Everything GREAT About Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Spider-Verse! Probably the prettiest movie made last year, potentially one of the prettiest ever. One that got great reviews but not as many people as you'd expect went out to see it. Here's why you should definitely go see the next one in theatres! Everything right with Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse!
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    Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
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Comments • 8 373

  • CinemaWins
    CinemaWins  3 months ago +6243

    Two animated movies in a row!? I know, not everyone's favorite, but I had to bump this week's movie back a few weeks, so you got this! Strangely this became far and above the #1 request after last week, so hopefully you're all hyped! But that other one is still coming, promise!

    • spaghetti and meatballs
      spaghetti and meatballs 2 days ago

      Spider-Man into the spider verse whole movie in less than 30 minutes

    • Ryan Ballard
      Ryan Ballard 14 days ago

      I also would love to see a new movie about Gwen and miles fighting something similar in Gwen’s dimension.

    • Ryan Ballard
      Ryan Ballard 14 days ago

      I went into this movie thinking my eyes where going to hurt because of the film style but when I left I definitely had to re-watch it because it was that good

    • Moonstar79
      Moonstar79 27 days ago

      Strangely, he says.

    • Ike R
      Ike R Month ago

      You forgot to win chis pine and I find it offensive because he is the best

  • sean kirrane
    sean kirrane Hour ago

    This guy's fake laugh pisses me off.

  • Spitfire94
    Spitfire94 Hour ago

    11:43 I think the shot in itself is a win because of how much is going on: Peter is humored watching Noir try to figure out colors and as Porker is telling him he's wrong he gradually builds up from a subtle smile to a quiet chuckle.

    Peni skates into the room and holds out the goober for Peter, Gwen initially reaches for it, hesitant because she wasn't sure if it was being handed to her or not because it was dangling in front of her for a while because Peter didn't catch on as fast, but when Peter realizes Peni was handing it to him he takes it.

    Porker is exhausted with Noir trying to figure out colors and is drinking tea to calm his boredom, as he goes to lay the cup down aunt May sneaks in a coaster for him while he's not paying attention. Sp//dr is being adorable and just watching with emotes and smiles at Noir and Porker's friendly exchanges.

    It's minor but the scene is full of energy and I love that.

  • Swifty Drak
    Swifty Drak 4 hours ago +1

    The best thing about the scene with the spider sense trying to tell him about his certain death is that its tells him
    "Look out," "your like me" then it says "miles, look out" " Miles: I don't wanna be a hero" but before that when he is walking in the hallway it tells him to Slow down and you hear " Your going to fast "
    and miles isn't listening because he doesn't wanna be a hero so the sense tones down everything and tells him to look out. before that when he is walking in the hallway it tells him to slow down and you hear " your like me"in all the other spider mans voices predicting the future.

  • LightOfKaos
    LightOfKaos 5 hours ago

    Someone may have mentioned this already, but gwen can be seen in the background taking out scientists during the forest chase BEFORE her official reveal.

  • blackboard212
    blackboard212 5 hours ago

    i have watched this vid way to many times and i

  • ImToast
    ImToast 8 hours ago

    Hold up, Spider-hams nose blinks when he blinks

  • That Person Lilly
    That Person Lilly 9 hours ago

    Ravioli ravioli don't lwed the spider loli

  • iloveTomHolland bean
    iloveTomHolland bean 13 hours ago

    11:16 This scene actually made me scared!

  • Deadpool was here
    Deadpool was here 13 hours ago

    Miles Malorus isn't a new character yet he feels new in this movie plus mule has always been pardon my bluntness is black

  • Pro Bros
    Pro Bros 14 hours ago

    Wait... how come I never noticed this before? How is Gwen on that Earth when the alters don’t come through until after Miles sees the first collider explosion? Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Wesley Hamilton
    Wesley Hamilton 15 hours ago

    I just knowticed that the lottery number on the ball is the same on the spider

  • #Female Rock Anime Lover

    No such thing as Bad Black Music

  • SwissSauce
    SwissSauce 15 hours ago

    The quality of this video was higher than the quality on Amazon Prime video >:(

    THE_KRAKEN 19 hours ago

    The thing about picking a random frame and *_ART,_*_ I agree_ but I think you undermined your point a bit by showing one of the frames where they pause on color (like jumping over the subway tracks). Instead I think it’s better illustrated by just picking a timestamp and going to it, nine times out of ten you get art that the movie didn’t pause on, didn’t make sure you appreciate, but _still _*_beautiful!_* in that way very much like the Lego Movies with all their wonderful background details. Besides if they made sure you appreciate all the beauty in the frames that other movies would pause at, this thing would be a 30 hour documentary about the making of this documentary, and I’d still watch it.

  • James Only
    James Only 21 hour ago

    Imagine watching this on MDMA

  • crocodile
    crocodile 21 hour ago

    you mispelled nicolas cage 10:48

  • GlazeSTR Gaming
    GlazeSTR Gaming 22 hours ago

    Back rub was the original google name

  • Iamjustherek
    Iamjustherek 23 hours ago

    14:35 DAMN Daniel! Daaaaamn! That soundtrack Daniel!

  • Canadianbacon eh

    People dont love miles morales, news to me friend, he is definitely the most loved alt spiderman

  • Jackal Reviews
    Jackal Reviews Day ago

    Why does the spiderman narrating at the start sound like nathan fillion?

  • Daffy Potter
    Daffy Potter Day ago

    This is my second favourite film ever made but if Sony makes a sequel then I will be mad

  • Zombiewithabowtie

    24:40 Well you see, that's the nice thing about this movie; each individual Spider can be your favourite, for their own dimension. Different universes means you don't have to choose.
    Also, 11:16 The Prowler theme syncing up with the movement of the window to simultaneously announce his arrival from the sticking window AND through the gravitas of his theme music is far more awesome than it has any right to be.

  • some guy
    some guy Day ago


  • Nerd Letter
    Nerd Letter Day ago

    A lot of comic fans actually did love Miles Morales before this movie! It’s just that they threw a fit when he was first introduced because people felt like their Spider-Man was getting replaced and Miles seemed to be African American just to check off something and fill a diversity quota. However, soon enough Miles was shown to be a great character.

  • N1CE 140
    N1CE 140 Day ago

    Did you notice he tapped his Adam’s Apple to hit the high note in sunflower?

  • Yuu Takemiya
    Yuu Takemiya Day ago

    I'm glad they added Peni. Evangelion+Marvel= Profit

  • zoom zoom
    zoom zoom Day ago

    you know you made an oscar after cinemawins makes a everything great about video about you'r movie

  • Ryay Mukti
    Ryay Mukti Day ago

    3:56 how did you not point out Uncle Aaron's painting in the background when he first showed up on screen was a panther prowling, hinting the prowler D:

  • mo zia
    mo zia 2 days ago +2

    doesnt the other guy at 20:49 seem like benedict cumberbatch
    or is it just me

  • Rodney-HR
    Rodney-HR 2 days ago

    I think it's the first time I hit subscribe with a smile on my face

  • Aaron Brant
    Aaron Brant 2 days ago

    I like that they never really outright STATE Kingpin's end-goal, but if you're paying attention they drop hints through most of it. Peter A wasn't supposed to be at that collider test, but he was and the Green Goblin stick his face in the energy stream. THEN, later, Doc Ock tells Kingpin that there wasn't only ANOTHER Spiderman, but THREE spider-people. It was THEN that he got excited. And then, at the final firing of the collider they pull some hair from a comb that was clearly his wife's and start talking about multiple targets. Honetly, Peter A probably sped up Kingpin's plans because he got quick confirmation that the energy could find multiple versions of the same person. One meets their fate on the road they take to avoid it.

  • levi wonder
    levi wonder 2 days ago

    Spider may?

  • CreepShifter and Frost
    CreepShifter and Frost 2 days ago +1

    I just noticed- the third time I watched this (( with time in between- not all in a row ))
    That Gwen appears chasing after them a little before she is revealed as the third spider person.

  • Mr R
    Mr R 2 days ago

    It’s a visual masterpiece.

  • Skylar Sky
    Skylar Sky 2 days ago +1

    Can someone explain why Gwen is in Miles school, *before* the collider explosion thing?

    • the spoon bandit
      the spoon bandit 2 days ago

      we hear one of miles's friends mention an "earthquake" while he's on his way to school. this implies that the collider has already been tested at least once.

  • professor zoom 21
    professor zoom 21 2 days ago +1

    Can somebody explain to me how gwen was on miles's universe before the collider was activated? I thought all the spider-men arrived at the same point...did I missed something?

    • the spoon bandit
      the spoon bandit 2 days ago +1

      there was an "earthquake" mentioned by one of miles's friends when he was on his way to school. since we know the tremors are caused by the collider and not an earthquake, we can assume it's been activated at least one time before the movie starts.

  • Yakuno Hayashi
    Yakuno Hayashi 2 days ago +2

    This masterpiece must be released in 3-D and Imax. Right??

  • Dray 2323
    Dray 2323 2 days ago +5

    I mainly noticed the Stealth ‘Big Time’ Suit

  • Abdulla Al-Attiya
    Abdulla Al-Attiya 2 days ago

    I only like represented characters if they don't feel forced, to make a great character and the represented part of them should take a back seat

  • DontTrustTucker
    DontTrustTucker 2 days ago

    Huh 2 minutes into rewatching this video and I got a Netflix notification saying this movie was an upcoming title

  • TwinStudios
    TwinStudios 2 days ago

    Oh btw his spray paint expectations actually reads, 'no expectations' so, idk about the, surrounded by expectations thing.

  • illusi0nVA
    illusi0nVA 2 days ago +1

    10:10 Backrub was Google's first name that was a little throwback to Google's beginnings still its a weird name.......Really Weird.....

  • In a nutshell
    In a nutshell 3 days ago +3

    I forgot which one but my dad‘s friend or my uncle actually helped animate made this movie

  • EnterpriseKnight
    EnterpriseKnight 3 days ago +1

    I missed this movie in the Theaters. I will see the sequel

  • Jinkstack S
    Jinkstack S 3 days ago

    I have watched TV shows that have made me feel really good and wanting more, that feeling like once it's over, there's just a void left in you because there is no more of it. No movie has ever done that to me, but this one did. I really liked the art style, the animation, the story, the action, the characters, everything. It was just a blast to watch and I NEED more of this.

  • ChloPossum
    ChloPossum 3 days ago

    the ONE problem with this movie is the fact he spray paints the suit because you can’t spray paint fabric without it getting crusty

  • thomas kiggins
    thomas kiggins 3 days ago

    I'm upset you didn't call nick cage's spiderman ghostspider

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 3 days ago

    Detective Pikachu please!

  • Pancakes Syrup
    Pancakes Syrup 3 days ago

    11:56 the fact that penny hit him after he said “that’s a pretty hardcore origin story” made me laugh

  • Jimbabwe
    Jimbabwe 3 days ago

    16:08 You say that you wouldn't think best buds being physically violent with each other would make such a great heartfelt seen but now endgame is out and the fight between hawkeye and black widow for who will die for the soul stone i think is just better.

  • Sufian Abuahmad
    Sufian Abuahmad 3 days ago +1

    Got to say it doesn't make any sense to make it ultimate universe considering doesn't work with conan

  • alexandru benza
    alexandru benza 3 days ago +35

    "it's disrespectful, spiderman doesn't wear a cape."
    says the spiderman rocking the sweatpants

  • alexandru benza
    alexandru benza 3 days ago

    for viewers (or cinemawins): narrator mentions "crosses the halfway point TOWARDS Miles" referencing the hallway outside the door scene talk with tied-to-a-chair Miles: where can i learn about those film techniques?

  • alexandru benza
    alexandru benza 3 days ago +1

    i wanted to make a youtube video on everything great about this movie as well (not cinemawins style obv) but what you said in the end about so much that you've left out is STRIKINGLY true. this vid is 25ish minutes and mine woulda been like.... an hour >.<

    good work!

  • Viktor Lima
    Viktor Lima 4 days ago +2

    This video could have just been the entire movie with win counter going up every second. Or frame

  • Stephen Suggs
    Stephen Suggs 4 days ago +1

    For the record, people have come around but at first, Miles got HUGE backlash. There was a great deal of butthurt.

    Also entirely unrelated but for personal reasons the end where Peter B. rang the doorbell and reunited with Mary Jane nearly broke me.

  • spoongebab
    spoongebab 4 days ago +15

    Miles' dad looking like Earl from Cloudy and with a chance of meatballs.

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors
    Wolf NZ Outdoors 4 days ago

    Nice having points I'd missed pointed out - both in the vid and in some of the awesome posts in the comment section.
    There have been numerous great breakdowns of this movie pointing out all sorts of reasons why it worked so well, and this vid offers its own approach.
    Definitely looking forward to a sequel, especially if it has Miguel O'Hara in it.
    I think they did an excellent job of Miles Morales in this, definitely refreshing to see that they avoided the usual romance sub-plot that usually gets shoehorned into movies these days.

  • Biomarvel740
    Biomarvel740 4 days ago +1

    A while ago, I couldn’t decide whether Spider-Man 2 or Spider-Man: Homecoming was the best Spider-Man movie. Then this one came along and blew both out of the water.

  • Ðêrêk
    Ðêrêk 4 days ago

    Loved the review!!

  • Sinley
    Sinley 4 days ago

    I was so stressed during the prowler's theme and still get the small bit of memory anxiety when i hear it. that is movie music done right

  • Quinton Lorenz
    Quinton Lorenz 4 days ago

    It’s heelys not wheelies but cool vid

  • abbigail llanas
    abbigail llanas 4 days ago

    I DO

  • Spark1383
    Spark1383 4 days ago

    I love the Chance 4 at 10:10

  • Pluca
    Pluca 4 days ago

    So oke wtf

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 4 days ago

    I freaking loved this movie!

  • Solarus The Gamer
    Solarus The Gamer 5 days ago

    Best part about this movie is
    Miles shoes were untied for the whole movie

  • Zooey Kessel
    Zooey Kessel 5 days ago

    ment 1:03

  • Zooey Kessel
    Zooey Kessel 5 days ago

    oops 1:03

  • Zooey Kessel
    Zooey Kessel 5 days ago

    1:01 yup

  • Ecniv Nahcog
    Ecniv Nahcog 5 days ago +4

    You missed the EPIC WIN when Aunt May gives Miles the webshooters and says, "they fit perfectly" which is a direct callback to when Stan Lee says, "It always fits... eventually" when giving him the suit!

  • Rico Miranda
    Rico Miranda 5 days ago +4

    I had the opportunity to talk with Peter Ramsey (the director of the movie) and he said that he loves the idea of a second movie and has started work shopping some ideas

    • Zombiewithabowtie
      Zombiewithabowtie Day ago

      Considering the "Spidersona" craze that erupted across the arty parts of internet when this movie came out, I'd really like to see almost an Endgame style piece with dozens, maybe hundreds, of alternate dimension Spiders coming through to one universe to help Miles, Peter, and Gwen stop an apocalyptic threat.

  • daeconStuy
    daeconStuy 5 days ago +28

    You mentioned Penni's anime expressions and movements, but did you notice her lips don't sinc with her dialog? So as an anime character, she's dubbed, not subbed.

    • Mittens Theninja
      Mittens Theninja Day ago +2

      daeconStuy I could never put my finger on what was off with Penni while watching the movie, but ur absolutely right :o

  • Raven Jones
    Raven Jones 5 days ago +7

    When they revealed that the uncle was the villain, the music went with my heart. It dropped!!!

  • Frantic Carnival
    Frantic Carnival 5 days ago

    FYI wear blue, red 3D glasses. It's works.

  • Relevation Animations

    Play dumb!

  • Enderphase
    Enderphase 6 days ago +3

    its so easy not to realise how fucking wonderful the soundtrack to this movie is because youre already so encapsulated by the perfect animation
    i still cant get over sony pictures going from the bloody emoji movie into this masterpiece

  • MrNetrizhul
    MrNetrizhul 6 days ago +1

    I just wish that marvel can come up with TRN701 Spiderman movie. I wanna know what happened to his life and watch it, after this event. Also I thought Gwen-Peter relations could be improved little bit. After all, Peter was Gwen's friend.

  • Balton Plays Minecraft

    10:13 anyone else notice Chance The Rappers Coloring book in the background on the billboard?

  • Cringe Master
    Cringe Master 6 days ago

    I just want somebody to acknowledge the existence of present-day Yugo in this universe

  • Garfeet
    Garfeet 6 days ago +3

    Penny be like:


  • GridGripper
    GridGripper 6 days ago

    animators: "how colourful and comicy should we make this movie?
    Director: "YeS..

  • Logan O'Brien
    Logan O'Brien 6 days ago +1

    You had me at biggie is always a win

  • Savannah
    Savannah 6 days ago

    I will say it was difficult to like scenes with the rap-like music, a style I *hate*. But everything else was too good.

  • Savannah
    Savannah 6 days ago

    3:17 "Great Expectations" Haha

  • Melody Scari Dubs
    Melody Scari Dubs 6 days ago


  • Rebecca Schwartz
    Rebecca Schwartz 6 days ago

    No offense But You missed a win, The first Peter Parker is Chris Pine. And As we know Chris Pine is always a win.

  • Mason Dutton
    Mason Dutton 6 days ago +3

    One thing you missed was at the dinner scene when Peter B is being weird with Mary Jane. Peter says something like you don’t understand to Gwen when he sees his ex-wife, when Gwen does understand. She felt the same emotions when she saw him, because in her dimension Peter Parker is dead. 💔

  • Sam Landers
    Sam Landers 6 days ago +2

    Detail I noticed:Spider-Ham's nostrils close when his eyes close.

  • sophie moon
    sophie moon 6 days ago

    at 5:13 i just realized; the contacts also include cindy moon && jessica drew, two other spider-man characters who are silk (cindy) && spider-woman (jessica) !! i'm guessing people probably noticed this but i haven't read the comments so who knows !!

  • J Roper
    J Roper 7 days ago

    I thought the black spiderman was swagger souls had to double check on google 😂

  • Lorenzo Chito Calvo
    Lorenzo Chito Calvo 7 days ago

    There is nothing wrong in that movie

  • Lorenzo Chito Calvo
    Lorenzo Chito Calvo 7 days ago

    I meant

  • Lorenzo Chito Calvo
    Lorenzo Chito Calvo 7 days ago

    There is nothing in that movie

  • NinjaSox7
    NinjaSox7 7 days ago +22


  • Pug Ren
    Pug Ren 7 days ago

    ugh I love this movie so much, the visuals are so cool and the story is interesting. It's just perfect.

  • personguyguypersonguy

    Watched this movie in school when a pal of my brought it to homeroom during the second to last day. Entire class cried when Aaron died.

  • Dark Streak
    Dark Streak 7 days ago +2

    I love the creepy prowler noises so much.

  • Uisce Preston
    Uisce Preston 7 days ago

    Never acclimated to the faux 3D thing. I sat through the whole movie, but it was a chore. I get that it was visually novel. But to a certain percentage of viewers, it was more detracting and distracting than appealing and awe-inspiring.