie knowledge, his sense of humour is also lit 😂😂

  • Nagaraja rao Gangodu
    Nagaraja rao Gangodu 14 days ago

    After mike left, may be they changed the name of the potatoes to "Mike's signature dish" and become the best seller /recommended in a BBQ restaraunt that sells meat ^_^/

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 14 days ago

    I went there yesterday I was full only with starters and my appetite is huge , food was yum deserts were to die for and everything was good .

  • shreya bhandari
    shreya bhandari 16 days ago

    you should have tried shawarma in Hyderabad. it is damn good.

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 16 days ago +1

    I am going there today 😇 excited

  • Nazmul Arefin
    Nazmul Arefin 17 days ago

    your buffet videos are best. Keep sharing more buffets...

  • kapamaru
    kapamaru 17 days ago

    10 dollars??????? only??????

  • Betelgeuse
    Betelgeuse 18 days ago


  • Stanley Chin
    Stanley Chin 19 days ago +1

    I hoped you tipped your housekeeper a million dollar just for cleaning your toilet....

  • kanak bhagat
    kanak bhagat 20 days ago +1

    I have tried these before

  • kanak bhagat
    kanak bhagat 20 days ago +1

    This place is barbecue nation

  • Aiyub Doria
    Aiyub Doria 22 days ago

    Do you see all the jews in the chicken and fish ???

  • Bridget Darby
    Bridget Darby 22 days ago

    Should go to Jamaica to try real sauce my friend

  • Question Religion
    Question Religion 23 days ago

    US$10 WOW!

  • Khan Patan
    Khan Patan 23 days ago

    how can you eat that much..indian food.. crazy

  • Jayanth Kumar
    Jayanth Kumar 24 days ago

    The potatoes, crispy corn, and pineapples are basically to fill you up so you don't load up on more expensive prawn or mutton lol

  • Ahsan Bukhari
    Ahsan Bukhari 24 days ago

    Plz come to Pakistan

  • Reverse FlasS
    Reverse FlasS 24 days ago

    BBQ charges before 7pm 500-750₹ (7-11$ max)
    BBQ charges after 7pm 1000-1500₹ (15-20$ max)
    I just gave birthday treat to my friends at BBQ Nation at Vadodara.
    This guy can eat.. I mean really 😂 He didn't try the drinks though

  • Nature Lover
    Nature Lover 25 days ago

    I went to this place too
    started with starters and desserts later
    my stomach was so full i couldn't eat the main meal , only ate a spoonful.
    One of the 'happy food' places in my city Hyderabad.

  • Ganesh Bharadwaj
    Ganesh Bharadwaj 26 days ago

    4:22 Sharks don't have Bones*

  • summer jones
    summer jones 26 days ago

    I'm suprised people aren't thinking about how he said emu.

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar 26 days ago

    I wonder how much he eat, he really have a appetite.

  • samir kittur
    samir kittur 26 days ago

    Loved the video. Please do come back soon to india. Lots more still to eat. Would love to host you.

  • Yogesh Gupta
    Yogesh Gupta 27 days ago

    I m an Indian bt I m also surprised to c this cheap price , can't believe it's 10$ only....

  • ATR teja
    ATR teja 27 days ago

    11:44 This is the reaction which I will make when my friend say’s he is going to buy me kfc big 8

  • Oki Doki
    Oki Doki 27 days ago

    Never mix meat and fish

    ABHISHEK THAKUR 28 days ago

    Oh Yeah .. Oh Yeah ..... Ohhh Yeaaaahhh..

  • Niranjan Prakash
    Niranjan Prakash 28 days ago

    Starring Mikey Chen, the Buffy version of Jackie Chan, JAWS 8!

  • Apurva Rai
    Apurva Rai 28 days ago

    His love for potato is not going to fade away xD

  • Q 1
    Q 1 28 days ago

    Who else watching got up n went to the kitchen to eat 🤣

  • Sudhir Patil
    Sudhir Patil 29 days ago +2

    Chinese bakasur lagta hye

  • Ram Y
    Ram Y 29 days ago

    Please give honest reviews.. I have been to ABS.. This is not that great as u r saying..

    • Q 1
      Q 1 28 days ago

      Its his opinion.

  • Sriharsha Karnati
    Sriharsha Karnati 29 days ago

    How tf can you eat so much. Are you even human?!

  • kim jong pun
    kim jong pun 29 days ago

    Please do try kabab factory in Gurgaon its very expensive but worth it

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan Month ago

    I have been to Ab's so many times, just love their food and their service, it's the same for everyone they make everyone feel special

  • Dhanagopalan Murugesan

    All that for 10$ so guys enjoy ! :P

  • Saba Meraj
    Saba Meraj Month ago

    the best thing is he doesnt keeps saying indian food is so spicy... asians like spicy foods

  • king Kohli
    king Kohli Month ago

    Same as Barbeque nations.

  • Dr.Rajneesh ARORA
    Dr.Rajneesh ARORA Month ago

    Can't conrol the ocean coming out of my mouth.Proud to be an INDIAN

  • Gamers Gtx 960
    Gamers Gtx 960 Month ago +1

    oh yeah,Oh Yeah
    OOOOOOO Yeah
    O Yeah

  • Rapaka Srikanth
    Rapaka Srikanth Month ago

    Im frm hyderabad ✋

  • Zachary Folse
    Zachary Folse Month ago +1

    Mike ‘Your stomach is a universeee’ Chen xD

  • sopan aiwale
    sopan aiwale Month ago

    hey bro u always welcome in india

  • matthew yang
    matthew yang Month ago +1

    Aha if u can eat duck, then u can eat a rabbit also 😂 cuz they’re both considered cute! So might as well eat it lol! Rabbit is so bomb tbh

  • Nilanjan Naskar
    Nilanjan Naskar Month ago

    Is this in Hyderabad or Kolkata?

  • Jon Samuels
    Jon Samuels Month ago +1

    That pepper turned him n2 Jackie Chan! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jon Samuels
    Jon Samuels Month ago +2

    Talk about a DREAM JOB!!!

  • Jon Samuels
    Jon Samuels Month ago +1

    Emu, shark, rabbit! I’m an adventurous eater so I’d LOVE 2 try everything here! Never understood people who are “weirded out” by things just because it’s not “regular” foods or they haven’t tried em b4. U WONT KNKW UNTIL U TRY IT!!!.........TRY IT!!!

  • Chinmayee M
    Chinmayee M Month ago

    Is this a branch of Barbeque Nation in Hyderabad or a completely different establishment? The vegetarian grilled starters were identical to BBQ nation 😲

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Month ago

    Its hard to watch at 2am

  • shakti singh
    shakti singh Month ago

    Barbeque nation is better

  • bhima raju
    bhima raju Month ago

    Which ABS is this in hyderabad

  • Jennyfer
    Jennyfer Month ago

    ajwain is not the name of the fish....ajwain is a spice the dish is ajwain fish

  • DemiGod .o
    DemiGod .o Month ago +1

    Mike a shark has no bones

  • prutha joshi
    prutha joshi Month ago

    Where is this place???

  • Aryan ROBBEN
    Aryan ROBBEN Month ago

    Aur kha chilli aur masale India Mai 😂😂😂

  • DrgnMage2536
    DrgnMage2536 Month ago

    I am just salivating watching this

  • Lan Feng
    Lan Feng Month ago

    I wanna be his camera guy

  • goof ball
    goof ball Month ago +1

    But ducks are cute to lol

  • Liirachu Joe Joe
    Liirachu Joe Joe Month ago

    I think those are alu chops ..

  • Liirachu Joe Joe
    Liirachu Joe Joe Month ago

    Wow that's amazing and didn knew India had such many flavours ...and it's really schocking how u can eat sooo much 😂

  • Max gamertag
    Max gamertag Month ago

    shark doesn't have any bones they are made up of cartilage

  • Ankit Pant
    Ankit Pant Month ago

    You should go to Lucknow if you like meat or veggies even.

  • Sam Nigam
    Sam Nigam Month ago

    Thanks a lot Mikey like really feeling hungry after watching u munch. Wow this place in Chennai is worth going seems yummy. Tempting Barbeque n starters 😋😂

  • kek
    kek Month ago +3

    If only Indian's ate Beef and Pork.
    They would have made magic with those spices and meats.

    • F U B
      F U B 28 days ago +2

      they eat beef and pork
      There are restrictions on eating these in some states of India

    • Bulu Thaodem
      Bulu Thaodem Month ago

      Go North East for that

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade Month ago

    i always,always kill myself watching this kind of video 😅

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha Month ago +1

    India 🇮🇳

  • Privacy Programer
    Privacy Programer Month ago

    Litterally foodporn, mickey is a great foodstar, damn you, i'm gonna threaten you ! One day ! You'll find yourself dead ! You'll regret the day you made me cry because i can't reach this buffet

  • MoronSoldier
    MoronSoldier Month ago

    Crispy Corn at Indian Grill restaurants is BOMB! Legit good!

  • Umakanta Chhatria
    Umakanta Chhatria Month ago

    He was eating my 3days of meal😂😂😂how he maintains himself,he is in great shape👌👌

    ASH KETHUM Month ago +1

    Woooo you sure eat a lot

  • Tro Trak
    Tro Trak Month ago +4

    Why are we still here, just to suffer

  • Thena Cartwright
    Thena Cartwright Month ago

    I think I gain weight watching you eat 😂😂😂

  • Saniya S
    Saniya S Month ago

    I miss going to bbq nation and AB’s 😭. Used to go there all the time! You are so funny!

  • peter russell
    peter russell Month ago

    butchered that emu line gosh

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran Month ago +5

    Food in Hyderabad is Amazing