Eating McDonald's Around The World


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  • Important Basics
    Important Basics 17 minutes ago

    My favourite are peri peri fries

  • Tiffany Zhang
    Tiffany Zhang 18 minutes ago

    Wait, I went to France last year and they had macaroons

  • Crypto Jacques
    Crypto Jacques 22 minutes ago

    0:16 gottem

  • Diane Du Havre
    Diane Du Havre 56 minutes ago

    Canada 🇨🇦

  • Fanny Montoya
    Fanny Montoya 58 minutes ago

    0:15 if you use tik tok you would understand

  • Jazlyn Castaneda
    Jazlyn Castaneda Hour ago

    In Hawaii here instead of hash brown we have rice

  • ZeFFir
    ZeFFir Hour ago

    WieśMac kurwa.

  • JaySlays
    JaySlays Hour ago

    Every other McDonald’s besides the us looks more appetizing...

  • guilherme tubal
    guilherme tubal Hour ago

    you should put portuguese apple pie from mc donalds

  • Riad Shour
    Riad Shour Hour ago

    00:15 gotcha 🤣

    JOSI- BAER Hour ago

    Why Not Germany

  • Jeremy Alexander
    Jeremy Alexander Hour ago

    "We've got piri piri fries and I don't think they're available anywhere outside of India". Well that's a damn shame because piri piri is from a Caribbean pepper that was cultivated and altered in SE Africa and brought to India by the Portugese. It has nothing to do with India, yet that's the only place you can get it. Sure, that makes sense. Terrible video btw, I can barely hear what little audio there is, and there are no real descriptions of anything, just camera shots. This is why I unsub regularly. If it wasn't for the Worth It restaurant crew, I'd block you if I could.

  • Soothing Scenery: Instant Decor!

    McDonald's needs to add an international menu, like with the McRib, but instead of an occasional bbq pork sandwich, there could be occasional, semi-random, regional selections from.... somewhere else (based on food supply/distribution/cost).
    It'd help McDonald's become a really exciting restaurant -- instead of, you know, the equivalent of a human gas station, happy-meal-toy distributor, or whatever it is now (which is not great), and whatever it's turning into (which is even less than not-great).

  • East Hellinic Gamer
    East Hellinic Gamer 2 hours ago

    Aaaand there are not McDonalds in my country

  • Dani silva
    Dani silva 2 hours ago

    This was actually entertaining to watch

  • Bo Bo
    Bo Bo 2 hours ago

    In fact, poutine is not a Canadian dish, it is from Quebec

    ICEDYX 3 hours ago

    Yup,where is Malaysia Mcd?

  • Ellen Petrea Kloster
    Ellen Petrea Kloster 3 hours ago


  • crystL
    crystL 3 hours ago

    literally only asian countries

  • Ila & Ely Cugine kawaii

    Italy ???

  • caroline hickman
    caroline hickman 3 hours ago

    china really caught our neck

  • Frosty Flamer
    Frosty Flamer 3 hours ago +1

    0:16 👌👌👌😂😂

  • jiangshi judd
    jiangshi judd 3 hours ago

    3:24 I swear to god that person sound like Hoshizora
    also you guys didn’t include McArabia what a missed opportunity lmao (but other than that nice)

  • Maty17 _CZ
    Maty17 _CZ 4 hours ago

    Double Chesseburger

  • Itz Asphire
    Itz Asphire 4 hours ago

    I want poutine ;-;

  • Viviana Arce
    Viviana Arce 4 hours ago +1

    Caramel frappe ❤️

  • Myeonnigot7
    Myeonnigot7 4 hours ago

    Mcspicy from singapore that taste like chick filla but 10x better. Kthxbye

  • LegacyBasketball id
    LegacyBasketball id 4 hours ago


  • adriano souza
    adriano souza 4 hours ago

    Where is Brazil?

  • Lt. Ninja
    Lt. Ninja 4 hours ago

    I live in Edmonton lol

  • Dolan Stories
    Dolan Stories 4 hours ago +1

    Why does US have to be so boring ?

  • Kookie’s bunny teeth

    I want to have a boba tea-

  • fatima noor
    fatima noor 5 hours ago

    poutine's my fav canada

  • Pure Evilness
    Pure Evilness 5 hours ago

    My favorite was the teryaki burger

  • sweetbean5139
    sweetbean5139 5 hours ago

    Where is the epic McOz?

  • Fraxer Tv Channel
    Fraxer Tv Channel 5 hours ago


  • Julius Anthony dela Cruz

    I love Thailand's Kra Pao and Japan's Teriyaki Burger!

  • Anawat167
    Anawat167 5 hours ago


  • binh le quoc
    binh le quoc 5 hours ago

    Where is viet nam

  • Jazz Jazz
    Jazz Jazz 5 hours ago


  • Waleed Alhakami
    Waleed Alhakami 5 hours ago

    What about Middle East

  • Josh Penaflor
    Josh Penaflor 6 hours ago

    Me: *Goes to Sydney, Australia McDonald's*

  • Vivi Loves EXO
    Vivi Loves EXO 6 hours ago

    Oh if only buble tea was available internationally :'(

  • Rayyancrafting indo
    Rayyancrafting indo 6 hours ago

    i like big mac lol

  • The Æther Confluence
    The Æther Confluence 6 hours ago

    No Singapore? Sad

  • minh thông trần - Killervn

    I need more video like this >:)

  • Atom Atit
    Atom Atit 7 hours ago

    Thailand its have ice cream I'm Thailand

  • Khalid Ali
    Khalid Ali 7 hours ago

    I love ❤️ love 💕 McDonald’s mc flurry and McDonald’s France 🍟 a lot

  • dankiboiis
    dankiboiis 7 hours ago

    You looked

  • SupercoolGames
    SupercoolGames 7 hours ago

    man, NZ had the georgie pie tho...

  • MarvelNyte WE1RD0
    MarvelNyte WE1RD0 7 hours ago

    0:16 👌 Thanks 👏👏Meme Review👏👏

  • Nilton Floriano da Silva Filho

    In Brazil, this Big Mac is a great hamburger!

  • Probably Noob
    Probably Noob 8 hours ago

    Did you know?
    The McSpag only exists in the Phillipines for some reason.

  • savage TRISTAN
    savage TRISTAN 8 hours ago

    they hAve table service in canada

  • ira Nazari
    ira Nazari 8 hours ago

    In malaysia we have nasi lemak.. At mcd..

  • GT Translogistic
    GT Translogistic 9 hours ago


  • À Human
    À Human 9 hours ago

    McDonald's Middle East anyone? Dubai? Doha? Kuwait city?

  • Dimas Farhan
    Dimas Farhan 9 hours ago


  • H4MXP _ Gaming
    H4MXP _ Gaming 9 hours ago

    Wares is Malaysia

  • Vinny Gamer
    Vinny Gamer 9 hours ago

    I want Brazil, Europe and Africa McDonald's

  • Marduck 230202
    Marduck 230202 10 hours ago +1

    Te Deluxe fries from spain

  • Angelina Prunes
    Angelina Prunes 10 hours ago

    In Austria: Big Rösti😂

  • Jungkookie Cute
    Jungkookie Cute 10 hours ago

    Why you say "Around the world" If there is no Indonesia in there.

  • Sapphire Sweets
    Sapphire Sweets 11 hours ago

    Australia brekkie burger 🍔

  • Jumpbee889 Jumpbee789
    Jumpbee889 Jumpbee789 11 hours ago

    No Indonesian boo boo.... No one

  • Corn flakes
    Corn flakes 11 hours ago

    every diabetes in the world

  • EL 835
    EL 835 11 hours ago

    No country in Europe !??

  • C Schwartz
    C Schwartz 11 hours ago

    My favourite food is a poutine there so good

  • Sophie Pullan
    Sophie Pullan 12 hours ago

    What about us that live in England

  • lucky._. gabbie
    lucky._. gabbie 12 hours ago

    i just like nuggets.

  • The Idiots
    The Idiots 12 hours ago

    We would like to have Arabic signature Mac
    I have great ideas

  • Amanda Dewi
    Amanda Dewi 12 hours ago


  • เบื่อพวกโลกสวย


  • xXProgamerbajXx
    xXProgamerbajXx 14 hours ago

    Mmmmm poutine

  • xXProgamerbajXx
    xXProgamerbajXx 14 hours ago

    Les go Canada I’m Canadian busy the way also half Indian

  • iiMysterious Forever
    iiMysterious Forever 14 hours ago

    I wish there is. McDonald's in Cambodia ;-;

  • Muhammad Arsya
    Muhammad Arsya 14 hours ago

    No indonesia

  • Yumi Karnchanawanich
    Yumi Karnchanawanich 14 hours ago

    I’m from Bangkok Thailand and when I eat in McDonald’s I always get the “Samurai burger” and The “Mc kao krakob crispy chicken “

  • ungku puteri nuraini al shah

    malaysia is not in video where malaysia always exchange menu and is very good..

  • Zarar Bangash
    Zarar Bangash 15 hours ago


  • Mys Thick
    Mys Thick 15 hours ago

    How about the mcdonalds in the Philippines?

  • Tegar Nino
    Tegar Nino 16 hours ago


  • The Good Mine Builder
    The Good Mine Builder 16 hours ago

    You forgot Mexico, it has a McDonald's too

    A.R.M.Y MOCHI 17 hours ago

    The mcdonalds in the philippines has different menu's

  • sғ •vιper•
    sғ •vιper• 17 hours ago +3

    In Malaysia we Nasi Lemak Burger...

  • Amy Ly
    Amy Ly 18 hours ago

    0:17 oh wow.

  • Anak Yoongi
    Anak Yoongi 18 hours ago

    1:21 I hope Malaysia have this.. cuz i like spicy fries

  • Yasmeen Muzaffar
    Yasmeen Muzaffar 18 hours ago +1

    And Malaysia in the background...😭

  • Jeweeジュエ
    Jeweeジュエ 18 hours ago

    *So many mcdonald's around the world* ☺☺

  • Yuvraj Gill
    Yuvraj Gill 19 hours ago


  • Albert Don
    Albert Don 20 hours ago +2

    The Shake Shake Fries is available on 🇲🇴

  • Matheus Silva
    Matheus Silva 20 hours ago

    Why tf does every other place but america have luxury mcdonalds

  • Aimee Douthat
    Aimee Douthat 20 hours ago +2

    We have Big Macs in Australia we have had them for 50 years

  • Jonas P.
    Jonas P. 20 hours ago

    I like a Big Mac with a few chicken McNuggets and French fries on it

  • Buster with no likes on comments

    I guess you forgot *Malaysia..*

  • leonardo gomez santos
    leonardo gomez santos 20 hours ago

    McDonald's is the home of diabetes😂😂😂😂

  • Sofie Delidow
    Sofie Delidow 21 hour ago

    Awww why don't they have kiosks in the US?

  • Beth Foreman
    Beth Foreman 21 hour ago

    What about england

  • Charles Tulafono
    Charles Tulafono 21 hour ago

    Of course us kiwis (NZ) have the fries in bag n shake👍🏼

  • FiFi Piwko
    FiFi Piwko 22 hours ago

    Only polish WieśMac soo yummy