Eating McDonald's Around The World

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • From poutine to chicken rice bowls to teriyaki burgers, experience these difference types of unique McDonald's items around the world - POV style!
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Comments • 9 376

  • Bob Camerban
    Bob Camerban 4 minutes ago

    Im glad they didn’t show the UK

  • John S
    John S 5 hours ago +2

    Africa: This burger is called the McNothing.

  • Kim KyungHyun
    Kim KyungHyun 8 hours ago


  • Dark Tiger
    Dark Tiger 10 hours ago

    I like mcdonals in malaysia

  • MightyOwl
    MightyOwl 13 hours ago +1

    I thought Big Macs were a worldwide thing, they certainly have them in Australia

  • AllyLolz Gacha
    AllyLolz Gacha 15 hours ago

    I’m in Australia Sydney there stuff is so gudddddddd!!!

  • Muhammad Siraj
    Muhammad Siraj 16 hours ago

    how come there is no Indonesia?

  • Omq_ItsRaining
    Omq_ItsRaining 18 hours ago

    i got a mcdonald commercial

  • Amina Mursalova
    Amina Mursalova 19 hours ago

    Piri piri fries

  • michael kennedy
    michael kennedy 20 hours ago

    We stopped buying from Macca's about 6 months in Australia. I did recently try Macca's on a road trip in both Phoenix and again in Dallas on a trip there and can say it was very very BAD. In and Out Burger kicks it to death.
    We do love a hamburger, for convienence and taste.
    I thought we would give it a go AGAIN, YESTEREDAY 17/6/19 AT CLONTARF QLD AUSTRALIA and see if it had improved unfortunately NOT. I threw my burgers in the garbage. The chips where limp and cold, the "BRONCO" Burger was tepid, with hard lettuce a small piece of beetroot. way to much BBQ sauce it was oozing out of the side of the bun. the slice of tomato had no taste and was rock hard in its centre. The cheeseburger was tepid also with way to much sauce and the cheeseburger was noticeably smaller than they used to be.
    MACCAS used to be reliable and consistent but now all we ever find now is inconsistency in your brand. And different service levels across the country. IT IS DISAPPOINTING ESPECIALLY IF YOU GRAB DRIVE THRU AND ARE ON THE ROAD AS WE ARE ALL THE TIME.
    We now see that Carls Jnr are here we may give them a try as both Macca's and Hungry Jacks are poor examples of something that should be simple, tasty and homely.


  • Michaela Sandoval
    Michaela Sandoval 23 hours ago

    I was eating a Big Mac while watching this lol

  • CreamyPuff !
    CreamyPuff ! Day ago +1

    0:17 Why can’t we have that in America?

  • Nolan Brodrecht
    Nolan Brodrecht Day ago +1

    Where my Canadian bois at

  • Matt Matt and Alan Adventures!

    Peri peri fries are outside India they are amazing! Just thinking about them makes my mouth water already😋 edit in Uk they are spelt with e not I

  • huskylover10392
    huskylover10392 2 days ago

    0:15 ladys and gentleman...

    We got them!

  • Kallie q
    Kallie q 2 days ago

    USA'S MCdonalds is like Canada's

  • Nora Taoufir
    Nora Taoufir 2 days ago +1

    My favorite thing from mc.donalds is the chicken nuggets and fries

  • Thekingtal
    Thekingtal 2 days ago +2

    The Big Mac is also available in Israel :)

  • inass live
    inass live 2 days ago

    Press the door and enter litterally

  • FireFlyホタル
    FireFlyホタル 2 days ago

    They didn’t even do France?! Sad..

  • Gam1ng Assass1n
    Gam1ng Assass1n 2 days ago


  • Ken Castillo9
    Ken Castillo9 2 days ago

    Big Mac is actually everywhere ahah

  • foxy boy
    foxy boy 2 days ago +1

    Poutine make it my self

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 2 days ago

    I wish i spoke Japanese

  • 2020卐Donald.j.Trump卐

    I want some of the menus from their place to be available in the United States I think they're getting better food😏

  • Lien Vanopstal
    Lien Vanopstal 3 days ago +2

    Oh I love mc kroket (belgium)

  • OkJaniajj
    OkJaniajj 3 days ago +2

    U realize that McDonald’s started in America, yet other countries are most likely using actual meat lol

  • Vip Khanh
    Vip Khanh 3 days ago

    Vietnam please

  • icedanthony
    icedanthony 3 days ago

    No Philippines :(

  • Russell Febrisa
    Russell Febrisa 3 days ago

    0:36 bruh it said pull

  • Guadalupe
    Guadalupe 3 days ago

    *McDonald’s meeting at 10 am with sunshine beaming and happiness of French fries surge of popularity keeps rising*
    *Doors swing own with guards yelling
    Me: *slams fist on table
    I demand McDonald’s adds foods from other McDonald’s countries to their menu!

  • Jesus Franco
    Jesus Franco 3 days ago +5

    You should do eating pizza around the world

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 4 days ago

    big mac

  • Türkiye Oyuncusu
    Türkiye Oyuncusu 4 days ago


  • iiCreamy Skies
    iiCreamy Skies 4 days ago

    “I dont think this fries is available anywhere outside india”
    We actually have the peri peri fries in Australia

  • suonrock1
    suonrock1 4 days ago

    can you please go to Hong Kong

  • BTS Fan
    BTS Fan 4 days ago

    Any Canadians here?

  • Rivv K
    Rivv K 4 days ago +3

    Tf. Where I live the ice cream machine always down

  • Beren Güneş
    Beren Güneş 5 days ago

    Niye Türkiye böyle makinelere sahip değil ya da diğer ülkeler gibi özel bir seçenek yok .(Varsa nereye saklandı?)

  • Angelo Rizzo
    Angelo Rizzo 5 days ago

    Crispy mc bacon (Italy)

  • Sayesha’s World
    Sayesha’s World 5 days ago

    I’m an indian I didn’t know McDonald’s Mumbai is written in Hindi

  • fortnut unlimited
    fortnut unlimited 5 days ago

    0:28 thats bubble tea

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Bigg mac

  • i dunno
    i dunno 6 days ago

    4:29 thanks I didnt know

  • OfficialSidd
    OfficialSidd 6 days ago +13

    Everybody pulling the doors while Japan advances it's technology to Mcd's....
    What is my life

  • The Green Cyborg
    The Green Cyborg 6 days ago

    0:16 got'em

  • Smog 100
    Smog 100 6 days ago

    Poutine because I like cheese gravy and French fries 🍟

  • Polinquon
    Polinquon 6 days ago

    Poutine is Québécois!,🤬🤬 What the f*** they put that in Edmonton!!🤯🤬😡😡

  • *Lepa *Love*Jacqueline*

    Ummjumm the one from Australia loos good !!! I also like that in some places you can season your fries 🍟

  • YoUnG_kEvInO
    YoUnG_kEvInO 7 days ago +1

    poutine in mc donals are trash you should try ashton in quebec

  • Echterfenderroten s
    Echterfenderroten s 7 days ago

    Mcdonalds in North America and Australia are just the best

  • Angelo Burog
    Angelo Burog 7 days ago

    You forgot the philippines

  • rachel lewis
    rachel lewis 7 days ago

    omg lucky.............bubble tea

  • Nguyễn Minh Nguyệt

    Korean new York city American

  • Nova 2.0
    Nova 2.0 8 days ago

    What’s an Australia

  • Max Plays
    Max Plays 8 days ago +3

    Poutine looks amazing! 😉

  • Ярослав Малов

    Я Люблю Макдоналдс из Китая, из Индии, из Таиланда, из Японии, из Канады, из Австралии, из Тайвана, из Нью-Йорка.

  • Akanksha Sharma
    Akanksha Sharma 8 days ago

    Singapore has awesome fast food

  • Boin Boin
    Boin Boin 8 days ago

    Why dont have vietnam ?

  • deaFChord
    deaFChord 8 days ago +3

    USA: Mcdonald's
    INDIA: Mcdolund's

  • picaso lowary
    picaso lowary 8 days ago

    I am having a shake from mcdonalds

  • Mohamed Al Sa3di
    Mohamed Al Sa3di 8 days ago

    McDonald's is the reason why I want to visit India

  • Rachael Sadowski
    Rachael Sadowski 8 days ago

    I throw up when ever I eat McDonald's

  • Rachael Sadowski
    Rachael Sadowski 8 days ago

    Do they have Shushi @ the McDonald's in Japan❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

  • Rachael Sadowski
    Rachael Sadowski 8 days ago

    Does it taste better then the American McDonald's?????????!!!!!!!!

  • Red Unicorn
    Red Unicorn 9 days ago

    I wish we had cook healthy choices

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen 9 days ago

    Were the vietnam

  • mawy beenie
    mawy beenie 9 days ago +7

    Sign says 'pull'
    *pushes the door open*


  • Nxina Yan
    Nxina Yan 9 days ago

    Piri piri fries or shake shake fries is available in the philippines

  • Ivan Matušek
    Ivan Matušek 9 days ago

    We in Croatia have Big Mac too but other food, wtf never heard about it

  • X Meli Gacha X
    X Meli Gacha X 9 days ago

    Lol I’m half Thai

  • Rasya faurelio
    Rasya faurelio 9 days ago

    I like nasi uduk in mc donals Indonesia and sego sambel 👍

  • Gustas Petrovs
    Gustas Petrovs 9 days ago +5

    Lol I got a McDonald's add Right before the video

  • 321「神射手育斌」

    I did not saw that in McDonald thailand

  • Hey Amy!
    Hey Amy! 9 days ago


  • Lee teuk my crackhead kpop heart

    In philippines we have a spaghetti with a mix of ketchup in it and a milktea that taste like a door knob

  • Smartiearty Posts
    Smartiearty Posts 9 days ago

    And New Zealand

  • Stonik
    Stonik 10 days ago

    Mc wrap

  • hentai connoisseur
    hentai connoisseur 10 days ago

    Enjoy your read

  • Taahir Hanslod
    Taahir Hanslod 10 days ago

    What a fatass

  • Francis Proulx
    Francis Proulx 10 days ago

    3:04 Poutine is front Québec

  • Thinking Thinking
    Thinking Thinking 11 days ago

    Oh my LORD! The Teriyaki burger looks Delicious

  • ilker turkoz
    ilker turkoz 11 days ago

    Edmonton my city 😀🙂

  • AzHardz YT
    AzHardz YT 11 days ago

    Hey Indians
    Have you taste big mac yet?

    Oh sorry

  • Saabera 78
    Saabera 78 11 days ago

    I love Bangkok mc Donald's

  • Misha Kits
    Misha Kits 11 days ago +2

    In the Ph🇵🇭 they have milktea mcfloat and cheesy eggdesal

    • Jazzy
      Jazzy 9 days ago

      Dont forget the chicken and rice🤗

  • Its Arya San
    Its Arya San 11 days ago

    U miss indonesia,russian,and Europe

  • XDTAP /:
    XDTAP /: 11 days ago

    Why didn’t you include the mc arabi

  • Timeline UDM
    Timeline UDM 11 days ago +1

    In the Philippines there’s chicken (chicken thigh and chicken legs) and shake shake fries and I also think there’s cornbeef and more.

  • albert jin
    albert jin 11 days ago

    I wanted to see what's mcdo in the philippines

  • VGamingnTech
    VGamingnTech 11 days ago

    Around the world ? Lol

  • Pichet Jittrongarporn
    Pichet Jittrongarporn 11 days ago +1

    Excuse me admin. I am new creator youtuber.I have my dream .Please request permission to promote channel. HengBorGy Channel is present Thai food and lifestyle by HengBorGy. Thank you verymuch and Apologize for your channel.

  • Bean Xini
    Bean Xini 11 days ago

    I like a quarter pounder, medium fries and barbeque sauce! All time favorite, I like dipping my burger in sauce, am I weird? Who else dips their burger?

  • Garrett Yamami
    Garrett Yamami 12 days ago

    Where’s the hawaiian

  • Ana Peinado
    Ana Peinado 12 days ago

    Dos de carne, salsa especial, lechuga, pepinillo, cebolla, queso y pan. Hacen el sabor de BIGMAC.

  • Vladimír Petija
    Vladimír Petija 12 days ago

    Had a BigMac yesterday here in Slovakia. Nothing special. Not gonna have it again.

    • Rachael Sadowski
      Rachael Sadowski 8 days ago

      Vladimír Petija I throw up when ever I eat McDonald's

  • pedro bittencourt
    pedro bittencourt 12 days ago

    cade o brasil

  • Rrrobloxx Gggirl
    Rrrobloxx Gggirl 12 days ago

    So I live in Nevada but me my mom and sis took a trip to Germany and there McDonald’s is confusing

  • Big Blue
    Big Blue 12 days ago

    I love chicken selects