Jimmy Grills Mark Ruffalo About Avengers: Endgame with a Lie Detector Test

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Jimmy hooks up notorious movie plot spoiler Mark Ruffalo to a lie detector to get the truth about Avengers: Endgame.
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    Jimmy Grills Mark Ruffalo About Avengers: Endgame with a Lie Detector Test
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 649

  • fazeflame48 Jimenez

    Jimmy is a asshole

  • Fletchel
    Fletchel Day ago

    Lie detectors are such bullshit omg

  • NovaCade
    NovaCade Day ago

    I remember seeing Mark Ruffalo about to go on this earlier that day, and I had a nagging feeling sketching was about to happen. And then the next day, trailer drop. I have a Spidey-Sense with Marvel now.

  • Jumin Bishonen
    Jumin Bishonen Day ago

    Lol thats funny. The ending of the video and how he leaves, cuz like he gets the gauntlet in the End game. 😝 spoiler

  • Evan Duffy
    Evan Duffy Day ago

    When jimmy asked him to lie he has a perfect chance to say “your show is good” but missed it 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Joshua Murphy
    Joshua Murphy Day ago

    Lmao Eric Andre did it first but still funny

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial Day ago


  • EvoChalna
    EvoChalna Day ago

    Me: *takes a swig of water*
    Jimmy Fallon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodrigo Alexandre
    Rodrigo Alexandre Day ago +1


  • BrownRice
    BrownRice Day ago

    Why do I get the feeling that its fake?🤔🤔

  • Stephano
    Stephano Day ago

    Jimmy Fallon is an actual asshole

  • Gavin Gwinn
    Gavin Gwinn Day ago

    Is it weird that I think Mark Ruffalo looks like a much older Ansel Elgort?

  • MartyMcfly1985A
    MartyMcfly1985A Day ago

    He just committed suicide

  • Itz Raven23
    Itz Raven23 Day ago +1

    The movie is gonna rock. ❤️🥰

  • Andre
    Andre Day ago

    He's so dumb, these are people who people put on pedestals.

  • Paddy Speed
    Paddy Speed Day ago

    It only shows that he's getting nervous. This means nothing

  • Vghtp1234
    Vghtp1234 Day ago

    Rip heart rate that wasn’t measured 😂😂😂

  • Drew Jackson
    Drew Jackson Day ago


  • Dylan
    Dylan Day ago

    The reason hulk didn't come out was bc mark didn't play with him

  • Glenn
    Glenn Day ago

    Why is everyone using lie detectors like all talk host lately

  • Ankesh Srivastava

    It can’t get any more obvious can it 😂

  • abby c
    abby c Day ago +1

    did he just... commit suicide by snap?

  • Justice 2017
    Justice 2017 Day ago

    Anyone think hulk smash thanos

  • Diamaz Destroyer

    U should of put Tom Holland

  • fuc nibbas
    fuc nibbas Day ago

    *It's illegal to hate this man.*

  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry Day ago

    *marvel's worst nightmare*

  • Metro Concerts
    Metro Concerts Day ago

    If this was Tom Holland, he would spoil the whole movie...and then put on the lie detector

  • The Gaming Geek
    The Gaming Geek Day ago

    Why isn’t this trending

  • Farhan khan yewsufxai

    2:47 Hulk and black widow romantic in new movie and he didn't spit a single word the lie detector turn red light on ... what a joke

  • aUstin
    aUstin Day ago

    This is genius marketing

  • DaninBeast
    DaninBeast Day ago

    Dude what? How did he do that at the end? Video editing or hologram? I mean the crowd was there, so, UHHH WHAT? XD

  • Random Man
    Random Man Day ago

    Welp hopefully no huge spoilers none of that "In this one everyone dies" type stuff lmao

  • Ava Deng
    Ava Deng Day ago


  • Austin Benny
    Austin Benny Day ago

    Wait so he died at the end

  • Ahad Memon
    Ahad Memon Day ago

    So no one gonna talk about Mark Ruffalo farting at @3:10?

  • Michel Van Gaal
    Michel Van Gaal Day ago

    Hulk will get the Gauntlet and unsnaps the snap confirmed?! XD

  • Panicky Khan
    Panicky Khan Day ago

    Why LMAO they almost fired him you knoe

  • Huzaifa GïLL
    Huzaifa GïLL Day ago +1

    *Jimmy starting from the simplest one!* 😂

  • arcadek3lly
    arcadek3lly Day ago


  • 5sos directioner

    Is Jimmy trying to get him fired?

  • chefos 17
    chefos 17 Day ago

    should have been Robert Downey jr instead

  • Angelica Schuyler Church

    Have you ever played with yourself????

  • Funky My Chunky
    Funky My Chunky Day ago

    There’s also the fact that lie detectors are complete bullshit. They measure heart rate. Of fucking course your heart rate is gonna be high when being interrogated.

  • WavePapiMarlo
    WavePapiMarlo Day ago

    Marvel set this up. This was planned promotion.

  • free hugs and love

    pls protect him from all the evil in the world

  • Benjamin Seebold

    Yeah! MARK RUFFALO....HUH?

  • DJ Daz
    DJ Daz Day ago

    4:10 “I hope”

  • DJ Daz
    DJ Daz Day ago

    This is amazing!

  • Issa Chehade
    Issa Chehade Day ago

    Some people don’t care

    But not us

  • Lucas Medeiros
    Lucas Medeiros Day ago

    They've detected a large amount of gamma rays

  • Jiren The Grey
    Jiren The Grey Day ago

    Mark Ruffalo didn't need infinity stones to snap

  • Tony Railsback
    Tony Railsback Day ago

    How’d he disappear at the end

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Day ago

    Since you’ve been proven that you can’t be trusted, we’re gonna hook you up to a lie detector. This is on TV, man.

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia Day ago +1

    Wait, so the snap actually happened in real life and not just the movie 😱

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia Day ago +1

    I've never clicked on a video so fast in my life before 😅😘

  • Quinnharley 4567

    I saw Mark Ruffalo and I clicked for spoilers

  • Supergold 30
    Supergold 30 Day ago

    I hope everyone knows the lie detector does not detect lies. Its inventor said this.

  • Faraz Samnakay
    Faraz Samnakay Day ago

    *turns into hulk*

  • Loek Hendrikx
    Loek Hendrikx Day ago

    Banner will not be in Endgame, trailer is fake. Confirmed

  • Jaden Maskie
    Jaden Maskie Day ago

    I wanna be 10 again, and be amused at how Mark Ruffalo disappeared from the stage

  • Sainiranjan Lingayat

    Cool huh!

  • Steven Waz
    Steven Waz Day ago

    So stupid lol

  • Abdul Aziz Ansari

    Jimmy is soo evil 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🙌🙌💯💯

  • Mira Nurjannah
    Mira Nurjannah Day ago

    At least we got some an answer 😅

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter Day ago

    Why didn’t you just bring Tom Holland on here? You would’ve got the truth out quick and simple.

  • Mira Nurjannah
    Mira Nurjannah Day ago

    Finally this is what we need!! 😆

  • Gretchen Becker
    Gretchen Becker Day ago

    "I love him!"

  • Anirudha Khuntia
    Anirudha Khuntia Day ago +1

    Jimmy::what do you have?
    Mark::I have abs.................................olutly nothing.
    No red light.
    Inner Mark (that should be a lie).

  • jimmy jackson
    jimmy jackson Day ago

    Hulk death confirmed

  • Hyo-Jin Yun
    Hyo-Jin Yun Day ago +1

    This moment when a TV host uses clickbait...

  • Super Broken Gaming

    What if when thanos wiped out half the population he was part of that half 😂

  • Dy UnJust
    Dy UnJust Day ago +1

    Can we petition TOM HOLLAND to sit there next.

  • impooraf
    impooraf Day ago

    Hes so cute , the way he talks

  • Dani Dimitrova
    Dani Dimitrova Day ago

    Oh my they are so funny!!!

  • ScrapsTV
    ScrapsTV Day ago +1

    This is hilarious and a nice fan service..i think I can tell how it works...ruffalo controls it with his other hand...notice he doesn't move it

  • Sharan Saravanan

    3:09 Someone farts

  • Burgerboy
    Burgerboy Day ago

    This will create a black hole

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos Day ago

    OMG so handsome

  • Ivan Mendel
    Ivan Mendel Day ago

    I love you man, but please STOP doing that. Nobody “really” wants to know what is going to happen in any movie.

  • Qaisy Mikail
    Qaisy Mikail Day ago +1

    what if marvel payed jimmy to get the answers wrong on the things that will happen in the movie and not true on the that will happen in the movie?

  • Kesra Khanum
    Kesra Khanum Day ago

    The last bit was cool

  • visharad rawat
    visharad rawat Day ago

    Thanos dressed up as Mark Ruffalo

  • Krishnanshu Dey
    Krishnanshu Dey Day ago

    That's really crazy 😁

  • Vivek T
    Vivek T Day ago


  • Chris Connolly
    Chris Connolly Day ago

    Incredible Hulk will be the one who kills Thanos at the end of end game since infinity war started with him losing to thanos

  • Chris Connolly
    Chris Connolly Day ago

    Even though I don’t watch late night comedy anymore because it’s way too political I will watch this because it has to do with avengers

  • Panita Punsri
    Panita Punsri Day ago

    You should bring Tom Holland too hahahahha

  • Unicorn Nina
    Unicorn Nina Day ago

    Poor Mark.... Now give us the deets this is a dangerous game you're playing

  • RoboDead Redemption

    “Whatever it takes”

  • Brieee
    Brieee Day ago

    *sees the hulk action figure*
    “I LOVE HIM”

  • Music Boy
    Music Boy Day ago

    I think Mark’s snap is a spoiler....😱

  • Howie Chan
    Howie Chan Day ago

    3:10 Did Mark Just fart?

  • Nicky Gunner
    Nicky Gunner Day ago


  • khup lian
    khup lian Day ago

    @1:26 i don't want to fire again😂

  • Real Sanchez
    Real Sanchez Day ago +1

    Yeah Mark Rufflo Hu...uh?!

  • The one and only Gumby

    I wish Eric Bana was the Hulk ☹️
    He did a much better job

  • Golduck Gamer
    Golduck Gamer Day ago

    Hulk death confirmed

  • D M
    D M Day ago

    This is so funny!!!! 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Reaper
    Reaper Day ago

    Didn’t he get fired

  • The Good Puppet
    The Good Puppet Day ago