32 Incredible Easter Eggs You Missed in Harry Potter Movies


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  • nonenunina
    nonenunina 12 hours ago

    Voldemort didn't plan to have 7 horcruxes. He planned to separate his soul into 7 pieces. So 6 horcruxes and himself make it 7 pieces. Harry as horcrux is accidental that Voldemort didn't know.

  • R Davis
    R Davis 17 hours ago

    Dude your info is superb, but you're sure mispronouncing a bunch words that most of us fans have heard a hundred times. Otherwise, great job. (lol Dobby with a soft o, for instance, and LOL Bassilic accent on the 1st syllable, even gamers say it that way).

  • Ignas Petravičius

    27 - by the way, Newt would be realy old, becouse dumbledoor is newt teacher, and that movie is in 16**

  • Epics Gamers
    Epics Gamers Day ago

    OMG it’s a film not a movie!

  • Manjula C
    Manjula C Day ago

    In the seven stones, Voldemort only new six of horcrux,so how would seven be there

  • xXStupidPotatoXx
    xXStupidPotatoXx 2 days ago

    Umm boi Starbucks copied that logo WHICH ONE WAS MADE FIRST HARRY POTTER

  • C O W
    C O W 2 days ago

    Most people know this shit and u don’t know how to pronounce basilisk right did this kid even go to school

  • abby c
    abby c 2 days ago +1

    y u say Donny and Ginny like that

  • abby c
    abby c 2 days ago +2

    8:12 every time i see that scene my hatred for snape doubles

  • LEL gaming
    LEL gaming 2 days ago

    Fact Republic: ....bisilisk....
    Hermione(&me): It's basilisk, not bisilisk.

    • LEL gaming
      LEL gaming 2 days ago


  • Funky Dragon
    Funky Dragon 2 days ago +1

    As a huge fan of Harry Potter who grew up with the books and movies, I feel very proud of myself for noticing 25 of these lol

  • TŁB JPøpRøxž
    TŁB JPøpRøxž 2 days ago

    Jeany? Pensive? Doebey? Busilisk? You haven't seen the movies

  • GeeMUA
    GeeMUA 2 days ago

    They added so many minute details , but can’t make Harry’s eyes green lol

  • Alexander Gruber
    Alexander Gruber 2 days ago

    Doby, Geeny, Basiilisk
    good pronounciation

  • Bryn Hale
    Bryn Hale 3 days ago

    NO NO NO YOUR SAYING IT WRONG ITS vOldemort not vUldemort 😤


  • wolf club for kids
    wolf club for kids 3 days ago

    It's sorcerer stone

  • Anabelle Watt
    Anabelle Watt 3 days ago

    This was a good video, But who else kept getting annoyed when he pronounced names and objects wrong. lmao!

  • Amanda Westlund
    Amanda Westlund 3 days ago

    What do you mean by easter eggs?

  • Martin Temelkov
    Martin Temelkov 3 days ago

    eh some of these are false but okay

  • Taya Betrayer
    Taya Betrayer 4 days ago

    Can someone tell me the definition of "Easter egg"

  • Mia Schneidruk
    Mia Schneidruk 5 days ago +1

    “32 Easter Eggs” AKA “32 Easter Eggs True Harry Potter Fans Already Know”

  • Jiddo
    Jiddo 5 days ago

    I didn't noticed them, except Slughorn's feet.

  • ShadowHits
    ShadowHits 5 days ago

    Kerbal Space Program is all I can think while watching this video... I wonder why...

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 6 days ago

    Thumbs down for pathetic pronunciation of names, if you watched the movies you would know better.
    And half of these were pretty obvious. I think there were two I hadn't noticed.

  • Frauke Schmidt
    Frauke Schmidt 6 days ago

    The necklace is also mentioned in the 2nd book as being in the shop. It's easy to guess that that is the same necklace that Malfoy got for Dumbledore.

  • you foul loathsome evil little cockroach

    how in the world does ginny = genie. just pronounce it as it’s spelled.
    Edit, also the basilisk and dobby one

    • Dan Williams
      Dan Williams 6 days ago

      Seriously! Didn't the guy watch the movies? If he'd watched the movies he'd know how these things are pronounced!

  • you foul loathsome evil little cockroach

    soooo, 32 things that we all knew about harry potter?

  • Cylie Strzyzykowski
    Cylie Strzyzykowski 9 days ago

    avada kedabra has been explained at that point... this is just stupid

  • Carolina Lotero
    Carolina Lotero 9 days ago

    *Gennie Wisley*

  • Maddy DeVeuve
    Maddy DeVeuve 9 days ago

    He pronounced SOOOO many things severely wrong and it physically hurt me

  • Kate Ryan
    Kate Ryan 11 days ago

    Muggles can't see the leaky cauldron

  • Carol Guo
    Carol Guo 11 days ago

    omg like how do you notice these

  • Magan Heinrich
    Magan Heinrich 11 days ago

    On the map where is shows Newts name luna is only a few feet from him and she married his grandson

  • SoftijsjeXD
    SoftijsjeXD 12 days ago

    8:50 U sure? I don't know a Doughby

  • E Lisa
    E Lisa 12 days ago +1

    Don't mind the comments from people who like to play the know-it-all, this video is adorable! So many cute and interesting small details from the movies, most of them I didn't know yet! I loved it!
    I don't get the alleged pronounciation mistakes, maybe because I'm not a native english speaker, but thanks for saying "philosopher's stone". I still don't get why they changed it to "sorcerer's stone" for USA market. I see that back then everyone still thought that HP was a kids saga, but did they deem american kids too dumb for the word "philosopher" or what?

  • Mark Schwarz
    Mark Schwarz 12 days ago

    Everyone knew it if they were a potterhead

  • Katie Walburn
    Katie Walburn 12 days ago

    He pronounced everything wrong and it bugs me. It’s Dah-bee not Doh-bee. Smh

  • Meridacat __
    Meridacat __ 12 days ago

    Why did you say "philosophers stone"

  • Ellen Oconnell
    Ellen Oconnell 12 days ago +1

    Incredible fact no.33 - Harry potters second name is “potter” 😱

    honestly never knew so thankful for that fact ❣️

  • Brent Steven
    Brent Steven 12 days ago

    i stopped watching when he pronounced basilisk wrong as hell

  • Mia Credidio
    Mia Credidio 12 days ago

    Few points:
    · its dobby not dowbee
    · its ginny not geenie
    ·its basilisk not baseelisck

  • Mallory Seney
    Mallory Seney 13 days ago

    at the beginning of the half blood prince hermione tells ron at the beginning that he has spearmint toothpaste on his chin, that’s why it’s referenced again in the love potion scene. she isn’t lying.

  • kennedi walls
    kennedi walls 13 days ago +5

    Some of these "easter eggs" are pretty obviouse

  • Sanchita Rakshit
    Sanchita Rakshit 13 days ago

    I really loved it. l must say you have very sharp eyes

  • Elizabeth Moyer
    Elizabeth Moyer 13 days ago

    The way you pronounce things physically hurts me

  • Corey Chang
    Corey Chang 13 days ago

    Philosophers stone?

  • Jeppe Laursen
    Jeppe Laursen 13 days ago

    Watch this one (at 4.35 )
    They switch place, so eh who is Fred and who is George ?? :p

  • Jack Downey
    Jack Downey 14 days ago

    The 1st movie is called Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, not philosopher’s stone.

  • Evie Teddy
    Evie Teddy 14 days ago

    He pronounces Ginny as “geeny” 😂😂

  • H Carlsson
    H Carlsson 14 days ago

    Part One an part two

  • H Carlsson
    H Carlsson 14 days ago

    7 movies dumi

  • ollotje
    ollotje 14 days ago

    *me seeing this video* oh yeah... TRY ME

  • Nitin Boradkar
    Nitin Boradkar 14 days ago

    In the 28th Easter egg moment one can see an Indian flag.....

  • Charlotte Amodeo
    Charlotte Amodeo 14 days ago

    "doe-bie" and "bass-ill-isk" - weak

  • Heidrosign
    Heidrosign 14 days ago

    Bay-si-lisk? Good god man...

  • Elisa
    Elisa 15 days ago


  • Elisa
    Elisa 15 days ago

    And Ginny not Gynny

  • Elisa
    Elisa 15 days ago

    And it dObby not dOUbby

  • Elisa
    Elisa 15 days ago


  • Elisa
    Elisa 15 days ago

    Its not a bacilis it's A BASCALISK

  • Elisa
    Elisa 15 days ago

    Its LuCIus not LuCHius and vOldimort not vAldimort

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni 15 days ago

    At 10:11 you can see a Indian flag in the hand of the person. 🇮🇳

  • georgie Dog lover xoxo

    why did he say dooby not doby

  • skylor potter
    skylor potter 16 days ago

    Did you that in the fourth movie when harry is fighting Voldemort,Voldemort says abracadabra.

  • The Nonchalant Shallot

    These are not Easter Eggs you dumb fucking cunt.

  • Kimberly Duke
    Kimberly Duke 16 days ago

    "Bringing a lot of the elements from the books into the movie was a difficult task for the filmmakers, but they succeeded and managed to add a lot more details into the movies, which were never possible in the books."

  • s9
    s9 16 days ago


  • Laura Groen
    Laura Groen 17 days ago

    Why does he pronounce it as "hairy podder"

  • A random slytherin girl

    These aren't really Easter eggs, they are just small details...

  • Legendary Luxray
    Legendary Luxray 18 days ago

    Rodolphus Lestrange : My wife cheated on me with my master and they even had a baby
    Remus Lupin : I married my friend's niece
    Ginny Weasley : My boyfriend Michael cheated on me with Cho so I cheated on him with Cho's boyfriend

  • Anthony lambert
    Anthony lambert 18 days ago

    Who's Herry or Hairy Podder ??
    Pronounce it properly !!

  • SageSeliah
    SageSeliah 18 days ago

    “Consistently good” Bbruhahahamuhahahaaaaaa. Ha. Ha. Ha... :brushes off the tear:

  • checkmugged
    checkmugged 18 days ago

    As I'm sure many have mentioned before me, it's a solid video but having someone who can't properly pronounce so many words makes my ears bleed and the video itself cringe worthy. It bothers people so much because it's a video about HP yet you can't pronounce the obvious things from the HP world? The ones I caught were:
    JK Rowling (come on...)
    Macarena, yes, macarena. I'm sure you've heard the song like all of us ad nauseam yet here we are, creating a different pronunciation after hearing the word hundreds if not thousands of times.

  • Somes Ones
    Somes Ones 19 days ago

    You call those "Incredible Easter Eggs" ?! :P

  • Max Francis
    Max Francis 19 days ago

    nice vid ! something about the 7 stones: its more about that the number 7 is a magical number expacially in the wizard word and apears a lot in all the movies if u just watch carefully. ur welcome :)

  • Saul Tigh
    Saul Tigh 19 days ago

    Harry Potter is for the retards and SJWs. Stupid movie, stupid book, stupid writer, stupid readers.
    Everything about it is so dumb :)

  • Kittehanddave
    Kittehanddave 19 days ago

    2:35 at borgun and burke. Quirell skull?

  • J M
    J M 19 days ago

    #7 obviously not the same necklace

  • Kira Zwier
    Kira Zwier 19 days ago

    He said genie it’s GINNY!!! 10:15

  • David jeffers
    David jeffers 19 days ago

    It’s SORCERERS STONE you idiot

  • Dickus Maximus
    Dickus Maximus 19 days ago

    Pronounce one more thing wrong next time

  • Sasha Larionova
    Sasha Larionova 19 days ago

    You pronounced "Bassalisk" wrong.

  • Jordan Stene
    Jordan Stene 19 days ago

    The toothpaste thing is actually on purpose. It’s because when Ron and Hermoine are in Fred and George’s shop, earlier in the movie, Ron points out that Hermoine has toothpaste on her.

  • The Meeping Sloth
    The Meeping Sloth 19 days ago

    It’s sorcerers Stone. Not philosophers 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😒

    • Rachel Rebecca
      Rachel Rebecca 18 days ago

      The Meeping Sloth everywhere’s but the US says philosopher. That’s the original name

    • The Meeping Sloth
      The Meeping Sloth 19 days ago

      Rachel Rebecca search it up. It’s sorcerers. Are you in a different country? Cause they might have changed the name

    • Rachel Rebecca
      Rachel Rebecca 19 days ago

      The Meeping Sloth it’s philosophers lmao

  • Ruskieguy 96
    Ruskieguy 96 19 days ago

    This guy can't pronounce 'Lucious' Properly. He pronounces it with the "sh' sound. He also said, "Basilisk,' incorrectly. He pronounces it: "baseelisk," which is wrong. Its also not, "philosopher's stone,' its "Sorcerer's Stone.'

  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas 19 days ago +2

    Anyone here call the first movie/book Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone?

  • Rebecca Sunnybrook
    Rebecca Sunnybrook 19 days ago

    I've never read the books nor watched the movies a hundred times. I loved these "easter eggs"! Thanks :-)

  • hypnotherapy69
    hypnotherapy69 19 days ago

    what IF she smells ron toothpaste... and can the way you say Raaaawling is like nails on a chalk board -__- its rOwling

  • Cynthia Jordan
    Cynthia Jordan 20 days ago

    Fantastic! Thanks for insight. Wow!!

  • Pugzie 2000
    Pugzie 2000 20 days ago

    I literally noticed 30 of these. Plus please work on your pronunciation

  • Cheru Siderea
    Cheru Siderea 20 days ago +28

    It was Voldemort's plan to split his soul into seven PIECES, so he needed SIX HORCRUXES, the last piece of soul remaining in his body. He only accidentally made seven Horcruxes. It's pretty simple maths.

  • earthdoesurvivalcraf
    earthdoesurvivalcraf 20 days ago

    the only one i knew in this was the 31 which i noticed when i watched the movie for the first time.....but didn't really put any thought into it.....

  • Hajer Ibrahim
    Hajer Ibrahim 20 days ago

    مريم ابرهيم

  • Jack Noir
    Jack Noir 20 days ago

    5:29 Wasn't her family dentist? I thought it was referencing that.

  • bobby hall
    bobby hall 20 days ago

    i ave yet to see a harry potter Easter egg that mentions sir cadogen in the background of the prisoner of azkaban

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 20 days ago

    Not that Starbucks originated the symbol, but whatevs... 😞😒

  • BixZter Z
    BixZter Z 20 days ago

    This moron doesn’t know how to pronounce words.. .

  • Maranda McAlpin
    Maranda McAlpin 20 days ago

    Have you actually watched these movies? I'm just trying to figure out why you fail to pronounce anyone's name correctly.

  • Josephine Vannoy
    Josephine Vannoy 20 days ago

    Is anyone else upset that he said philosophers stone?

    • Josephine Vannoy
      Josephine Vannoy 20 days ago

      Just for the record, just because some of us are complete idiots, doesn't mean all of us are.

  • Josephine Vannoy
    Josephine Vannoy 20 days ago