Town Hall Audience Member - Key & Peele

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • A town hall meeting held by a local congressman puts one of its audience members in an awkward position.

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    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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  • Key & Peele
    Key & Peele  7 months ago +1427

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    • MisterHeroman
      MisterHeroman 19 days ago

      Lmao Key talking like a democrat

    • Tan Gin Seng
      Tan Gin Seng Month ago


    • Lets Eat
      Lets Eat Month ago


    • User name
      User name 2 months ago


    • Donald Harrison
      Donald Harrison 2 months ago

      I'm wondering how long it will take for someone to mention the fact that the politician listed EVERY "minority status" but BLACK or AFRICAN AMERICAN. It's funny and brilliant. Who's the politician here for EVERYONE........ everyone that is EXCEPT YOU.

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz 5 hours ago

    Lmao, they all turn to him!

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz 5 hours ago

    Lol, puts his hand over a complete stranger!

  • mychael4547
    mychael4547 6 hours ago

    the camera man a Beast LOL

  • Young monaco
    Young monaco 7 hours ago

    I don’t get it.

  • sakib khan
    sakib khan 10 hours ago

    0:32 That look killed me

  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams 13 hours ago


  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams 13 hours ago


  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams 13 hours ago


  • Ronald Chang
    Ronald Chang 15 hours ago


  • Anthaony Welington
    Anthaony Welington 16 hours ago +3

    Not even need a Word. You already Laugh 😆 just looking his expression.

  • Gabz Gabz
    Gabz Gabz 19 hours ago

    When everyone thinks that you're gay but you're not.
    *lays down on the floor*

    THE TOPIC CHANNEL 20 hours ago

    "Farm ville"

  • greysymphonyearth
    greysymphonyearth 21 hour ago

    I was laughing so hard my eyes watered.

  • yeransian1493
    yeransian1493 22 hours ago


  • Roberto Bello Parra

    Who dislikes this? Wtf guys

  • Freddy Ramirez
    Freddy Ramirez Day ago +1

    I was watching it in my car and the people passing by me started staring at me...... Made my day Gold

  • Mokarram Anwar
    Mokarram Anwar Day ago +1


  • R cloud
    R cloud Day ago

    *whispers in Sam voice*
    “I think he’s gay”

    Anyone who gets the reference I love you

  • Gabriela G
    Gabriela G Day ago

    He’s really on the floor like 👁👁😳😂😂😂

  • Redd Hatten
    Redd Hatten Day ago

    The camera man is gold😂😂😂

  • henry12h
    henry12h Day ago

    So who is gay?

  • Monique Star
    Monique Star Day ago

    Jordan should've looked into the camera and said "This is Comedy Central; I can see Cartman, I can see Kenny-OH! He just got killed!"

  • André Dyer
    André Dyer 2 days ago

    My ribs

  • TheBigAC
    TheBigAC 2 days ago

    Why domt i remember this in the show

  • Retro Progress
    Retro Progress 2 days ago

    "Gays raise their children" umm no, they raise other people's children. Gays can't have children because they're that - gay.

    GUESS WHO 2 days ago

    This is the news and I vote for this actor he is the SHIT YO

  • dstar330
    dstar330 2 days ago

    It's funny how nobody caught that he didn't say he would work for black people

  • Illidan Stormrage
    Illidan Stormrage 2 days ago

    In deep the area the minority..
    The brainwashed minority

  • ASMRyouVEGANyet?
    ASMRyouVEGANyet? 2 days ago +1

    His hairline cracked me up the most

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 3 days ago

    I’m sorry but I died when the camera kept looking for him 😂☠️

  • Delroy Sharpe
    Delroy Sharpe 3 days ago +1

    Omg this skit is So

  • mcpcomics mcp
    mcpcomics mcp 3 days ago

    This is the funniest episode of Key and Peele😂😂

  • Vicarious_ Me
    Vicarious_ Me 3 days ago

    *Now, this motha fucaaaahhhhhh....what the fuck?*

  • Sagar Sinha
    Sagar Sinha 3 days ago

    Oof ! My stomach hurts with laughter....!

  • Napalm Picasso
    Napalm Picasso 3 days ago


  • Everyone is a hypocrite


  • Zetrsed Gaming
    Zetrsed Gaming 3 days ago

    this is always live...

  • Brian Rounding
    Brian Rounding 3 days ago

    2019...this one kills me every time.... Start playing this for 2020

  • Barbara Allen
    Barbara Allen 3 days ago

    Lmao hilarious like I knew it would be🤣😂

  • cheikh sidi el mokhtar
    cheikh sidi el mokhtar 3 days ago +1

    Wtf Hhhhhhhhhh lol this so funny

  • Medo Zhasa
    Medo Zhasa 4 days ago

    That eye movement at 0:30 had me

  • Unknown Kid
    Unknown Kid 4 days ago

    I died at this skit HAHAHAHAHAHA

    NOEL JACOB 4 days ago

    Single people are not all gay damn it 😂😂😂

  • john paul Yap
    john paul Yap 4 days ago

    Lesson number 1 om watching key and peele sketch.. Never watch it while eating.

  • Rick Death
    Rick Death 4 days ago

    I dont understand humans in general,they claim they have free will,but say their actions are controlled by their emotions. People choose who they love and hate,(its harder to love or hate some people over others)but to be fair if you're not hurting or helping me I don't give a damn about what you do.(although the growing pedophilia in the LGBTQ community is a concern particularly the Trans community)(or drag I guess)And don't claim it's not there

  • David Divad
    David Divad 5 days ago


    BLACKSCORP 666 5 days ago

    *I laughed so hard!*

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 5 days ago

    How do you guys do the hair. It’s amazing

  • moaiad Aljamal
    moaiad Aljamal 5 days ago

    That was a lotta preaching with no punchline 😒

  • Bryce Heiner
    Bryce Heiner 5 days ago

    Thank God for these guys!

  • Jozeff K.
    Jozeff K. 5 days ago +1

    It was the sweater

  • MightiestArm
    MightiestArm 5 days ago +8

    At 1:43 when he tries to show the cameraman that the guy next to him is gay and it turned out he wasn't I died🤣☠️🤣

  • Austen Davis
    Austen Davis 6 days ago

    I lost it when he was hiding on the floor.

  • Umzie Cash
    Umzie Cash 6 days ago

    This would actually be terrifying if it happened to you in real life

  • Vy Nguyen
    Vy Nguyen 6 days ago +18

    I just realized that Jordan Peele is married to *The Gina Linetti*

    • M Hoang
      M Hoang Day ago

      Omg i didnt know that

  • Matt Sharpe
    Matt Sharpe 6 days ago

    Omg I’m dead!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aghwotu Ovuoke
    Aghwotu Ovuoke 6 days ago

    Watched this while eating. Glad I didn't choke

  • TNG_ Abu
    TNG_ Abu 6 days ago +1

    When he tried to put his arm around the lady next to him I nearly died 😂😂😂😂😩

  • Sunil Tayde
    Sunil Tayde 6 days ago

    Can't stop laughing 🤣👍

  • Chazz Boy
    Chazz Boy 6 days ago

    I’m dying 😂

  • 30 Second Hero
    30 Second Hero 6 days ago


  • G Mac II
    G Mac II 7 days ago +1

    Why did he look like the “I’m Delivert” dude 😂

  • Shan Muga
    Shan Muga 7 days ago

    I understood the plot only because of the comments... :|

  • Lebzito King
    Lebzito King 7 days ago +2

    This video made me choke while i was having a beer

  • musayo7
    musayo7 7 days ago +1

    I burst out laughing

  • JohnyKillz
    JohnyKillz 7 days ago +1

    Im dead lool

  • Nita Allay Thapa
    Nita Allay Thapa 7 days ago +1

    hahahah ..omg ..this one was really funny .. laughed alot ..

  • JadeAiko28
    JadeAiko28 7 days ago +2

    I played this back so many times

  • banta
    banta 7 days ago +1

    Anyone else binge watching these right now?

  • Im Right U’re Wrong
    Im Right U’re Wrong 8 days ago +1

    This makes the top 3 funniest K&P skits. The airplane one is still number one !

    • Crys No
      Crys No 5 days ago

      You should watch the one at the yogurt shop. You might change your mind😂😁

  • Chev Sairbac
    Chev Sairbac 8 days ago +1

    Cameraman searchin for him lol.. i love the reaction side look and stuff hahaha

  • Rock J
    Rock J 8 days ago

    sounds like Cory Booker

  • Hesdh Irorevbo
    Hesdh Irorevbo 9 days ago +1

    Peeles expression 😂🤣

  • M A
    M A 9 days ago +2

    Im literally tearing bro 😂