Rich And Poor People Seek To Understand Each Other

  • Published on Nov 29, 2017
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    Rich people and poor people came together to see if they could understand each other. Participants included successful businessmen, people experiencing homelessness, and college students. SUBSCRIBE for more!  
    Mike Makabi
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Comments • 9 746

  • RighteousCaliKid420
    RighteousCaliKid420 19 hours ago

    Arabic guy has a gold mouth piece

  • Martin Septim
    Martin Septim Day ago

    that one guys is the villain in every super-hero movie` "I love power"

  • Wanna One Choke Me With their faces

    It's neither poor or rich it's about education .
    If you lack in education you are just some dumbass without knowledge .
    You don't need to be identified with the word poor or rich . You are already a better person if you are knowledgeable about the world. Instead of being a dumbass it's better to be educated about the world and the things around you .
    I personally wouldn't find a guy attracting even if they are bloody rich with the lack of knowledge in them .
    They are honestly no use .

  • Muslim fatima
    Muslim fatima Day ago

    Money is just money .

  • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes

    I like the evil Adam Sandler over here lol.

  • your mad
    your mad 2 days ago

    I’m so poor I open the fridge just staring at it

  • Ralle Larsen
    Ralle Larsen 2 days ago

    who is the guy in blue?

  • 防彈少年團Bangtan_Pangtan


  • chuckielong1
    chuckielong1 4 days ago

    mike is wise af, i remember watching him speak in another vid when he was playin monopoly and he was sharing mad wisdom. Thats true nothing will ever be enough, as human being i feel like we are born to chase the next thing, kinda like chasing that new high. For example say you work so hard to save up for that watch you've been wanting, telling yourself when I get this watch it will change my life it will improves my life in xyz ways. Then when you finally get it you realizes its just another item and there are better watch so you go on to chasing that new item you desire.

  • Riss728
    Riss728 4 days ago

    Why is Millie looking at Mike like she hates him from the first second they say down.

  • Heather diaz
    Heather diaz 4 days ago

    The guy who talked about being trained to be wealthy and everyone could be trained, AMEN

  • M M
    M M 5 days ago

    DO gen z vs. Milennial

  • Rodo Garcia
    Rodo Garcia 5 days ago

    wow that old-timer man... wise man

  • dat boi
    dat boi 5 days ago


  • Erin Kelly
    Erin Kelly 5 days ago

    I’d be with my man if he became homeless and lost everything . The man I wouldn’t be with would be someone who isn’t motivated or ambitious in life.

  • Jalen Guy
    Jalen Guy 5 days ago

    How can I get on this segment?

  • Noni Tentacion
    Noni Tentacion 6 days ago

    i was so scared the israeli guy was gonna say something wrong but i am so proud of how he represented us 😌!

  • Panda_Pop!
    Panda_Pop! 6 days ago

    More of the bearded man please! He is full of great messages! What is his name?!

  • Marsha Ann
    Marsha Ann 6 days ago

    So we dont wanna hear from the poor black ppl?? We know theres alot.

  • Dave
    Dave 6 days ago


  • poopipie
    poopipie 6 days ago +1

    Tbh I don't like the Arabic guy. He is trying hard to be a motivational speaker just to get attention

  • Whi te
    Whi te 6 days ago

    Mike knows what it’s all about.

  • WxSxBi KxD
    WxSxBi KxD 7 days ago

    Are we talking poor or homeless, I know ppl who r poor but they aren't like that?

  • Mario Spaghetti
    Mario Spaghetti 7 days ago

    Daryl looks like a less attractive version of Frank Iero

  • Alex j M.
    Alex j M. 7 days ago

    Some of those people I feel like they expected the millionaires to give them some money afterwards or outside that place. Maybe they did hopefully

  • MASTER Compilations
    MASTER Compilations 7 days ago

    Arab guy talks way to much

  • crystalfunky
    crystalfunky 7 days ago

    Wow that was a great discussion!

  • Ayy L'mayo
    Ayy L'mayo 7 days ago +21

    Middle eastern dude gives me confindence that one day I’ll make it too

  • Kaitlin Ngeremokt McManus

    I agree with everything the Israeli guy said except that America is the greatest country in the world lol

    • Kaitlin Ngeremokt McManus
      Kaitlin Ngeremokt McManus 6 days ago

      @Max Vu oh lol i couldnt tell because ive heard people say that and mean it with all their heart

    • Max Vu
      Max Vu 6 days ago

      It was a clear joke.

  • Henrik Hammar
    Henrik Hammar 8 days ago +1

    I love Mike

  • Mohammed Sadiq
    Mohammed Sadiq 8 days ago

    One of the best thing I have seen in USclip

  • Shafkat Khan
    Shafkat Khan 8 days ago +2

    There is no nobility in poverty. I've been a poor man & I've been a rich man, and I pick rich everytime.
    -Jordan Belfort

    • Lee Harvey Oswald
      Lee Harvey Oswald 5 days ago

      Yes very cool quote from a man who couldn´t make his own money so he had to scam people for theirs, and is still in debt to the government for 97 million. Real noble guy

  • t
    t 8 days ago +11

    *sponsored by skillshare*

  • naou ber
    naou ber 8 days ago

    The lady:actually i'm jean claude vandamme and i'm richer than y'all

  • Turbojet
    Turbojet 8 days ago +16

    The 31-year-old seems like a great entrepreneur that I would be willing to learn from.

    • SquareB0t
      SquareB0t 14 hours ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing. I'd love to find a mentor like that.

  • Subash Pariyar
    Subash Pariyar 8 days ago

    I guess, the whole saying that money doesn’t buy happiness is kinda referring to the fact that you’d feel better eating Mac Donald’s with your best friends than a fancy meal alone

  • Tyrone Is pounding ur wife

    “I need to be successful” sociopathic?

  • Tyrone Is pounding ur wife

    Can the homeless women be my spirit animal

  • Βαλια Μπ.
    Βαλια Μπ. 8 days ago +5

    Money can't buy happiness, but poverty can't buy anything.

  • Thanos Snaps
    Thanos Snaps 8 days ago

    All of the rich people are men, why am I not surprised?

  • Lil Scoot
    Lil Scoot 8 days ago

    The one rich guy is jewish joke somewhere maybe...

  • My Life As Kira
    My Life As Kira 9 days ago

    The guys who said the stuff about jealously and how he wouldn’t work for anyone low income because they might have got that money illegally. Huh. Can we please heal this man?

  • RockNCreator ForEver

    That ugly guy (yall already know who I'm referring too) is way too obsessed with money. Like... what's his problem?

  • Moly Hayes
    Moly Hayes 9 days ago

    I’ve been wearing the same clothes since 5th grade. All my pants are just bellow my knees and I wear the same ripped dress everyday.

  • zell
    zell 10 days ago +1

    "I find myself in situations"
    No you like degenerates and thugs

  • claudio silva
    claudio silva 10 days ago

    Emm I think the girl is high

  • Peter Thomas Ratto
    Peter Thomas Ratto 10 days ago +2

    'Jealousy is inate'
    'I don't think jealousy is inherited'

  • Lucy Nemeth
    Lucy Nemeth 10 days ago

    7:22 this guy is so wise.

  • P K
    P K 10 days ago +1

    With Money you can't buy happiness. But without you can't buy anything.

  • Kari Yates
    Kari Yates 10 days ago +1

    Rich people shouldn't exist. Period

  • Ema Lemon
    Ema Lemon 10 days ago +1

    Changing your attitude is 99 times out of 100 still not going to make you rich.

    • nicholas khorasani
      nicholas khorasani 8 days ago

      The largest factor is always socioeconomic standing in the system we currently live with.

  • thrillamoe50
    thrillamoe50 10 days ago

    I've been a rich man, and I've been a poor man, but I choose rich every time. - Jordan Belford

    • TheWhitey1211
      TheWhitey1211 6 days ago

      I wouldn't really rate Jordan Belfort as an inspirational figure, it kinda annoys me that he is. The man ultimately built his fortune out of empty promises to desperate and vulnerable people to pursue a narcissistic and vapid lifestyle that left him drug addicted and miserable.

  • kaleb Leon
    kaleb Leon 11 days ago

    I want to hug that woman. She has such a warm vibe

  • Dat Sales Lyfe
    Dat Sales Lyfe 11 days ago

    You should do one on whether or not it's the responsibility of the rich to take care of the poor.

  • finalPattern
    finalPattern 11 days ago

    The older guy is annoying

  • Arcalter
    Arcalter 11 days ago

    the guy at 7:22 just lost my respect for him when he began interrupting the other person talking

  • Zoe Dawkins
    Zoe Dawkins 12 days ago

    i really enjoyed this episode in particular and that arabic rich guy really spoke to me

  • Marcel Rodriguez
    Marcel Rodriguez 12 days ago

    That tracy girl is a crackhead she dont count.

  • John Popham
    John Popham 12 days ago

    That rich guy with the accent, and the homeless woman, are two people I would love to have a conversation with.

  • Hot Cheetos
    Hot Cheetos 12 days ago +1

    Damn that black guy looked so insecure, seems lost and looks like he has no thrive to do anything.

  • Charlie LaRee
    Charlie LaRee 13 days ago +3

    This video is by and for rich people and is really missing what I think the point is. This didn't give poor people a voice, it just gave rich people yet another platform to tell poor people that if they just had a better attitude then they could be rich too. So much of what gets most people rich is luck and privilege, and I'm so sick of the elitist attitude. Rich people who think they're so rich because they deserve it and that it's ethically and morally okay to be so wealthy are delusional.

    • Mark Blokland
      Mark Blokland 10 days ago +1

      Everyone can be rich though, but being rich AND having time left for your life is often because of luck etc.

  • Don Cheeto
    Don Cheeto 14 days ago +3

    I think some people make no use out of being rich. There is no need for anyone to have a whole collection of Ferraris, Bugattis, etc. And mansions are not necessary unless you have a huge family. As a rich person I'd be perfectly fine with a nice Mazda or Jeep or Impala LT and a nice $1000/mo suburban house or $950/mo rented apartment.

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 12 days ago

      The wealthy are a drain on society.

    • anayle
      anayle 12 days ago

      Don Cheeto exactly. If I was super rich I mean I do think I’d treat myself for the things I’d work for. But some people have so much money they don’t know what to do with it except spend it on unnecessary things

  • Devan Hughes
    Devan Hughes 14 days ago

    Damn i wanna know where you go to get a net worth of 3 mill as a cop... dude in the black shurt was in the cop vs criminnal middle ground.

  • TL Kelly
    TL Kelly 14 days ago

    People that have experienced depression & people that don't feel like depression has affected their lives would be interesting

    FREAKYLOSO18 14 days ago

    daryl Look crazy lol

  • Cemil PCMR
    Cemil PCMR 14 days ago

    7:08 listen here, Handsome Jack is talking

    • Notha
      Notha 13 days ago

      Adam Sandler's lookalike.

  • Ebe Mack
    Ebe Mack 14 days ago

    ... if you didnt have a job or money your wife would leave you? then she never loved your ass dump her now.

  • Magnus Vern Magnum
    Magnus Vern Magnum 15 days ago

    The persian guy in the suit is such a cunt

  • Fatima sanni
    Fatima sanni 15 days ago

    Please help the blonde lady to somehow have a better life than she's got, she seems really hammered s not until you come to africa or India that you can improve lives please...

  • Fatima sanni
    Fatima sanni 15 days ago

    FYI not being feminist, bit it's interesting how all the higher income earners where all men...

  • 4ammofo
    4ammofo 16 days ago

    The rich here are charlatans speaking in platitudes trying to pull the wool on everyones eyes. The young rich guy was the only honest one within their group.

  • Sophie Lamond
    Sophie Lamond 16 days ago

    I've been to a chippy called the jubilee

  • imnotdavid
    imnotdavid 16 days ago

    how much meth did meth woman do before methy meth methed a meth methness in this video of meth though? Just far as meth goes. We all know who I'm talking about and don't pretend you don't.

    • Alex
      Alex 8 days ago

      How much meth did it take for you to write this comment?

  • Zephyra Staples
    Zephyra Staples 17 days ago

    Isn’t that the same guy from the law enforcement vs black lives matter one?

  • Zohal Abdul
    Zohal Abdul 17 days ago

    Poor teens and rich teens

  • Slavic Soldier
    Slavic Soldier 17 days ago

    This looks more like a pity the poor convention than anything else. Being poor is very immoral and shouldn`t be pitied.

  • Morgan McCormick
    Morgan McCormick 18 days ago +7

    The man in the blue suit is so amazingly humble, I loved hearing from him!!

  • gerfulworld 2468
    gerfulworld 2468 18 days ago +1

    These videos sometimes make me angry but I still love watching them 😂

  • watchmelivenstuff
    watchmelivenstuff 18 days ago

    That lady is creepily scary should should play in a horror movie

  • Brandon Collins
    Brandon Collins 18 days ago +1

    We need jordon b Peterson on this show

  • Taylor henderson
    Taylor henderson 19 days ago


  • TheTiffanyJune
    TheTiffanyJune 19 days ago

    Excuse my French.... 😂😂

  • Kat Fml
    Kat Fml 19 days ago +2

    can daryl please, for the love of god, stand still

  • random
    random 19 days ago +1

    "money doesn't make you happy" - people with money
    i agree with what the rich guy in the blue blazer is saying, BUT, in so many scenarios - broken homes, etc, it's impossible not to think about it all the time and worry about it, making you think that money makes you happy because it would remove the ultimate stress of your life.

  • AR SK
    AR SK 20 days ago

    Who is the guy in the blue suit?

  • Dancing Cats
    Dancing Cats 20 days ago

    Money ain’t everything, but it sure can solve 80% of problems

  • Complex Emotions
    Complex Emotions 20 days ago

    you can tell that the poor are a lot dumber

  • Boom Hower
    Boom Hower 20 days ago

    "Daryl" looks like Little Nicky

  • nothing whatever
    nothing whatever 20 days ago +2

    *Sociopaths and Depressed People Seek to Understand True Power

  • I Am Happy And I Deserve It

    Correct me if im wrong
    The lady seems like a drug user such as weed, cocaine, etc

  • Taylor Cooper
    Taylor Cooper 21 day ago +10

    The old man was spiting facts

  • GikkiV
    GikkiV 21 day ago

    If I hear one more person in these episodes say "it says it in the Bible" I'm not sure what I'll do.

  • C Nathan
    C Nathan 22 days ago

    Mike needs a podcast .. I’d love to listen

  • karisma M
    karisma M 22 days ago

    money would make me happy, ungrateful asses

  • Voice of Keturah
    Voice of Keturah 22 days ago +5

    I recently read the book "The 7 Laws of Money"..... this video nicely corresponds with that book.

  • kayley chan
    kayley chan 22 days ago

    can u turn some lights on at least

  • allysa w
    allysa w 23 days ago

    they made very excellent points, but it would’ve been more enjoyable if it didn’t feel as if they were in a jail cell 😬

  • Madison Burton
    Madison Burton 23 days ago +1

    the man in the blue suit was so humble and intelligent.

  • Noah Jacobson
    Noah Jacobson 23 days ago +1

    Wow the Arabic guy was incredible, would love to meet him.

  • Blue Collar
    Blue Collar 23 days ago

    It’s not that I wanted to be a millionaire. It’s that all the years I’ve worked in my life were a waste because they were all dead end jobs. The reason I worked dead end jobs was because I had no connections, had no skills, and no opportunities in the area I worked in. I never wanted a lambo or a mansion. I wanted a middle class life.