World Famous Chef and His Daughter | Part 1

  • Published on Jun 28, 2017

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  • Trash Can Of Doom
    Trash Can Of Doom 5 days ago

    I adore this family.

  • Mufarowashe Mangwiro

    Gordon has understood how to separate who he is at Work from who he is at Home, legendary.

  • Viresh Surat
    Viresh Surat 8 days ago

    Tilly you should watch kabhie khushi kabhie gham on netflix

  • Mats Bats
    Mats Bats 9 days ago

    Little Gordon haha so cute

  • ft72 ft72
    ft72 ft72 10 days ago

    I love summer puts on a jacket and cap

  • JC Mae
    JC Mae 11 days ago

    One Direction background music omg :((

  • Veesus Christ
    Veesus Christ 12 days ago

    This family is so warm ksksksk
    Jake and snakes LMAO

  • honestgossipers media
    honestgossipers media 12 days ago +1

    bully no 2 lol just kidding guys she’s lovely 😊👌

  • ZeroElement. PHchannel

    I love ramsay family and pretty matilda😊😄😆

  • free radicals
    free radicals 13 days ago

    That moment Gordon holds his daughters hand.. Reminds me of my dad.. Always daddy's little girl

  • Vivian’s Life
    Vivian’s Life 17 days ago

    His daughter has a cooking show lol

  • Mari :3
    Mari :3 18 days ago

    My dad would say like "Why didn't you put more salt!" im 11 so it kinda hurts sometimes, he's very strict....

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 18 days ago

    *watches kitchen nightmares, hotel hell and hells kitchen*
    And then I watch this.

  • kkk ccc
    kkk ccc 19 days ago

    I always wanted to have a nice dad. My mother and my grandmother raised me and my brother. I really love My bro, he is the most inportant person to me and he is 18 now so he will be moving to his friends house soon and that makes me really sad. Then i will be left with my mother that i really have fights often with. My dad visits me sometimes but deep down i really don't like him. He left us when My bro was 7 and when i was 3. I don't remember anything but My brother does and i really hate the way that My dad treated My bro and My mom. Honestly, i don't really care how he treats me, i Just wanted them to be happy. He tries to be the nicest dad now, trying to fix everything with only expensive lunches and spending money on buying whatever i want, but that is not what i wanted. He thinks that he can make up to me with money since he doesn't even sends to us that much. Oh and btw he has another wife, i mean it's not like i care but he is living one really good life. We are strugling now, My mother is trying to find a job and our grandparents are helping us (i am si gratefull to them). I hope that when i grow up i will have a beautifull job and amzing familly like this one. I am only 14 now and my style is emo gurl cuse i really don't want from others to think i care for something and i don't want to show then My enotions cuse they are really deep and heart breaking 😢. Sorry for taking your time, i am shure that no one will even read this

  • Kate & Kayla XOXO
    Kate & Kayla XOXO 23 days ago +1

    2:02 "Most people think he is Really~ scary" ya he is and he is an AMAZING Joker!! - Claps- he jokes when he yells at the other chefs and curse a lot!

  • Lhyzuel Esteban
    Lhyzuel Esteban 24 days ago

    This guy is one in a hell strict in the kitchen,but when the stoves off his one in a hell joker this man is so soft when it comes to off

  • Sadad Muzakki
    Sadad Muzakki 26 days ago

    Gordon: ITS FUCKING RAW!!!!

  • laurex for lifee
    laurex for lifee 28 days ago

    It is kinda unfair for tilly that she isn't exploring outside

  • Art
    Art Month ago

    gordon: WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCEE!!!!!!!! Also gordon: im shy :)))))

  • Gamergirl 88
    Gamergirl 88 Month ago +2

    Love the hiccup cure

  • l̶u̶v̶//b̶.̶i̶ s̶u̶b̶l̶i̶m̶i̶n̶a̶l̶s̶

    Now I’m jealous. They get to eat good food everyday.

    While I only eat soup and tofu with rice for dinner.

  • ѕĸylarĸғanny
    ѕĸylarĸғanny Month ago +1

    2am Jack Still looking for snakes instead of hoes

  • hagji albakov
    hagji albakov Month ago +1


  • Th1cc Waffles
    Th1cc Waffles Month ago

    Still rip avicii

  • Mama Mo
    Mama Mo Month ago

    12:23 Incest alert

  • Mama Mo
    Mama Mo Month ago

    Tilly likes her hands dirty 😏

  • AiNoMijo XD
    AiNoMijo XD Month ago

    The family ill never have oof

  • Jaycee July
    Jaycee July Month ago +1

    Awww.. they're awesome ❣️❣️❣️😍😍 #iLoveRamsayFamily 😘

  • Shann Resol
    Shann Resol Month ago

    All i can cook is egg

  • Young Potato
    Young Potato Month ago

    I want to hear her say "RAW" "BLOODY HELL"

  • Jan Jansen
    Jan Jansen Month ago +1

    She looks like her dad , with Long Hair!

  • Maria Nelson
    Maria Nelson Month ago

    I love to cook up a storm
    *opens pot *
    *sees a literal dark cloud and lighting inside*
    * closes pot *

  • Aspirant Dxb
    Aspirant Dxb Month ago

    Lovely family..God bless you all....

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love Month ago

    This channel need a strike. Content Stole from others

  • Hernan Esquivel
    Hernan Esquivel Month ago +1

    Hermosa familia los felicito

  • Suryajoy Samanta
    Suryajoy Samanta Month ago

    Why every thing is like not so natural

  • Andrei Miron
    Andrei Miron Month ago

    Ugly girl

  • Rosanne Robine
    Rosanne Robine Month ago

    I heard 5 sos music

  • Worli Nameirakpam
    Worli Nameirakpam Month ago

    A total surprze to see Gordon opps.side😂

  • Anim3 k!ll3r
    Anim3 k!ll3r Month ago

    tilly: LOS ANGELIS😂

  • ちゃんNanami
    ちゃんNanami Month ago


  • hwasa's thighs can choke me

    "I like getting my hands dirty"
    Yup, just like his dad who doesn't use gloves.

  • Kana Hamada
    Kana Hamada Month ago +1

    good night jack jack?
    (dad go down stars and opens door)
    dad-Jack why are you looking for snaks so early AT THE MORNING😂
    that was my favorite part🤣

  • vivek mishra
    vivek mishra Month ago

    he is good family man but an angry Chef. But passion for food makes him best.

  • VOdOxGaMiNg GL
    VOdOxGaMiNg GL Month ago

    Welp Someone Gotta inherit the Families Style xD

  • BallSy
    BallSy Month ago

    los anjilis

  • Trains are cool
    Trains are cool Month ago

    "Every time we come to Los angelis"

  • Urmi's Vlogs
    Urmi's Vlogs Month ago

    Legacy will go with Tilly

  • alesana kathleen
    alesana kathleen Month ago +26

    *This family is having a happy time while your family is broken, feel me* ?damn im so jealous.🙂☠️

    • Pengo Gaming
      Pengo Gaming Day ago

      Stop comparing yourself to a dream family cause it will only make you sad

    • alesana kathleen
      alesana kathleen 15 days ago

      Radioactive Crystal Thank you for cheering me up 😊💗

    • Radioactive Crystal
      Radioactive Crystal 15 days ago +1

      alesana kathleen Don’t worry ! You’ll have a beautiful family one day too !

  • XxMaStaRxX YT
    XxMaStaRxX YT Month ago

    Shes a very good cook she probably learned her self and her dad help

  • Cloud Falcon
    Cloud Falcon Month ago

    Don't ya'll think her voice is from the channel on Chloe the dog?! With her owner the Orange hair and braces?

  • Tea Darling
    Tea Darling Month ago

    Fucking hell. I want to be Gordon's child. Holy shit-

  • Michael I. L. Friskey

    Seems easy to be a family when the father has 200 mil dollars

  • Alvis lim
    Alvis lim Month ago

    What the song in the vid

  • General Turkey
    General Turkey Month ago

    los angely

  • Zoe Ring
    Zoe Ring Month ago

    Anyone else want to be adopted by this family

  • Emond Sampul
    Emond Sampul Month ago

    Its So Funny That Gordon Son Say"Hes So Weird And Annoying". But Gordon Didn't Hear It🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • Shuib Ahmed
    Shuib Ahmed Month ago

    Very cute girl.

  • Joe Kanaan
    Joe Kanaan Month ago

    Can't wait for her to scream IT'S FUCKING RAW when she gets older

  • Carla Ribeiro
    Carla Ribeiro Month ago

    This is such a cute video, its nice yo see a soft 'dad' side to Gordon🤗

  • Kira- San
    Kira- San Month ago

    the other side of chef ramsy =D amazing ^^

  • Connell Hunte
    Connell Hunte Month ago

    Like father like daughter with the olive oil

  • nilay majumder
    nilay majumder Month ago

    Gordon's habit have developed into his job. My god even in home he cut the burger examine it and then give a critical review and then discuss the ways to develope the dish form very good to excellence. I love this man , he is developing each member of his family into a diamond for the society and nation'.

  • AnUj shetty
    AnUj shetty Month ago

    He is a sick fellow the whole world hates him

  • Kyaw Thu
    Kyaw Thu Month ago

    Family goes out for dinner

  • Andressa Hoese
    Andressa Hoese Month ago

    I am 2 min in and feel Matilda is Gordon’s female version.

  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    Mother is mother

  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    Gorgeous documentary

  • rlg_
    rlg_ Month ago

    when jack said gordon is weird and annoying gordon looked so innocent lol

  • Erzfeind Terminator

    Bless family gordon got everything wife children's and he's the best cook

  • -yinnX-
    -yinnX- Month ago

    Why my heart feel good????

  • XxX Rider
    XxX Rider Month ago

    I want to marry ramsay son hahaha

  • SnowboardFan
    SnowboardFan Month ago +1

    What a cool family, they are all so down to earth, their parents are doing a really good job.

  • Spark and Puma
    Spark and Puma Month ago

    5SOS in the background ❣️

  • sharlyn tan
    sharlyn tan Month ago

    this is the family i wish i had :')

  • Decepticon master
    Decepticon master Month ago

    Now I know the one thing gordon is afraid of.

  • denz lee
    denz lee Month ago +1

    it's si nice to see a family like that. god bless you guys.

  • Yeehaw Tutorials
    Yeehaw Tutorials Month ago +3

    Tilly is just a wholesome soul

  • Sherwin Serrano
    Sherwin Serrano Month ago

    Next time try our country (Philippines)

  • Tired Taurus
    Tired Taurus Month ago

    Gordon’s a great dad

  • Ratchet Ruler
    Ratchet Ruler Month ago

    What makes an American burger American?

  • alexo88buc
    alexo88buc Month ago +1

    Guy's,cmon,he's with he's family,and maybe she didnt had Extraordinary hamburger's ( but i think they ware pretty good made tho ),plus the potatoes and what she did as dessert,in my country is called biscuite salami ( whitout the ice cream ) and whitout putting them in the oven ,i really think she did very good job. Plus,is a family moment,not professional one,how can you dislike this video ? So many dislikes for a family,cant believe this,they ware really great from my point of view as family together. Well done Gordon,and the rest of the family ,nice video .

  • Infinity PixelZeat
    Infinity PixelZeat Month ago

    Idiot sandwich

  • Pot Ato
    Pot Ato Month ago

    She’s such a stupid annoying self observed child

    • -yinnX-
      -yinnX- Month ago

      Damn what is your problem

  • MR. Hacker
    MR. Hacker Month ago +1

    Gordan: I'm shy.
    Also Gordan: Are you listening to me panini head?

  • TheWonderer Aabace
    TheWonderer Aabace Month ago

    The real reason why they are so positive cause any rebellion will get them so roasted that saharah have more moisture in them

  • Inaccesible YT
    Inaccesible YT Month ago +1

    Wew tillys the next generation of famous chef, tilly can beat a whole restaurant

  • Inaccesible YT
    Inaccesible YT Month ago +6

    Other poeple:Hes rude and mean
    Then watches this video
    Me:seems legit

  • fa khann
    fa khann Month ago

    Happy family❤

  • Neno Catii
    Neno Catii Month ago +1

    boi i wish i was the part of the famliy

  • Jekjek Laron
    Jekjek Laron Month ago

    Lol he didn't said the word FUCKIN RAW like wtf ramsay

  • The 90s Kid K2
    The 90s Kid K2 Month ago

    Lamb sauce fam

  • Icy Gacha frosty
    Icy Gacha frosty Month ago

    is robert ramsey your brother?

  • Kai
    Kai 2 months ago

    Xiao xiao??? It means stupid or idiot right??? If I remember it correctly...

  • Laguna B7
    Laguna B7 2 months ago

    I’m a bit annoyed they called the rattlesnake poisonous instead of venomous just a bit ticked off

  • Moon Playz
    Moon Playz 2 months ago

    Noice jack

  • Red_ Panda
    Red_ Panda 2 months ago

    I bet Gordon's parents are proud

    • -yinnX-
      -yinnX- Month ago

      @Red_ Panda yeah I guess that's true

    • Red_ Panda
      Red_ Panda Month ago

      @-yinnX- Yeah, but if you were to be a world famous chef, wouldn't your parents be proud? (Also I didn't know that so thanks)

    • -yinnX-
      -yinnX- Month ago

      Wasn't his mom in jail and his dad an alcoholic???

  • 6104001088
    6104001088 2 months ago

    Great job Matilda. I enjoyed watching. I think you'll have a bright future doing what you enjoy.

  • Maria Turek
    Maria Turek 2 months ago

    lovely lovely family and wonderful kids. A pure joy to look at them!

  • C Nyapule
    C Nyapule 2 months ago

    Beautiful family. Goals indeed.