Town Hall Audience Member - Key & Peele

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • A town hall meeting held by a local congressman puts one of its audience members in an awkward position.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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Comments • 4 574

  • Key & Peele
    Key & Peele  3 months ago +1067

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    • Milos
      Milos 9 days ago

      Key and Peele no joke... You 2 turned out be GAY for real!? I mean for DECADES since MADTV.. all you guys do are GAY GAY GAY SCENES! it's time to turn you HETEROSEXUAL cards in.

    • Johncr777
      Johncr777 28 days ago

      Key & Peele make a joke once in a while, where the black dude ends up ahead at the end of the joke, like the punchline.

    • Teddy
      Teddy Month ago

      love u guys

    • Indian Martial Arts Research Group
      Indian Martial Arts Research Group 2 months ago +1

      Key and Peele! you guys are funnier than Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen put together! Your comedy is the greatest! Makes my days happier!

    • Ray Guzman
      Ray Guzman 2 months ago +1

      Nah, you guys are too PC for me. But some content is funny though, which is cool. Def won't subscribe though.

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess 34 minutes ago

    Lmao Michigan 🤣 why do they always choose the Mitten as the weird places these fake political things take place I love it

  • Marius Croitoru
    Marius Croitoru 10 hours ago


  • Kabronex LastName
    Kabronex LastName 11 hours ago +1

    Post Harry Potter JK Rowling could only find work as a camerawoman.

  • Miss Bo Peep
    Miss Bo Peep Day ago +1


  • Muhammad Othman
    Muhammad Othman Day ago +1

    This is what's wrong in western countries now! They just decided certain people automatically prefer same-sex partner just because they fit certain "description". In reality. many of these people with "gay" characteristics in other countries are happily married to an opposite sex.

  • Atomic Knight
    Atomic Knight Day ago

    Imagine how trash it would be if they added laugh soundtracks

  • kenzoic
    kenzoic Day ago

    Just missing the arrows pointing at him ......laugh my guts out

  • KingDugan
    KingDugan Day ago

    Can you imagine how hard it would be if this is how you found out you were gay?

  • Jp Slim
    Jp Slim 2 days ago

    Holy crap! This was one of the funniest ones yet. Genius.

  • The Lilly
    The Lilly 2 days ago

    When the camera cut to Jordan at the mention of gay 😂😂😂😂

  • Maniac Grinding
    Maniac Grinding 2 days ago

    The gem in this skit is that they have replaced the black agenda with the gay agenda.

  • Lil peso
    Lil peso 2 days ago +1

    When that nigga was on the floor I was cracking up😂😂😂😂then when he changed his seat I was dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sean G
    Sean G 2 days ago


  • Riot Act
    Riot Act 2 days ago

    I'm dying😂😂😂

  • Duong Nguyen
    Duong Nguyen 2 days ago

    i bet he's feeling so different now

  • Shafiq Affandi
    Shafiq Affandi 2 days ago


  • JA The Emcee [JTM]
    JA The Emcee [JTM] 2 days ago

    this is one of the most thoughtful/funny skits in history lol

  • Yujiro Hanma
    Yujiro Hanma 2 days ago

    Love this type of comedy key and peele are the best!😂

  • Just Chill
    Just Chill 3 days ago

    Key for President 2020.

  • David P
    David P 3 days ago

    This is spot on wake up people

  • just us
    just us 3 days ago

    Never said I'm here for Black Americans the story of our lives

  • Sammy luv
    Sammy luv 3 days ago

    I thought they was focusing the camera on a different guy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • hotman718
    hotman718 3 days ago

    Lol I didn't get the sketch I just realize the camera man is trying to say he's gay.

    THEZZ NUTZZ 3 days ago

    Lol that some funny stuff

  • watchdawg1103
    watchdawg1103 4 days ago

    I can't believe he didn't say a single word and i'm over here crying laughing...literally.

  • Talon Lynch
    Talon Lynch 4 days ago

    This is the best key and Peele I've seen in awhile

  • Sij Cecilio
    Sij Cecilio 4 days ago

    I can't stop laughing!!! FUCK

  • Goro Sees All
    Goro Sees All 4 days ago

    This shit is comedy gold

  • Milli Macro
    Milli Macro 5 days ago

    When he was on the ground 😂

  • Radim
    Radim 5 days ago

    This is some Red Dwarf style of humor, pure gold.

  • Nunya Damn Bidness
    Nunya Damn Bidness 5 days ago

    The moral of this story? Dont wear that sweater!

  • Glenys Navarro
    Glenys Navarro 5 days ago +1

    I can't! 😂😂😂

    YEE CHRAVIS 6 days ago +1

    Lansing, MI wooop

  • S AvliS
    S AvliS 6 days ago

    Omg he's not gay! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • Draharg
    Draharg 6 days ago

    how to make me laugh with no words

  • david mathews
    david mathews 6 days ago

    This is one of my favorites

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 7 days ago

    1:48 excuse me WHAT THE FUCK

  • Mạnh Tùng Chu
    Mạnh Tùng Chu 7 days ago

    he didnt even say a world ,still lmao

  • Stealth's Memes
    Stealth's Memes 8 days ago

    When jk Rowling and camera man are partners

    • remliqa
      remliqa 3 days ago

      So you're saying that the cameraman literally created him?

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 8 days ago +2

    Camera person was JK Rowling all along

    • remliqa
      remliqa 3 days ago

      That joke doesn't work at all.

  • Gavan Tan Jun Hao
    Gavan Tan Jun Hao 8 days ago


  • Prasad Shetty
    Prasad Shetty 8 days ago


  • use water
    use water 8 days ago

    10 seconds in and I’m already laughing at the wig lmao

  • money Barksdale
    money Barksdale 8 days ago

    Lmao he went through all that and everyone knew he was gay...That's funny

  • FrostGamezz
    FrostGamezz 9 days ago

    whether you are gay
    *pans to peele*

  • Brent Thomas
    Brent Thomas 9 days ago

    His wig is ridiculous 😂😂😂😂

  • Abigail Rose
    Abigail Rose 9 days ago

    Why are they re uploading old videos?

  • Khairul Azlan
    Khairul Azlan 9 days ago

    Gay are an abomination.

  • CarolinaBaby _
    CarolinaBaby _ 10 days ago

    When he started slightly shaking his head no🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • pisceanrat
    pisceanrat 10 days ago

    Just the camera panning to peele made a simple skit darn hilarious!

  • jayson biggs
    jayson biggs 11 days ago

    The people in the audience are really trying hard not to even crack a smile.

  • BTH ???
    BTH ??? 11 days ago


  • Jon Crow21
    Jon Crow21 11 days ago +1

    This Cameraman is literally J.K. Rowling

  • Bino
    Bino 11 days ago

    its funny he didnt say black

  • Emanuel Burgest
    Emanuel Burgest 11 days ago

    I’m laughing at the ending with the gay guy congratulating him enthusiastically

  • Partomuan Sagala
    Partomuan Sagala 11 days ago

    Fuck the cameramen 😂😂😂

  • SamDaMan
    SamDaMan 12 days ago

    He had me dead when he was on the floor😂😂

  • Lexy Mar
    Lexy Mar 12 days ago +1

    Gay means Happy so let them be happy. Shit!

  • Jan Andrew Yap
    Jan Andrew Yap 13 days ago +1

    One of the funniest clip I've seen. Just discovered Key & Peele. New subscriber here. Lol

  • Ron Jon
    Ron Jon 13 days ago +2

    Finding Peele on the floor had me rolling on the floor.

  • sosouth15
    sosouth15 13 days ago +1

    Comedic genious

  • danteelite
    danteelite 14 days ago +1

    This reminds me of south park "How do the Japanese decide who to make gay?"

  • XxJiiGSAWx
    XxJiiGSAWx 14 days ago

    Daniel Bryan at the Hall of Fame last night reminded me of this hahaha

  • wwe rocks
    wwe rocks 14 days ago

    "Or whether you are gay..." (Camera shows Peele)😂😂😂 0:30

  • F is the bomb
    F is the bomb 15 days ago

    Homophobic much

  • Robert Langdon
    Robert Langdon 15 days ago

    Camera man is JK Rowling

  • Haruglory131
    Haruglory131 15 days ago

    Camerman strikes again

  • Mac Anthony
    Mac Anthony 16 days ago

    this skit was so hilarious!!!!!! its still funny

  • The Light Show
    The Light Show 16 days ago

    I’m dead man that shyt too funny

  • Hakim Khadri
    Hakim Khadri 16 days ago

    I'm definitely going to pull a prank like this. 😂

  • Latnlvr
    Latnlvr 16 days ago

    Peeles best performance

  • Jason -
    Jason - 17 days ago


  • Natalie King
    Natalie King 17 days ago

    To think people were shocked that Jordan Peele is a talented writer. They must have never watched this show

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 17 days ago

    Holy shit that was funny

  • Wisdom love
    Wisdom love 17 days ago

    The Bible does say it’s an abomination...Leviticus 20:13.

    REAPER X 17 days ago

    1950s: we'll have flying cars in the future!
    2019: I want to have *SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH A GUY*

  • La Isla Bonita
    La Isla Bonita 18 days ago

    His first glance at the camera took me out.

  • Covalent Bond
    Covalent Bond 18 days ago +1

    this is so simple but so funny!!

  • Subtle Nature
    Subtle Nature 18 days ago

    This plot is gay! In the old fashioned way! Joyous....frivolous, bunnies...

  • myla hobbit
    myla hobbit 19 days ago

    me when people are like "gay marriage! gay rights! are you gay!" and i'm bi so its a yes and a no and an awkward conversation either way

  • Anthony H
    Anthony H 19 days ago

    My man fruit loops at 1:45 😂

  • mentlinc
    mentlinc 19 days ago

    The way the straight guy smiles is hilarious for some reason 0:26

  • Tunnel Vision
    Tunnel Vision 19 days ago +2

    I would’ve kicked the shit out of that cameraman 😂💯💯

  • Ozkee
    Ozkee 19 days ago


  • jajooby
    jajooby 19 days ago +2

    Jordan Peele is the king of "soft-sell" comedy.

  • caramelcarton
    caramelcarton 19 days ago

    the camera man is JK Rowling

  • Wilmer Gimenez
    Wilmer Gimenez 20 days ago +3

    That cameramen is the ultimate troll

  • Uvu Javer
    Uvu Javer 20 days ago

    My bed is right next to the wall and when I say I HIT MY KNEE SO GOTDAMN HARD WHEN THE CAMERA PANNED TO JORDAN

  • goodolarchie
    goodolarchie 20 days ago +1

    There are easier ways to come out of the closet than to be written into a J.K. Rowling book. Vaping indoors, or broadcasting your music on a bluetooth speaker in a public setting are two increasingly popular ways to do it.

  • Travis Peach
    Travis Peach 20 days ago

    This was cringy as fuck.

  • Preciado Films
    Preciado Films 20 days ago +3

    The imagery in the photography tho

  • Mike Knight
    Mike Knight 20 days ago

    Lmao that hair. This dudes a nut

  • Scott Besem
    Scott Besem 20 days ago

    Why have I never seen this skit?

  • indo with bad english
    indo with bad english 20 days ago

    Lol maybe he's there to represent black people

  • Bushka Kath
    Bushka Kath 20 days ago


  • Gg Morris Jr.
    Gg Morris Jr. 20 days ago

    Im glad the woman next to Peele didnt claim she was sexually harassed when he put his arm over hers

  • Curlee Lox
    Curlee Lox 20 days ago +1


  • Mícheál Linehan
    Mícheál Linehan 20 days ago


    HENRY BUSH 20 days ago

    Is it me or did the guy behind Jordan Peele literally look like the Jordan crying meme