Tesla Roadster 2020 - Things You Might Not Know

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
  • Review of the Tesla Roadster Unveiling and the things we don't know yet.
    Roadster Footage - Tesla
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  • George Fontenot
    George Fontenot Month ago +1

    The batteries are going to use zero point energy applications!!!! Lol

  • Forensic Hypnotist
    Forensic Hypnotist 4 months ago

    It's a great dream vision for a 4 seater all adult version sometime in the future. Would be nice to actually be able to have 4 adult men be able to ride in this vehicle over 6 ft tall.

  • Kimbala 1995
    Kimbala 1995 4 months ago

    Got be launched in Yellow???

  • The Beast
    The Beast 4 months ago

    Can't beat the white version looks so futuristic god damn

    • Black Tesla
      Black Tesla  4 months ago

      Admitedley the white version does look awesome, but I'm confident an actual black version will look pheonominal.

  • Remi Andre' Pedersen
    Remi Andre' Pedersen 5 months ago

    I'm not sure to say, but it's good that Tesla is a flop, because in the future all other competitors will also be more wagered more electric, and these are competitors who have about 100 years of experience, but I hope everything good for Tesla, and is good for the consumers with good competition. One can also be extra smart and give those with long experience surprisingly hard competition, of course.

  • knowledge share
    knowledge share 6 months ago

    It is not 2:0 . It is NEXT GEN or 3:0 the last version of the original Roadster was 2.5 as in Rafael de Mestre's KITT 1 that he drove around the world in 3 months in the Summer of 2012. That was called Roadster 2.5 .

  • Tesla Roaster creator Tesla Roaster 2.0

    That looks like my black Tesla Roadster 2.0 I created all of them you can see my name

  • Buzz Jump
    Buzz Jump 9 months ago

    Wouldn't buy a samsung or apple car. Samsung would explode my battery and when I try to fix the apple one they will charge a shit ton of money to replace the volume knob.

  • JGFallways16K - Purple baconhair - silū býkan

    we STILL don't know what the HORSEPOWER/Kilowatt Is on this thing

  • anantha ramayya
    anantha ramayya 10 months ago +6

    black is amazing

  • TRY to HELP you
    TRY to HELP you 11 months ago

    Where are the batteries going? Right on top of the current one is my bed. Just like how the 85 kWh battery has one module stacked on top of the extra one, compared to the 14 in a 60. The current technology they have can achieve 200 kWh. As for thermal management, it will heat up slower compared to any other model. When you have twice the capacity to pull from, you dont need to worry about thermal issues like with smaller packs. Same cooling should be just fine. Imagine tho, if you did 600 miles and you plug in at home and are charging at 19kw.... it will take over a day and a half to charge :) what an awesome burden that would be. I would love to see them do 40kW charging at a residential home. Two charge ports under the flap?The utility companies would love that for off peak charging. Give that idle time more purpose.

  • Nathan Kenien
    Nathan Kenien 11 months ago

    The car will be 4,000 pounds because of new packaging and densidu

  • Lucian Chirica
    Lucian Chirica Year ago

    The battery will be based on new technology (japan). 80% charghe in 5 min ;)

  • Shanna Eley
    Shanna Eley Year ago

    Your wife must don't want you with a 2 seater sorry but I married well

  • gunthreadadapters.com

    The battery capacity and torque numbers are actually the easy part... But, that's part of Tesla's hype; fools attribute the basic physics of electric power delivery to being some kind of special Tesla magic, when everything but the battery has been available since the late 1800s... It's not actually new. Other auto makers have been deliberately getting it wrong because electric cars are not anywhere near the cash cow that ICE cars are. I'm not slighting Tesla. I'm buying one. Just pointing out that the disbelief is simply a lack of education, and Tesla isn't really special in that regard.

  • Lenford Morris
    Lenford Morris Year ago +1

    This car is going to have a 2nd or even 3rd gear to reach those 250mph goals

  • player4351785527
    player4351785527 Year ago

    Excess battery would have to be evenly distributed between trunk and frunk for weight distribution as well as the whole undercarriage, As far as battery density, best guess is they could acheive only a 10-15% density difference from their model S batteries, if they use different materials. Rear seats are not for compliance, as you can have a car with two seats... i'm sure they figured they had the room so why not. Also Elon Musk has been trying to get DOT to remove side mirror requirements if they have a camera system, so who knows, maybe they could remove that requirement by the time this car comes out. I think they could acheive the 250mph top speed, they have much better aero than combustion engines, so its very plausible. 0-60 I'm absolutely certain they can hit those numbers, they were already at 2.28 with a model s p100d which is a full sedan, If they incorporate carbon fiber structures, they might even be lighter than the model s even with the 200kwh battery. Steering wheel has no chance... that was for prototype only i'm sure, no airbag, needs full circle for practicality

  • Zahari Stoyanov
    Zahari Stoyanov Year ago

    The Roadster 2.0 has a tiny HUD

  • Thomas Paul
    Thomas Paul Year ago

    I would like to see this exact vehicle with a box and a tailgate and add some off road suspension and tires with 4 doors please.

  • tecnocato
    tecnocato Year ago +1

    Thanks for making it black! Did not like the gray version that much.

  • brendanandsara
    brendanandsara Year ago

    Is that you?

  • Ebbrush3
    Ebbrush3 Year ago

    no fronk..all battery

  • adriana luna
    adriana luna Year ago

    I wish it had a head up display, that is something that i would expect. goo.gl/WXhont

  • notalive
    notalive Year ago

    Tesla is a very unique car company because it doesn’t use gas or petrol which is very smart indeed and Tesla which is the only company that is 1 step above others there for the cars don’t use gas

  • diveflyfish
    diveflyfish Year ago

    Also supercapacitors weigh a lot less

  • diveflyfish
    diveflyfish Year ago

    Perhaps we are seeing the first use of graphene supercapacitors as first tier power to ESC and second tier Lithium type variant to replenish the super caps.......
    Graphene can take a LOT of heat!

  • Stoffendous
    Stoffendous Year ago

    Anyone else hearing him call it "Roaster"? Seems appropriate...

  • David Blalock
    David Blalock Year ago +1

    1. 0-60 Claim. Easily done. Many companies have worked with Tire companies to develop tires to meet proprietary specifications. And electric motors can make tremendous torque.
    2.a. 200kwh battery. John Goodenough at UT-Austin has published a paper describing a solid state Lithium metal battery that will have 5x the energy density and 2x the charging speed of current LiFePo or Li-E batteries. If tesla helps bring that chemistry to mass production, expect the battery to be a 3rd the size and weight, but double the power of current packs.
    2.b. As to being able to rapidly accelerate without the batteries overheating Stanford has developed a Ni-Fe, yes an edison battery, that is 1000x faster to charge and discharge of Edison's version. This was achieved by growing Ni and Fe crystals on graphene and florian nanotubes to make the respective electrodes. These batteries boast the ability to fully charge in 2 min and discharge in 30 seconds. They also up the energy density over the old chemistry quite a bit, having roughly 85% of the energy density of Li-E.
    In their present state they do have a degradation issue, at least compared to Edison's design, but it's on par with current Li-E battery cycle life. If they can mitigate that issue enough, then these batteries could act as a high density "ultra capacitor" storing only a few kilowatts of power, but discharging it rapidly when the driver wants to be a hoon.
    3. 250mph. Also easy. Two motors joined together by a planetary gear set. One motor splines into the sun gear, the other splines into the planet carrier and outputs via the annulus. If the motor driving the sun gear spins, and the other motor is held by a mechanical break the drive is in low range. The car will have quick acceleration for daily driving. If the sun and planet carrier motor work together and turn in the same direction, the drive is in mid range and has full use of the massive torque of each motor to accelerate like mad. If the sun gear motor then begins to spin opposite of the planet carrier motor the drive is in high range and will be able to achieve very high speeds.
    4. Deposit. People who buy supercars and hypercars won't even bat an eyelash at at that kind of money. Especially considering all its rivals are 1.5 million or more. Honestly, I think the Roadster is going to be one hell of a bargain at 250k if it lives up to the hype. And considering what I'm seeing on the technological horizon I think it will.
    5. Charging all these electric cars. Here we have a big problem. A very big problem. Many states (Cal included) in the USA have legislation on the books that require auto manufacturers to have a certain percentage of their sales be full electrics by 2025. However, the USA alone would require at least 5 gigafactories to make enough batteries to meet that manufacturing demand. There's also the problem of power generation. The National Highway Safety admin states that the average daily commute is 40 miles. The Leaf uses 280 wh/m, the Bolt EV uses 300 wh/m and the Model S averages 320 wh/m, so the average daily commute would require 12 kWh/day. The 2017 YTD sensus on auto sales is 13,957,767 cars sold since this time last year (well as of October) if just 1% of these cars are electric that will add 1.6 gigawatts of demand per day, per year, to the power grid. But guess what, EV's made up 1.43% of US car sales in 2016, up 38% over 2015 EV sales.
    The top 10 highest production Power Stations in the USA average about 3 gigawatts each in power production, and cost about 5 billion dollars and 5 years to build. So if EVs capture just 2% of the auto market, which they may have this year, and most certainly will in the next couple, we'll have to have 12 kwh of production come on line for every EV sold.
    The only way I see that happening is if every EV also comes with a whole home fuel cell that runs off natural gas (google Redox energy systems cube or Bloom energy Power Server) and battery bank to balance the load. Which is actually feasible.

  • CMatomic
    CMatomic Year ago +5

    I like the clean interior .

    • MYG
      MYG Year ago


  • F.B.I
    F.B.I Year ago

    Production cars of Tesla looks way more better their prototype

  • G3 mintblock
    G3 mintblock Year ago +1

    1. Tesla is actually very very good about their production vehicles matching quite closely to the vehicles they show at unveiling--I would argue they are more honest with their concept vs production model than any other company I can think of.
    2. The Roadster was driven out of the back of a Semi trailer and was a pretty tight fit so that may have been why the

  • Dmitri Bovski
    Dmitri Bovski Year ago +1

    The battery tech is probably BioSolar polymer Cathode.

    • tarun sharma
      tarun sharma Year ago

      Dmitri Bovski i hope this is the case .. and tesla might be using this

  • El aprendiz the learner

    Black colour is amazing

  • huhu
    huhu Year ago

    I hope they don't make the same mistake like Lamborghini did it with the Aventador roof.

  • Juneao Alfred
    Juneao Alfred Year ago

    Why Tesla maker didn't put 4 motors on Roadster 2.0.. this isn't a question.. this is riddle..

    • Juneao Alfred
      Juneao Alfred Year ago

      Nope.. it's because Elon don't want other Car company cry.

    • Kurt Patterson
      Kurt Patterson Year ago

      Juneao Alfred Well the one presented was the basic base model so...

  • Robert Blackford
    Robert Blackford Year ago +2

    The new Tesla Roadster IS NOT HERE. This car is still in the prototype stage. It hasn't been approved by NHTSA; heck it hasn't even been reviewed by an independent third party.
    Flame away.

  • William Wesemann
    William Wesemann Year ago

    just dont forget:
    this is the BASE model.

  • The Gaming Lost
    The Gaming Lost Year ago

    Black cars? Im out

  • Pete Zak
    Pete Zak Year ago

    A car for the rich how funny

  • ConceptWiseAsia CWA TV

    Thanks for the videos. Am from the Philippines so am quite excited that Teslas are coming in a big way towards Asia.

  • Royce McCarthy
    Royce McCarthy Year ago

    When was the last time you saw a Bugatti taking the family on vacation. Luggage space give me a break, this is a super car not the Griswolds family truckster.

  • Gary Daprato
    Gary Daprato Year ago


  • Charliemaine
    Charliemaine Year ago

    There is a little thing in front of the steering wheel that shows ur speed on both the driver side and passenger side

  • PaycheckPapa
    PaycheckPapa Year ago

    The new denser batteries are made by Panasonic

  • BngElevate
    BngElevate Year ago +1

    all these tesla videos have amp
    especially jmans new voice over this is crazy

  • The VirtualChef Gamecat

    Never thought of that, Very good points .

  • ChriZ Videography

    There was an instrument cluster. It's actually a strip in front of the dash that shows speed, status, etc. It even has the autopilot steering icon which proves it has autopilot. Both the driver and passenger have their own display.

  • Nebekenezer Gnomegeezer

    Too boring, my ADD kicked in half way through and stopped listening to this guy.

  • Frostie-Flake
    Frostie-Flake Year ago

    Trunk video was shown and it was substantial.

  • Reginald Dove
    Reginald Dove Year ago

    All it needs now is a flying mode!

  • Reginald Dove
    Reginald Dove Year ago

    I like the clean dashboard..but I was wondering myself about self driving mode and whether the steering wheel shown here will stay..didn't really see the rear seats or storage...but I am very excited...

  • Reginald Dove
    Reginald Dove Year ago

    Order my roadster in black!

  • SpAceX Fan
    SpAceX Fan Year ago

    Great video

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson Year ago +1

    Classic Tesla hype. As much as Elon wishes to be Steve - Apple delivers; Tesla has a way to go. They are moving the industry forward but eventually will be swallowed by the competition.

  • Zone Television
    Zone Television Year ago

    I'm going to wager someone will get this thing to go 300mph

    • Sędziwój
      Sędziwój Year ago +1

      They will try to do it, because to clime "fastest car" it must be at last 280 mph today (maybe in 2020 it need more)

  • piet skiet
    piet skiet Year ago

    price king , I will never use u ,,, because of your crap advert ! ! ! !

  • kriss2005
    kriss2005 Year ago

    Roadster has 2 small oled displays, one in front of the driver, one in front of the passenger. On those there were 2 icons- one for autopilot, one for active cruise control. So here are some of your answers.

  • ralphpurtcher
    ralphpurtcher Year ago

    I think the sports car will likely have a greater focus on cooling, and a physically larger battery pack (not confirmed but likely) definitely helps solve the problem.

  • IMHO
    IMHO Year ago +7

    I think this will have 2-speed gearbox for the rear motors with low gear of about 12:1 which lets it get all the acceleration claims, and a 6:1 which lets it do 250 Mph without the motors exceeding max RPM.

    • IMHO
      IMHO Year ago

      tecnocato, if they are single speed, even if you cut one motor off and the other one on, the freewheeling motor would fly apart.
      The real way to solve the riddle is to determine how much wheel torque is needed for each performance claim. If they are all close to the same, maybe they used single speed and just added a more powerful motor/inverter. If the wheel torque needed to do 250 mph is significantly less than what it takes to do the quarter mile in 8.9 seconds, then the rear two motors may use 2-speed gearbox.

    • tecnocato
      tecnocato Year ago

      Sequential motors with large overlap? ...scratch that! They did say torque vectoring so they are there all the time.

    • IMHO
      IMHO Year ago

      Sędziwój, yes, it’s just that idiot Tesla bull from Morgan Stanley, Adam Jonas. Clearly he has no clue what he’s talking about.

    • Sędziwój
      Sędziwój Year ago

      They will not marge, this suggestion was make by person who know nothing.

    • IMHO
      IMHO Year ago

      Sędziwój, we will just have to see what happens. Perhaps this is all paving the way for a merger between Tesla and SpaceX. LOL

  • Ronald Fish
    Ronald Fish Year ago

    Elon said it and it will happen200 kilowatt battery!!!

  • L2design
    L2design Year ago

    It seems too light ... it'll be killing people .. flying off the road

    • niffrig
      niffrig Year ago +3

      L2design the batteries are heavy

  • Ronald Fish
    Ronald Fish Year ago

    The instrument cluster will probably like the model 3!!!

  • Carl Knott
    Carl Knott Year ago +1

    It's always good to hear opinions from someone with zero knowledge of Tesla and design of this car.

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese Year ago +8

    In black the roadster looks stealth af

    ALEG SL Year ago +2

    Your channel is a great idea especially as it is not called the African American channel, I like the term black channel, and black can indeed be beautiful as you demonstrated with the chroma key visual effect of changing the red colour of the Tesla Roadster 3.0 (R80) to black spectacularly! That stated you must realise that when you cast doubt on the Tesla "prototype" technologies, without applying physics, logic or inside knowledge, you demean your own demonstrated intellectual prowess by highlighting your own limited knowledge of the subject matter, it is called a prototype for a reason. Let me pose a potential answer to the question about the 200 kWh battery in the Tesla Roadster 3.0 (R80? Did anyone count the times the Roadster 3.0 accelerated from zero to plaid for the entire duration of the event without exchanging the vehicle itself or recharging the Roadster 3.0 (R80)? I did as I was at the event and I think that metric may well be the answer to our collective question about capability, duration, battery power and energy density! There is definitely, as Elon himself stated, Space X technologies embedded in the Tesla Roadster 3.0 facilitated the packaging and the performance! Tesla Roadster 3.0 (R80) embedded technologies may well be a battery breakthrough! That Roadster 3.0 technology may be that the battery pack is an integral structural member of the chassis and not a duplication of the P100D battery form factor in conventional lithium terms, it is better density for sure! However, packaging may not be the only advance we are witnessing here in absolute terms! I drive a Model S P100D, as a company vehicle, and a Model X P100D as my personal recreational daily drive so we have good user experience with Tesla battery life! Further, my husband owned a Lotus-based Tesla Roadster 2.5 prior to acquiring our Model X P100D to transport our family. I was at the Tesla Truck and Roadster 3.0 unveil event, with a member of the press, and I ordered the Tesla Roadster 3.0 (R80) because it was clear to me, that Tesla did not substitute the Roadster 3.0 during the entire presentation in which they introduced this revision to the Roadster concept demonstrated twice the power density, range and energy and, as Elon stated: to give “a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars” and in my opinion the stats tell the story of just how hard a smackdown Elon delivered to the likes of Jeremy Clarkson's (A fraud) and the Fiat Chrysler Executive Sergio Marchionne and of course Ex GM Tesla Naysayer-in-Chief, Robert “bob” Anthony Lutz for whom I am sure the smackdown was intended! Therefore, given the collective fact's on the ground don’t you think those facts constitute an evolution in battery density or at minimum a spectacular breakthrough in packaging technology of some kind? I like your channel, however if you are going to give your "informed" opinion please begin by doing a better job of investigating the logic demonstrated by the solution that is the Tesla Roadster 3.0 (R80) and thereafter listening keenly to the words of those building the car before propagating or disseminating the information on your channel or at least seek professional advice as it relates to the science! That stated, please keep up the fantastic work you are doing!

    • Eric Myers
      Eric Myers Year ago

      What in the world are you talking about. His channel is called "Black Tesla" not "Black Channel". Presumably because he has ....I'm just guessing here.... a Black Tesla!!!! What an ignorant comment you posted. And oh how I thank you for stating that "black can indeed be beautiful". I feel so much better now

    • Flexiblelip
      Flexiblelip Year ago

      Totally agree!

    • Shola Fatusin
      Shola Fatusin Year ago


    • walter Jones
      walter Jones Year ago

      ALEG SL

    • walter Jones
      walter Jones Year ago

      ALEG SL

  • Zoltán Kárpát
    Zoltán Kárpát Year ago

    Some garages already executed successful cooling upgrades on Teslas. They got rid of the frunk and put a giant radiator in it with an additional fan... and they probably put a stronger pump in too. After the modification Model S/X can sustain high speeds for much longer, better that ICE cars.
    The acceleration of the roadster comes from the higher number of battery cells (=higher amperage and voltage) and 3 motors. IMO cooling was the simplest problem to solve...

    • niffrig
      niffrig Year ago

      Kárpát Zoltán active cooling the motors is not a big deal but voltage sag on the batteries after all those hard launches does not speak to battery longetivity. I do not see how a BEV can sustain high speeds better than an ICE car for the same reason.

  • Sean Z
    Sean Z Year ago +9

    Elon has always made a point to have the production vehicle be at least as good if not better than the concept version.

  • Sean Z
    Sean Z Year ago

    It doesn’t limit you after just a couple minutes. It’s quite a bit longer than that.

  • Sean Z
    Sean Z Year ago

    I think there was a very tiny display above the steering wheel and on the passenger side. You can kind of see it on drag times video.

  • Cameron Harper
    Cameron Harper Year ago

    2170 battery Dual layer battery pack

  • Cameron Harper
    Cameron Harper Year ago

    There is a video of the trunk of the Roadster on USclip

  • Cameron Harper
    Cameron Harper Year ago +25

    I love the black on the roadster more than the red tbh

    • Noah
      Noah 6 hours ago

      White looks the best imo

  • JmansFragments
    JmansFragments Year ago +3

    phenomenal video you broke everything down very well

  • PlanetMusk Vlog
    PlanetMusk Vlog Year ago

    I probably would have put at least the $5k deposit that night had I been at the event with a few shots in me!

  • PlanetMusk Vlog
    PlanetMusk Vlog Year ago

    Perfect hue shift! Wish steering wheel had "fire" buttons on top! There appears to be a small display ninja'd into the air vent slit front and centered.

  • ich du
    ich du Year ago

    the outer design is great, but i dont like the inside. in this type of car i like to feel the future of a car, not the gamer-style. Head up display, Hologramms. personal screens on the complette surface if you want. and no tv. it looks cheap and wrong. there are so many gadgets...this is more like a ai vision of a car, then a human dream?

  • Patrick Bailey
    Patrick Bailey Year ago +3

    He own a battery factory Guys! Its probably a new battery that will do twice the range.

  • crazzylee
    crazzylee Year ago

    The new battery is the 2170 and not the 18650. Most likely answer

    • crazzylee
      crazzylee Year ago

      niffrig RC hobbyist use graphene batteries. Normally the rc world has been the test bed for new battery technology. That's how I'm figuring. hobbyking.com/en_us/batteries/turnigy-graphene-batteries.html?___store=en_us

    • niffrig
      niffrig Year ago

      crazzylee you might be right!

    • crazzylee
      crazzylee Year ago

      niffrig Graphene batteries perhaps

    • niffrig
      niffrig Year ago

      crazzylee the 2170 batteries are already in the model E. They will have to change the battery chemistry to Lithium metal instead of lithium ion. A reach but most of of the industry is already predicting it.

  • Zane H
    Zane H Year ago +1

    Why are you bagging the car, it's prototype, give them some time to get all the regulatory stuff into it, who cares about all the rubbish you are complaining about, it goes from 0-60 in under 2.0 sec and it cost 250K, stop complaining, 200Kw will come from a new technology Tesla are working on NOW, li

  • somanythings
    somanythings Year ago

    i'll have this car someday

    • Direktor
      Direktor Year ago

      Me too

    • JimmyG
      JimmyG Year ago

      If that's your goal to have this car someday, then go for it!

    FPVREVIEWS Year ago

    with a bigger battery pack, the energy per cell required for a hard acceleration can be less, even though the acceleration is more.
    It's all about the individual cell's discharge rate.

    FPVREVIEWS Year ago +7

    Damn, it looks great in black!

  • hades123
    hades123 Year ago +2

    the battery pack is already in the car, they can't do 0-60 in 1.9 seconds without it
    Read this:

  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps Year ago +52

    1. Tesla is actually very very good about their production vehicles matching quite closely to the vehicles they show at unveiling--I would argue they are more honest with their concept vs production model than any other company I can think of.
    2. The Roadster was driven out of the back of a Semi trailer and was a pretty tight fit so that may have been why there were no mirrors.
    3. Four seats for "regulatory compliance"? I am curious what you meant by this. There are many two seat vehicles.
    4. The roadster on display most likely had the 200 kWh battery. How else could it have done launch control 0 -75 mph starts every 3 to 4 minutes for over 5 hours? Think about it. That is something like 70 to 100 drag starts.
    5. The steering wheel. Hate it or love it there is zero reason mechanically why it could not be on the production car. All of these cars are fly-by-wire so it is next to nothing to incorporate variable rate steering--said another way there is no need for the typical two and a half turns lock-to-lock type steering in "normal" cars.
    6. You are claiming that the Semi and Roadster are to raise capital like it is an unequivocal fact. Based on what exactly? At their last shareholders call it was reported that they had over $2 billion in cash on hand (It might have even been $3 billion I can't recall now) and that they were for the most part through the cash burn portion of Model 3 factory ramping. More specifically they said point blank that capital was not an issue. You could be right but I would ask you to make your case and prove it.
    7. Number 6 not withstanding it is possible that they moved up the Roadster launch to take a little heat off about the Model 3 production bottlenecks--though even that is a bit of a stretch when you consider how long it takes to develop something like the Semi or the Roadster. They have most likely been working on both for several years. Mostly I can't imagine Elon getting ANYTHING done early lol.
    8. Gauge cluster. There were displays of speed and G forces etc. in a thin line above / or in the air vent slot. Whether or not this will be enough is of course subjective.
    9. Slightly unrelated. I have seen people mentioning that the roadster will be limited to 1,000 units. This is (I believe) incorrect. I think the 1,000 unit limit is for founders addition cars.
    10. Last but not least, the practice of taking huge (or at least huge to us normal people) deposits for a car that you won't get for one or two years is pretty common in the hyper car industry--so not unusual for Tesla to do this. Whether or not the Roadster qualifies as a Super Car will be debated endlessly I am sure.

    • Beam Hero
      Beam Hero Year ago

      A long comment

    • Gene Phipps
      Gene Phipps Year ago +4

      SO O
      I agree. What other manufacturer does that? I have been following cars for 30 years and the other manufacturers always seem to show off these futuristic beautiful designs at the auto shows--mostly just to capture headlines--then invariably they release yet another vanilla car that looks almost nothing like the concept. The bean counters get in there and kill any creativity and it becomes "design by committee" which never works.

    • Sean Z
      Sean Z Year ago +3

      Gene Phipps Elon has made a point to always make the production vehicle be better than the concept.

  • Mario Hdz
    Mario Hdz Year ago +6

    I don't usually comment on videos, but when I do, its because you went on and beyond what I wanted to know in just a few minutes. Great Video!

  • emmett lockman
    emmett lockman Year ago

    The wheelbase on the roadster looks very long. The car actually could be wider than the model S . Both things will allow for more battery space. Elon said the car had a nice amount of trunk space , so that you can take a weekend trip in it.

  • The Future is Pasta
    The Future is Pasta Year ago +5

    I can't wait till it's added to Forza

  • Angel Navarro
    Angel Navarro Year ago

    Thanks for your video .. good job :)

  • The Video Explorer
    The Video Explorer Year ago +2

    Maybe no “frunk” at all?...

  • 1dariansdad
    1dariansdad Year ago +4

    You ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. 1) the interior is huge. This car is nearly as wide as the Model S. 2) Don't you think all that instrumentation could be configured on the display? 3) It IS a prototype, so why are you criticizing fit and finish? 4) The only use for mirrors is for dinosaurs that don't understand how video technology works. 5) Why are you worried about trunks and frunks? This is not a family car; it's a hyper car. 6) I think you illustrated that they do IN FACT tell you how to pay your deposits.

  • Jim Whitehead
    Jim Whitehead Year ago

    How are they going to get 200 kW? This engineer calculates its physically impossible with current battery chemistry. You guess right, its new tech, like Goodenough's new glass battery with 3x energy density in the lab. See Forbes: www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2017/03/17/jack-goodenoughs-battery-technologies-keep-getting-better/#2cbdf0ea4e62

  • izsak itt
    izsak itt Year ago

    I don't want mirrors but indication of surrounding traffic on display screen. Rear seats? Is that what makes or brakes the deal with this car? Corvette, Cayman, Lamborghini, etc. no rear seats. Trunk space? I have a minivan and a Model S P90D for that. I do like the space behind me in my 911 turbo for stuff and to recline into but I use that as a daily driver. I don't think of the Roadster 2 as a daily driver.

  • Danny Minely
    Danny Minely Year ago

    small di*ks will be able to compensate without children breathing their exhaust fumes , there will be also less noise in the cities. Very Very good.

  • Chris O'Connor
    Chris O'Connor Year ago +10

    I love it. Everyone on the internet is an engineering and manufacturing specialist

  • Phu Tran
    Phu Tran Year ago +1

    nice photo shop xD xD xD

  • ryan leggott
    ryan leggott Year ago +1

    There is a front spedometer. Its the tiny screen in front of the steering wheel next to the vent strip. That displays spees.

  • Dan Sederstrom
    Dan Sederstrom Year ago

    who can afford this thing? $200,000 minimum + tax (8%) $16,000 registration etc

    • Gray Davis
      Gray Davis Year ago +5

      Some people buy super cars that are well over a million. All things considered this supercar is a bargain.

    • João S
      João S Year ago

      Do you really think that this is a car for the average Joe? NO. The same way the first roadster wasn't. This is for the hubber rich. Go check out how much you have to pay for an ice that does less than 3 secs on the 0 to 60mph. We're talking millions vs the 200k. Not to mention reliability, practicality, cleanliness... and you won't be destroying the environment by driving this car.

    • Whatamess Jennings
      Whatamess Jennings Year ago

      It's more of a statement than a vehicle for the masses! Determination in beating any gas guzzler in speed and performance at a much lower cost.

  • Phillip Probst
    Phillip Probst Year ago

    Good balanced view. Caveats are spot on. Couple points you missed ... 1) Where they gonna build them? Probably need another factory (or more) to pull this off (along with the 3, the Semi, the Y, the pickup, the bus, etc.)... 2020 seems overly optimistic. 2) if this thing can really break 250 mph it appears to have nowhere near enough aero (wings & things) to keep it stuck to the pavement. The silly little pop-up spoiler seen in some of the promo pix is woefully inadequate.
    Of course, impressive as it is, this is a prototype, a way to generate excitement and cash flow (deposits). Remains to be seen how the final version will turn out.

    • Sędziwój
      Sędziwój Year ago

      I think all info they give is from they test, not some aspiration, this is why they say 250+ mph, not exactly speed, because they get it to 250 mph, but they want more, but don't know how much they can make. Same as charging speed, they not give this info.
      About areo dynamics, you must remember battery weight is big, so it different, and if you see it diffuser is big, you cant make this in gas car, so it may change all, and most supper cars must pump a lot of air to cooling system, so they have some different in project.
      About where they make it, is good question.

  • Russell Fine Arts

    Yes, solid state batteries, due out in 2020, have: 3-5 times the capacity of today's Li-on batteries so they'll fit in the Roadster of a 200 kWh battery. Solid state batteries are already in test vehicles, today, going through test runs. Sorry if this was a secret :)

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Year ago

    Wow really ? All tesla channels really don't know how they did it ? Well I know .... first finnaly !!! Tesla grant for scientist from Canada ... the rest is up to you to find out