3 Chilling TEXAS Horror Stories *NOSLEEP* (Feat.Viidith22)


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  • UNIT #522
    UNIT #522  6 months ago +87

    BIG thx to my bud Viidith22! One of the finest Canadians I know, check him out here:

    • error corrupt
      error corrupt 2 months ago

      does he burn down the house and kills everyone inside

    • Dre Giacanna
      Dre Giacanna 3 months ago

      UNIT #522 your channel is amazing you have some really great stories to start filming and sell..

    • Sally Armour
      Sally Armour 6 months ago

      UNIT #522 wat happened to your voice unit ,it’s different I liked the old one better.. do u remember me¿

    • Nightmare Minstrel
      Nightmare Minstrel 6 months ago

      Hello From the Texas panhandle!!

    • Emerson Hart
      Emerson Hart 6 months ago

      UNIT #522 hi

  • Can of Beans
    Can of Beans Hour ago

    A mile into a 60 acre patch? What??

  • Asexual Alien
    Asexual Alien Day ago

    I live in Texas, and it’s 4am. Amazing

  • Addison Schultz
    Addison Schultz 2 days ago

    I’ll tell you a Texas Horror Story: The Dallas Cowboys football team since the last time they won a Super Bowl.

  • lilvance1228
    lilvance1228 3 days ago

    I’m listening to these stories at 2 am by myself. Almost asleep. Busted out laughing at “as he was draining his lizard” 😂

  • Daniel McLaughlin
    Daniel McLaughlin 7 days ago

    Shout out from Boston ma

  • Jennifer Wallace
    Jennifer Wallace 11 days ago

    that was a really cool an creepy story

  • Bat
    Bat 11 days ago

    im dead
    i live in texas

  • Ruben Rosario
    Ruben Rosario 23 days ago

    As I walk through the valley's of the shadows of death I'll shell feel no Evil. Even know God is with me.

  • Numb TM
    Numb TM 27 days ago


  • Daniel Crawfŏrd
    Daniel Crawfŏrd 27 days ago

    This gives me some genuine state pride.

  • Dokta Psykh
    Dokta Psykh 28 days ago

    I was thinking that whole story, "IF you want to be a Hell House, then burn bitch burn!"

  • Zeekiel Gaming
    Zeekiel Gaming Month ago +1

    Well... Who’s from Texas?

  • Endless Depression
    Endless Depression Month ago +1

    I listened to this just cause i live in texas

  • Potato Sanchez
    Potato Sanchez Month ago +1

    You sound like Mr.Nightmare.
    And Mr.Nightmare sounds like you.

  • Scott Lynch
    Scott Lynch Month ago

    Boomer sooner grandpa

  • cryptid rat
    cryptid rat Month ago +2

    I know witches in real life, my friend is a witch. He isn't evil, though. I asked him abt it because I was curious so he told me what he does. He believes in the threefold law, which is a law that most modern witches follow. It says that any harm you do will be returned to you three times worse. So, not evil. He also believes in the wiccan rede, which is "if ye harm none, do as ye will". It basically means that you are completely free to do whatever you want in your life, provided you don't hurt anyone by doing it. For the actual spells and magic bit, he believes in the power of energy to influence things and spirits. he uses sage to cleanse his room of bad energy with the smoke. He has an altar that he puts crystals and plants and things with sigils drawn on them that he mediates in front of to clear bad energy from his head and his life. Sigils are symbols that you give power to by writing them on paper and burning them. Hes a super hippie and superstitious person, he believes in fairies and shit. He does rituals w the cycles of the moon and seasons.
    This all makes him sound totally weird and crazy, buts hes actually a very levelheaded and intelligent guy who I love talking to. He says that rituals help him balance out his life and stay calm and rational and connected with natute in the face of the stresses of modern living. So maybe there's something positive to be said for witches.

    • Potato Sanchez
      Potato Sanchez Month ago

      I find you're friend interesting
      As I like to think that all the mysticism
      Are "just" the same measurements
      Sorting the way we interpret reality as a whole but does not change the fact of its "true" Physical property's
      For one example is that I have a gun I know its a gun but I can measure it
      Whilst philosophy take control
      But a gun is still a gun in this world
      And I doubt it's a toy from some other dimension :-).

  • Odasity
    Odasity Month ago

    I live in *texas* 😭

  • chayne connor
    chayne connor Month ago

    Fuck the second story bro I work for TNC as an intern one summer in Hawaii and we did the same shit
    minus getting empaled

  • Brooke Lofton
    Brooke Lofton Month ago +1


  • Kochie
    Kochie Month ago

    I love Texas
    Workin on a story to send you. Can’t wait

  • amber grant
    amber grant Month ago

    shout out from ft hood !!! 🙌🙌

  • papa Bean
    papa Bean Month ago

    Anyone watching in 1856

  • Call me Goldfish
    Call me Goldfish Month ago

    There are many witches in my neighborhood, like some girl pouring graveyard dirt in someone else’s yard. (She was caught on camera) or a dead decaying cat in front of a weird sign and litter box saying something like ‘free spells’. Also whenever my mom was younger, her neighbor had a hard time sleeping because of all the whisperings from outside and one day they woke up and went outside. There were several odd signs and carvings in the dirt.

  • Stacey Castorena Martinez

    "The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas"👏👏👏

  • Emulate Me, The Universe.

    Texas huh? This should be good.

  • SwervingGem
    SwervingGem Month ago

    Ha, OSU beat Texas

  • Walka Wood
    Walka Wood Month ago +2

    well, that’s nice. I live about 45 minutes away from Jacksonville😂

  • Dramacidal
    Dramacidal 2 months ago

    If there ever was Marshall Law, civil war or WW3 us Texans will be the last ones standing cause we don't take shit and we stick together and take care of our own. God bless Texas!

  • Christie Miller
    Christie Miller 2 months ago

    Didn't like the narration voice on the third story

  • Milk Duds
    Milk Duds 2 months ago

    Is this true?

  • Toni Anjelica
    Toni Anjelica 2 months ago +1

    I live in Texas it's almost 1am with a wind storm and I'm home alone... Yup listing to this sounds like a good idea.

  • K Pelt
    K Pelt 2 months ago +1

    Born and raised in Amarillo Texas!

  • sofia pappy
    sofia pappy 2 months ago +1

    yehaw, you feel me?

  • Sociopathic Sigh
    Sociopathic Sigh 2 months ago

    Dark witches gotta ruin it for everyone else...

  • Sam Rojas
    Sam Rojas 2 months ago

    Texas is the best 🤟🏼

  • keyshawn smith
    keyshawn smith 2 months ago +1

    Wow the 2nd guys voice actually isnt annoying like all the other surprisingly, i actually like his voice

  • DeeSmokez Gaming
    DeeSmokez Gaming 2 months ago

    Fuck Texas period havent been back in years

  • Kei Tha Comic
    Kei Tha Comic 2 months ago +1

    I grew up 30 min from Jacksonville!!!!! Wells t.x! Cherokee county!!

  • Kyrie
    Kyrie 2 months ago

    Fucking Texas

  • TheElectricBanana
    TheElectricBanana 2 months ago

    Lol i live in texas

  • Anjolie Cantu
    Anjolie Cantu 2 months ago +1

    I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I have so many stories that no one could ever explain.

    • Miguel
      Miguel 2 days ago

      Anjolie Cantu you could make a video of your experiences.

  • Wade Raney
    Wade Raney 2 months ago

    Excellent stories😯

  • IT'S ME FROM 713
    IT'S ME FROM 713 2 months ago +2

    Hey from Houston

  • Shaeanne Long
    Shaeanne Long 2 months ago

    Loved the video Unit!!!

  • Jboy J
    Jboy J 2 months ago

    Ew lizards have feet

  • Taylo Tay
    Taylo Tay 2 months ago

    I have about 4 crazy stories I'm from texas too maybe I'll share them one day

  • Rooiku
    Rooiku 2 months ago

    loved the last story!

  • Fast Lane Pros
    Fast Lane Pros 2 months ago

    The last story is on Reddit, it's a fictional story...